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30 Reviews by Dee


Great value! I bought 4 books. All in beautiful condition and wonderfully affordable. The site is user friendly. Good packaging. No glitches whatsoever.
Just ordered another two books.
Update: ""Note from New Jersey Vintage Books: [DBA] I am so very sorry we couldn't locate these books."" ect
So both times I ordered, there were books not found. For this reason, 4-stars instead of 5.

Tip for consumers:
The site provides information about the condition of the books, the edition, ISBN, publisher and so forth. Use PayPal or a card. Rather rare books. No DVDs or CDs.

Verified purchase

I purchase books at least once every month. Always have. I look everywhere: eBay, university presses for collectibles, AMZ, Canada, UK, ect. So far the prices at secondsale are Fantastic, with free shipping, prompt delivery, good customer service and great quality.

Tip for consumers:
Nice alternative book buying site.


There are a number of videos to guide you. https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-getting-started/trademark-process#step1
I would have to watch them numerous times before I would invest in this step to protect my brand and logo. I feel strongly about my "brand" because it reflects the interests of a lifetime.
Most of us will have to have our own business to survive and thrive and this is a good step to take at some point. It is not simple nor cheap, but FAR better than having to pay a lawyer for this service.

Tip for consumers:
The site is thorough and deserves to be studied closely now that many of us have more free time.


I discovered this site indirectly through a state government site for Covid-related benefits. Governments have evidently authorized them to create, and turn over to agencies, MUCH more user-friendly applications for government benefits.
Purportedly they are a non-profit almost on a par of excellence with such nonprofits as Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders. They seem to be making an effort to make our bloated bureaucracies accessible to average citizens, whose experiences nowadays would make the scenes in the books by Franz Kafka seem like a paradise by comparison if you know what I mean. In these times, one ordinary victimless mishap can render you (who live HERE and have been tracked from birth) ‘socially dead' for life: unqualified for jobs, education, benefits, loans, housing — in short, Life.
They are also involved in expunging those ridiculous convictions for marijuana possession and other "crimes" if I understood correctly. "Giving people a second chance to get jobs and housing by clearing past convictions." [600K - the number of people arrested for weed possession in 2016. "In the U.S. today, 1 in 3 people have a criminal record that appears on a routine background check."] What kills me is they literally make Americans pay for the costs of their petty convictions and being locked up, from what I've been told repeatedly.
But is there any privacy? All the personal data and income and SSNs you're giving up? I didn't see a single word about that.

Tip for consumers:
Their site appears to be Government but it is not. You will find out in the End of the application.


A product review site which was acquired by the New York Times in 2016.
Their "final recommendations" are not always 100% Great but the information and analyses are presented in a such manner that you can make a sound decision based on your own situation.
For instance Wirecutter may say "I'm not going to waste your time. Get the iPhone or iPad (or Samsung for its camera)."
"On the iPad get Verizon already embedded." Insane idea! You pay an extra $100 for this amenity upfront plus potentially unaffordable data. I used $30 worth of Verizon data on my iPad in one day - just checking email and the prices of things at thrifts shops.
Now I use my phone's VERY slow connectivity. Internet where I live is only satisfactory at a company, or public venue WiFi. Even people who have tons of money still go to the coffee shops and libraries for acceptably fast internet.
Wirecutter gives you detailed information regarding how they arrived at their recommendations. The products they review are varied, continually updated, very practical. For cars, travel, independence, health, safety and for having your own business.
For example: Take a look at this; it's everything you need to know!
"The Best Cleaners, Wipes, and Homemade Disinfectants for the Coronavirus https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-all-purpose-cleaner/


And 3 of the 4 reviews had similar dates... A little suspect maybe? They are now selling Face Masks. I am not sure of their trustworthiness.


The IRS itself is stellar.
However if you click on to one of their embedded e-file options, now privatized, you are probably not filing any returns, but instead just giving these companies all of your personal information.
I chose ezTaxReturn for my simple return and went through a "walkthrough" of questions and answers on the form. It took about 20 minutes.
Afterward I received repeated emails saying, "File Your Taxes. File From The Safety of your Own Home"
What? That's what I just did a week and a half ago! You know, like when you go to H&R Block.
So frustrating. I feel like a fool.
I provided all of my personal information, SSA number, address, finances, and I accomplished Nothing.


My interest rate is 20.50% even though my payment record is 100% - yes, Perfect - and my credit score is normally excellent. (Sure when I was very young I made credit errors like everyone else -- over 30 years ago. My score consistently goes DOWN to maybe 742 from 786 when I PAY OFF all debts and end up with balances of Zero. Crazy, right? That's the scam.
As far as Customer Service, they are OK, but I would avoid them! They will punish you for negative ratings of their apps and their card. I still don't know how they switched me from 15 years to 7 years length of credit, which never changes, year after year, and I'm not going to ask them. (I'm not worrried about this review because I am prepared to close the account if I encounter further problems.)
Discover take too long to post payments, resulting in larger interest charges. In my case I normally pay off my balance each month. The exception was when, by necessity I had to deal with smog requirements on my Vehicle in CA, and to avoid continual police stops, I ended up with a debt of close to $4K. (My car is worth about $700. Anyway...)
So if you do get the card, do not use it to utilize actual credit. Only get it to record your purchases, budget your money, or to round-out your credit profile in order to raise your score. This is would be a good opportunity to practice your skills at negotiation and compromise re interest rates and credit increases.
I changed it from two to three stars because they are fairly typical of Credit Cards -- in my profile at least -- these days.

Products used:
Only Discover It Credit Card - not the banking, ect.


I have purchased eight or more pieces of silver jewelry. At least half of them are definitely NOT silver. You will find this out after having the jewelry sit in your jewelry box for a while.
Real Silver Does Tarnish (black spots) Contrary to What Most People Believe). Many, if not most of the vendors claim to have acid-tested the metal to confirm that they are silver, but this is not true. As for buying books (mine comes through Amazon with the returns usually guaranteed) or leather bags where you are VERY familiar with the brand I imagine that could work out well. Prices are nothing to write home about on most online auctions imho.


In addition to their other robo-investment offerings, Wealthfront now has a "Cash Account" with an interest rate of 2.57% APY. The account is FDIC insured up to $1 million. It only takes $1 to open. There are no additional requirements. So this is the account I was interested in. When I opened it and linked my checking account, ALL of my accounts, credit cards with that particular bank, and presumably all of my banking transactions flowed into the Wealthfront Account! I was surprised. They have free financial planning software to help you track your spending. I had thought it was just another savings-type account!
Following is doctorofcredit's summary. (I have never known doctorofcredit to be deliberately inaccurate or not to correct or update information.)
""It's not technically a bank account, rather a brokerage account which holds the funds in an FDIC accounts (hence the ability to have up to $1M, more than FDIC limit of $250k). Looks like currently it's more of a savings account than a checking account since they don't offer a debit card, bill pay, check writing, etc, though they are considering adding those things. You can see their FAQ here. An advantage this has over savings accounts is that there is no limit to the number withdrawals per month.""


An ugly and uninviting site. It looks like a sheet of typed paper from an elder typewriter. Copied and pasted general information. In my mind, the site is trying to mimic an authoritative site like FTC.gov The difference is, the information is not accurate, nor is it up-to-date.


Remaindered and popular books movies and music. Very fair pricing. Set shipping price. No problems WHATsoever. Returns are simple. I have been ordering from them off and on for decades without a single complaint.


I have been very lucky in that *ALL* of my interactions with ssa.gov over the years have been extremely professional, helpful, understandable -- totally lacking is that robotic frustration-component one usually experiences from bureaucracies.
They have been doing this a long, long time.


... because you may spend the next 6 months or more filtering out filthy porn from your formerly pristine business-government-related email box before you can finally get rid of it forever.
I have had this experience three different years. The only years I did not have this issue was when I was in the process of moving and forgot to order my annual credit report as is my custom. I NEVER have this problem with my business address. And I NEVER have this problem when I fill out the form and simply mail it in and wait for it.
Typically people will go to annualcreditreport.com to get instant, printable downloadable access to their 3 credit reports (if your address or other vital information has not changed). You will be INUNDATED with porn after clicking "submit" on Experian. The problem is probably embedded in the Terms and Conditions which no one reads.
Please let me know if you also have a similar experience.


Terrible. Continual problems with "dropped internet" which I had never experienced before, where your data is on, and paid, and active yet you receive a message to "please turn on cellular service in settings ". Of course I reset the network settings and reboot, ect. This is Southern California. Awful for the Web! The data uses up quite fast as well.


It never once occurred to me that photos and notes would or could somehow be "lost". How is it possible? Maybe from updated software? I don't know. I wish I hadn't made the assumption that important photos I took would be there "in the cloud". A common problem, as I have read other complaints online.


If you could get total strangers, sight unseen, to pay you $40 / each, and just keep it for your gambling and drugs or for whatever... would you? The housing market is DESPERATE for American Citizens in most of the States and gosection8 is supposedly listings on affordable and subsidized rentals. But they are scammers in increasing numbers. And you can flag the scammers until the sun sets and that website WILL NOT remove it. Much like CL. The Housing Authorities turned to this resource for a reason: DISCRIMINATION. MANIPULATION. Primarily against American Citizens. They still give the inside track to the folk they want. Plus the current Adm wants to close out subsidized housing - except for the parts and subsections which enrich them.


Not as many stores in my area. I am fine with their prices. That fine line between affordability, high end, well-chosen merchandise, and good quality.


Very Slow. I took advantage of an iPhone special. For my area - hard to connect, and when you do connect it is often slow.
Also repeated notices that you are not connected to the internet when in fact you are. Third world phone service.


I ordered quite a few things recently. I wish I had taken the time to read these reviews first. I don't have money for strangers to steal. It's depressing.
Update: I have received 3 of my 15 "winning bids".
I have had a love affair with silver all of my life - and if these are silver rings and bracelets I will eat my hat. More like tin or aluminum judging by the color and weight. I definitely DO NOT recommend this site.
UPDATE: All 15 items were 100% Junk. Embarrassing!

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