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Their name is US Wellness Meat. No part of the meat I bought from them could be used (not even to give to the pets) the meat was gross, with a taste of lard and most likely with heart and other parts grinned to add to the burger. Two burgers yelled ONE FULL CUP OF LARD, not grease, lard. It was so bad that neither the dogs or cats would eat them. I was so appalled to paying $80.00 for a meat that had to go to the trash. I was also puzzled when I looked at the package, which did not say 'organic or grass fed".

In the past, many countries did not carry pet food in packages and people bought the cheap parts of meat (that did not include heart and other parts that were rejected even to feed the animals). The pieces of the burger had those little hard granules that bounced back. I don't know if this is even from cow. It did not look that it was, so I decide to research a bit this company and low and behold they are a large corporation that makes good for dogs and cats.

THEIR MEAT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE FROM A COW, IT IS FILTHY AND DISGUSTING, the thickness of the blood that comes with the burger, the consistence of the grind that bounces back and all the other details tells me that this is a very inferior quality of meat of perhaps an unknot animal, sold to the public as organic, even though in the package they do not state that the meat is from cow or veal, nor do they claim to be organic. It seems a real scam from a large corporation that is harming the public.

The entire package, minus what I had cooked (I still have the full cup of lard in the refrigerator for a picture) which was 2 burgers that yelled the lard. The taste, the smell and the consistence of this disgusting product is repulsive. As you bite the burger, the grounded pieces bounces back and it can't be triturated, like rubber. If this is cow meat, must be some unknown part to the consumer because I have never, ever eaten anything like that, even the meat used for dogs is not like this. This company should be out of business but being a large corporation that makes meat for pets they covered their basis using different names and avoiding the label of organic or grass fed on the package, only on the web and TV adds.


Most computer manufacturers give us a poor sound quality. Boom 3D was an easy and inexpensive solution to solve the problem. However, no matter how good a product is, unless customer service is also good, we are at loss. I cleaned up my computer and had no ways of restoring the app but customer care came to the rescue and it took quite a bit of effort from their part because I had bought the app on 2016 and it was difficult to locate the information, but the team worked out the problem until they restored the full strength of the app for me. So, A plus to this company. Excellent app and customer service. Highly recommend it.


Some Christian music are truly Holy-Spirit inspired. Carrol Roberson music has been uplifting to me and has ministered to my heart during the times our soul battle for peace or understanding, for justice or direction, so I"m posting here so that it may help someone else. May the Lord guide you. As we travel this road through the narrow path, we all encounter many challenges and Christian music is like a balm to a troubled soul, may those melodies minister to you, as well.


In spite of complaints from Prosecutors, clients, and advocacies groups, Hartford continues to operates its criminal enterprise because it has learned the ropes of how to doge the law. As for us, unless you do your research, which my husband didn't do, you will only know the scam you have fallen into when you have a claim.

Here is my story, not different than thousands of other stories of anyone that had been scammed by The Hartford insurance company: I had them for 35 years, my husband assumed they were a legitimate business because they were recommended by the AARP (association for retired person)... through the Weather Modification Program many states have been affected by artificial storms and hurricanes.

I had a legitimate claim when my roof was lifted up. Hartford gave us about U$1,000.00 after 2 months of back and forth phone calls and so and so is traveling. As the storms were unpredictable we were concerned, another 3 months went by. Hartford offered a deal if we sign that we would accept half of the value of the roof replacement, by this time, we were concerned that the our house could suffer damages and accepted the deal but they never paid the half payment they have offered. I was puzzled, if they didn't want to pay, why going to the trouble of preparing a contract and having us signing up?

I contacted several attorneys and finally one was willing to explain why they refused the case and here is what they said "Hartford is doing this for years to their clients. Once you sign the half payment agreement, since an attorney can only charge 5% of the total value, the amount won't be enough even to file the case in court." Indeed the US9,000.00 cost for the roof had gone down to US$3,500.00 and 5% of this is U$125.00 and you can't get a maid to clean your house for this amount.

My neighbor also lost part of his roof but he had everything replaced, without any fuss. I learned a big lesson, when it comes to insurance, either do your research or consult with your neighbors and friends because the time you need an insurance you can't shift providers. He had liberty mutual and this is what I have now.

I contacted the public attorney who confirmed that Hartford has been in their radar for a long time and that unfortunately people can't sue them because they have developed a strategy that will make cost effective impossible to sue them.

As far as I am concerned AARP and Hartford as partners in crime, swindling the public and taking advantage of the trust we had deposited in them. At over US$2,000.00 per year(sometimes less but overall and in round figures) we paid the Hartford home and car insurance, multiplied over 35 years (even though there are minor changes in premium) it is roughly US$70,000.00, think of how much we could have done with that money.

Here is the lesson I've learned: a recommendation by a scammer is worthless. If we new how many scammers AARP had supported, we would never take them seriously. Do your own research, look at rip off posts, type "complaints against so and so". From our part we had cancelled our membership with AARP (it is not possible that they didn't know about 37 rip off reports loud and clear all over the internet, not to mention reports on the Governmental site) AARP are complicit with the scam. So Hartford took US$700,000.00 from us and caused us a tremendous amount of fear and stress, but hopefully it can save others from the scam (by the way, all the documentation is available, including their original contract and their agreement to pay half)


This site with a 'healthy newsletter" send news, supposedly healthy news, but the constant "i'm going to share this secret with you now" goes on about hundres of minutes. I think very few people will buy their material because the brain just can't take this going around about revealing this super dupper secret that will save anyone's lives, it detracts from any credibility.
After listening to this repeating itself for over 30 minutes, most will disconnect. And there's no way of contacting this Dr. Scott Olson ( only at the end of the presentation a 'read instead transcrip" is offered) I hope this message can improve the bottom line of his business. This repetition is an assault to your clients.


Health products are everywhere, but I was pleased with this company because of the integrity of their products, and the phenomenal customer support (unlike any other i've seen).

If you are like me, instructions are a dead end to your brain neurons, everything stops there, it seems.

I bought the famous MSM (what a miracle this product is) and even though now I recognize the instructions are easy, I took the long road reading everything from a report overzelous with jargon pertaining to this product. I kept on asking questions and more questions, and, amazingly, Adam (my contact person) never lost his cool, he would answer one email after another, and, as it usually happens, when I face instructions, it was simple (if you buy the product, just scroll down your tracking number and you'll see right there: fill up with good water the jar that comes with pellets, the ratio is one to one to the other bottle)...

Besides, patience, I counted on Adam's knowledge.

The shipment was flawless and the feedback reliable.

HealthyAction is a reliable company with reliable and caring people. And from what I understand they carry the original Resveratrol (remember the one that disappeared because they gave free bottles and no one bought it until it broke the company... What a horrible thing because that was the best resveratrol in the market, and it was horrible that so many people took advantage of them. It was done with grapes... all the subsequent resveratrol were made with herbs, but I think HealthyAction has the one made with pure grapes called trans-resveratrol.

HealthyAction is a lovely company and I don't think anyone can go wrong ordering any of their products. I ordered MSM (the miracle mineral) and I am beyond satisfied. Loved MSM and hope it can bring cure and healing to the ones who read this report, as well.


Without any backing of facts, this channel spew hatred, misinformation and a rhetoridc against the president of the United States. Really disgusting. This channel should realize that if president Donald J. Trump is in power is because we AMERICANS have voted for him. It is disrespectful and ultimately disingenuous for you to attack, attack and attack without any evidences, just plain adjectives and a misplaced confidence. America does not need a low level outlet like yours. Close shop, we know where you are coming from.


Patriotic Power blender is a fantastic idea, except that it only blends liquids. Don't waste your money buying it. I bought two, but it can't even blend strawberries or bananas. It will cut them but it won't blend... Great idea, if just it worked... now you can blend say lemonade with orange juice, but for that you can use a spoon. Truly a waste of money



We are made on His image and need to respect the image of God in one another. We can make our life count by doing what is right and protect the ones that are vulnerable and by sharing what we know with others.


I was really impressed with the quality of their product. The packaging was pristine, individually frozen and kept inside a sealed plastic. All inside a insulated carry-on container--unlike the large packs sat on ice. The meat, I believe was raised on pasture, instead of the 3 months grass meat that most 'organic' places sell me. The taste was incredible, the portions cut to perfection. I truly enjoyed it. Now make sure that when you order you find out which day of the month the box is coming as opposed to the day of the week--I was looking for the box for one week because most organic meats I bought in the past comes on ice inside thermo containers but they were not frozen, and you don't want them to sit on the sun, but this one comes frozen. Still, make sure you confirm the date of delivery. The price was good as well (matter of fact I paid less for this meat than the others that are the last 3 months fed on grass). This is the tip for the day: great meat at great price. Enjoy it!

I do have to say that the customer service is awful. The meat comes about 2 weeks later than what they say it would come. They refuse to send a link to track the package and instead, they send it a link of Fedex forms to be filled instead of a link to check where the package is. They don't answer emails or telefophone. So, I gave up their product, as good as it is.


Lately we've heard from Democrats and Extreme Media that president Trump was disregarding the environment, that the EPA had a long history of protecting the environment. Neither is true. Experts on environment states that climate change is natural and goes on througouth the history of manking and is not manmade, nor are the disasters (earthquakes, volcanos, foods etc. caused by climate change but instead by the titonic plates that are moving due to the influence of planet Niburu and other factors, excluding climate change. Experts got so tired of the lies that they are suing Al Gore for global warming. Matter of fact, it is said that the Al Gore electric bill could give electricity to a small third world nation.

Here you have, CApital Research take their business seriously. The EPA's crew inconopetence was responsible for ruining the water and reserves of 3 states. Typical of the obama administration, the Justice Department assured the officals that they won't have to take responsibility for unplugging a disaster. And here are the details https://capitalresearch.org/article/epa-covers-up-role-in-colorados-toxic-mine-spill/?blm_aid=3607599

Companies such as Capital Research deserves our time and support. " You will know the truth and the truth will set you free" and hopefully give a message to some of the responsible people that they need to be held accountable.


I'll let you be the judge!

Those videos may be here for a short period only, so please watch them and pass them to others. But first, let me reassure you that we can win. How? First we must make sure our elected president stay in place and for that we may have to contact our representative and Senators to investigate the Clinton Foundation--which will put a stop into the shadow government. Here is an ex-CIA agent talking about the Depopulation plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZaDKwm7yWk

This will be the most shocking because it comes from NASA itself

You may ask, why do they make it public? The globalists pertain to an order call the Cabalists (from the Cabal related to Mason) and they believe that unless they let their enemy know what is ahead, they'll have a bad karma. So, they will tell you what their plans are through the Simpsons' s cartoon, soros's magazine that tells the whole story of what they are planning and the head of state that prevents the globalists to get what they want(those appears in the cartoon with real human faces, like a picture and they are China, president Trump, Russia etc. the few that opposes globalists and are independent.

Please, consider passing the inform on while still available and defend our republica by calling up representativews and asking for an investigation of Obama/Clinton Foundation etc. and that will cause the Deep State to be exposed.


Charlottesville moayor, Mike Signor, worked with Podesta, campaigned for Hillary and Obama, and was a senior advisor for The Center For American Progress. The CFAP is a Soros funded front that coincidentally operates two sister organizations; Generation Progress and The Center for American Progress Action Fund. Says Helena at

But Homieperspective goes into more details here

Why Virginia is important to all of us. Not only because of the infamous crime under the disguise of protesting to keep a statue which has been part of our history and some wanted it there and some wanted it not, but the fact is that is a sample of what is being plotted to bring America Down.

Corrupted Mayor Michael Signer worked with Soros to bring deadly armed ANTIFA to create a violent riot

It was the Mayor of Charlottesville with Soros and the Deep State who plotted this riot. Soros gave a few hundred thousand dollars to the Mayor who had been working for Soros in a few of soros companies and was a deliver boy for Obama and his treason friends. It was Signer who instructed the police not to interfere. Signer also orchestrated the police to corner the protester that wanted to keep the statue, among them the so called white supremacists, so that Soros people could attack the other protester and alleged they were anti-protesters.


Michael Signer, mayor of Charlottesville has been a Soros plug in from the beginning of his career and some say he would never have been elected if it wasnt for Soros voting machines.
Soros riot people, go by different names, ANTIFA (are indeed fascists), Black Lives Matter, Muslim Brotherhood. In this case, ANTIFA had been bussed from out of town to come to Charlottesville with clubs engineered with large nails and other paraphernalia, so that the strike not only could break a bone but it also could break the flesh. Soros ANTIFA people came with a line of weapons clearly well manufactured IN ADVANCE for this event.

The police were told not to interfere, matter of fact witness tells usand there are pictures to confirm thisthat the police under the order of Michael Signer, mayor, traitor and operative to bring America down, instructed the police to pushed the white supremacists to a corridor where they couldnt avoid being clubbed by the Antifa group (A misnomer because the Antifa group is made out by Fascist people and mostly goons paid by Soros)
If you look at the armament the ANTIFA brought, you know it was well planned. Their clubs had large protruding nails to not only club the people, and that included innocent people that were pacifically protesting the removal of the statue, but to open wounds that could lead to pain and death.
Take a look at this page. At the top corner to your right you'll see a small window with a video. If you listen to this video you'll have a clear perspective of what is being plot against you and me, against our country.

There, Mr. Dumas explains, line by line what happened in Virginia and it is going to happen again because this is what Hillary Clinton and Soros have done in Ukraine to take the country down because Soros and Hillary and the rest of the globalists wanted the Oil from Ukraine.

Lee An will show you in an interview how it was done in Virginia, and how Soros plug-ins and globalists will lie to convince people that this was a racist riots, instead of a paid riot to destabilize the country.

I know it is a bit long, but it is well worth your time. In order to be protected, you and I need to know who is behind those crimes, surprise., surprise, the Mayor himself:

The globalists, aka democrats, aka fascists, are working to destroy this nation. I suggest anyone to join a meet-up republican group or prepare letters to your congressman to push back those corrupted individuals that are willing to spend their time destroying this nation for a paycheck from Soros. And through it all, fake a love for black Americans, and claiming that they are fighting for equality in this country, when they, themselves belong to a larger group of financiers that support the KKK. If this was a racist country, Obama would never been elected. Those are lies and people are paid to bring down the country with riots.
Below is a link, a must-see.


I was tired of the clutter in my refrigerators. I new in my heart that it was not all my fault. It had something to do with design too. I found the German designed that was sure to keep the food organized. All I had to do is place them there and voila, it worked. I had one more hurdle to go, Blomberg is not the cheapest one in the market, quite by the contrary but I found out that the ones made in Turkey are almost 1/10 to 2/10 of the price of Blomberg manufactured in other countries. I hope this tip will help you, in case you are shopping for a refrigerator. I ended up with a marvelous refrigerator, less expensive than the least expensive American brand. Am I blessed or what?


In this article https://www.bombthrowers.com/article/gangsta-news-network/?blm_aid=3607599
We find out that CNN, the fake news, is threatening an innocent citizen who created an artistic meme to dox him (put his home address, phone number etc. to be submitted to the harrassment of the left--which is nowadays one of the most radical groups in America).
The Fake news had previously publicized a meme of Donald Trump in the ring being bet up, but a clever view had placed a meme some years ago about Trump beating up CNN.
CNN is mostly controlled by the CIA and the globalists that wants nothing more than to destroy AMerica and have our country to be submitted to the UN and to that end, they'll spare no punches, morality is out of the window. Patriotism? Globalists have none. The world is a big apple or orange that they have the right to possess, the rest of us, called the masses, are to be subjected to their decision of who will preside the countries, who will have weapons and what religion should we have.

Well, kudos to Bombthrowers who speaks the truth.


Trump News stirrs up the muck from the Swamp and brings the truth to surface, whether through a law professor or information, I get the facts. Here is an article that you may enjoy reading and if so, please share with your social media, including Instagram and Twitter. And here it is http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/breaking-law-professor-claims-trump-did-not-collude-with-russians
Together, we can make a difference and save our country from the dictatorship of globalism and terrorist attacks.


In this article we can see the unprecedented level of corruption that started with the Bush's family legacy and took its fast spiral down criminal activities during the Obama/Soros/Rothshild's/Clinton administration. One in every 2 Americans are being pictured through their digital TV and computer and facial recognition is being applied, as well. Why? Perhaps we should look at plans developed by NASA and the CIA for the future of Americans. I'll be posting from their web side but I thought you may benefit from this article and try to protect your privacy. Here it is https://aim4truth.org/2017/05/27/the-u-s-surveillance-state-unmasked/
Please, share with others via your media account and Instagram. We all deserve the right to be protected against the Deep State. Don't you think so? Together we can take a stand against those bullies that want to destroy our country and our people. I give aim4truth organization a five star. What do you think? Feel free to post. I want you to know that any picture you post on Facebook (even if you remove the picture and place in your trash can) can be retrieved and your computer IP located. However this technology is not being used efficiently to track down the terrorists, even often authorities are denied access to their facebook account, but yours won't. Stay safe and help others to stay safe as well.


Look at the facts and know that the attempted coup against our Freedom is not over, matter of fact, the globalists are getting more and more daring, ignoring completely our constitution and obeying now the UN. Not to mention the UN tanks here. The goal? Obama wants to take over using violence, which was the hallmark of his presidency but the news never reported it. Please take the time to listen to this recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xCIcvAoW3Y


First, allow me to say that there are excellent organizations protecting the lives of animals and given them dignity and a place to live. But there are also the ones, the globalists, who not only disrespect life but teamed up to depopulate the Earth. They have a killing mission to deliver every nation to the care of the UN where they expected to have a commanding seat.

Who is the target? Here is the answer: YOU and ME!
The subject of depopulation is extensive and I want to share this as well but not yet.

This post aim at preventing you and I to get sick, and also to bring awareness and allow animals to die with dignity instead of suffering for years waiting for death to come and desperatedly unable to bring an ending to their own lives.

We have radical globalists everywhere, republicans or democrats, Social Media Moguls, CEOs of corporations, Computer Developers and Hollywood movie stars to mention but a few, corrupted individuals on the internet removing tapes, or paying someone to do so. Please share this on social media before it is removed.

The American consumer is being affected. (the increasing rate of Immune diseases in our country is alarming) and the people living near Smith Field Food are affected more than most because they are being sprayed with excrements. Yes, you heard me right.

Smith Field Food

I know your heart is like mine, and if we had the power we would remove pain from this planet, but perhaps there's something we can do to mitigate the pain of the ones that can't fend for themselves.
Would you be willing to send a twitter or an email to your Congressman? Here is the link http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Please kindly share this with your social Media, together we can make a difference, but even if we can't, at least we know in our heart that we have tried our best. Thank you.

Hands up to the corporation made up with volunteers to save and protect the dignity of all animals. This is what we can do to free our body from animal toxicity: Fist buy your meat from Mexican, Brazilian or Australian meat. Meat from England is also highly coveted but the easiests ones are, undoubtedly the Mexican meat, available at Mexican markets. Another step is to give your family and yourself a one day to a three-day meal a week without meat. You can substitute the protein for egg whites, even fish is quite less toxic, particularly if it is from the deep ocean. This simple procedure not only will help to detoxify your body but it will save millions, yes, millions of cows and their toxic effect on the atmosphere and in our bodies. I make sure to have a few vegan meals a week.


(Washington, DC): The unlikely alliance between Islam and the left isnt on the medias radar screen, yet the chaos on our streets and campuses is obvious and disturbing. The ever-more frequent jihad attacks, both at home and abroad, even more so. But the swirl of images flitting across our screens can be difficult to understand: protesters are carrying all kinds of signs, hurling abuse at our new president, and at those who would speak in defense of America and its free institutions Black Lives Matter activists spew hatred for law enforcement, but are funded by wealthy establishment leftists. Muslim terrorists screaming Allahu Akbar are murdering innocent, men, women and childrenin the name of the religion of peace. Too much of it doesnt seem to make sense. How can the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter movement, and social Marxist anarchist leftists all be part of the same street scene?

I think this book, which can be downloaded for free, can answer our questions. Here is the link https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2017/06/26/book-launch-team-jihad-how-sharia-supremacists-collaborate-with-leftists-to-destroy-the-united-states/?blm_aid=3607599

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