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About Me

Family, friends and Christ. No afraid to talk about the unpopular, NEVER politically correct, just correct. I'm here for people, honesty and Jesus.

How I Can Help

I am a safety (OSHA) trainer, a former business owner and just understand how stuff works.


Some of my favorite things, playing xbox 360, mountain vacations and gardening, all with family

40 Reviews by doug


Kellogg has a new promotion with a limited time cereal which targets children. The cereal is to help, (how do you like that word) children determine what their pronoun is. This crap has got to stop and we have the power to see that it does. We mothers and fathers, uncles, aunts and grandparents have got to hit Kellogg in the pocket book. Send this message, we will not buy ANY Kellogg product until this product is removed permanently from ANY shelf and they apologize to all Godly families within the United States. The boycott starts today 5-25-21. Do not purchase ANY kellogg product and send our message loud and clear, "leave our children alone."


So this review is for a particular Texas Roadhouse, the location is Aberdeen, NC. I took my wife here for a meal at about 4:15 pm. Of course there was very few people in the place and as we came in it was all about the masks. I explained to the little girl that I could not wear a mask, her only reply was " then you cannot be seated". I asked to speak with the manager and guess what, another little girl came out of the back and provided the same dialog. Here is the funny part, when you are seated, you need not wear a mask but I was in the restaurant for over 5 minutes talking about why I could not wear a mask, (which didn't make ANY difference to these children), the whole time I did not have a mask on. It would have been quicker and easier to seat me and my wife in 30 seconds and all was done. BUT, it became quite clear, it is about the fear which has been instilled in the young. The are not yet mature enough to make educated decisions because they have been inundated with false information. I was discriminated upon at this restaurant because I cannot wear a mask, this is plain and simple. I am asking all you who cannot
Or will not wear a mask to ban together and send a message back to this Texas Roadhouse. Let's boycott this establishment for the month of May 2021. Send out notices in facebook, twitter or any other media source you use. Do not spend any money here for a month, show them your muscle. This can be done when we work together.


I will be honest, I / we used to really enjoy going to Cracker barrel and it was always busy, but now, for the last three visits it hasn't even been ok. The wait for a waitress or waiter after you sit down is long, then the wait for your food is even longer and when it comes out it is barely warm. Let me explain, my wife and I went there Sunday 3-14-21. By the time we sat down to the time we got our food it was 40 minutes. I got a simple meal the Sunriser, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, sweet apples, etc. The only items that were HOT were the apples and the biscuits, which was supposed to come straight from the kitchen. What happened to this once great place to eat? Let me give you a quick re-direct, go to ihop, no I have no affiliation with that chain, I just appreciate the focus on providing me with good tasting hot food in a reasonable amount of time. Speaking of time, don't waste yours at cracker barrel. Oh, even trying to leave feedback is difficult. Go To ihop or another mom and pop breakfast place, I believe cracker barrel is too focused on masks that they cannot give an enjoyable meal.


Recently, I have heard Hallmark has sold out, they have given away all their integrity to the minority of watchers. Hallmark has spit in the face of decent families by selling out to the gay people. This year you will be able to watch a gay couple or rather a couple of gays who will discuss adopting a child. More like disgusting the adoption of a child. First what did that child do that ANYONE would want to determine their life without their consent, it is child abuse at it's best, but back to the review. Hallmark has taken the Christmas season of family movies and corrupted them to the point of no return, for What? Do you really think the gays are going to watch? They have gotten what they wanted, that is for YOU weak, spineless jellyfish to cave to their whims. Well what I say is let's show hallmark what their choice has just cost them. Contact every single advertiser on any hallmark movie and tell them we will NO LONGER purchase any of your products until you stop advertising with hallmark. So to me it looks like you better go find some gay advertisers to go along with your gay movies. You hallmark are disappointing.


The US postal service started back in 1775 and over the years it have become a separate entity under the US government, that is the background. At our home we have had many problems with the postal service, wrong packages and mail, missing mail. Since President Trump made the statement to defund them, I was amazed, they got even worse. For this reason I am under the belief this poor response from the postal service is intentional. Part of the reason we have a difficult time with mail delivery is because of the equality in position rather than the top candidate. I really don't care if the entire population of the US Postal service is Asian, or Hispanic or Black or White or any other color you like, BUT they should ALL be chosen due to their testing score, to ensure we are being given the best. Right now that is not the case, in fact we have the just the opposite in some cases. The other problem is they have been given too much and expect more. They have the best healthcare, very good wage and the work is not hard but still they complain. It is time to defund the government operated postal service and give it to the free market so that we can start to get our mail on time, undamaged and from some company that will take responsibility for actions or lack of actions from employees.
Defund and Replace--sooner than later

Tip for consumers:
I try to find the best in people and business. As a former business owner, I understand sometimes things just don't go as planned, but this should not be the main stay. When you can, find another option other than the US postal service, Fedex is very competitive when it comes to heavier-larger packages. Other than that, write your congressman to let them know YOU ARE NOT PLEASED with the US Postal service. I hope this is helpful

Products used:
postal shipping service with tracking number. I have now looked into using Fedex when shipping larger boxes at least I know the item will get to the destination.


Hi all, I'm not a fan of Starbucks mostly because of the cost but I do not wish for them to struggle. The good of Starbucks is they offer so many different types of beverages and provide employment for many. Here is what all of you have got to realize. Yes, Starbucks leans left in the political realm and have shown strong support for them BUT in return what has happened? Some of your stores are being forced to close. WHY? Because the political left is pushing the agenda to close the economy to hurt Trump. Well that isn't working but what is working is the left is hurting people like you and the places you like to go. A message has to be sent to the liberal left, because they have forgotten they work for YOU. You, we need to tell them get to work to help our nation and not continue to hurt families with your policies to promote money in your pocket and power in your hand. Vote republican, vote out all democrats. No not because the republicans are great but because at least they are not working at hurting families, they are interested in keeping people working. Think before you vote this year, look at what the left has done to hurt so many and done so without any second thought. Is that really who you want to see in power? They will come for you in a second if it will help them. Evil people need to be sent packing.


So we hear of the nba players boycott. For me I couldn't care less they are all SO overpaid for the little they do. But back to the facts, which are you players for the most part had better play, you aren't smart enough to do anything else. Labron james has come out and taken a political stand but unfortunately he has made another bad choice. He stands for markism, he stands for communism. Ask yourself this question, what am I showing those young black children who, until now, have watched you play. Those kids who had looked at you as a mentor or even an idle? Do you really care lebron? Probably not because if you did you would promote CHrist Jesus rather than a terrorist organization, if you did you would play like Jesus was your coach, but you don't. Here is the GOOD news, it's not too late, get back into the game and teach-show everyone you are a warrior for Christ. Tell this children you have made a mistake and now you are going to make it right. Be bold in a positive way and let the world know, Christ died because EVERY LIFE MATTERS, BECAUSE ALL LIVES MATTER. NO ones whiteness or blackness or yellowness or whatever color you can think of is going to get them to Heaven. The only way to achieve this victory is through Christ Jesus, the living God. So nba, take your stand but at the end of the day are you making the world a better place or just being used a another democratic pawn. If you are interested in the truth you will see yourself as the pawn. We have a nation of mixed up millennials who need a direct path to goodness, to the ONLY truth, to redemption. Let your actions speak louder than words and help them see the truth in Jesus. I pray for you Lebron that this message is timely and if it slapped you in the face, well maybe that wake up call is a benefit in disguise. For anyone else that has had their feelings hurt by this review, I want to tell you I am not sorry, I would rather be truthful and help you be saved then continue to lie like all those around you now. It's time to seek HIM


I agree with one part of what this organization has offered, enough is enough. I do not agree with the rest, the entire rest. We are people and we should look at other people as people BUT you must have a starting point in which to ascertain what is right. This movement wants to DEFUND the police, ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND? What then vigilante justice? In your world NO ONE IS safe. What gets my attention the most is the millennials who think they know it all, YOU are still wet behind the ears. You are in NO position to be giving advice on any topic, especially when the topic addresses the destruction of family. Oh, you don't think blacklivesmatter does that? Read from their website, this time read. They welcome all types and encourage gay, trans and what ever else makes you happy, BUT NOT ONE WORD OF JESUS CHRIST and His family a man, a women and possibly children, (male and female) Blacklivesmatters, you are nothing more than a domestic terrorist gathering promoted by the evil of government corrupt politicians. Here is some very sound advice, proven by history and lived out each day, Jesus DIED FOR ALL SINS, ALL PEOPLE, so that when you come to HIM, when you accept HIM into your life you are free, you are no longer accountable for your sinful state, you have eternal life. SO i SAY TO YOU; ALL LIVES MATTER, because that is why HE died. He did not go to the cross for your blackness, for my whiteness or any other ness. Stop now before it is too late. Look at people as people, in a biblical perspective, use the 9 fruits of the Spirit. Reach out a hand and promote growth and life, stop the radical agenda you have proposed and TRUELY I TELL YOU, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DEFUNDING THE POLICE. Your approach started well but you have taking on a very destructive thought pattern and path. Millennials re-think what you back, this organization is pure evil, NOT one part of what they believe is beneficial to society and isn't this what the movement wants to promote, it's all smoke and mirrors. You'd be better off backing hillary the liar. Millennials, stay off twitter and facebook giving your opinion, when I hear that it tells me it is backed by NO proven information it is nothing more than what you feel. Learn from your elders, from college but not from the leftish professors. How do you start your day? In prayer, try it. If you don't like it, satan will take you back.


Hulu what are you thinking? It must be make believe like cnn news, did you actually air a Hulu original show about hillary clinton? This guy oops, i think maybe lady, is the BIGGEST LIAR, since spectrum news. She is a fake, she cares about herself ONLY, she is a thief and you are making more money for her. You have to have your head examined or maybe you are part of the problem, not the solution in our Great Nation, that President Trump is Making Great Again after the nobama years. I am going to cancel my subscription and I urge everyone who reads this to do the same, if you are as unlucky as me to have had hulu.


First let me tell you, I used loanpal for a refi and it went well, EXCEPT the monthly price I was quoted changed at closing by 50.00 more. This came across as a bait and switch BUT not until I had my son use loanpal for a first time purchase. This is when the BAD really happened. At first all went well and throughout the whole process Holly the loan advisor was very helpful. My problem is with underwriting. They asked for several documents and other information which they were provided. 3 weeks later an issue came that they, (underwriting) needed his college transcripts from 2 years ago. Don't see how this will affect credit or income but he got this to them. Then they pop in he needs flood insurance which came from their choice of FHA appraiser, (who was also late in his appraisal by 4 days). Finally, 3 days from proposed closing UNDERWRITING DECIDED they wanted his December bank statement but it was only the 5th and statements don't come out until the 20th. My son got a copy to satisfy them. The closing happened but no without GRIEF galore. He is my final analysis of loanpal. Not bad, not great for refi and maybe conventional loans, HORRIBLE for first time homeowner programs unless you live in California, TERRIBLE for FHA type loans for any reason. Underwriting does not have a clear picture of the process and because of this many mistakes are made. If they reply to this HONEST assessment of their offering they will FOR SURE try to justify the process but remember this anything can be justified, look at what the democrats are doing by spending OUR money to justify their cause. Even thought it can be justified their justification cannot be verified. I provided here TRUTH as a customer, don't be fooled--learn from our mistake and shop local. In fact, if you are going to use any company for a first time buyer, ASK what first time home purchase programs do you have but first do a search in your state to make sure you understand what programs are available. If they cannot utilize them--run away. God Bless all who have read this.


Recently i was watching television and an ad came on for Aimovig. Honestly, I have no idea what it's supposed to do but I can tell you I will tell everyone I know not to use it. They are pushing the democratic agenda. How you might ask? The ad was showing people who this drug could help and THEN they crossed the line and put to guys on a couch as a couple. You know, I really don't care what any of you accepting people think, like, it's no big deal, this is 2019. You are completely wrong, it means more and more each day. Christ is Lord and gayism is just plain wrong. We had in the past presidents who came up with tag lines, I will take one from them and add my twist. Say NO to gayism! It is not a way of life, it is a sickness. So, what I am saying is not to bash them, but instead provide guidance, help them come to where they need to be. This whole lbjkwzp movement is just another smoke screen of the democrats and to that point vote ALL of them out of office. Meanwhile, don't buy aimovig, and don't purchase any product that advertises with aimovig. We have the power, let's move together.


I have used Shari's berries twice, as a gift for my wife. The first time I ordered I got sticker shock from the shipping, but I ordered anyways. I was very pleased with what my wife got and she was delighted with the tasty berries. The reason for the high shipping is how they got shipped. To keep them cool and fresh, extra effort was needed and they did a great job. The berries looked amazing and my wife said they were the sweetest she had ever had. I know it's just strawberries but they are worth the little bit of time to order for someone special. They will be enjoyed.


I have subscribed to cbs all access with limited commercials. As I was watching, an ad for AT&T came on which depicted a gay couple leaving for a night out. I am so sick of this incorrect life choice being pushed down our throats. It is not a healthy environment for anyone it touches. Just for a second think about the little ones who are brought into that misguided world. They are not born gay, (no one is-it is an absolute choice) so that means these children are being brain washed. Send a message, we have the power as a group of sensible, law abiding AMERICANS. Boycott anything of AT&T until they stop forcing this issue. Let's start here, see how easy it is to get their attention with our MONEY power and then we will work towards the next problems. I will stand with you as a Nation, let's make the stand start right here. SEND THE MESSSAGE TO ATT, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ANY LONGER. Give me your thoughts about this and the potential for a Nationwide movement to get control of the outrageous injustices our government has promoted. Thank you all


Gillette is about to go bankrupted, sell any shares of stock you may own now. The recent ad tells the Whole story. They have now targeted men and not in a good way, humm, isn't it men who keep them in business, you might say. YES, but they think it's a good idea to condemn men in a commercial. Gillette has Left the building, rather they have gone all the way left. Did you know, apparently it's evil to grille meat, I guess it's ok to grille lettuce though. You see, Gillette, just like the dnc is trying to eliminate gender, we should all be the same in their eyes. I've got it, how about a new Gillette promotion, with every razor every man gets a free guillotine. Gillette, i want you to know, any razors with the word Gillette on them have been thrown in the trash. If you think AMERICAN men are going to buy into your current bag of crap, you have lost your mind. When you go out of business maybe you can come back strong selling glue on beards for women.


The show Swat, is absolutely ridiculous BECAUSE the writers and NBC have a left agenda to PUSH down everyone's throat. We get it, there are messed up people out there who have a different desire than the majority of the world, however, YOU do them no good to encourage this. Wake up and help these people, find peace. Well I really am wasting my words on you, YOU DON'T CARE about anyone or anything except money. Here is where that has backfired-This show will be cancelled because You allowed it to be mucked up... Great work, tremendous forsight... Haaaaa


Ok, I have had netflix for about 3 years, I like the variety of shows to watch. I am struggling with a few offerings. Netflix has NO problem showing product with gay content. This makes me sick and I feel sorry for those individuals who have been mislead by people saying it is ok, it is NOT, no more than rape, child porn, etc. Here is the bigger problem, other confused people will see this type of product and then think it's ok in there life. Netflix wake up and screen the shows you provide, try to help instead of hurting.


Hey, sorry if this hurts your feelings but other than Jimmy Carter, we have not had a worse president than obama. He was and is a coward, couldn't care less about Americans. However, if you are a foreigner your checkbook would have been filled and new provisions would have been made to help you. Where did this money come from? Oh yah, from us and from U.S. Obama, has put white against black for no other reason than to create turmoil. So, it would stand to reason anything that has the word obama in front of it will be perfect-garbage.


My title, hear me, see me. Unfortunately mprnews can't do either. You are the description of fake, useless, made up news. You have 1 way to look at and report on any topic, NOT THE RIGHT WAY, just 1 way. I am tired of you reading between ALL the lines and coming up with your own interpretation. WE DON'T NEED YOU to tell us what the real news, we NEED REAL news. This is, i'm afraid outside your wheelhouse, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT REAL MEANS. Let me help you, if hillary says something, that's a lie, if baroke nobama says he did something that is fake. Unless he was or is talking about putting the US in 2 times the debt before he stole the office of president. So for you MPRNEWS, get out of the business, you clearly don't have a clue of what is needed or wanted by the American people.


I have written about the Weather channel and weather underground before, they are essentially one in the same and both really make me vomit.
I just heard a commercial which said "trust in the weather station" NOT!
These people thrive on other peoples hard-ache, the cover the weather and are thrilled to be on site of a disaster, but HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYONE OF THEM LEND A HAND? NO that doesn't make news. I actually heard and watched the blond who broadcasts with all the guys, make jokes about a tractor trailer that slide on the ice and went hurdling over the guardrail after smashing into another vehicle. Do you think she thought about who got injured, killed. This did not even enter her little tiny brain because it was an opportunity to display drastic dangerous weather conditions which, well make them rich... Stay away from the weather channel, don't trust the weather channel, pray for the weather channel hosts, they really need it.


I used to live in Boston, and although the people there are great the media is tainted. The Boston Globe couldn't get any more liberal. Report the news not your opinion, we the people want the truth, not your fake truth, not your preconceived truth. Real tied of reading headlines that are printed based on hillary clinton misconception, Yes I mean lies. Boston Globe do you want to be a credible news source when you grow up? Here's a thought base your reporting on fact, let us make our own determinations, we don't need or want yours.

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