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About Me

I like doing online shopping occasionally and most of my transactions are smooth with no problems at all. Only there are a few times when doing business online that things don't go well. Normally, I always do my best to resolve any problems I have with companies before I would write a review. It's only when they act very irresponsible on their part with little to no resolution, that I will share my experience with them online.

10 Reviews by Alan


A while back on eBay, a buyer purchased a camera of mine for over two grand plus a postage charge of £20, but I paid nearly £30 for shipping and collect, since it was a heavy camera. Unfortunately for me, the buyer automatically assumed that this camera wasn't so heavy before they bought it and started a return on the same day they received it.

I tried to fight eBay on the case that the buyer should've done their research before purchasing a camera as expensive as this one, but their customer service, callous as they can be, told me that the buyer is fully within rights to not only receive a full refund, but also have the original postage charge refunded, too.

Nearly £30 out of pocket in total on the account of this buyer's remorse. Having explained to customer service why I shouldn't be financially penalized for something that wasn't my fault, the best they could make it out to me was essentially "sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles."

I've come to learn it is down to policy, but it's not a very good one and can even facilitate scams. It's haunting to think that so many sellers out there have done everything right and then be out of pocket on the account of someone else's incompetence.

Thanks, eBay :)

Verified purchase

The company that managed this website spearheaded a huge scam in 2020 which resulted in thousands losing their money. Unfortunately, I was one of them, but I did eventually got my money back, albeit stressfully.

In September 2020, I paid £550 for a phone they promised to deliver within the next two months but by which time, they closed their business stating they have "ceased all trading."

I had to contact my bank twice. I had to do a literal day's worth of extensive research and I had to provide my bank with a cover letter that spanned 3 pages long with 10 printed photo pages worth of evidence, and it took almost an entire whole month for them to respond and complete the chargeback.

The managing company for "3PinProducts" is TECH ELITE LTD. From what I've researched, they recently attempted to strike off their company from the Companies House register but it was suspended. Not only that, but the director Luca Guerra was terminated and the business address has been changed.

How they suckered in saps like myself was that they attracted customers with low prices on their gadgetry and gave long estimated dispatch/shipping times because they stated they have a warehouse operating in the Oceania. In addition, they also had a ton of positive reviews which I now believe were fake.

The website also has a Trustpilot review page, and don't be fooled by the positive reviews and the "detect of misuse" message. The negative reviews are real, and, from what I've seen, the company attempted the classic whitewashing style of trying to remove most of them.

For the few negative reviews that they did respond to, they were either unbelievably rude or condescending, sometimes both. There is a lot of topics dedicated to the level of unprofessionalism from this company.

I cannot imagine how difficult it was for the thousands who had the misfortune of buying from this degenerative company to get their money back, if they even were able to get their money back. There are other review platforms where people are still complaining about this website and its managing company as of February 2021.


I live in a part of a city that is located in an international airport's final approach range, so I typically see commercial airlines just as they are in their landing stage. This is what lead me to this site in 2016 and I've been using it on a monthly basis since then.

This site is very informative on aircrafts. They display their path, their departure and destinations. They also display the aircraft type, the year of manufacture, and even the altitude. This site not only covers commercial flights, but private planes, helicopters, military aircrafts, weather balloons, ect.

I've gotten so fascinated with this site and tracking aircrafts all over the world that I've bought an annual subscription from them to gain more privileges, and it holds up even better than the free version. The subscription allows you to see the live tracking in radar view. It also shows information on volcanic activity around the world and allows you to access the map in different layouts, including live weather. There is also a feature that allows you to see the flight in 3D view and see the outside layout of the aircraft, although this usually works on commercial flights only.

Verified purchase

MimoTEK implements an unclear return policy that is full of discrepancies and tends to confuse customers at the first glance.

I purchased a £650 second-hand phone from them. The phone did come as described and nothing was wrong with the item. I barely even breathed on the thing and wanted to return it but was refused by a representative called Matt (Matthew Luke Colombo) who seemed very dismissive and barely helpful. One might even say downright rude.

He refused my request to return the item because it has been used and was very happy to condescend to me about Consumer Law. Upon a look at their returns policy, it does state that there is a "usage reduction" from the refund if an item is returned used.

I contacted them regarding this and they then tell me that it only applies to returns under warranty/faulty goods, which was NEVER specified in their returns policy. When I gave a lengthy reply disputing this and how it can confuse customers, I didn't receive any response back. How professional.

I proceeded to report the business to Competition and Markets Authority. I also resold the phone on eBay and got my money back with a little profit.

UPDATE: If the convoluted returns policy wasn't enough, MimoTEK is also involved in a classic whitewashing style of removing negative feedbacks about their company.

Weeks after the order, I was auto-invited to write a review of them on Trustpilot. I gave a review verbatim to this one, and no more than a week later it was reported for removal by MimoTEK for "Violating Guidelines." I looked upon others' negative reviews and noticed the same thing done, be it lengthy and detailed or short and summarized, they were all reported for removal.

On top of that, I also made an interesting discovery that I cannot log back into my account I made on their website. It seems they weren't too happy with the review I left on Trustpilot, but at least they did their job for me.

UPDATE 2: After sending the Trustpilot support team a message with verification and a month long wait, my review has been reinstated back online. If your Trustpilot review has been reported by MimoTEK for removal, send the Trustpilot support team a screenshot of your order invoice from MimoTEK and they should reinstate it.


Last month, I listed a professional camcorder on Gumtree. Within just an hour of posting, some phisher by the name of "Pascal" messaged me saying he was in another city about 200 miles away and offered £50 extra for delivery and willing to pay with PayPal. Many red flags were raised. I got super suspicious, but decided to play along.

He gave his spaced-out phone number and requested we talk on Whatsapp. I immediately did a reverse phone number search and found multiple complaints from other people saying this guy claims to be from another city and offers more money for postage, then claims he gave vendors the money so he can have the item for free.

As seen from the screenshots, I confronted him about it and, of course, he never responded back. Apologies for the language.

The very next day, I got messaged by a user of a different name who claimed to be from another city and wanted to pay with PayPal, and offering extra for delivery. I suspected this was the work of the same parasite [Pascal], but acting under a different alias, so you can pretty much guess the amount of respect I gave them.

Overtime, I am mostly met with users asking "Is this still available?". Later I found out that 99% of these users are one-stars and the reasons being mostly down to them not responding. I did some researching and found out that there is a multitude of bots on Gumtree that are programmed to go through various ads and ask the sellers this very question.

The true nail in the coffin was when I subsequently wrote up a lengthy complaint to Gumtree's official email address, only to receive an automated response saying that the email address I wrote to isn't being monitored. There is an option on Gumtree where you can rate and report the customers, but it's only so limited to a few categories, none of which exactly fits the nature of the ordeals I had.

I believe Gumtree should request ID for verification whenever opening an account on their site. At least then no one should be able to go through the stress of having their time wasted and their hopes up with this nonsense.


I never sold anything on Etsy before and, after the misfortune of using their services, I don't think I ever will.

Earlier today, a tiny little thought ran across my mind and it whispered to me "maybe I could open an online store with Etsy to sell some digital photos" seeing I successfully sold them before in the past on several different sites and had no trouble with any of them, but it's been a long time since I dropped that hobby, and I thought Etsy would be a great place to sell, seeing its prominent theme is "Creativity."

So, I opened up a store and made one listing. That's right. Just one single listing and it was at a very reasonable price. I sent my ID for verification, bank details for receiving payments, and debit card details for billing. I got confirmation that my store is up and running and I was quite thrilled.

But, foolish me didn't predict the tragedy about to strike within the next 10 minutes, for I was then caught off guard by being unable to log back into my account or make any further changes to my Etsy shop. I was puzzled, but soon the great discovery was unravelled when I attempted to log back in, and, much to my horror, after typing in my credentials and hitting the "enter" key, a red menacing banner loomed over the screen, reading: "Account Has Been Deactivated."

All photos I list and sell has been taken by none other than myself, so I wasn't pulling a copyright infringement issue. The photo wasn't even of an offensive nature - it was a picture of a bird. The price I set was very reasonable, in fact cheaper, compared to competitive listings, and this was literally the first, and thankfully last selling account made with Etsy.

I would show the listing, but, as my account has been deactivated, I am only able to show the "Account Deactivated" photo.

In the tiny light from all of this, I notice that this is a punitive pattern particularly for new vendors who have literally done nothing wrong. It can also affect seasoned vendors, but usually over one tiny setback, mistake and/or inconvenience beyond their control.

So, Etsy, thank you very much for how you implement your very reasonable punishment system. It's nice to know the spirit of the Schutzstaffel still lives on.



Within the past week, I've been receiving harassing emails from a collections manager, demanding payment for a so-called "outstanding" balance of £38.62 on my Google AdWords account.

I haven't used that account for a very long time and the last time I've checked on that account, the balance was exactly £0.00.

The only activity I've had with Google Ads is using an £80 voucher credit for £40 worth of ads, which said credit has been spent to cover the initial £40 worth of ads and the £40 extra, which I've spent carefully to send the balance back to £0.00. After that, I did not use this service any further.

Now, they are chasing me for a bill that never exists and threatening court action if I do not pay. I did respond to one of the emails mentioning the above statement, but the only thing I received back was the same threatening, harassing email.

I can now say this without question: Google Ads is a scumbag company.


I bought a code from this business for unlocking a mobile phone. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong model, and the right model was unfortunately not listed on this site. I didn't use the codes, but that wasn't the issue.

The issue was that I preferred a refund and emailed the seller. I wasn't even demanding for the refund. All I did was explain I bought the codes for the wrong model and simply asked if it was possible for me to get a refund.

I only got one response which was completely oblivious to the whole situation with the seller literally asking me what the issue was, and that was it. No more messages from them. I was going to make a PayPal dispute, but since I didn't pay much for the codes, I decided to abandon that course of action.

I don't know if this business is unorganised or the seller not trained in English or just plain rude and/or lazy to follow issues through, but they really need to fix their customer service.


When it comes to purchasing large products, particularly "used" or "refurbished" products advertised on Amazon by Amazon itself, they really like to go as cheap as possible in terms of packaging and delivering.

Back in December 2018, I purchased a £360 PC Monitor with the condition stated "Used - Very Good - Item will come repackaged. Accessories may have cosmetic damage." I understood that Amazon will be delivering the item repackaged, but the least they could do was package it well.

When it was delivered, the parcel itself was in such a poor quality, it was already half-opened and a had a gaping hole at its side. When I looked inside, I noticed that the PC monitor was only supported by a few measly strips of foam and a plastic bag so thin it was practically invisible. It was no wonder that within the hour of using the monitor, it completely malfunctioned.

For a £360 PC monitor, I expected much better packaging and handling. The worst part was when I had to deal with Amazon's customer service, because they expected me to haul the huge thing to a collection point in which the nearest one was too far a walking distance and I don't drive.

They suggested that I use a collection courier, which I did, and they subsequently had my return parcel lost in their delivery network. It was because of this, I had to spend the whole Christmas without the PC monitor and short of £360. In the end, I received my refund shortly before New Years Eve, but I will never buy large items from Amazon again, and hopefully by now, Amazon's Logistics has changed their act altogether.


If you want used, invalid Microsoft product keys with a complimentary customer service that has reached so low it actually gives you a headache dealing with the halfwits that calls themselves "representatives", then this is the site for you.

For I have recently purchased four Windows 10 LTSB volume licenses from these scumbags, which were all used up before I could even activate Windows with a single one. I provided an excessive amount of proof at their request, but it still wasn't good enough.

After an argument, they agreed to send me replacements of the license codes, all four of them, which were also used. I tried to launch a PayPal dispute, but it ended in their favour. Now they're holding my money hostage and making me dance in circles trying to get it back.

This degenerative company seems a lot more concerned in giving customers the ultimate runaround and making lives a perpetual living hell rather than return deserved refunds for the shower of crap digital products pouring from the unscrupulous merchants that traffics in their twisted clandestine network.

Having purchased many licenses from multiple platforms in a four-year span, including eBay, I can confirm that this is the only site that has given me the most trouble. I do not intend to purchase from this cesspit site ever again and I advise anyone buying digital products, particularly Microsoft licenses, not to do so either.

* Gamivo attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

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