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To set definitions straight, "Lifetime Warranty" mean the normally expected life of a tire. The people have all been professional, honest, knowledgeable and efficient to the tune of saving me from grief, stress and unnecessary expense. I was impressed when the manager last week solved a tricky problem. I bought a used 2011 Honda Fit Sport with the low profile tires that caused a bumpy and jarring ride. For a fair price he replaced the 16" rims with 15" rims and the tires with higher sidewalls. That smoothed the ride tremendously without affecting normal handling.


I have shopped at Amazon Prime since it began. Over the years they have gradually become sloppier in their promises and their fulfillment. They have shrunk the movie selections while raising the rental prices. The product reviews are not managed for truth and accuracy. Fake reviews and reviews that belong at another product is now the norm rather than the exception. I had been getting 5% cash back occasionally then that stoped without notice. Amazon does not respond to complaints about deceptive merchandising and deceptive advertising. The quality of shipping packaging of products has taken a nose dive.


I made several purchases from Bulk Supplements then they started hammering my phone and email with. Sales ads. I had to call them to complain because they do not provide their customers options for email and text preferences


I tested with name and age of a person I have known for decades. Truthfinder presented the names of several of his relatives then said tat he and them are all criminals. After a long and tedious process the site asked for my personal identifier information without presenting the charge for the service. This criminal mafia should have been taken of line many years ago

Chris E. – Rep

Hello Echosyn,
Although we are sad to see you were unhappy with your experience, we appreciate you taking the time to offer us feedback. While we wish we could provide all of the information to our customers for free, we do pay to access our data sources and it costs money to maintain our website and app. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to improve your experience.

Thank you,
TruthFinder Support


I have been a politically neutral member for 6 years and continually did my best to be constructive and contribute real and lasting value. The few with their hearts right appreciated me but the majority are literally leftist zombies with no ability to reason. The far Left administration protects their own regardless of the guidelines violations or blatant illegal activities. I reported a lead for using the Home page to promote her choice candidate which is a violation of guidelines. Admin locked me out of my account without a word to me. Another issue is that a man was illegally doing electrical work for profit and Nextdoor admin protected him.


It is not in the consumer's best interests that search engines sell their souls to the highest bidders. Frank Mitchell who created Family Survival Systems is a good example. His plethora of fake reviews have monopolized the top pages of search engines to the exclusion of true independent review sites. Emails from his site are programmed to block printing of them and his ads are also programmed to block printing. His advertising methodology follows the snake oil format that has been around since Alley Oop. His product might or might not be worthwhile but one can easily build without risk ones own strategy from available free and reliable sources. I am a old hand, 60 years, at survival strategies which I have practiced since youth. Always be wary and check the reputation and history of a seller. Never believe a person who has a vested interest in a product. Desire for immediate gratification catches the suckers. Do your homework well.


Grumpy trolls pretend to be my feet. Pronation, arthritis and old fractures demand specialized footwear that I cannot afford to have custom made. Zappos zapped the trolls with perfectly designed and fitting shoes that gave me a new lease on life and the prices are wonderfully low for the quality. Customer service is great.


Low quality Chinese products, poor customer service and sky high groceries and household goods drove me away to Amazon. I might order from them if Amazon doesn't have what I need.


Being a DiY electrician and home security designer requires good resources. I tried the mainstream sources for cameras and looked over the CCTV DVRs. Depression set in. A determined search rewarded me with American based U.S. Security Solutions. Their cameras and DVRs are top notch and cost much less than equal quality competitors. Customer service is best in class. User education is vast and thorough.


This Apple user since 2008 has become soured by their selling of bug and virus filled add ons, not vetting products made by other suppliers, manipulative ways and intrusiveness sweetened by lies. They too quickly drop support for earlier products and home office systems. Their Safari browser is structured to compromise user privacy. The OSX is too bloated and rigid. Their HELP files are barebones and focused on mobile functions. My freedom to remove unwanted apps has been taken away.


Before purchasing a needed product I do market checks and read reviews. In fifteen years Office Depot has not disappointed me. I have consistently found at Office Depot the best deals on quality printer paper.


Online browsing at Sears is maddening. Their search engine is a primitive moron that does not understand that if i ask for only upright freezers i do not want to see chest freezers and refrigerators. They have destroyed themselves and their heritage for this and many more reasons.


Shortly after I registered a year ago my programmed modem started warning me about probes from LinkedIn. Spam started coming every day from LinkedIn and others who tailored spam to my surfing habits. LinkedIn ads and paid reviewers say that a basic free subscription ptovides networking but there is no search engine to find known colleagues. The price for the incompetent service is exorbitant. It is basically a criminal site designed to take your money and provide a playground for the moneyed. The operation is doomed to failure. One can say that it is a tool for implementing global totalitarianism.

Tip for consumers:
Beware of devils with pretty faces.


My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin and Secondary. I found DuckDuckGo at Apple's extensions page, installed DuckDuck Go in the Admin account and it duplicated itself in the secondary account. Search results are commercialized and simplistic. It hides from all computer searches and I cannot uninstall it. All instructions for removal that I found, even at DuckDuckGo site, do not work. I must conclude from this that Apple and DuckDuckGo are both criminal.


I was looking for a Mac application and thought I found it at Cnet. Right after clicking Download malware took over my browser and started downloading something different from what I expected. I turned off the modem, switched to backup drive and ran Sophos on the affected drive. Sophos found and deleted the malware.


12 years and counting. Excellence non-pareil in all areas. As another reviewer said, "I only go to anther site when I can't find what I need at Amazon."


I have been in Home Depot dozens of times since their inception and walked out empty handed most of the time. Their product quality is mostly poor. Their lumber quality is poor. The aisle stock is disorganized. The attendants do not know the accountabilities of their assignments. The nursery practices are reflective of trade ignorance, low standards, promotion of counter-productive gardening practices, greed, disinfomation and outright fraud. A few days ago I shopped there to buy Rosemary plants and caught them in false advertising.

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rodney w. thanked you for your review of

“Thanks for posting these totally accurate reviews. This place should charged with crimes including but not limited to, Internet Fraud, Scamming, Providing false or misleading info and Theft of funds.”

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“Echosyn, Please contact your state's Attorney Generals office & the FCC. U can quickly fill out a complaint online. If they get enough complaints AG will open an investigation. They have the power to close a business and/or file suit.”

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