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I have noticed way too much ads from google these days. I am now noticing pop-up ads, which I never used to see before. I think that google should stop ads because they are getting so crazy now both on websites and YouTube. If you want more ads Google, I suggest that you make the amount of ads people have to see less insane and make customers less annoyed!

These crazy ads were so annoying, my brother bought YouTube Premium and we use a lot of ad blockers at home.

1. You can report ads with X buttons, but the ad will come back in a minute
2. YouTube forces you to watch even more ads now compared to last year

Final Fact: YouTube Ads are so bad, they will make a cheaper YouTube premium subscription with no ads.

Tip for consumers:
AdBlocker and YouTube Premium


Can you please take down your website so I can read articles in peace. I am talking to the creators for this horrible website. I have tried all the 3 major web browsers, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and turning off the Ghostery ad blocker extension. All the good winners are fake and the creators just added fake good messages. DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN!


They charge triple the price of other businesses like Corsair and Newegg for PC Parts and even basic electronics. The spend less, smile more title is not right at all. I think people will not buy those overpriced products, so lower the prices or you will see unhappy customers to all the people who overcharge on amazon. This is how much they overcharge.

Tip for consumers:


Samsung TV's suck because it changes to the built-in TV while the PS5 is running. Our $3,000 4K 82" TV is not worth the money because it does annoying stuff like that. It also says unable to connect remote while trying to look for a YouTube video. YouTube also has weird issues that fix after a few months on the Samsung TV. We left a hotel with Samsung TV's that showed a black screen for a few seconds every 4 minutes while watching Cable TV. They were glitching so badly it kicked you out from watching TV.

My parents are different and actually like our TV with the 82" screen because it is big and you could watch Netflix easily when you are bored. You also get features like a loud speaker. It is great to watch the news on and see how big of a screen and better quality it is compared to my 2009 analog TV when you watch the news.


We recently got a newly renovated room at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village just for 1 night because there was no power at our house. I think it was noticeably less modern than the Grand Hyatt Nashville we stayed at recently even though this is a 5-star hotel. This hotel is near a very few number of attractions compared to LA and has an outdated lobby. Here are the things I do not like about this hotel.

Controlling water temperature and TV channel was a hassle so much it ruined my warm bath
I felt insanely hot even though I set it at 64˚ Fahrenheit and was too hot to eat dinner
We did not get a ticket when we parked in the garage, but we got out safely without getting caught
You almost never get a waterfall view room unless you are on the top floor, which I do not like

I like the mini bar with custom packed snacks. I also like that you have an arcade and an indoor pool.


You get 8gb ram and a 256gb SSD for $1,300 on a 24" iMac. Overpriced and Apple does not want better specs than $800 all in ones because you get insane features and top of the line materials. You should get apple for the better than 4K display on the new entry level iMac. You get insane design on the 24" iMac like very thin 11.5mm design with no room for SD card slot. Good thing I have a USB-C reader.

Feature List:
7 Colors {4 on base}
4.5K Retina display
1080p built-in webcam
6 speaker system
Call and text straight from iPhone
Universal Clipboard {copy from iphone, paste to iMac}

I may buy one!


I completely updated this review because I have revealed it is a network issue. I think this is Google's issue and google should fix this now. This usually happens at night when watching cable TV. Network issues have nothing to do with unsecureness. I can't believe google would even think about adding i'm not a robot. I am not the most happy about this. FIX IT AND I DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH REPACTHA APPEARING EVERY 100 GOOLLE SEARCHES!


This school is worth a fun-rided review and here it is. This school is an office building, which is a one in a million coincidence to place a school. This school is great because it has about 2,000 square feet in the whole school and no field, which is insanely small for a school. The new school office looks awesome with new slightly bigger classroom designs. This makes up for a bigger, better learning environment in a school in a office building. You also get a new robot vacuum to help clean the school great. This school is now safer as it is on the first floor. You get easy access to the school and in about 4 safe stairs and a door to open, you get a great learning environment. This school combines features such as toys and games for everyone, a new bigger kitchen to microwave or toast food you brought from home, and safety features like easy access with a short walk or open spaces in the classroom.

You get professional teachers with years of experience, which is nice. You also get nice teachers that work hard to give LA County residents a huge boost of education, but it costs twice of much as OLM, but you do get more features. You take a walk and explore the great outdoors every single day. You have full-length periods and all the basic subjects you can think of. The school day is even 6 hours Monday-Thursday and ends at 3PM. This means you get a later 9AM start time, so you can sleep away until 8AM and be early. Friday has a 4 hour Farm Friday Program, which is what I really like as you can learn the basics of farming and how deep you should plant seeds.

The thing that really set my eye on fire was new reserved parking for the school. Before, there was only reserved parking for other businesses. I feel like they should keep the reserved parking for teachers and students until the building demolishes. Another thing that set my eye on fire is that they bought a Suburban for the school. Nice way to get transportation for field trips.


5 of my reviews got removed, which is bad. I will never use Trustpilot again. I think that it may be fake reviews that is causing the problem. Don't even think about using this website. I would rather use a website that you can't read reviews unless you sign in. That is really bad. I will use other websites for life. I just logged out because I got so mad.

I hate that you cannot translate other language reviews to English. This is a feature that you need in the USA. I will never even think about using this again.

Tip for consumers:
Use Sitejabber Instead!


I know this video converter has bad reviews, but it actually is bad! I tested 2 computers and nothing has helped! It works for a bit then it stops working and says error! The first time it said download error, I had the fastest download speeds!

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