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B.S. University of Rhode Island

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Plant and Soil science concentration, Extensive knowledge in vegetable, Turf, and Fruit Science. Common Sense!


Gardening, lawn care,fishing,time with family

9 Reviews by Dennis

Verified purchase

There should be a way to click on a negative amount of STARS.
My wife bought something from Kohl's and these scammers got our card number causing a recurring monthly charge.
When I noticed it I called FREESHIPPING.COM, and the woman I spoke with assured me she would cancel the service. This month's credit card bill came and there is the monthly charge again. I called them and they said the account was closed but that we opened up another one! She again assured me she would cancel it and next month there would be a credit to our charge card.
I called the credit card company and they said the only way to stop it is to change the card number which screws up all my recurring charges such as my cable and internet provider.
Now I have to call all of them with a new card number, and can't get my the credit if they should refund! LIKE THAT WILL HAPPEN!

Help F. – FreeShipping Rep

Hi Dennis,

I apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to me directly at Help@Freeshipping.com and reference Customer Loyalty #FS0910. I will be happy to confirm the refund.


Customer Service Supervisor


My rate for cable tv, phone, and Internet from Cox Cable jumped from $229.76 on 12/17 to $239.23 on 2/18, using their "Bundle" plan due to a " yearly rate increase". I am livid!
When I called to question it the rep said it "HAPPENS EVERY YEAR".
I have been with them for over 15 years and made that point to her as I have been bombarded with offers from Verizon and Direct TV. Her reply- "thank you". Well, "thankyou" doesn't pay my bills!


I have an Eljer toilet with an insulated tank. The Eljer company is no longer in business so replacement parts are hard or impossible to find at hardware, home, or even plumbing supply dealers.
Searching online I found Toilet Experts, which sold the part I needed, a flapper control made for insulated tank toilets such as mine. I compared the picture on their site to the part I need and they looked identical along with saying fits Eljer toilets, so I ordered the part online.
Price was low about 8 dollars but shipping and handling was about 12 dollars.
Well, it doesn't work in my tank so I wanted to return it for a full refund. I realize $20 is not much, but to me it was the principle. I referred to their return policy which is pages long. This slogan caught my eye: "customer satisfaction is our DESIRE. Seems to me an interesting word choice, "DESIRE".
So I contacted them to find out how to return the part. The woman I spoke with told me they would refund my money for the part, the $8 but not the return postage.
The postage would cost me more than the product's value, so I asked to speak with her supervisor who echoed the same rule. I told her I was not satisfied because the part didn't fit my toilet and that I wanted all my money back not just the product. She said they couldn't do that because they had to pay the shipping and handling initially.
I then said to her that was not the case as they charged me for the shipping and handling so I PAID FOR IT, and I told her their customer slogan was poor and choice of the word DESIRE was quite odd and that it may be their desire but not their true intent.
I explained that the cost to me in postage of returning their $7 part would be more expensive than the part itself.
I still was not satisfied so she offered the voicemail of the owner which I took her up on.
I left him a voice mail with my email address as well as phone number to reach me about my complaint, but requested he contact me by email as was furious and wanted no part of another phone contact with THE TOILET EXPERTS!
The result was no email reply from the owner after over a week and probably never.


Tip for consumers:
Please don't!


All over the Internet is the top 5 alarm companies. I contacted Protect America to look into switching companies to save money on the monthly monitoring charge. This is where they make their money. Most will give you the system free but then lock you into the monitoring fee for 2-3 years. I thought I may be able to save on the monitoring and get a newer system as my contract was up with my current provider. Well as I spoke with the salesperson explaining I wanted to talk it over that night with my wife she kept sweetening the deal to get me to say yes.
It was not mentioned until the very end at signup stage that there was a $50 application fee for the FREE service that I reluctantly agreed to pay. She did mention that I could cancel as long as the equipment was returned within 2 weeks. I DO NOT appreciate their HARD SELL tactics!
I agreed to go with them at 2pm and the next morning at 10 am the equipment arrived OVERNIGHT DELIVERY from Tx no less, again a rush to set the hook, followed by a call from their tech to walk me through the installation process. It is a self install system. I opened the package and reaized the door and window sensors would not work with the trim around my doors. It is a wireless system that sits on the counter or a table like a desk phone. What was I to do with the existing keypad mounted on my wall for my old system or the hole left behind when I removed it. Also, last thing I needed was another electronic device sitting on my kitchen counter. I decided to send the whole system back, at my cost and emailed the salesperson. I soon got a return email saying they MUST receive it back in 10 business days or I would be responsible for ALL THE PAYMENTS FOR THE TWO YEAR AGREEMENT!
I mailed it back the next day and must admit they credited my charge card the entire amount I paid minus my return shipping fees. I GREATLY RESENT HARD SALE TACTICS, AND I FELT LIKE I WAS BUYING A CAR WITH THE OLD, LET ME TALK TO MY BOSS MAYBE I CAN GET YOU A BETTER DEAL ANGLE!
I currently have ADT and think their monitoring fees are expensive. I will keep searching to likely find a cheaper price. Stay away from PROTECT AMERICA. I worked in sales for years and the first thing we were taught was that PEOPLE LIKE TO BUY THINGS BUT HATE TO BE SOLD. I had the highest sales percentage in our branch office because I did'nt force the issue. LET THE CUSTOMER BUY, NOT BE SOLD!

Protect yourself, stay away from PROTECT AMERICA!


Stop and Shop supermarket chain gives out free gas points when you spend a certain amount or buy certain products. For example, if you earn 30 points you get 30 cents off a gallon of gas at one of their Stop and Shop gas stations or at participating She'll stations.

Trouble is they never warn you when they expire, and it is difficult to remember. The other day my wife and I thought we still had 90 cents off each gallon of gas only to find the time limit was up.
It is a rotten trick, like the cell phone companies that gobble up your unused minutes!
Stop and Shop let us keep our points, WE EARNED OR PAID FOR THEM!
I also found that the discount of a given amount of cents off each gallon of gas only is good for $50.00 worth of gas. I took my pickup truck and 3,5 gallon cans to get my thirty cents off each gallon of gas only to find the pump shuts off automatically at $50.00 worth of product!


The contractor doing the tree pruning for National Grid left a flyer in my door, you know the one that says, "sorry we missed you". The information said they were doing "routine maintenance trimming" in my area, and if I had any? To call the pruning company rep whose name and number were listed at the bottom of the sheet, or National Grid at their number.
Well I have a concern about a large forked oak tree on my land that in a near future storm will probably split in two with the largest portion landing on my service line from Grid's last pole to my house.
The tree company rep was very prompt in returning my call the very next day, explaining that they were performing routine maintainence only and that I would have to call N. G. about this tree. Well I did and the woman I spoke to took down my name and number and told me some would contact me to look at it in 3-5 days. I said fine. Two days later I arrived home to find another "SORRY WE MISSED YOU" note in the door explaining that the tree in question did not pose an immediate threat to my service line, so they would not cut this limb.
I was upset that they never called so I could meet them at my home. The person sent out did not have the courtesy to leave their name. I did not call them back because the limb is 10' above the line and yes is no immediate threat, but this is July stupid. It will be a problem in the next major snow or ice storm this winter!
WhY do these companies continue to avoid customers and leave insincere notes that is say SORRY WE MISSED YOU" when they really mean YIPPEE WE DON'T HAVE TO TALK WITH YOU!


Petro oil is a large comsumer fuel oil company as well as recently cracking into the propane business along the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. They have bought out many of the smaller companies throughout these areas.

My mom is elderly and was a customer of one of these smaller companies which was gobbled up by Petro. Being elderly and a woman alone, made her perfect prey for their games much like a new car dealer takes advantage of this group of people.
They sold her a service contract and a locked in fuel oil price of $4.14 a gallon which was never supposed to go up but when prices on the market declined her price was supposed to drop also. She has never bought from a discount oil supplier and felt like she needed the piece of mind of a full service company. Well, conveniently her price was $4.14 a gallon every delivery that year, ( I saw all the delivery slips), and when she called for her burner cleaning, which she paid for with her service contract the wait was 2 months and just happened to be scheduled a week before her price-lock was due to expire!
I on the other hand bought my fuel from a discount dealer at a price that winter of between $3.20 and $3.50 depending on market forces. I have an independent, highly qualified, serviceman that charges for the cleaning and I pay as you go for any repairs, but provides 24 hour service like Petro.
The next year I told my mom 88 years young I would contact Petro on her behalf to see what the deal for the next year would be. I asked the rep. To please mail me their different service plans with prices. She agreed and mailed me the plans with NO prices. I then called them again and they told they would be glad to give her this year's great price-lock oil price of $4.24. All the while discount oil companies were selling it this past winter as low as $2.50 a gallon.
Before I advised my mom to leave Petro I called them once again to give them one last try. I asked the man who answered the phone how much is oil going for that given day, thinking she could buy it from them as the market goes. He REFUSED REPEATLY to give me the price over the phone telling me once my mom bought a service plan for the next year we could discuss the price of the oil. I thought to myself, WHAT?
To end my long story I convinced my mom she should change to a locally owned company which actually gave her a one time new customer, free 24 hour service plan including a free cleaning in the summer.

Petro, preys on senior citizens, single women and other people with similar ignorance of the fuel oil business, while wiser people can actually haggle with this company for a BETTER DEAL, like buying a new car. I DO NOT want you to tell this company about my review. Should these thieves figure out who we are my 88 years young mom may be very upset, seriously, and not make it to 89.

It is so true with this company, MAY THE BUYER BEWARE!

I just want to warn others of Petro's games! Pick the local guy not the big national company!

Tip for consumers:


Received one belle of Georgia dwarf peach and one "free" black raspberry plant from "the fulfillment center, Po. Box 288, Mc. Minnville, TN. In the box was a catalog for this outfit. I never ordered the plants they sent me so I am waiting for a bogus bill to show up any day. Funny thing is I have a B. S. in agriculture and have grown peaches all my life and the plant they sent is not even peach, but in the box was this catalog from this place. Hey people just the way this catalog is written and illustrated screams stay away. The catalog says $2 dollars, reputable seed and plant catalogs are always free. Try Harris seed in NY or Burpee seeds they both have websites, catalogs are free and I have ordered from both for 20 years with excellent results!

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