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This online "company" will not refund your money without a fight if your purchase doesn't work out. There are enough bad reviews concerning this copycat of www.foryourlegs.com that confirm my experience with them. Awful. They are rude, don't communicate coherently and in my opinion operate with intent to steal our money. I have yet to see any online company this bad. www.foryourlegs.com should sue them for stealing their Web site design.


I do not understand why Yahoo took the best consumer financial pages for stocks and decided to destroy it with the garbage site they now have. Incredibly useless. I too moved to Yahoo Canada for a while but when they changed that site as well I moved permanently to Googles stock pages. They aren't what Yahoo used to be but they are close. If Google changes then I hope it's for the better and not for what Yahoo has opted to. Who's running the rodeo at Yahoo, anyway. Clowns?


Look out for myheritage.com. They are a total scam. Do not try their trial. They'll really grab your CC and run it for full amount and never refund if you call or contact them. Their phone call types are either in a foreign country or in la la land and read from a script. They do not listen to you, either. There is no discussion about their abusing your CC. Watch out. Even your CC company can't combat this. We had to change our CC card. Pass this along to all your social media friends as well.

Tip for consumers:
Get out before they really mess with your CC.


First, Trane makes a good HVAC system. But they commit fraud with their ad for 15 and 48 month 0% interest offer.

Here's how that 0% interest rate works for Trane and other companies. Trane is a sub company of Ingersoll Rand. Let's say you sign up for the 48 month program. The interest for such a purchase at this time is 6.7%. HVAC system can run from 12,000 to 18000 dollars.

0% interest for four years? Of course, I'll take that.

Bottom line is you pay the interest anyway. You will find an HVAC provider who recommends Trane and they'll bid your job. But, tell them you want a cash price. They will come in, let's say around 13,000, if you buy their mid-range equipment. The interest rate will be from $867 to higher if you bought the same equipment on time with a "loan."

Now that you have your cash bid, tell them you discovered their 0% interest rate program and you want to do that. THAT'S when you get a new bid and it's higher. Why? The contractor has that interest sucked out of their billing by Trane, so now they will try to suck it out of you. They will RAISE your bid by the interest amount that they would have included in the first bid had they known you selected the 48 "free interest" program. In other words, there is no 0% interest rate. It's all scam and I'm beginning to think the same of 0% offers from car dealers and others who use that fraudulent offer. Get a cash price first, negotiate strongly for their dealer hold back and other funds the dealer gets back from the auto manufacturer, then tell them you're interested in their 0% program.


VistaPrint does a good if not excellent job. As a graphics artist who has had thousands of print jobs in my lifetime, I caution that you make sure you send them a. Jpg or. Tif file with a 350 ppi or 300 dpi file. If sending a. Psd file, then make sure all layers have been merged or that the file has been "flattened." You will get exactly what you see, assuming your monitor has been color adjusted. I have never rated a printer higher than 4 stars. Inherent in the printing business are those unexplained glitches. Vista Print made one just a weeks ago, but when I contacted them, they immediately reprinted and made good. They have always been good with that and when clients want what they want, we "gotta" perform.:-)


I build our graphics computers. I've always purchased the parts from Newegg. I tried doing it with parts from a large local electronic chain store, but that just never worked out. The help at the store didn't have the same expertise or parts that Newegg has. You'll be happy shopping here.

Newegg S. – Newegg Rep

Hello Dennis,

We appreciate your feedback and business and are glad to hear that we've become your go to for electronics! Feel free to reach out to us at wecare@newegg.com if there's anything we can help out with!

-Rella (Newegg Support)


Megaheart.com is basically a site that helps those of us who need to cut salt out of our lives and to lower sodium. This site saved me from a heart transplant and helped get back a quality of life that is nearly like that before I developed heart failure. Highly recommend a look at this site for help.


I run an office with multiple computers. We do graphics work for clients. We always upgrade our new computers with more RAM and through the years Crucial has been dynamic and "johnny on the spot." Excellent equipment and service.


Amazon, like Google and Adobe, is trying to take over your lifestyle by moving you from a buyer to a subscriber. They are attempting to get you hooked on a regular basis so that they, I assume, can grow their companies into power house players by setting a core customer base and by having direct access to your money supply. Amazon was an excellent company, but today it's personality has changed from helping us to simply a company of self-greed. Watch out what you buy and more importantly how you are engineered to buy from Amazon. Also, don't try to communicated with them. They don't want to hear from you. If you do break through that maze and get a note to them, the response will come from India or Pakistan and not be directed at your actual question. The company is now facing competition from a few others like jet.com. But each of these has not equaled the power of the amazon Web site. When they do, they might prove to be a bit better than Amazon. But Amazon right now, owns the world and is behaving as though they own us along with it.


We searched for a good carpet and found a sample and piece at Carpet One. The salesman at CO offered a "90 day complete exchange" if we didn't like the "color" of the carpet or the carpet itself. That line is a crock. They will not replace your carpet. Our biggest problem was and remains that their carpet layers seem to be amateurs leaving behind highly visible seams where The carpet had to be cut and fitting against itself. We can see for instance, five such seams down our hallway and a seam at each doorway. They won't return to fix it.


I like True Value in our area, at least. The help is excellent, the products for a hardware store are top of the line. Costs a bit more than Home Depot, but quality of goods is superior. I like Home Depot as well, but rate them with 3.5 stars because they deduct a percentage of each sale when you return items and too many of their items are less than quality. True Value, however, accepts returns at full value. Both stores offer 10% discount for veterans, which I appreciate. Edit: since writing the above this store has changed hands or managers. The original and exceptional help is gone, the place is way too loud with background music that isn't calming music and the service is not as good as before. I drop them from a five star to a three.


Staples is nearby. Used to have an Office Depot nearby but they moved. OD was better than Staples for prices, but each carry the same products. Staples is higher priced but usually well stocked. Look for sales prices. Don't look for help. Not much knowledge parked in the store help. We buy at our Staples, but only when necessary. Otherwise we make the drive to the locally owned stationery store. BTW, ouir Staples plays awful music really loud and that does taint our opinion of them.


PCH used to be a great company. Today it's a real scam. Look out, don't trust them. They'll get you in the end. Links to links to links and each time you visit one, PCH gets a few pennies and if you buy, they aren't the real sellers. They are simply tagging you for a profit from the real seller.


Coke Rewards is a scam. Saved all kinds of cartons, caps and so forth only to learn that to really get something of value I had to keep adding. Everything was "locked" unless I signed on with social media. Well, I don't do social media. So, enough is enough. Switched to Pepsi and guess what. Tastes better and no screw job contests.

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