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69 Reviews by E

11 At & T phone, none ever worked. Finally I bought an At &T apple and changed my plan from from pre-paid to a regular contract, that too didn't work and I sent it back, about August, until now Nov. 21 never got the credit for the phone (have to dispute with the credit card) and went back to the prepaid account but still paying as a contract. To make matters worse, the present phone turns itself off, impossible to even make a phone call and I only use the phone about one hour a week and still can't get it to work, so I called *******878 wait and finally was told that because I had the pre-paid, even though I was still paying for since August for a contract plan, I had to call 888-288339, now, like many corporations nowadays, not only I had to wait for 48 minutes and of course the automated system asked my number to "transfer me to the right department", but, as I said, as method to discourage people from calling, a system of endless repetition is now in place in many organization to really drive you out of your mind, so I had to hear the same page of advertisement for 48 minutes, then the lady told me that she was sorry because I was transferred to the wrong department; I explained to her that the automated voice, the AI, would ask for the number and always transfer me to what they say is the wrong department (I've tried that number many times before) so, she promised me that the number she would give me would be for sure for the prepaid and they would be able to help me and it was *******525 and, you guessed it, it was for activation and if you said your phone was activated they say "Good by". WHAT A RIPP OFF. I'm here now f or over two hours with a phone that I c an't even turn it on... and that is the time when I need it, when I go out shopping, so if I have an emergency I can use the phone. For a phone I paid over $60.00 a month, to use for about 1 to two hours a week that never works, with a company that had stopped offering customer service... this is a real rip off and with the plan of Technocracy Corporatization, aka new world order, clients are being subject to unfair treatment and unable to complain... everything is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence programed not to respond to the client but to the need of the corporation to get rid of the client, taking the money and avoiding providing the service and to think that AT and T used to offer customers service... now, their phone never did work, but at least you had someone to fix it, if temporarily... now, you have nothing
I placed a review stating that the blender could not blend strawberries or bananas, what I didn't know is that the blender came not fully charged. Once I charged it again, it seemed to spin up more powerfully, so I went to the trouble to buy strawberries and bananas to test the blender again to give another review. This time it blended. IT can be used to make smoothies, as long as you don't need it to be too fine of a blending, but it is functional and it serves its purpose. The star is not referring to the store but to the Patriot Power Blender (couldn't find the previous post to delete it). However the 4 stars are for functionality and 3 for the power of this blender, yet it is usable and very convenient, 5 stars for conveni
IT IS NOT flax seed oil, instead it is oil with almost half of its content being flax seed inserted in the bottle. I had taken a little of it and the bottle was empty but still heavy. I was curious to this amazing situation, so I opened the bottle only to find out that it was loaded with flax seeds instead of the oil. We sure live in an age of deceitfulness.
If I use another browser I can't log in, which is not a major issue but from time to time, it does not accept my password and I have to go through a nightmare with the IT support and until one of those engineers get on the phone and work with me, we can't get this resolved, which is not a big deal.

But, I was trying to get a book for the kindle and it wouldn't download, so I called Amazon and nowadays, like any other company, they get people from abroad and they like to talk and instead of asking what device you have, you are forced to hear a list of devices that you may have. You know how it goes, it is designed to drive people insane and give up the call.So you listen to pages and pages before you can voice your request, then you are transferred, which is not a big deal, just annoying... as usual, amazon asked for reset of password, which I did, and of course, it. Goes to your email, then it said that they need to make sure it was me and that another link was sent to the same email they just sent a link to change the password, okay I clicked "authorize" and was asked to log in again, then it said that an email had been send to me to make sure it was me and I needed to authorize it...

So. This went on for over close to one hour and finally the lady said he was going to ask for help... and came back and asked me to clear the history... I know how Amazon is and I knew it probably had nothing to do with history, but I agreed and after all that time spent... with the transfer and all, far over one hour... so I did clear the history and my purchase of the book was gone.
From all the delivery I've tried, Vons has been the very best. All the ingredients came as I asked, only one was substituted. The driver rang the bell, (the only one, even though I asked to the other supermarkets as well)
Excellent work.
Vons doesn't ask for a tip, while other markets charge the tip from your total bill then send an email to ask for a secondary tip and yet another one to see if you want to send a third tip... very annoying.
Nightmare. The checkout on the web never works. They want tips for every grocery even at the same time, alleging it is a different driver, but it is not, but worse of all the driver/shopper substitute everything I asked but because she also dumped water inside the rotisserie chicken I ordered, I decided to call the store and check on the item she replaced, which was all of them, when I ordered Organic, she substituted for 'flavored' when I ordered Italian she substituted for curly on and on it went. When I called the store, all items were there

This is what happened, when I checked out, never without calling because the check out on instacar never worked, so you have to call, and since I was shopping in two different supermarkets, when I got to the second one, the bill of the first, which I had already paid, added up to the second. So, I had to call again (every order requires about 2 to 4 phone calls) explaining that I was going to be charged twice for the same order. The customer representative said she would correct that, but instead, she removed the whole order that was showing up twice, instead of being able to correct the issue. So after a few hours, I realized that one of the orders were not coming, so I called and the order had been removed. I chose the items again and placed the order again (another 2 calls because you can't place an order with instacar without calling, the site just doesn't work). I wasn't too concerned because when they charge two tips for one trip, instacar says that they use two different drivers, but that was not true, at least not in my case, so the driver was upset because she was coming back to the same address and dumped water (don't know even. Where that water is from) on my chickens from the rotisserie, changed every product on the list and over charged me, not to mention that some items were missing and no refund for that either. I may get a refund if I call, but I have spend the whole afternoon calling this people because nothing works, so, it saved me a trip to the store, but I spent the time on the phone, got aggravated and received the wrong product. My experience with walmart wasn't perfect either, the driver wasn't that vicious, but there were problems as well... so, for now, delivery is not such a great deal, and with Instacar is a real nightmare.
Adding to my previous review. I found a technician that helped improved the frozen mode of Apple, matter of fact I only wait about3 minutes now. So I had to report the good they have done.
We all know how hard it is to speak with a representative, not with this bank. You will not listen to pages and pages of advertisement, you will hear grumbling but a cheerful live person after only two question. I have not found any other bank with this kind of service. Great, reliable customer service who answers your call immediately... remember being forced to listen to pages and pages of a recording message and then jumping to another recording message and at the end of 15 minutes you may just get disconnected? Not here with Discover... you get efficient and prompt answer from a live person... what a difference... well, they'll get my business.
Truly I didn't know my skin was numbed until it woke up with this mint soap. I use organic products but never had anything like that. My guess is that even what we call organic have been tainted by Monsanto or pollinated with pesticides. This soap is so outstanding that even after a relaxing tub, I still feel my skin relaxing. The sheen on the skin is amazing. I b ought olive oil but the bottle is so beautiful, I think I'll give this one way and buy another one. I received a gift of AHAVA, all natural cream that doesn't claim anything but made my hands look so young, I'm saving it now for my face and I'll order this product, if they have it available. The only thing I can think is that their agriculture is superb and natural and it must be the reason, at least one of the reasons, of those amazing results I got from their product. Truly amazing.
I was very please with their handling of my insurance needs. Someone just totaled my car ( I had only the minimum insurance for this car) and they have followed up and help me with the paperwork. I don't like their automated system: it drives me nuts, but the people who work there are good and caring. Of course, I don't get a replacement or anything because I didn't have a full coverage, but I still had their support with paperwork etc. Another thing that GEIGO did is to ask me every month if I can make the payment, otherwise they'll cover for me. Fortunately, I needed that extension and will never need, but others may and this is a kind way to treat your customers.
I was blocked on several occasions, and finally when I posted the name of the States that have received money from China I was blocked forever. The worst part is that MeWe is very deceitful, my sites at MeWe is open to my members, so that they don't know MeWe blocked me. To make matters worst, MeWe, that promises privacy, shared my email with google that sent a copy of a family email to my personal email to let me know "hey, we know where you are". Till this day, all my sites are open but I'm blocked and can't even cancel the credit card because I need to contact them and can't because I'm blocked... talk about dishonesty... that is MEWe... all for Me and nothing for We
While their coconut water is supposed to be healthy, This vita coco non dairy beverage IS DOING what many others are doing, use coconut cream which has two or three preservatives, dilute with water and then voila, say that there's no preservatives, instead they list "coconut cream". There is no coconut cream without preservatives. So I bought this, expecting the same quality of the coconut water which had probably just one preservative (otherwise it would be pinkish) and instead I got this cartoon of "milk" and when I tasted it, I couldn't swallow. Filled with preservatives... so I scrutinize the bottle and this is how they con you: coconut cream diluted in water. So now the product that had no sugar, has 3 grams of sugar and 13 percent in SATURATED FAT, not to mention the horrible taste. Really disgusting how they deceive the public. No sugar added because the sugar came from the cream. What a con job! I'll never drink you coconut water either.
Vegetable glycerine is unhealthy and people trusting this Stevia, particularly if they have diabetes, will be damaging their health. Not recommended.
Their name is US Wellness Meat. No part of the meat I bought from them could be used (not even to give to the pets) the meat was gross, with a taste of lard and most likely with heart and other parts grinned to add to the burger. Two burgers yelled ONE FULL CUP OF LARD, not grease, lard. It was so bad that neither the dogs or cats would eat them. I was so appalled to paying $80.00 for a meat that had to go to the trash. I was also puzzled when I looked at the package, which did not say 'organic or grass fed".

In the past, many countries did not carry pet food in packages and people bought the cheap parts of meat (that did not include heart and other parts that were rejected even to feed the animals). The pieces of the burger had those little hard granules that bounced back. I don't know if this is even from cow. It did not look that it was, so I decide to research a bit this company and low and behold they are a large corporation that makes good for dogs and cats.

THEIR MEAT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE FROM A COW, IT IS FILTHY AND DISGUSTING, the thickness of the blood that comes with the burger, the consistence of the grind that bounces back and all the other details tells me that this is a very inferior quality of meat of perhaps an unknot animal, sold to the public as organic, even though in the package they do not state that the meat is from cow or veal, nor do they claim to be organic. It seems a real scam from a large corporation that is harming the public.

The entire package, minus what I had cooked (I still have the full cup of lard in the refrigerator for a picture) which was 2 burgers that yelled the lard. The taste, the smell and the consistence of this disgusting product is repulsive. As you bite the burger, the grounded pieces bounces back and it can't be triturated, like rubber. If this is cow meat, must be some unknown part to the consumer because I have never, ever eaten anything like that, even the meat used for dogs is not like this. This company should be out of business but being a large corporation that makes meat for pets they covered their basis using different names and avoiding the label of organic or grass fed on the package, only on the web and TV adds.
Most computer manufacturers give us a poor sound quality. Boom 3D was an easy and inexpensive solution to solve the problem. However, no matter how good a product is, unless customer service is also good, we are at loss. I cleaned up my computer and had no ways of restoring the app but customer care came to the rescue and it took quite a bit of effort from their part because I had bought the app on 2016 and it was difficult to locate the information, but the team worked out the problem until they restored the full strength of the app for me. So, A plus to this company. Excellent app and customer service. Highly recommend it.
Some Christian music are truly Holy-Spirit inspired. Carrol Roberson music has been uplifting to me and has ministered to my heart during the times our soul battle for peace or understanding, for justice or direction, so I"m posting here so that it may help someone else. May the Lord guide you. As we travel this road through the narrow path, we all encounter many challenges and Christian music is like a balm to a troubled soul, may those melodies minister to you, as well.
In spite of complaints from Prosecutors, clients, and advocacies groups, Hartford continues to operates its criminal enterprise because it has learned the ropes of how to doge the law. As for us, unless you do your research, which my husband didn't do, you will only know the scam you have fallen into when you have a claim.

Here is my story, not different than thousands of other stories of anyone that had been scammed by The Hartford insurance company: I had them for 35 years, my husband assumed they were a legitimate business because they were recommended by the AARP (association for retired person)... through the Weather Modification Program many states have been affected by artificial storms and hurricanes.

I had a legitimate claim when my roof was lifted up. Hartford gave us about U$1,000.00 after 2 months of back and forth phone calls and so and so is traveling. As the storms were unpredictable we were concerned, another 3 months went by. Hartford offered a deal if we sign that we would accept half of the value of the roof replacement, by this time, we were concerned that the our house could suffer damages and accepted the deal but they never paid the half payment they have offered. I was puzzled, if they didn't want to pay, why going to the trouble of preparing a contract and having us signing up?

I contacted several attorneys and finally one was willing to explain why they refused the case and here is what they said "Hartford is doing this for years to their clients. Once you sign the half payment agreement, since an attorney can only charge 5% of the total value, the amount won't be enough even to file the case in court." Indeed the US9,000.00 cost for the roof had gone down to US$3,500.00 and 5% of this is U$125.00 and you can't get a maid to clean your house for this amount.

My neighbor also lost part of his roof but he had everything replaced, without any fuss. I learned a big lesson, when it comes to insurance, either do your research or consult with your neighbors and friends because the time you need an insurance you can't shift providers. He had liberty mutual and this is what I have now.

I contacted the public attorney who confirmed that Hartford has been in their radar for a long time and that unfortunately people can't sue them because they have developed a strategy that will make cost effective impossible to sue them.

As far as I am concerned AARP and Hartford as partners in crime, swindling the public and taking advantage of the trust we had deposited in them. At over US$2,000.00 per year(sometimes less but overall and in round figures) we paid the Hartford home and car insurance, multiplied over 35 years (even though there are minor changes in premium) it is roughly US$70,000.00, think of how much we could have done with that money.

Here is the lesson I've learned: a recommendation by a scammer is worthless. If we new how many scammers AARP had supported, we would never take them seriously. Do your own research, look at rip off posts, type "complaints against so and so". From our part we had cancelled our membership with AARP (it is not possible that they didn't know about 37 rip off reports loud and clear all over the internet, not to mention reports on the Governmental site) AARP are complicit with the scam. So Hartford took US$700,000.00 from us and caused us a tremendous amount of fear and stress, but hopefully it can save others from the scam (by the way, all the documentation is available, including their original contract and their agreement to pay half)
This site with a 'healthy newsletter" send news, supposedly healthy news, but the constant "i'm going to share this secret with you now" goes on about hundres of minutes. I think very few people will buy their material because the brain just can't take this going around about revealing this super dupper secret that will save anyone's lives, it detracts from any credibility.
After listening to this repeating itself for over 30 minutes, most will disconnect. And there's no way of contacting this Dr. Scott Olson ( only at the end of the presentation a 'read instead transcrip" is offered) I hope this message can improve the bottom line of his business. This repetition is an assault to your clients.
Health products are everywhere, but I was pleased with this company because of the integrity of their products, and the phenomenal customer support (unlike any other i've seen).

If you are like me, instructions are a dead end to your brain neurons, everything stops there, it seems.

I bought the famous MSM (what a miracle this product is) and even though now I recognize the instructions are easy, I took the long road reading everything from a report overzelous with jargon pertaining to this product. I kept on asking questions and more questions, and, amazingly, Adam (my contact person) never lost his cool, he would answer one email after another, and, as it usually happens, when I face instructions, it was simple (if you buy the product, just scroll down your tracking number and you'll see right there: fill up with good water the jar that comes with pellets, the ratio is one to one to the other bottle)...

Besides, patience, I counted on Adam's knowledge.

The shipment was flawless and the feedback reliable.

HealthyAction is a reliable company with reliable and caring people. And from what I understand they carry the original Resveratrol (remember the one that disappeared because they gave free bottles and no one bought it until it broke the company... What a horrible thing because that was the best resveratrol in the market, and it was horrible that so many people took advantage of them. It was done with grapes... all the subsequent resveratrol were made with herbs, but I think HealthyAction has the one made with pure grapes called trans-resveratrol.

HealthyAction is a lovely company and I don't think anyone can go wrong ordering any of their products. I ordered MSM (the miracle mineral) and I am beyond satisfied. Loved MSM and hope it can bring cure and healing to the ones who read this report, as well.
Without any backing of facts, this channel spew hatred, misinformation and a rhetoridc against the president of the United States. Really disgusting. This channel should realize that if president Donald J. Trump is in power is because we AMERICANS have voted for him. It is disrespectful and ultimately disingenuous for you to attack, attack and attack without any evidences, just plain adjectives and a misplaced confidence. America does not need a low level outlet like yours. Close shop, we know where you are coming from.

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