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25 years jewelry, gemstone experience, GIA certified.


Gems, dogs, politics and ice cream :)

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Something has changed there in the last 5 years. For the second time this year, I ordered an item online and found out AFTER that they really don't have the item. They might have it in a month but I went through this before and an order was delayed 4 months until I cancelled. I think they place orders with their vendors AFTER they get a sufficient number of orders. Will never deal with them again.

For what they charge PLUS shipping, I can shop elsewhere.

Products used:


Ordered from DoorDash yesterday. Used their online site, not app. I have used DoorDash before and seen tech problems but this was the worst. I was ordering lunch and desert from the CheeseCake Factory. ($6.99 delivery fee).

As I ordered, the cart kept saying it was empty. So I kept putting the same items in the cart. The site never synced, never said "order placed." Finally it did.

Twenty minutes later there were 5 ORDERS on my porch from Cheesecake Factory. Then not ten minutes after that, two more came! I never got any texts that my ordered was being prepared, only several AFTER it had been delivered.

I called DoorDash and they said someone would get back to me, they haven't. Unlike GRUBHUB, DoorDash doesn't care. They have no real support and have had tech problems forever. I am out $200 for a bunch of desserts I never ordered.

Am taking this up with my bank but in the meantime, am definitely calling the Better Business Bureau. DON'T LET DOORDASH CONTINUE TO RIP US OFF, be vocal.


No Customer Support
This has to be one of the sleaziest companies out there that continues to thrive. I should have backed out when they lowballed my appraisal by 70k ( I had 3 real estate agents in the week prior). But after you get your loan if there's a problem you will never talk to a living person again. The phone numbers have circuitous links that tell you to send papers to a fax number that no one responds to or a email address that is monitored by a bot. I have been trying to reach a living person since November of 2020. Don't be fooled, after they have your loan their object is to get you home. I fall under a tax relief program in my city, due to COVID and a computer glitch this year; thousands of us had to reapply. Of course I was approved. But even though AAG had my approval letter by fax and email since NOVEMBER, today they notified me that because they paid the tax my home will be theirs in 30 days unless I give them 100k. They don't answer the email address they give you nor do they answer the fax they suggest. I have never seen such bad customer service. It's ironic to me that they have someone who has time to answer reviews.

Kelly S. – American Advisors Group Rep

Denise, we apologize that you didn’t have a great experience. We encourage you to please give us a call at 866-948-0003 and ask for our CARES team or you may call our CARES direct line at 866-219-7753 so that we can help find a solution. One of our representatives will be on the line to work with you during this process.


It sounds great, an app, a site where you connect with your neighbors? Maybe swap doggie pictures, recipes, yard tips? WRONG. Here's how NextDoor works. Your real name and street are displayed within an area that can be as large as your entire city. Think about that. Maybe you need a dog sitter because you're going away; do you want to advertise that? The people on that site are not your friends; that's a false sense of security. They are total strangers who know WHERE YOU LIVE. There are a lot of scams on there too. Most recently one ran in my area for a lost dog. The mother of a supposed Autistic child posted a picture of her son with his beloved pup who ran away Christmas week. She solicited money on a GoFundMe page to hire an animal tracker. Oddly though, in the area where she lived no flyers ever appeared for the dog nor had she reported the loss to the local shelter. Many posts asked about the animal tracker but she never responded.
And the son? Well, with a real name and address on NextDoor it was easy to find him on FaceBook; married with his own kids. This woman ran this scam for months and raised over $2200., some elderly neighbors giving her over $400. But here is what happened to me. Dogs are a big topic on NextDoor. Some comments garnering posts for months. I posted that I wished neighbors wouldn't dispose of dog poop in my trash can. That was it. It unleashed several comments that were really rude and bullying. NextDoor offers no support for problems. Each neighborhood has what they term as "Leads". Sounds good in theory but who monitors them? No one. Cyberbullying is endemic on NextDoor. Just like any site, people feel emboldened behind a computer screen. After I posted my comment, one of NextDoor's "Leads" posted a comment that incited people to leave animal OR HUMAN FECES ON MY PORCH! I am serious; see image. I complained to her and it was removed. I was shocked. I had always been polite on the site and for some reason it unleashed that ugly response. Even worse, to delete your account you have to write to NextDoor. It's sad an idea so good which could help people connect is really invasive, offers no security and probably is 1000 times more dangerous than posting anything anywhere else. THINK REALLY HARD ABOUT JOINING NEXTDOOR OR DOWNLOADING THEIR APP.

Verified site experience

I sent Worthy the following; a 4ct. Unheated Sapphire platinum & Diamond ring, 2 natural fancy yellow diamond rings and a Tsar era pendant made by Kochli. (less than 5% of all Sapphires are unheated). Here's how Worthy works; they assume you don't know the value of your items; It starts there. (With 20 years in Jewelry & a GIA Diamonds grad; I wasn't an ideal Worthy candidate.)

Upon receipt of my Items they informed me that they felt the Sapphire significant enough to send to GIA for a country of Origin report. (A 4 week process). I know they were hoping it was from Kashmir (making it more valuable or Burma). But anyone can look at it who knows gems and see it wasn't Kashmir but it was their money. I assumed (wrongfully) that in the meantime they would auction the diamonds. We were not selling the items in a lot so why wait? I send numerous emails inquiring about the diamonds and most went unanswered until finally the Sapphire returned and they had me make an appointment for a 15 minute phone conversation to set the auction prices. When Melissa Miller called my first question was logically, Where was the Sapphire's origin? She didn't know, had to get report (on hold twice; time 2:35 seconds). It wasn't Burma or Kashmir and here is where the deal went south. She referred to it as a 3.24 ct sapphire set with two round diamonds. It's 3.92 (I weighed it myself and GIA has certified it as 4 ct., I had mailed Worthy the GIA copy). And it is set with two emerald cut diamonds; not rounds. I then assumed she had the wrong stone/ring. I did not allow it to go to auction.

I then asked about the larger yellow diamond. She referred to its clarity as VVS2 (a really good grade) It isn't. It's an I (imperfect) at best. She really wanted to rush me through the clarity grade report pointing out this was only a 15 min. Consult. You have a very short window to decide after waiting weeks. But how can you as a consumer assign value without knowing the clarity? It is a fast hustle. Worthy wanted to set the reserve at $1,200; I insisted it be $1,700. Of my 4 items that was the only one I let them auction. It got a high bid of $636 and 48 views (it has gotten more on EBay). Upon mulling over our Sapphire discussion; wrong size stone and wrong setting. I emailed them and said I wanted my 4 items back ASAP.

I did get them back in three days but here is the scary part; they shipped them FedEX and the total value on the insurance was $1,800. THAT WOULD NOT EVEN COVER THE SCRAP VALUE OF THE GOLD AND PLATINUM. (Actual retail of all 4 items was $32k.) Keep that in mind, Your items are shipped back not even covered by wholesale pricing. Am so glad they didn't get lost. They will tell you the item is sent to GIA but on every listing there isn't a GIA cert but IGI; HUGE DIFF in the trade. You will be in limbo as long as 4/5 weeks after they receive your item before it's auctioned. Bottom line; if you don't have a recent appraisal, know the grade of your diamonds and are willing to take 1/3 of the value (wholesale) you would be better off at a pawn shop or your local jewelers. But, If money doesn't matter and you want quick cash, Worthy may be a great choice. Hope this helps someone not get ripped off.
Images: Worhy's IGI report (see logo), GIA report on Sapphire weight, 1 cloudy yellow diamond not VVS, the return packing slip insurance, a sapphire with emerald cut diamonds.

Roy A. – Worthy Rep

Hi Denise,

In response to your comments, we would like to clarify that Worthy’s goal is to present you with the actual scientific facts so you can understand the value of what you have in today’s resale marketplace. As you mention, you are a GIA Diamonds grad; GIA also reviews Gemstones, such as the sapphire ring you submitted. You submitted your sapphire ring with a GIA Gemstone ID report 5172545833 that did not include country of origin as stated in your GIA Gemstone ID Report as “client did not request”

Origin is an important fact that industry buyers want to see when bidding on the ring on our auction platform. Worthy proceeded to send the ring, with your permission, to GIA to examine and reissue a new GIA Gemstone report that would show the origin.

Our goal for you and all clients is to present you with all the actual facts on the item you are wishing to sell. Your sapphire’s origin was identified as being an Australian sapphire. Knowing the origin is critical. Learning that it is an Australian sapphire did contribute to its overall value and reduced your original estimation range. At this point, you did decide to proceed with the auction. Regarding the weight comment you make, the sapphire ring was professionally weighed and measured to be 3.24-3.27ct with 2 minor diamonds equaling. 48-. 55 total carat weight. You submitted: “a client stated weight 4.00 carats set in a white metal ring with two (2) near-colorless rectangular step cuts.”

Once you declined the highest bid, Worthy proceeded to return your items, full insured and covered by FedEx and Lloyd’s of London up to $100,000. Your package was confirmed delivered to you. Should a case arise of a lost in transit shipment, the insurance company would use both our paperwork and your own paperwork(retail receipts, an insurance appraisal) in their review and is covered up to $100,000 This is standard industry practice.

It is important to us to provide each client with the facts so you can make the best decision when selling your jewelry.

The Worthy Management Team


I like Nordstrom but the App frequently fails. That's frustrating after spending time sorting through an order to have to call. I was happy to read today in a trade mag that Nordstrom's just hired some big tech geek to overall their app so they must know there is an issue. Also, the color representations on all the cosmetics are frequently off, it's even mentioned in the reviews. And probably like most women, I end up keeping this shade of slightly-wrong lipstick then mailing it back. But more and more, am turning to Neiman's because their app is much better. Am looking forward to seeing Nordstrom improve their online presence.


I put my pup on NomNom Now after a bad reaction to Fresh Pet. I gave him the Chicken/Veggie recipe. It arrives in pre-portioned sizes and is packaged on dry ice. The food is human grade, formulated by a vet. I swear I would eat it over rice in a Zombie apocalypse. The Customer Service team is first rate bending over backwards to accommodate. But, it is expensive. Obviously with the quality and shipping it costs money. I still feed him NomNom but it's mixed with dry food to make it more affordable.


I think GSN is great. Sometimes I do feel like the hosts are screaming and it resembles a circus. But here's what I love, it's an education and often like visiting a high end boutique you can't afford. I have seen million dollar pieces on there that are a gift just to see. There are items from some of the biggest design houses in Europe at reasonable prices. Don't get it twisted though, GSN isn't HSN, QVC or JTV. This is serious jewelry and jewelry is all they sell. They don't sell CZ's or lab grown gems. You will find Tiffany's on there, Cartier, Bulgari, etc. That said there are deals but you have to have some knowledge or just like any big ticket item, do your research. I have purchased from GSN since 2016. Other pluses, you have 30 days to return, my returns have been many and never had a problem. BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL TO GET A RETURN NUMBER WITHIN 7 DAYS. They size and customize pieces. Their chief gem cutter is a 10 time AGTA winner, a big deal. The customer service team is helpful.


I sold Chanel Beaute when I was in college. I still use it now but prefer Yves St. Laurent cosmetics. Chanel will always be an iconic brand especially in Couture. I love their Eye palettes. Their lipsticks tend to be drying. Certainly, #5 will always be one of the great perfumes. But I don't use Chanel moisturizers or skin care. I think their rep is being a great "color house" but they are not cutting edge in skincare and I find their skincare over priced. Terrific packaging though, but if packaging is your thing it's hard to compete with YSL. And having interlocking CC's on your dressing table doesn't always translate to a pretty face.


Have been an Apple user for years, am on my 4th IPhone and I have a MAC. There seem to be more and more issues with Apple updates and after the mess with the iPhone 6; hard to trust Apple. But their support is dreadful. It's a business model similar to Comcast or Verizon. Yes response is quick and friendly, but if you have any tech knowledge; you quickly realize calling APPLE is an exercise of endurance. I had what started as a simple iPhone/Mac synching problem that ended up with over 12 hours logged in support calls and a trip to the "Genuis Bar". Tip, there are no geniuses at the Genuis bar. What they do with Support is make you repeat the story endlessly and then reboot your phone (like I didn't do that before I called) and send you to a "second tier" rep. Ultimately they resolve nothing. I called Apple so many times I actually have my WIFI password memorized. That is scary. My phone was working fine before last month's 12.4 iOS update. There is a reason Apple stock is way down, Apple products are fine until there is a problem.


I have mixed feelings about NOOM. My first criticism (and this is on the APP store), if you sign up for the trial; beware. The second the trial is over your card will be charged $129. This site is good for those who know zip about nutrition, it's definitely skewed towards 20/30 somethings. It's sort of like AA for food addicts with a blog that encourages your diet challenges. BUT My BIGGEST criticism, calorie counts on many items are consistently lower than the manufacturer or restaurant states. I pointed this out with a dessert item at a major chain my first week and by month 4, it was still wrong. I think it's deliberate. If you think that desert is only 300 cals like the APP says and not the actual 800; you will stay on NOOM longer. Accountability helps and some of the articles are good. I did lose 20 pounds on NOOM but if you aren't motivated; no APP will do it for you.


If you REALLY have to check someone out, skip Persopo. You can get more info through Google or the phone book. If you just have to dig into someones life use Been Verified. Persopo is useless.


If I could give half a star to Quora, I would.
After 15 months on Q, I earned 12 Top Topic badges ( even its founder only holds 2), 1,600 answers, 1.1k followers, having my answers in over 650 digests and 2.1 million views. But being popular on Quora makes you a target for its ridiculous, over policed policies. And because the site is grossly understaffed, Quora actually doesnt question trolls who may turn you in for imagined slights. My account password WAS HACKED BY A STALKER ON QUORA; I SENT IN 50 requests to get the back door closed on my account. QUORA MODS FINALLY RESPONDED BUT AFTER GIVING ME THREE PASSWORDS THAT FAILED, they thought I got in but I didnt. SOMEONE DID BUT NOT ME. They never fixed it. The virus spread into my email account. Further, if you become vocal on Quora, they surpress your views and upvotes. It is as if you are writing in a void. QUORA IS QUITE HACKABLE, Google how the CEO of Google had his account hacked on Quora. Adam dAngelo founded Quora hoping to start the library of Alexandria, it is more akin to Larry Flints bookstore. YOU NEED STAFF TO POLICE A SITE OVERWROUGHT WITH SOCK PUPPET ACCOUNTS AND TROLLS.
GO GENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT KNOWN AS QUORA, its days of high intellect are long gone.
I actually had to pay a hacker to get me a password so I could delete my account. That is scary...

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