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You may receive an email to try a sample of food4 patriot (please do not mistake it with mypatriotsupply.com, which I know nothing about but sells the same products: "survival food supply') Once you accept the sample for $9.95, they get your credit card number and with that in hand, they metamorphose into companies iwth different names using your credit card account. Some of their phone numbers *******877 CO then TN with *******056 then CO with *******362. Naturally you call your credit card company and get credited and change your credit card number and block them, but the scammers changed their name and phone number. They need to be reported to the attorney general (and I may just do that), so you spend quite a bit of your precious time tracking them down. Calling the company won't help, they call you back and say that they can't hear you. Frank Bates. A few more of the names they use Food4Patriots | SurvivalSeeds4Patriots | Power4Patriots
Water4Patriots | PatriotAlliance | OffGrid4Patriots
1204 Elmwood Ave, Nashville, TN 37212
*******202 AND ONE MORE PHONE NUMBER *******008. As you can see, they have endless numbers and by the way, while the sample didn't taste bad, it made me sick for two days, so if it was free, still it wouldn't make the cut. I changed my credit card number and just received a call from my bank whether I authorized a charge from the same goons for $90.00 this time under another name. So, if you deal with them, you have to keep an eye on your billing.


Our country seems heavily divided and with the help of many George Soros foundations the riots are escalating. My question is, like most Americans, do this help us? Do we really have the racism that the media portrays? Here is a man of courage, Morgan Freeman speaking the truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoNNYLkQIsE


James David Manning is a self-proclaimed pastor of a church he founded: Atlah Church, in New York city. Two of his you-tube he has posted is false.

One big problem with David Mannings decision to create a false you-tube video is the fact that it has some truth to it, and some lies. This causes the people who sees what is true in the video to assume that the entire tape is true. The second danger: is that the people that finds out his lie, may assume that the whole tape is a lie.

In any case, James David Manning did a great disservice to honest people who labor to establish a free press and alternative press (working without a salary of compensation) where the goal is to publicize things that may not interest the mainstream media our may be forbidden because of the rules politically established by a regimen. So, free press is vital to counter-act terrorism, tyrants and any movement that can harm and destroy societies.

James David Manning had harmed all those, who honestly reported the news. His tape has given Obama a chance to emphasize that he wants the internet to be censured. It has caused many people who need and welcome the truth to be suspicious of the free press.

His evil action reached the international realm as the Internet is a form of global communication. While James David Manning could be brought to face the arm of the law, it seems to me that the man is deranged and not necessarily evil.

And here is his tape: half-truth and half-lie

Here is the part that is a lie: an ordinary citizen cant sue the president, so he didnt sue the president, this is a lie. Congress can impeach the president, as it happened in the case of Watergate. Congress is very cautious of doing that because it can plunge the international economic market down, but when it is absolutely necessary Congress may do it.

Here is what is true about Jamess tape:
A valid investigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UAg2f3dP1g

We do face a great deal of unapproved change to our constitution and those changes are not necessarily legal and theyre placed as executive orders. Here is what is true about this situation:

Trey Gowdy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KEsEPyMvgU

Risk of impeachment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WTtUjm-YC0

Attacks of Islam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTDFXFwCMhE

Climate Change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41lo4Ug34OQ


Excellent product and support. Pay much less than I would if I had bought at a office supply store and the quality of the product is fantastic. Really appreciate their service. Great savings. Now, in honesty, and after reading some complaints about the amount of ink in the cartridge, I must add that I don't use the printer often (if I was to print 10 pages in 8 months it would have been an exception), but I still need to have the cartridge full in every printer in order to prevent damage to the equipment, with that said, I can't really comment on the amount of ink--whether it is full or below standard-- but the delivery was fast, the product fit the specifications and it was purchased with a great discount. I HAVE TESTED THE PRODUCT BY PRINTING STEADILY and I must say that if anything, it has more ink than the cartridges I buy from office supplies, so I'll stick with my review that this company delivers a good product.


During this trial times our nation had been in prayer. We are and have been and founded as a Chritian Nation, we do respect freedom of religion in as far as it does not endanger our security and well being. We do love the truth but America has suffered a great destabilization, one that is shaking the entire world as well. However I want to post the action of honorable citizens of this nation that uphold the true. Man and Women that cannot be bought or sold. And I think the Veterans and the people of this country should honor and empower those who keep our Constitutional values.



I found it very helpful since most of us, myself included, are not sure what Sharia Law means. HIllary Clinton says it is a way of getting along with people but this seemed a little vague to me, so I found this site that specifies some of the most outstanding aspects of Sharia Law. They have done a good job with a simple and clear web page. Thank you and I hope this to be useful to all of us.


I was posting info. On my web page when AGREENVILLEGAZETTE subrepticiously hacked into my page and substituted it by slanders remarks about Mr. Donald Trump's mother


I am proud of the House of Representatives. This is a country where people look for refuge, where we trust our government is accountable and to that end I congratulate the Speaker of the House John Boehner and here are the details of the story http://mashable.com/2014/08/01/how-congress-can-sue-obama/#z5N_pK9Ggkqk




I have used autocrit for some time now and I have recomended it to my students. I think this product is absolutely phenomenal and it saves me months of work by highliting the shortcomings of my text and giving me suggestions how to fix it.

You can try it for free. I highly recommend this product; it is reliable and it points out areaas of my writing that would most likely require a professional editor. I also think that the representatives are good, honest and responsive. So if you are out there not knowing how to fix your copy, give this app a try (you can use for free and see what you think).


I haven't used Zappos lately but I can't think of a better service when I'm shopping for shoes. Nowadays it is hard to get support and advice from clerks when you're trying to buy the right pair of shoes, not so with Zappos where you can chat on line or via email, besides they carry some of the best brands in the market.


I go to Lowes two or three times a week and I'm not part of a construction business but I buy plants there (total warranty), I buy anything from lightbulb to grout to whatever else my husband needs.

The product and the services, both great! They deserve my business.


Code 42 CrashPlan is supposed to back up your files but the company won't tell you where to find such a back up. The plan is offered for free and countless fools, like myself, fell for that. The problem is that it will bud down your computer using 320 MB for memory, causing any protective software such as a virus removal to take between 3 to 4 days instead of minutes or one hour to finish. It will slow down your computer and countless people have pleaded with this company to have CRASHPLAN removed but once they are in your computer, the rest is history.
Here are the steps I took (trying to free my computer from this for 6 months) first I contacted the company and opened a ticket. In response I received 3 pages of unrelated instructions about technical issues that had nothing to do with what I was asking--obviously they either didn't read the request or didn't care--at the botton of the bundle of nonsense technical 'support' unrelated to the problem I was told that "if it didn't answer your question please submit another ticket", which I did and they didn't even had the courtesy to change the unrelated pages they paste to their answers. I
I went on the internet only to find out that people were desperate to remove crashplan42. The complaints were all over the place; it bogged down their computer, it took up space, it slow down the CPU and on and on. Forum and forums were open related to 'REMOVING CRASHPLAN". I contacted apple support and they coudln't do it either. After that many complaints the company placed a response (web page above): "Open the Finder. Press Command-Shift G" The problem is that it doesn't work.
I used the life chat and the representative walked me trough the same steps that didn't work. Then I was told to download it again and remove it: it didn't work.
I was also told that the trial version had expired (the company never offered the CrashPlan as a trial version but the free and paid version instead, at least that was the deal 7 months ago).
The burden it places on your computer and the consequences (run an anti-virus will take you 4 days without being able to close your computer because CrahPlan. I also contacted the company to find out if at least I could use the plan and justify taking that much space: where should I go to find my 'saved' files and the response I got... you guessed it... the same bundle of technical issues that were used before and completely unrelated to anything.
CRASHPLAN SHOULD BE CALLED TRASH PLAN ONE THAT WILL TRASH YOUR COMPUTER FOREVER. Don't waste your money bying CLEAN MY MAC either for this purpose, I've done that too and it didn't work.
THE TAKE OUT OF THIS REVIEW :( I can only speak of the free version) if you get the Crash Plan you won't be able to either use it, or get rid of it. It is a memory robber and slows down your computer.
THE COMPANY HAS CONTACTED ME since this publication but the instructions do not apply to removing this gadget from my computer. THE COMPANY CONTACTED ME AGAIN, ACTUALLY THREE TIMES and I give them credit for that but the problems is still not resolved, I don't think they can resolve this. CODE 42 sent me a review and I explained that people won't move to the paid version because they can't use the gadget, the password used to set up the account stops working the minute it is completed and the client has no access to the vault. One is stuck with CODE 42 CRASHPLAN for life and it takes a lot of CPU WHICH slows down your computer in a vicious way.


I GOT SCRIVENER BUT YOU DONT' HAVE TO. It is a disease that will destroy all your work.

We live in perilous times and scrivener can be called the most destructive software ever, nothing left... just shambles of what once was a lifetime of work.

THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED: I've sent David/Scrivener several emails concerning downloading another Scrivener's license, as he required me to do, but I was concerned about losing my files, and David, assured me that such would never happened and I didnt need to back up the files because Scrivener would do that. The files were erased 12 hours after I clicked on the link Scrivener has sent me, and this was done while I was sleeping and on purpose.

THE PLOT BEHIND THE PLOT: I had no idea that the charges I reported to my credit card as being fraudulent belonged to scrivener. It was an honest mistake from my part, and instead of contacting me to let me know of what was happening, Scrivener/ David lured me to get a new license. In spite of my confusion and my insistence in asking the reason for getting a new license, I was told my files would be safe and would not lose anything. After several attempts to clarify the situation with scrivener and knowing only that my credit card account had been credited and without being offered any other alternative to pay for the bill because it seemed to me I would lose my files, but wanting to do what is right, I accepted to click on the link to pay for a new license. Three emails were sent to David/Scrivener to make sure I would not lose my files but because integrity matters to me I trusted scrivener and click on the link.

I went to bed after clicking on the link and woke up with ANOTHER scrivener, one that had no files and had not even been ever used. When I contacted scrivener again to ask for all the files that were removed, then, and only then, I was told that I had reported fraudulent charges (the charges were under another name and the company, which now I know was scrivener, did not have any contact number or listed address, since I had been visited one month before by scammers, I was concerned).
Scrivener lured me on purpose to click on a new link as a revenge because I did not recognize the charges and instead of telling me what had happened, Scrivener decided to avenge itself by destroying a life time of work.

I just hope other writers won't be lured into trusting Scrivener. The company lacks integrity. The App is unreliable and the people that work for it unreliable as well. And Im sure that in time Scrivener will have the same end as other companies that mislead customers have had. Rest assured that no one succeeds forever running a deceitful business.

UPDATE: I received two emails from Scrivener via Twitter: one said that the link I refer to could have been a hacker (yes it was a Scrivener link that intentionally deleted all my files); and the second one said "Don't blame scrivener; blame your parents for having a stupid child." If you know of a product/company particularly for writer that is as unprofessional and as irresponsible as scrivener, please let me know so I can avoid it. I hope I saved some one the grief and aggravation of losing your files.

Tip for consumers:
There are a few things more devastating to a writer than to lose a work of a lifetime.


A window popped up on my screen stating that Apple had detected a virus in my computer. Even though the popped up window carried an apple logo, I noticed that it was not an exact replica of the logo (first flag). The message was to not close any window and that the virus was serious and I should contact Apple immediately through the number provided *******972, this was the number employed by a company called www.viarinfosystem.com(which had no affiliation with Apple computer)

I noticed that the person who picked up the phone did not say "Thanks for calling Apple" (2nd. Flag), so I questioned if he was indeed from Apple and he reassured me that he was and asked me to share the screen with him, and I said 'yes' (www.fastsupport.com) to share the screen).

When sharing the screen wiht the intruder checked my email for hackers(?). He typed this address on the address bar: www.viaringosystem.com, and here is their phone number *******914.

According to the man on the phone (the intruder) viaringsosystem was going to remove this virus from my computer on line. So the intruder was going to tranfer me to viarinfosystem.com, an apple authorized dealer scanning computers with expired warranties on behalf of Apple (fifth flag) to help them.

At that point I was waiting for the transfer so I could hung up the phone and disconnect from the internet and unplug the router to protect my IP address. I certainly didn't give him any credit cards and would never pay $599.00 for a on line support plan.

I felt the issue was probably resolved until I received my credit card statement with a strange charge by a strange company and here is the name of the company www.ESLR8.COMMN. I contacted my credit card and while I waited on line I typed www.ESLR8.COMMN only to find out other people were having unauthorized charges done by this company, unable to place the legitimacy of their charge, and upon verification with my credit card company I found out that those charges were connected by an online service company, so naturally I changed all my bank accounts and assumed that the charge was fraudulent.

BUT things got quite a bit worst. There was no phone number connected to the charges and I had no ways of knowing that the charges belonged to SCRIVENER and was a legitimate charge.

I recived an email from Scrivener stating that my account had been credited, never an explanation of why this was done in spite of my many requests, instead they asked me to pay their company by downloading a link that would give me a new license. I thought that may be my credit card account had contacted them to let them know that my account number would change and they decided to credit the accout.

I've sent 3 emails to David a Scrivener representative explaining that all my edit files were in Scrivener and because the purpose is to organize it, I didn't have copies of it and David never once told me what was going on. Skillfully DAvid lured me to click on the link Scrivener had sent me garanteeing me that I would not lose anything (of course I also save my files every 3 minutes).

I was denied any other form to pay Scrivener, so I clicked on the link and went to bed and when I woke up all my files, a work of a lifetime, was erased. I panic, stricken by pain and shock, then David told me what had happened: I had reported their charge as 'fraudulent'.

I explain this was a misunderstanding, I begged of them to return my files and I was told by DAvid "let's put this behind us". I sent my computer to the top Apple experts that kept it for 16 days but were unable to recover the files because Scrivener had erase them (I clicked it at night and the files were erased in the morning) Apple experts were able to locate the size of the files.

The take away: An app is not a safe place for a writer; Scrivener reviews are made by the company itself and their minions; a company that does not even have a workable phone number is not reliable.

Third point: viaringosystem was the catalyst for a company like scrivener to spew its venom but it could not have happened if VIARINGOSYSTEM was not who they are: a company without integrity preying to extort money because they have not a legitimate service to offer and in all this Scrivener is not innocent either.

We are living in perilous times and we'll see evil florish as it has but you have the right and the obligation to protect yourself, so perhpas this review can spare you the pain and the financial loss of losing 11 years of work because if I had seen a review such as this, I would have been a prey for either company


I bought the NeoOffice version from the company itself. Every time I have to use it I have to download the version again. It does not save my work. Even simple commands such as double space between lines (which every writer needs it) are not on the menu, instead, it is an unusual feature (hold control and click the mouse on the text), now who is going to find that out except you waste about 10 hours searching for it (no the company does not offers instructions but a verbiage of over 5 pages about any question and just verbiage, no answers at all). To be honest, I never found anything as dysfunctional and useless as this. All those good reviews feeds back to the company itself (if you doubt it, just search the feed and you'll find out for yourself) which is not an honest way to promote a product. The company does not keep even an e-mail for customer contact, instead, they ask you to tweet. Did you ever get an answer from tweeting them? Neither did I. 485 complaints.

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