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They changed their whole system of payment, sent no notification of this change, deleted my account, was going to charge me for paying by phone, but he started asking me stuff not related to a payment like what state and other stuff! I'll take one late fee for mailing it in, pay it off ASAP, and never deal with them again, Credit One Visa. Awful.


Worst drug store ever (except maybe Walgreens)! The workers lied to me about my anti-psychotic medication, and I nearly ran all the way out, if I hadn't called my doctor's office twice, them 3 times, and the woman lied to me on the phone, saying it was ready! It wasn't, and she lied to me, straight up. This is not my first bad experience with them on this issue and others, Once, they were completely out of one of my medications, made me spend the weekend WITHOUT my medication, supposedly called an emergency prescription in, but did not follow through so Monday, it was not ready, and they had to, a second time, write out an emergency prescription I didn't receive until Wednesday, after I had called a week ahead for it, as I did for my anti-psychotic medication. These people are dangerous, and will definitely kill someone eventually, or someone will be without their anti-psychotic meds and kill themselves. Like me. They don't even care they are sub-par. I have dates and times I called, and it was a female, and I'm calling their corporate office after safely changing to Krogers. Very dangerous and incompetent! AVOID AVOID AVOID! I hope the liar gets fired, as I can pinpoint when I called and send screenshots to corporate. Moreover, they sent a message to me Christmas eve, late, to contact my doctor immediately, no reason why, and ruined my entire Christmas for no good reason. I hate them. I hope they go bankrupt because of incompetence!


Logees sends healthy, decent sized plants and I love their selection! Wonderful company which I highly recommend!


Boost drinks are advertised as meal replacements, full of vitamins etc. They don't mention that this stuff will cause liver, thyroid, cholesterol, and metabolism issues! This stuff is poison. I had 3 times the level of cholesterol in my body after consuming Boost for a year! It took two years to get my cholesterol, liver, and thyroid back to normal, but it destroyed my metabolism. I've worked out 70 plus minutes 5 times a week for a year now, but now I'm fat and ugly because of cholesterol plaque on my face, fat on my body, and I was a model in the past. I can wear sunglasses to hide my ugly face, but nothing hides all the fat I gained and can't seem to lose with eating grilled chicken and vegetables almost exclusively, exercise, and reviewing all with a nutritionist over the past year. This stuff has ruined my life and self image. Don't believe any commercials because they lie lie lie. Boost was the only change I made to get me to the point of fat and ugly, and destroyed my health otherwise. I tried to report them to the Better Business Bureau, but of course they aren't registered with them because their product is terrible and ruins peoples' health!


Your products are awesome! Long time customer! You have delightful selections of plants, seeds, equipment and fertilizer!


High quality T-shirts, very creative! They have pretty much any obscure idea for shirts, and very affordable too. High quality T-shirts, very creative!


AWFUL! AVOID! LIARS AND BULLIES! I called a week before my bill was due as I was a bit short from Christmas. The female reassured me I had 30 days to pay after the due date. I was even told I could change my due date to the 31st. BUT on the 13th they overdrew my account by $95. Then they claimed the lady I spoke to a week before my bill was due was wrong. They bullied and hassled me so much, I returned the product unused. They continued to bully me even after they acknowledged I had returned the product, threatening to hurt my credit score. I cancelled that credit card last month so they didn't have access to my finances. They claimed to refund me but they couldn't have as they didn't know a valid credit card for me. February one, I wrote them asking if they could send a check. No response yet. So I wrote them and let them know I was suing them if I didn't get a check Monday. Also I am a mental health client and have been under the care of a psychiatrist since I was 13. They are aware of this approximately three weeks ago. They don't care at all. AVOID AVOID AVOID UPDATE: I took pictures of my entire account from December 15,2017 through March 15,2018. They responded they wanted only a certain section. I sent that section to them. NOTHING! AVOID AVOID AVOID!


Breck's has made several accounts for me for no good reason, claim they can't fix it, and tried to charge me $300 for stuff I didn't order. I've spoken with them half a dozen times, every time they claim my accounts have been fixed, but nope, they keep sending bills for more and more accounts and keep calling me early in the morning when my husband works until 1am, and we are sleeping at 8am. They won't say why they're calling, just to call them. I'm tired of paying and paying for stuff I never received or ordered, they won't close however many accounts they have for me now, I had a review up and took it down because they assured me it was all fixed, but NO it's not. THIS review is going to stay up, as I am very, very irritated with how I've been treated, and stressed out by them for not fixing the problem after like 6 phone calls with them. I've never dealt with such an inept company for plants before! DEFINITELY AVOID!


Not only did they never send me $70 worth of my order, their $70 eyelid cream did NOTHING. I wasted shipping twice plus insurance for nothing! Also, I had to finally tell them not only was I was going to write bad reviews but I was also going to contact the BBB, only then did they take all of my information out of their system! They continued to email me ads almost daily after my several emails to cease and desist! They sell regular lotion that does nothing for $70 and higher. Snake oil basically. A company that takes advantage of aging women! AVOID!


The salesman out and out LIED to me to get me to switch from Dish Network! I told him it was PIVOTAL on my decision that external hard drives can be used with their boxes, and he said ALL boxes can be used with ALL hard drives! He said I could use external hard drives with their boxes. LIE! Only certain external hard drives will work with them, the cable installer knew NOTHING about external hard drives and spent 30 minutes trying to convert me to HIS religion, not helping me with their services If I knew then what I know now, I would have NEVER switched services. Most of the salespeople have been rude save a couple of them, far inferior to Dish!


Rude staff that did not care about the well-being of their patients, incompetence abounds this place, I was ripped off Klonopin with no time to adapt, I have C-PTSD and was never diagnosed correctly, I was even told by Kathy Langford she had no sympathy for my suicidal ideations, and she didn't think I had "real" problems, even though I had confided my father and cousin Walt Willard of South Carolina had molested me (both) when I was a young child and they covered it up and it was not reported to AUTHORITIES BY MY FAMILY. I was misprescribed conflicting medicines, and told it was my tough luck. Avoid Avoid Avoid!


It's been a few years, but I had gained some weight from having Myometriosis, and wanted to take hip hop classes. They assured me I wouldn't be the only adult, and these were beginner's classes. BOTH things a lie! I spent about $100 on clothes for this, and the teacher was such an $#*!, he wouldn't wait for me, and insisted we do these advanced moves I couldn't keep up with, and was so rude to me, it was unbelievable! He embarrassed me in front of everyone, making me take to my house and barely leave my house at all for years, not willing to do any group activities. If you want to be embarrassed, humiliated, and made to feel stupid, go here!


If you don't have Apple products, itunes will take your money and make you pay even if they offer 3 free months! AVOID AVOID AVOID if you don't have anything Mac! They offered 3 free months, and did not deliver!


LinkedIn has connected me to old friends and let me network


I probably wouldn't shop here if I had more choices in my town, but the prices are good.


Another great review site! I post both there and here about different companies and the quality of their business!


The BBB has helped me a lot over the years, and even when they couldn't help they let me spread the word about criminally negligent businesses!


I was a client of Centerstone, formerly Luton's Mental Health Center in Nashville, TN, and while it has been awhile, the damage they did to me was substantial! Lies, manipulation, saying I didn't do things like homework when I ALWAYS had my homework, petting and making Golden Children out of the more dangerous clients, and had I not escaped their abuse 3 years later I would have committed suicide. They humiliate, control, lie, and set impossible standards like YOU CANNOT MISS EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE HOSPITAL and things like that. ALL THERAPISTS there are damaged! AVOID AVOID AVOID for your well-being! They are sadistic Narcissists and like to play God and humiliate people with their lies! Also, they use clients to work through their personal issues!


DO NOT order from this company, they will send all the wrong stuff and charge you for it with no refunds. I was a good customer for over a year, and they only offered me a 10% discount on a whole new subscription after sending me a bunch of stuff that I didn't order! AVOID AVOID AVOID


If I could give infinite bad stars, I would. Troubles started three years ago, while they were still known as Masters Health Care. First, while my mother Henrianne Willard was still lucid, my mother was unhappy with her power of attorney and wanted to change it, but the nursing home administrator talked us out of going to the bank, and that Marie Ferran, ombudsman, assured me she'd find an unbiased third party power of attorney. None of this ever happened. Also. A number of items were stolen from her room. When I reported them missing, no one cared. I replaced her phone charger three times. There was a woman constantly moaning in the next bed. Both my social worker and I observed scabs and bruises on my mom's arms and neck. I never received answers as to what happened, and we requested a nurse to come, and we waited 30 minutes for that arm injury explanation and never received it. They allowed my brother to take my mother to an undisclosed home in South Carolina without notifying me she was leaving or where she went. I called them for mom's address, they took down my number and said they would call me. Four hours later I call again, and they rudely cut me off and said they weren't going to tell me where mom is, and to ask my estranged brother! There are so many more negative things I could say... Totally useless, unnecessaily rude, low class, only if you hate your family should you send them here!

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