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Loaded my greendot pay-as-you-go card, made sure the load worked, went to the ONLY site online I use the card at, and... It was declined, because greenf*** is "holding payment until March 7th" - which HAPPENS to be their billing date for their monthly fee. Greendot, YOU SUCK DEAD BABY BUNNY BALLS.


This company USED to have one of the BEST Facebook games - Criminal Case. NOW, having changed how rewards are distributed, the company's staff won't answer emails, won't answer posted concerns on Facebook, or their website (hard to reach at the best of times) and appears to have completely abandoned their physical premises in Paris, France! WORST customer service ever - but I noticed that they've automated 'for your convenience' all their in-game purchase options, along with a stock reply to ALL questions that includes the information that there will BE no further information given in response to your personal question.
As to the game ITSELF. Criminal Case is now so bug-ridden that even IF you can get it to load (users of EVERY device have repeatedly reported issues in the past three weeks) The game itself will no longer acknowledge that you have 'teammates' to work cases with or send energy to. And of course, trying to reach PrettySimple games to ask what's going on is like... trying to walk to Paris, France from Ames, Iowa in the U.S. It JUST doesn't work.


Claiming to be a 'legitimate news source' this online parasite lures the reader into one-sentence 'stories' that occupy less than a tenth - TOTAL - of the website's space. THE REST IS TAKEN UP BY SPURIOUS 'ADS' for EVERYTHING FROM USED CAR DEALERSHIPS TO ERECTION MEDICINE. NONE ARE EVEN LEGITIMATE, AND NONE CAN BE TAKEN OFF THE PAGE, Making the reading of even that single sentence all but impossible.


Which might not be bad if they were selling comic books or diapers, but USA Today purports to be the nation's NEWSPAPER, for God's sweet sake. It gives a piss-poor representation of national news, and less than adequate coverage of local news. And in order to write to them to TELL them they're doing a piss-poor job, you have to sign up for their service, allowing them to market to you. NO THANKS. I'm not giving my email address, much less my real world address, to a bunch of scammers who think that the crap USA Today spews constitutes actual COVERAGE.


Lied about the advertised price and packages available, pushed a more expensive package on me, EVEN THOUGH I STATED I WAS ON A FIXED INCOME, raised rates ALL the time, were down at LEAST once a month for periods of from 10 hours to a day and a half, and try to collect for services NOT rendered. RUN! HIDE! NEGATIVE 600 STARS OUT OF FIVE.
There is NO quality to be had here!

Tip for consumers:
Go with CenturyLink!


Trollhalla, put together to help Ken St. Andre recreate his stunningly simple, easy to play FRPG, Tunnels & Trolls, is a fantastic and welcoming group of professionals from all walks of life, from all over the world.
The game, which has enjoyed cult status since it's creation, needed reviving in the wake of the computer revolution. Enter St. Andre and his friends, who decided to form a 'secret club' to raise funds for the game's revival. This was back in the early 2000s. Since then, over a thousand members have joined, logging on to play, talk about their personal lives, and bond. St. Andre presides over it all, selling memorabilia and giving points to people who come up with the best spells, jokes, poems (yes, poems) and modules for the latest edition, due out later this Spring. Trollhalla, in practice, is a social club online which anyone of a creative bent may join - all are (and always have been) welcome, whether to play their favorite frpg, or to learn about the game. Laughter is the members' defining quality.


This is infuriating, given that much of the content is regurgitated clickbait designed to lure in people fascinated by the outrageous claims made by promos that get posted to Facebook pages.


Sends out pdfs of anything ordered PROMPTLY, and without cost for "handling". Sends out printed books promptly, having more selection than ANY other online retailer of RPGs. Has HUGE selection of free pdfs (yes, FREE) and a thoroughly professional and courteous staff!


I've been a collector for over 50 years, and in my opinion, since the rise of the internet and in particular since the two co-publishers Didio and Lee have been in charge, DC has gone so far downhill that they'd need mountain-climbing gear to get back up to the BOTTOM of the hole they fell down.
Costumes have changed. CHARACTERS have changed, which is NEVER good - Superman should act like Superman, not some perverted version of a combination of Red Tornado and Dr. Manhattan. I have no problem with gay characters, but taking an ESTABLISHED character like the original GL, Alan Scott, a character with a wife and two kids, and rewriting him after 70+years into a gay hipster was THE WORST disservice to his character lineage possible.
To make matters WORSE, these guys NEVER answer their mail. The company doesn't even do letter-writers the courtesy of acknowledging an e-mail or letter has been received, which is the internet equivalent of never picking up the phone in your business. They try new things, which is good, but they mess with character history and consistency more than ANY other comic publisher in the history of the medium.
It's one thing to kill off a character - bad form, but sometimes it happens. It's another thing entirely to declare that the character NEVER existed and to take steps to prevent readers from ever finding out about the character again.
I learned to read from a copy of World's Finest, WAY back in 1964. Today, with the gore and the sexual overtones, I wouldn't give a DC comic to a kid on a bet. Too bad for YOU, DC.

Tip for consumers:
Go with Marvel, or Image. Matter of fact, go with undergrounds from the 1960s. MUCH more wholesome.


Online selection doesn't follow sales in-store, which, btw are, in fact, NATIONAL - Every Walmart in the country offers the same deals every week. But Walmart.com DOESN'T do this.


NEGATIVE 300 stars out of five for pop-ups, worthless, outdated, or erroneous information, clickbait, and ABSOLUTELY NO way to communicate with the webmaster (or anyone ELSE involved with the business) with a complaint. Answers.com is a HUGE waster of time, with NO references, NO communication option, and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.
Stay AWAY.

Tip for consumers:


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