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Ex Coach, Territorial Sales Rep for school class rings and graduation material; National sales Manager, and finally CEO of Software Co directed at schools.....totally dependent of customer relations

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Evaluation of processes in getting product delivered to customer and their satisfaction



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I have been a satisfied customer of PayPal since 2004! Most of the time I was treated fairly, probably around 90% of the time their explanation was all right. Within the last year or so they have changed. My credit rating is above 800, and my credit limit with them was just under 8000. 00. I started noticing something amiss when I had accumulated around 4500. 00 in winning playing PayPal supported (or so indicated) was not showing even though the transaction said the money had been transferred. I called them and their answer was vague. That seemed to have started all this nonsense!
The next thing I noticed; I received a letter stating my PayPal account was suspended. When I started attempting to find out what was happening, then suddenly, I cannot contact anyone. You would immediately go into the "Que" with no possibility of talking to anyone! I began attempting to contact them with no luck and then started trying to find out through their online help desk. The one article I read stated that with account limitations-an explanation would or should be following by email!
After two weeks of this, I gave up stayed on hold for almost two hours trying to get an answer. I actually got a person to talk to me. It seems they do not allow a virtual private network. The VPN was recommended because I travel and was fearful my information over public networks could be compromised. As a matter of fact, the very reason I used a VPN was to protect my data and this seemed like the best solution.
Would not anyone think an email message would have been nice; just alert a user of over 15 years. But I guess this requires effort and just did not want to bother. All $ and nothing else. To get an explanation from them!
In September I asked PayPal to investigate a transaction with Paddle.com. It was system software that I could not get to install on my computer. It seems that if you take delivery of software it is considered as completion of the order regardless of whether it works or not. In this case, their techs could not get it to install either after 3 of their techs tried to get it installed. Finally, I told them I would prefer a refund. This PayPal was unlike the company I started with.

It seemed coincidental that after I called them about the funds that were not transferred, and then the resolution problem that they refused to adjust………. THEN and only then my account was placed under limitation! Now I cannot get anything at all from them. I do not know if the amount is the problem or the VPN; but this is the main reason people use a VPN!
This is not the PayPal I started using in 2004, Non-receptive, unhelpful, and oblivious to an individual user and their needs. Seems to ruin the comfort of having an ally on internet purchases.

At this point, I will not allow PayPal to handle any money for me in the future.

Tip for consumers:
The truth always works. No VPN is acceptable; customer service should investigate. Not the kind of people or company I choose to deal with! It is amazing, that I had not been late, paid on due date electronically and for 15 years of doing business.

Products used:


I purchased this as (what I thought) a yearly subscription. Current drivers are free from most all companies and typically free of charge. Come to find out this is a monthly bill; and to let you know how exorbitant this price is... not even the highest software comes any where near to this cost! I just overlooked the fact it was a monthly charge. Started sending emails where I was instructed to go to their website and fill out request and then my request would be handled. Sent email in September (they refused to acknowledge) Sent another in October which they acknowledged and then cancelled the account but only after another monthly charge in November. Called to discuss this and was not allowed to explain; actually I was hung up on! This is not a required software and probably should only be used one time a year unless you have multiple computers... but to sell this as what I thought was a yearly charge only to have them raise the price over ten times. Then when you call to attempt to get it corrected, ignore your requests. This reeks of a company in deep trouble. Why else would they ignore cancellation requests?


Sam Lucchese would explode in his grave if he knew of the cost-cutting measures in place in the finished product. Lucchese has always been a class product and still is, yet imperfections in the leather which was absolutely NOT allowed when Sam was alive appear more and more often. I hate to see the Legacy of the Lucchese name tarnished such as it is today!


Just over a year ago I purchased Ultimate Protection, AVG Internet Security, AVG Tuneup, AVG VPN and a couple of other smaller programs. In attempting to contact them I talked to several reps and not one could speak enough english for me to understand them. Finally (a supervisor? Maybe) called me back and he did help me get the program useable. They originally got my email incorrect and when I attempted to get in and make corrections, there were two accounts with two different emails. Then I called the agency that handled their billing attempting to find out the status. When I did get someone to talk to it was a technician and found out the charges


In an attempt to proceed to the problem area. Bought new netgear router. Had to wait to install it as there was a problem with Internet changeover. Installed the router. Could not login with the predetermined admin and password. Changed the password using word processor cut and paste to be sure it is correct. After about four hours attempting to get router installed with no success. Called Netgear support asking for help told them I bought this about a month to forty five days ago. The first thing out of their mouth was you are out of warranty. After some time finally they attempted to help but with reticence.
Tech I was speaking to was getting stressed as she began hurrying me. The problem was we could not access the Genie which is supposed to help in the setup process. It would not take the password I cut from word processor and pasted into the netgear software. After about an hour she asked if I had another computer which I went and got. We had attempted to get the password into the router with three different browsers and nothing worked. Finally I told her I had an Ipad and she asked me to get it which I did. Same exact thing. She then asked to accelerate this to a higher tech at a cost. I inquired about the cost, and finally I said so what you are telling me is not only do I have to purchase the router but I also am going to have to pay for the installation. I explained to her that was unrealistic. After several other attempts it remained only nothing could enter the correct password. I did tell her that if I had to pay customer support for something I have successfully completed over the last twenty five years. That I did not want their product and I would have the store return it to them and share this fun I was not having.


Cannot verify phone number on my account! Had to change my phone number because of multiple phishing and robocalls. Called Amazon to attempt to give them my correct number... was told this number belonged to an old customer and that there is/was no way of taking their name off my account! Absolutely amazing that a company of this size cannot have their software programmed into one that protects their customers. First, with Amazon, you were forced to use their own bank (Synchrony) and they would not allow payments from Paypal, now they cannot remove someone from your account that should have never been there in the first place. Hopefully, nothing will come from this yet with the world today I hope they are insured! Protect who is on your account!

Tip for consumers:
Prime is great, however, unless you use it multiples of times to get your money back!! You also need to verify their prices!!


Bought brand new hp 15.12 gig of ram 1 TB hard drive. Turned it on first time. Will not shut down on its own. You have to press and hold the power button 10-15 seconds and then it might shut down. Since every item for sale in the US is built by the lowest bid it is not surprising the customer service response. No one in this department speaks without such an accent that it is extremely hard to understand. Not one person in customer support gave a "____" about my problem. 10 days old and I wanted a faulty computer replaced. This is; was my last HP anything, just because they do not care enough to take care of the problem. 1 year warranty... you can forget that. If you have bought faulty merchandise that is what they consider the ultimate sale no use no work no complain, move on to the next unsuspecting customer!


Bought a Samsung Range Slideout (Model #NE58F9500SS) and windster range hood with installation. New tile floor had just been installed. When we pulled the stove out there were no leg leveling devices for the front side of the stove. Once we noticed that we started inspecting more closely and found they did not install the child anti tip control. The installers did not discuss altering the installation nor taking the leg levelling devices so the stove could be leveled. I am unsure about liability if a child happens to grab and pull. If I was able and younger we could have checked and known the leg levelling parts were missing.

Now I have called with no response multiple times with no return. Called corporate and corporate called the store manager that promised faithfully she would return my call. Still NOTHING About at wits end


Do not know how many have signed up to receive free samples, I have and as yet received nothing! Cannot see what they hope to gain with this tactic but it is and has been nothing at all on our end. Why waste your time. Nothing comes from signing up with them!


Third order with Walmart... ALL THREE WRONG! They will probably be OK in the future but now not so good. One NOTE to watch for If you order from Wal Mart and a 3rd Party fills the order you cannot return it to WalMart and you are at the discretion of the party that filled the order. Good luck with that! There is absolutely no mention of this anywhere during the ordering process. So if ordering from them please keep and print out all documents to protect yourself, otherwise you might be out of luck!


Good Keyboard if it worked. Bought it for illuminated keyboard and paid premium, when you consider the cost. After short time the illumination on the keyboard stopped working. Now I continually get red (not charging) light and the illumination feature I bought it for will not work. Attempted to contact Logitech and reset password, received email indicating how to reset password and only message is "password has been used" and will not work.


Bought 70" Vizio smart (sarcastic) TV. Had it six months or a little less. Screen went black. Called visio and they sent repairman out; wanted to send me refurbished. Told them if I had wanted a refurbished TV I had the option to do so and would have liked to save the money. After a couple of months I went back to WalMart and talked to store mgr and explained my position. He stated he would work with me yet he hated for Vizio not to share some of the responsibility and for me to go ahead and accept refurbished. I did. Manager allowed me to go to their website and order TV of my choice (obviously I wanted nothing more to do with Vizio) and he applied my purchase price I paid for the Vizio toward the new TV. Had it been left to Vizio I would have had to take the refurbished, but there are people in the public sector that knows what is right vs wrong. I deeply thank Walmart Store Mgr.


I assume this would be more appropriate to discuss the location (San Antonio) servicing my account. My insurance company has a contract with Safelite, in the future will request another company. Manager at this location has little if no people skills. Ordered and installed wrong windshield now for the third time and still do not have problem fixed. This started with the first installation which was the wrong windshield. Probably would have never known except rear view mirror started falling off. 1st phone call to this business told me I had to bring it in. Had to call my insurance company and they made them come out. Next rep replaced the rear view mirror and it lasted about 12 hours before it fell off. Waited now about two weeks and new rep came out. Young man was honest enough to show me the original was the wrong windshield. He left and called me back and they now had to order. Set an appointment for today May 25. Received call around 9:00 day of appt, and the same (wrong) windshield came in. Now they have to order one from the manufacturer. It will be another week now. I am attempting to decide if it is a comedy of errors or this is a ship without a head. Something is missing since they ordered the wrong windshield 3 times. Person doing the ordering called to tell me manufacturer had to order the windshield and she would set an appointment for Tuesday next in the afternoon. I asked if their appointment for the morning had waited as long as I had, and she was noncommittal. If this is good customer service then one does not go any further. This stinks and they are less than accommodating, and in my position deserve less business than they are getting. Maybe if enough people will use sitejabber and explain situations things would be different.


Folks please go elsewhere! Bought a watch paid 12.95 shipping; watch came in, very slow shipping methods. Put watch on first time and within 20 minutes one of the adjustments came off the watch onto the table. Called them and they contend they can ship faulty merchandise and make buyer pay freight both ways with no refund available. This means they make whatever shipping with no concern for the quality of the product. SiteJabber makes you give them at least a one star rating. Probably about at least one too many. Service and product was that poor.


I will continue to do business with them yet on a restricted basis. Unsure if they bought or just formed a strategic alliance with synchrony bank which issues their Prime Store Card. NOW AMAZON no longer takes paypal as a payment method. Synchrony sends emails not quite daily but often enough to irritate explaining a payment alert. I. e., payment alert in 10 days, payment alert in 8 days. All only adds to incoming spam. So now instead of preferably using Amazon as purchase choice, their affiliation with synchrony has caused me to not choose Amazon where at one time it was a natural choice.


After owning a software company for 20+ years, this site epitomizes the lack of importance placed on support. I was hung up on twice, then the rep continually spoke over and my ability to ask a question was hampered to the point I asked for supervisor. Then asked for support in America, has none. Having help to existing users is one of the best and worst things about any company. You can either make or break the future. I needed help. All I got was rudeness; so much so if I can find a substitute I will gladly do so!

MyHeritage S. – MyHeritage Rep

Dear Dexter,

Thank you for your review here on SiteJabber.

Would you be so kind as to write to support@myheritage.com from your registered MyHeritage email address and also place my name in the subject line. This will ensure that you are forwarded to me and I will look into this matter for you.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
MyHeritage Team.

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