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When it comes to medical supply, you may want to shop somewhere else. This is the second time that the nurse referred me to this place and as you can see from other reviews, the customer service is poor. No one in the company knows about your referral, or better saying the person that knows everything is not availble, she is either at lunch, or at a breakfast, or taking a break and you are left waiting. My suggestion is to avoid this place like the plague.


Proton email promises security and non-disclosure, but if you ask for complaints about safety you will read the distraut people who have trusted this site. Besides this fact, emails are erased, documents removed. Emails you sent may never arrive, emails you receive may never load. Is it always like this? No, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but who can count on something like that?.

Once you sent several emails say to John Doe, it all clumps together (it seems nice and clever at first but the problem is that you won't be able to unfold the other emails, most likely one or two, then the 'sent' file does not register what you sent, the list goes on and on as Protonmail is by far the most disfunctional email I ever had.

Nevertheless, had they not hacked my computer, I probably would not be writing this review.

After I told I was not renewing my subscription (Overall this was a horrible service the worst I ever had or heard, but I sent a nice "thank you letter for their service") in response Protonmail erased 3 pages of old emails I had with their service, but I was rarely using proton because of all the technical problems including inability to mark "Spam" or Junk ( which means if a 'seller' gets your email you can't get rid of them, unless you contact them and perhaps after one million times, they agree to remove you from their list).

Never did I think that by telling Protonmail I would not renew, their hackers would damage my computer. I had about 10 emails with documents from my attorney (they had erased 3 pages AFTER I told them I would not renew my subscription, but since proton doesn't work properly I never thought it was an act of revenge for not renewing the email and then I made a fatal mistake:

I FORWARDED my attorney's email that were in the Proton account to my regular email account (I wasn't sure I needed to do that because I had over 100 documents from my attorney sored in my regular email and certainly would have a copy of those from Proton, as well, but just in case I didn't, I chose to forwarded it).

Now Protonmail criminals not only had access to my account, they knew I only forwarded those particular emails (which means it was important to me) and they also new now my private email and the email from my attorney.

Now Protonmail thugs and hackers erased all the documents from my attorney from another account, my private account.

Those are one of the most dangerous people on the web and to think they have my IP number and even my private email address and a free access to my computer? I'm sure I'll be receiving their visit again but, I'm beefing up security.

Proton technicians are cyber criminals who access your computer with your permission and with a fee, only to hack and destroy your computer if you don'r renew their failing services.


It starts nice, then it shows its nazi claws. Anything you say that may nicely disagree you are banned. It seems that this is a network to spot and control people and I would not doubt the info. Goes to google and the government itself. Globalism is a cruel attempt to remove our freedoms and many platforms are engaged in stealing your rights. I think it is absurd the criteria they use to bann people, even if you agree with someone that they don't like (say, 'saving street dogs is a good think and I think you've done right' boom, you're banned because someone else with more pull said it is not a good thing to save dogs and this is the job for the humane society.

A creepy, creepy site and I think through their claws we can see the danger of their influence (as you know we have now 'thinking police' at university campus to tell who is probably thinking what and whether or not this is the right away of thinking and as a consequence you may be banned from campus if your colleague reports that your thinking is not right in line with hte globalists).

My suggestion, get out and remove all info. From your computer regarding this nexdoor nazi police.


I was amazed: that is why our country is so divided: people watch and believe FAke News. I was in the industry so I know first hand that fake news is owened by 6 corporations bent to bring America under the tutelage of the UN and to do that they need to break this country with lies and riots. If you don't know that the Russia Investigation was orchestrated by the Deep State and the Shadow Government to create a dictatorship under the UN control, then you are out of the loop and being led like a puppet in the hands of the most evil regimen ever devised by a human being in the history of mankind. Globalism is the most cruel form of dictatorship and if you don't know who Soros is and his plans, then you are an easy target and you are doing a great harm to this country.


It was embarrassed to recognize that twitter supported Hamas and ISIS. While many Christians are banned from Twitter or asked to post their driver's license to keep their account open, others are blocked completely. Twitter has a close connection with Apple computers and together they make decisions that seem to support the creation of a new society, globalism and the freedom of speech for ISIS.

Here is the report with pictures posted on Twitter to invite assassination and mayhen. Do you agree that freedom of speech should not include violence? Do you agree that violence moves freedom of speech into a criminal realm? Should people have freedom to kill others that don't want to convert to the Muslim religion?

Here are the facts, you be the judge. Please pass the information on. It may just save a life and it may be ours. America has to stand firm against terrorism and fake news.



While we all appreciate NASA's accomplishments, many of us is not aware of the station with mirrors that creates a 'fake sun' in the sky. At times one can see both suns, the real one and the station with mirrors reflecting the light of the sun or covering it up. This artificial sun impedes the sun light to reach the earth properly. Most of us feel tired, the D3 vitamin became low for most of us--the artificial light does not promotes D3 formation--the levels of oxygen in the planet is being affected, forests catch fires much more easily and at night, places with high temperatures don't cool down anymore.

This artificial sun is damaging to all lives. The planet is being heated at unsustainable levels.

Somewhere in the Middle East, the temperatures went close to 140 degrees. Earthquakes and mudslides, according to geologists and other scientists, it could have been the result of NASA's artificial sun.

Why is this happening? Is it a way to hide planet Niburu? Depopulate the planet? An experiment?
Whatever it is, please post at your social media and ask your congress representative for an explanation. While most of us love science and embrace novelties, covering up our sun has daring consequences for human life and it is affecting people physically and emotionally.

Here you can find a video with strange events (draining the light of the sun)


The recent article was inspiring. If you're living in America, you know that no one can touch the Clintons and to avoid that, the globalists are after our president. Congress, for the most part, is in bed with the globalists (as if the globalist take over this country, and there are rumors and tanks, they will let Congress stand... this is the mistake they make). So no one investigates anything. The death of Seth Rich, a DNC operative who turned against the Clintons and leaked the emails to Wikileaks was never investigated and the ones who dared mentioned it where punished by Soros. The powerful globalist who was expelled from his native country for promoting riots, fires, protesters, and massive killings. Here is the article and you may be interested in reading it (the more of us know what is going on, the more we can protect ourselves from the savages onslaughter of globalism). http://mediaequalizer.com


Hands up to Sean Hannity for reporting the truth. As we all know, our world is in turmoil. The radical globalists, New World Order or One global government, sometimes aka democrats, are using all that they have in order to bring about One Government.

Soros is part of the organizing body of globalists. If you dont know who he is, here is a referendum, a petition that is being blocked by the Media and the computer Moguls, so that no one can sign on, but I posted it here because it elucidates why globalists support and cover up for crimes against humanity. Those crimes are not random, or because Satan is on the loose, even though I dont doubt he is.
Here are some of Soros activities (written by A CIA ex-operative who had been the advisor for 4 presidents and who was involved in the counter coup to allow president Trump to take office and prevented his assassination)

Crimes are being financed by politicians and organizations to break not only our country but the global economy, the social structure and the fiber of every nation that submits itself to globalism. All those crimes, so that they can bring One Government with an elite to govern the rest of us (Soros, Rothschild, Rockefellers etc.)
For the sake of space, I wont provide documentation about all that is said here because most of us understand what is at stake and what we are dealing with.
President Donald Trump is an obstacle to Globalism here in the US, but some dont know about this because they rely on the Media who is owned by the same globalists that are funding ISIS.

In the wake of the gossip about Russia to remove president Donald Trump from office ex-director Comey offers 15 million dollars, plus citizenship to a Check Slovakian individual (who refused the bribe and posted the story) to cover up for Seth Richs assassination.

Who is Seth Rich? A man that worked for Hillary Clinton, and being repulsed by the amount of corruption and assassinations committed by the Democrats in the campaign (aka globalists) leaked the emails to WikiLeaks.
Putin gave the name of the American leaker to clear their own name: Seth Rich, a hero. Seeing the level of criminality and corruption in the democratic party, he leaked the information to WikiLeaks, in turn, Obama removed all Russian Ambassadors and the assassination of Seth Rich was ordered. Comey, instead of protecting Seth Rich had him assassinated inside the hospital where he arrived already shot, but alive and according to the internist, Set Rich would unequivocally recover.

The internist was appalled by the swarm of police officers and FBI personnel stating that Seth was not to receive any more medical help, removing the doctor from the room, blocking the entrance and within a period, not specified by his post, when he, the physician was allowed to come back was only to find Seth Rich dead.


Soros funded Media Matters dot com http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/01/27/soros-funded-media-matters-secretly-plotting-stop-breitbart-news/
Now seeking to destroy journalist Sean Hannity for asking for an investigation of Seth Richs' death, Soros and his goons had Sean Hannity fired, well millions of tweets and Facebook posts got him back on Fox News.

Where do you fit on the scheme of things? You can contact your representative and ask for this investigation of Seth's assassination http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Thank you for your time and courtesy reading this long note. Together we can save our country. Please let every one within your range to know the truth because only the Truth will set us free. Thank you again.

FEEDBACK: You've made it. Congress is going to investigate the death of Rich Seth and Fox News is re-hiriong Sean Hannity. Isn't good to know that our opinion matters and that together we can defeat the deadly spread of globalism and save ourselves and our country? Thank you to all who contacted your senators and congressman to ask for this investigation of Hillary's employeed that was assassinated after he was found to be the one leaking the information to Wikileaks (that is right, the Russians had nothing to do with that, matter of fact, they laughed it off in their newspapers recomending people to do anyting they want with the American newspapers, except reading it. I want to celebrate the good news with you. Congress started the investigatino and an honest reporter was re-hired.


Herniaria Glabra is hard to find. It is a powerful medicine to lower cholesterol. It resembles Creeping Thyme, which is cheaper than Herniaria Glabra. Even though MiniatureGarden is not about Herniaria Glabra and has many things to offer, what I wanted was Herniaria. I had bought 10 Herniaria Glabra from another nursery who shipped me Creeping Thyme, which I ended up trashing out, so I was pleased to find out that Miniature Garden Shoppe is honest and shipped Herniaria Glabra, which was what I paid for. The plant is small, as they said it would be, and is doing fine. Thumbs up to this honest nursery.


The Huffington Post is an extreme leftist (also called by some as 'fake news') connected to the elite movement to bring Globalism to every nation. Globalism, even though not the same as Islamization, both work together to bring a demise to every nation to submit the targeted nation to globalization. The goal of globalization is to have one elite dominating humans through one government, one monetary system and one religion.

While Huffington Post gave their unsubstantiated view on immigration, stating that immigration is good (certainly a small amount of migrants is welcome, and we must remember that we have long past the quote of immigrants for our nation more than 10 years now), and in another article claiming that immigrants pay millions of dollars in taxes, Huffington Post forgot to mention that illegal immigration cost $29 billion dollars in tax payers at a Federal level and $84 billion at state and local level bringing the staggering cost to the US of $113 billion per year. This is money that will reflect on the roads you drive, the programs that are offered to your children, the quality of water and air you breath, the price you pay for anything you consume.

If you break it down to a household it is $1,117 per month for an illegal immigrant. If we are talking about 'migrant' from Muslim countries it cost $1,700 per head of the household (meaning that if they come with their grandparents, then this amount is doubled). They also receive free housing, free medical care, dental and psychological support besides translators. I don't know the exact numbers but it far exceeds $3,000 per family, per month.

If you like computations, here is a copy of a fiscal budget as a reference only http://www.fairus.org/publications/the-fiscal-burden-of-illegal-immigration-on-united-states-taxpayers

If you combine both groups you can see that the economy of our country will collapse the same way Europe's economy is collapsing.

Here is a more realistic view of what migration is causing to other countries and this video is more than just a reference, this is a live picture of what is happening right now and I suggest you save it and pass it along (please check the link below)


I think you'll find the video is worthy of your time and perhaps also a way to share the reality that America would face if immigration laws are not upheld.

Sharing is what we do to preserve our families and our constitution.


While the Elite (Rockefellers, Soros, Rothschild, Media Corporations, etc.) dream of the day they'll be called to reign over all nations without borders, while the police and even officials once delegated the job of enforcing and protecting the national security of their countries are now under strict regulations that seem to be more protective of criminals' rights than our rights, the world is being set 'on fire', so to speak, facing the economic, moral and social collapse caused by an enormous amount of migrants that society can't absorb.

Many of those migrants are bringing eating-flesh rapidly spreading diseases that is decimating Europe and I'll share with you the video of an Austrian physician taking care of those migrants, but, for now, I want to share with you this document.

England (controlled by the Globalist Elite) is more preoccupied to watch whether the journalists would say anything against Islam than to vindicate the lives of the victims.
When a political ideology declares war to "every infidel", and even to their own people in the name of a religion, you can expect to have conflict.


If you think this information is valuable, please share it with others.

Information can and do change our opinion. I believe that, for the most part, opinions are used as the basis for many of our decisions, and our decisions can save a life of a child, a life of their parents, and ultimately a life of a nation.

Don't let what happened to Germany, happen to us. Stay alert and be willing to share the truth. Thanks for sharing.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm8yEsXjqAo Here you can see Jason Chaffetz placing in perspective how subversive it is to apply our constitution to that doesn't live here. Europe has partically being destroyed with no way of recovering from the financial destruction that migrants have brought. But the destruction is not only financial, it is moral, social and psychological. http://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/testimony-isis-genocide-parents-shown-video-daughters-raped-tortured-given

Here is another document, a must see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=virfIlwxmuw

Information is power. We are living in dangerous times and while we can communicate through site jabber, you tube, and any media outlet not connected to a subversive plot, we are still free to share the truth. The above video is a map road of what is happening, and how the media intends to protray anyone that wants a reprieve from large amounts of migrants, are labeled racist and why.


Infowars have important news to report but the report is done with so much semantic confusion; it's like listening to a sport game or an horse track race. The ball pass to Marck, who lives in the, oh, now with Sam, tall man from the GEtorn, who was boutght by the Tigers. By the way tigers moved to SAn Francisco, Oh, SanFrancisco the shiny side of turist California. Here comes the Knee jerking stunt crazy tall best of all. Did you understand what I just said? That is pretty much listening to Alex Jones. Suggestions: spontaneity doens't always work. I would write the news, review and then kind of follow through so the mind doesn't go wondering in every direction. The news is good but it is delivered in a confusion way. This is particularly important because the underground news is telling the truth and we need to post them but most people won't listen to its entirety if it is delivered in such a confusion manner. I think it is particularly important to say it in a calm way and allow your guest--considering that infowar has great guests--to finish their thoughts. The underground media is under constant scrutiny and infowar deserves to be among the top, but those corrections need to be made and this is why I placed my 2 cents here.


If anyone wants to make an abortion, unless it a medical necessity, Government will not pay for such a procedure. Matter of fact, the consequences of an abortion will affect a mother's health and the consequences range from an overall effect to a severe health weakening of a woman entire system.

If you are pregnant and don't want the baby, you don't have to kill the baby, place him or her for adoption: it can save your health. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9jZuV7VNTc Also became aware the Planned Parenthood performs inhuman experiments besides abortion itself. Here you have someone that survive an abortion. I invite you to watch this video because as a possible mother or a father, you need this knowledge to navigate you through the rhetoric of the Nazis.

You also need the information as a voter because your understanding can save thousands of lives or send them to an atrocious death.

Another aspect that many of us forget is the fact that while this may not be the perfect time to have a baby, there may come a time, and if you live long enough, this time will come, that you're old and alone and wish you had a family. Very few, if any, of those abortion places will tell you the risks that you incur to have an abortion; among those is a perfurated uterus. You may never be able to have a child again and you may never be able to free yourself from the remorse of have killing someone that would have loved, as all children do, and help you in your old age.

So, before you make this irreversible decision, consider placing your baby for adoption or to keeping this little creature close to you, and trust that God will help you with the means to care for this child.


When a man dares to tell the truth he may makes enemies, but God makes sure he will get the friends he needs to get the job done. God also make sure to provide all t he may need and keep him safe; this is the case with Senator Ted Cruz. Please listen to his speech in Congress, facing all who had harmed American and standing tall against opposition. We must count on man like him to help us cross the enormity of the crisis America is facing, many of us, are unaware of the dangers of the critical time we live in. I think you'll enjoy and be inspired by his words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p-8MLGHh7g
Perhaps you can share and even write him a note.

If we are going to survive, we will need man and women of courage to support our values that had been almost completely destroyed.


While I use Wikipedia from time to time and I can distinguish the articles that are well substantiates ( most of the time) and the ones that may be amateurish, I still get some good information (most of the time) but this rating is about this particular article (don't know how it was published). This article entitled Noah's Arc states that there's no evidence of a universal flood (this has been proven and is out of question), then it also says that Noah's Arc would have been an impossibility (It has been reproduced and I think it's in Texas, they just won the category of tax exemption in a law suit with the government). So, my point is, I happen to know that the idea of the flood is scientific and proven, but how about someone that doesn't know that and rely on Wikipedia? I know that many artciles are scrutinized, but this one went away away off the radar. Needs to be either corrected or removed. Just thought I should share.


Here is your link to understand the mechanism of our government. Oops. $9 trillion dollars are missing as Obama leaves the administration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU_f8OUDB90&spfreload=1

Oops, it gets worse, we Americans don't owe the Federal Reserve, we only pay them when our politicians steel the money. Nah, not so good. Who owes the Federal Reserve? That is when the plot gets really heavy and have costed the lives of many presidents that tried to get from under this so called Industrial Machine. Take heart, the more you know, the more protection you'll have.


Please take the time to play this link, it may surprise, enrage you, cause you to fear or perhaps discredit it. This is not fake news. While some people fear the presidency of Donald Trump because of the fake TV Media, they miss the Intel and the preparation that was taken place to destroy this country. If you plan to survive World War III you owe to yourself a certain amount of skepticism and realizing that the info. (which I could prove to you is real, but can't do that) contained here can save your life.

Newsmask is an outlet for intercepted intel that can't be delivered directly to the public because it could cause the agent who leaked the information to die. Nevertheless, without giving too many details (which are necessary), one can have an overall perception of what is taking place here and has taken place here for quite sometime, but now the stakes are really high (how many of us can survive a world war?), and now we also have the internet where we can help one another without compromising anyone's lives.

The link, when played can lead you to the second expose, just as important as the first one, enjoy and pls, pass it on and share with social media, friends and enemies. Again, I repeat this is not about the receptor of intell interference, this is about the intel itself and helping each other


Here you have CNN filmed by their own camera man before airing A STAGE ACT TO INFLUENCE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

On camera CNN staging fake news

Every link is part of a story that ultimately will write our own story and if we succeed to understand the forces that are in control in this country, we can survive and prosper.


America has witnessed great challenges that is about to culminate in an apocalyptic meltdown. Please share this tape with friends and enemies alike LOL

Please understand that this review is not about Mr. Alex, actually he received this news, did not generate this news. This is about our country. I'm not aware of any enticement to create rallies. I am aware though of payments made by DNC to people willing to hurt Trump supports and just yesterday Hillary's friend was placed in prison for attempting to kill Mr. Donald Trump. Generally speaking the underground media is very conservative because their own existence depends on credibility, it is the TV media that is now controlled by forces against the Democracy and about to create Martial Law in this country. I do have to say that I am appalled about the reactions: mostly speaking about products (this has nothing to do with this site, this is an 'interception' message that was posted in many sites includdes infowar; the other comments were about 'not believing fake news'. How unaware the American people are? I am astonished. Our country is about to enter a Martial Law dictatorship and people think the TV news is real news? I have posted tapes where the camera man turn the camera on the journalists before going to the air and you'll see them laughing and talking about the fake news they are about to post and none of you have seen any of that? Others are concerned about products? The country is about to de destroyed. I don't know Mr. Alex and this news were not generated by Mr. Alex, he only fowarded to You Tube. This news, I repeated was 'intercepted'. It grieves me to see our people walkign to the slaughter without a care in their minds.


Did Russia really hacked Hillary's email? A message from an NSA employee.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rANasMo-bB4 the technical explanation why it didn't happen.

Here's the tape of the present administration claiming we should be friends with Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WoNnaKYVqM

What has changed? Do we have any interest in declaring war to Russia, other than taken Putin out of the way of the New World Order? You be the judge but I appreciate Mr. Dummas for posting the videos


Great mattress, the best. Great price a swell and reliable delivery. As you may--or may not know, obama has passed a law requiring every mattress's manufacturer to place rat poison inside all mattresses as a fire deterrent (You may say, wait a minute, presidents don't pass laws in a democratic republic like ours, Congress does. Correct. No president pass laws anywhere, kings do, but obama has been an exception). If you research the subject http://www.strobel.com/making_news.htm you'll find out that this company is willing to build up a mattress for you without rat poisoning if your doctor states that you are allergic (who woudln't be?). Strobel even offers a list of physicians throuought the US willing to work with you. My mattress was pre-obama 'rat-poison' so it didn't have the poison, but it was old. I didn't want to go a physician route, concerned that it would be time consuming, so I've been looking for an organic mattress for quite sometime. I did a lot of research that included reading blogs and clicking on links for an extensive period of time and the price for an organic mattress varied from $1,500 to $23.000.00. I guess my angels were with me when I decided to use another search engine (duckduckgo.com and I should write a review about this) and bingo, found this company named above and the price was nothing even close to all the other organic mattress that I found researching from coast to coast, not to mention that the fees for delivery from the other companies ranged from $450 to $700 and I paid only $100 ($99) for delivery, but I had no idea how much an organic mattress would change my sleep, affect my health and even my moods. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! If I understand it correctly they use herbs to $#*! fire (and I think I noticed their perfume for about 2 or 3 days and then it went away, which is good because I'm not into perfuming things), but the sleep I got out of it was phenomenal and the price was a bargain. Saatava asked me for a review. They had a great customer service and called me to check if my order was corrected etc. but I want to write one review only which would include the quality of the mattress itself and not just about customer service, so I waited to receive the mattress and to try it for a few weeks. The mattress is luxurious, high, as I asked, and offered me a comfort that I have never experienced before with my previous mattresses (My mattress was the top of the line when I bought it some years ago) and to be honest, if it wasn't for the fear of the rat poison, which I read was making many employees that work at mattress companies severely ill, I would not have searched for an organic mattress and in all fairness, if it wasn't for this engine duckduckgo, I would never have found this company either. You can check them out at saatva. I'm very impressed. An organic mattress will change your life, it changed mine. Whether you buy there or somewhere else, an organic mattress makes a huge difference. Now, companies out there should have an option "how did you find our products" other than 'google', such as "name the search engine". For most part, if you want to inform a company that you found them on the internet you have to say you found them on 'google' which may be true for the most part, but not always.

Tip for consumers:
You can disucuss with them what do you think would be a good height for your mattress and other areas of customizing your mattress. They are knowledgeable and courteous.


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