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Now I have progressive sunglasses and a pair of glasses for computer work. Love them both. Prescriptions are accurate and the styles are great.

Tahi J. – Zenni Optical Rep

Hi. We are very proud of the work our lab does to manufacture beautiful glasses with accurate prescriptions, and we are always happy to hear from customers like you who are satisfied with the job we do. We are thrilled to know that you’ve purchased multiple pairs of glasses and that you are happy with all of them. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Quality and unique!
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I am glad I found zenni. I bought 2 pairs of glasses with progressive lenses. Both were frames I had never seen. One metal frame has little, tiny cat ears on the upper corners front. Subtle I like. The other metal frame had two front lens size holders on each side. They were offset from each other. Very unusual style. One set of lens holders has the actual lenses. The other is a color and it slightly askew.
No problem with either set of lenses. I have a tough prescription with high astigmatism and reading strength. No problem with either paid of glasses. I can see clearly -- nice and sharp. I use a separate pair of glasses for computer use (but NOT for reading). I got that pair from another company that specializes in computer glasses..


The package is too big to carry & the address doesn't exist. Fedex has no way for a complaint and refuses to pick up the box. Now I have this huge box telling the world that I must not be home. This is not safe. Searched for name and address of buyer online. No luck. I've tried calling & chatting & sending email forms. I am blocked no matter what I do. This is terrible, terrible service. The shipper and the person the box should have gone to are both screwed & I have to get rid of a big box.

Tip for consumers:
Never, never bother with fedex. I have never had this problem with USPS. Never.

Products used:
Maybe recycling when I know what is in the box. I can't leave it outside another day.

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I am now very picky about the etsy vendors I deal with. I have bought several things recently: mostly jewelry and face masks. The quality is very good to outstanding.
I check and will not deal with anyone who can't show they are a real maker -- not a Chinese goods importer. I rely heavily on reviews that give details (don't just say things like "Thanks. This is great.". I got a high-quality retro necklace from Israel and a pendant that is unlike any I have seen before, from Russia. I've ordered other things and am very saisfied. The fabric sling bag I ordered is strong and amazingly soft for strong fabric. Inside pockets that you don't usually get for the price. There is even a cell phone holder on the outside. The design is unique and I like it very much.

There must be a better way
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After ordering several different items through etsy.com I will not order any more. I did buy some really interesting jewelry from the artist who made them. However, you have to be careful about who you buy from. I found that too many items come from China but are advertised as "craft" or even "handmade". More than disappointing. I ordered a return address rubber stamp. I liked the design and it sounded like it was actually made by a real person, a designer. It arrived lacking a significant piece of information I had requested. Then they wanted to charge me more to fix their error. The 3 lousy letters were added but they look terrible. I would never pay 1/2 of what I did knowing that I was getting a stamp from a template churned out in China and emailed to the company. Very disappointing. I no longer have etsy.com on my ipad because of that and other similar flubs.

Verified site experience

March 10 spectrum cut off my fully paid landline with no warning. On March 11 I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get the phone service back. Spectrum refused even though it was their mistake. Claimed that my phone number suddenly overnight became a business number.
I cannot create an account at my new address and expect that all cable will be cut off. The only account for me at Spectrum shows it is cancelled.
Impossible to get through to anyone. The lovely (sarcasm) online "chat" is not a chat. It is a semi-literate lookup for common problems. This is not a common problem so the "chat" is useless.
So, today I waited for 30 minutes to get through. Then they said they couldn't answer my question so they would transfer me. I got another recording telling me to call back.
But spectrum is a monopoly (paid for with $ gifts to the aldermen who approved the contract) so there is no alternative. They can do whatever they want.
Just like being in prison.


I am trying to block sends from kick starter offers. I have been ripped off 3/4 of the time. Now Kick starter is refusing to stop sending me offers. Most recent one has no way to unsubscribe. Do not put up money for these things. I did that and then the product kept getting delayed and then delayed 3 more times. Then there was the film, even sent a t-shirt and a bumper sticker. I tried to check it out but it disappeared without a trace taking my money. Rip offs 3/4 of the time is too much.


This company is terrible with customer service. I run 2 small websites as a volunteer. We have no staff. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE "FREE" TRIAL.

It cost me $350 because this company refuses to send out notifications that the free trial is ending. I never used their products. I checked their stuff out -- and that was it. You must have paid staff who will read all the fine print. Or mark your calendar.

The worst is the way customer support responds. They "gave" me an extra 6 months free! I wasn't using their product anyway. Giving me more of nothing was a low blow. Customer support also said that my credit score might be lowered if I pursue a fraud complaint with my credit card company.

These are unhealthy people. Very risky. Very unpleasant.

I don't have a proof of purchase. I do have the monthly withdrawal info on my credit card statements. I'll take a pic of one of them and attach here if I can edit this after submitting.

Tip for consumers:
Do not get the free trial.

Products used:


There are several problems with this site -- quality and size of merchandise is often purposely misleading and the shipping costs are outrageous. The cost for shipping is about 3 times what a legit site would charge. There is a tiny disclaimer about the size of the item based on the photo that says the photo may be enlarged 30X to see the detail. About the only thing you can be almost sure of is the size of watches. Everything else is in metric or carats with no consumer-friendly guidelines. The quality is questionable since the suggested manufacturer's retail is usually more than the item would cost at a local department store. Service is ok as long as you read all the fine print and are willing to pay non-bargain prices.


I stumbled on this site -- don't quite know how -- and it is an obvious fake. Supposedly for consumer support, there is nothing on the site about the product(s) supported. There is a stock photo of a nice woman phone operator. No phone number (available only to customers), an email support address which takes you back to the trdapp site. I believe that it puts tracking cookies in your computer. It's made to look as legit as it can with boxes to put in sensetive data and a coded verification box. If you stumble on this site make sure to clean your cookies all out of your computer. This is one to be avoided.

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