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4 Reviews by Deb


Ollie's Canine Campus in Terre Haute Indiana is quite impressive. The facility itself is well kept, neat and clean at all times — a remarkable feat considering the nature of their customers. The owner, Tom, is visible at the facility and is available to his customers for any concerns they may have. The staff is personable, friendly and understanding of their customers and their owners. They are most accommodating. The kennels are spacious, clean, well laid out, and range from small to large depending on one's preference. Prices are reasonable and additional services are available to the owners for their pups while boarding or engaging in other activities. These additional services are numerous and also reasonably priced. At the moment I have my pup in training with their dog trainer, Bill. My pup is five years old, weighs a hundred pounds and is most intimidating to the casual observer. Bill is not a "Certified" trainer in the sense of having undergone training and obtaining such certification; however, I have had my pup in training with a "Certified" trainer and that trainer did nothing but instill mistrust and fear in my pup. So I take that word "certified" with a grain of salt. Bill leads my pup with a gentle hand, a gentle voice and an understanding of his nature and responds to that nature with infinite patience and kindness which I am more than appreciative of — for myself and my pup. Bill himself is an outgoing and friendly individual and exudes confidence in his abilities to indeed train dogs. He continuously shows a genuine concern for my pup's well-being. The fact that he was quickly able to ascertain that my pup's aggression is based solely on his own fears says much for this trainer. After three sessions, I have noticed a subtle difference in my pup's behavior. Both Bill and I understand that it will take time and a great deal of patience in modifying his behavior and we are both willing to take that time and show that patience to allow him to come around at his own pace. I find that to be quite agreeable. All is well again with my pup Bo, as he is in the very capable hands of Ollie's Canine Campus and this specific trainer — whom I could not be more pleased with or more impressed with. Job well done.

Products used:
Dog Training


This dog trainer (and I use that word loosely), is an alpha dominate trainer and as such instilled nothing less than fear and mistrust of others in my dog. Sure he can have your dog temporarily heeling in less than five minutes. Quite impressive he states. However, I too would be following this trainer's lead if I had a chain strapped around my neck and was constantly jerked, pulled and snapped to for a consistent five minutes. He did not allow any type of positive reinforcement for my dog in his obedience training. At the same time I enrolled my dog in obedience training with this man, I also enrolled him in guard dog protection training. This man's method of training for such is to tie the dog to a raised platform and proceed to antagonize the dog by using his hand and what appeared to be a riding crop to tap my dog's head and body while dancing about my dog - further inciting him. Granted these taps were not hard but I had placed my dog in a fearful position where he could not possibly understand why he was being treated in such a manner. This entire venture was my bust - I should have known better than to subject my pup to such methods of training. I'm still making that up to him to this day. The first time he went through his protection training I was not present. The second time I was skeptical of this man's methods. There was not a third time or any other time for this training or continued obedience training. His co-trainer, Sam, is pretty much just as ineffective. The one obedience training my pup had with Sam he was too concerned about my dog biting him (go figure) than he was in the actual training. He was also more concerned about selling a dog to a couple who happened in thereby interrupting our training session - and made my dog and I wait a good 25 minutes while he tended to that. I took my pup and we left. Sam couldn't understand why. I paid a good deal of money up front for this shoddy obedience and protection training and it included a once a week training which I terminated after less than a calendar month (some sessions were cancelled by the trainer due to unavailability or over-booking); however, this specific trainer doesn't give refunds for it is his contention that the customer will learn the basics, continue the training on their own with what he has provided and he in the end loses. I can assure this trainer that I will not be using any of his methods in the continued training of my dog and in the end, yes, this trainer has lost. I am the one at fault in all of this: for not doing the proper research in the various training methods and in choosing a "qualified trainer". If I'd had I would have seen that this trainer was not qualified to provide my dog training for he is a Gestapo - not a dog trainer. I am still attempting to undo the damage this man caused my pup and have found an excellent qualified trainer to continue with my dog's training. This new trainer leads with positive reinforcement, a gentle hand and a genuine concern for my dog and his well-being. He has made great progress in alleviating my pups fears and my pups spirit is being revitalized. I urge you - if you care for and love your dog - please take him or her elsewhere for their training. (Note: John insists the customer write a review for him on his website after the initial evaluation training. I did so - with high hopes of success. When I attempted to revise my review by writing an unfavorable one - my review was rejected and therefore is not visible on his website. I am wary of the other positive reviews I find there now for I am not certain of the unfavorable reviews that may have been written but were rejected and not posted)

Products used:
Obedience and Guard Dog Training


T-Mobile at first appeared to be a step up from Verizon's shoddy customer service. I was able to set up cellular services with T-Mobile and have my phone numbers ported quite easily via phone with their representative(s). That always seems to be the easiest part when attempting to obtain any service - T-Mobile is not an exception in taking potential customers hard earned cash and in a prompt fashion. Their reps were courteous, friendly and appeared to be quite knowledgeable — again, a step up from Verizon. However, and stay with me here for this is almost amusing (emphasis being on almost), T-Mobile sold me cellular service for an area that they do not provide cellular coverage for. Yes, you read that right. They obtained my location information, verified my location information and then sold me a package for non-existent cellular services. What? Now I am in the process of finding yet another cellular company that does indeed provide cellular coverage for my area. Third time lucky it's been said. We'll see. There is an issue on the table here of the money I paid this company for the activation fee for such non-services. The first rep I spoke to said she couldn't refund an activation fee which led me to speak with a supervisor. This supervisor initially said the same thing — stating she was as high up in management as I could go to have this issue resolved. She was it. Excuse me? - I think not. As usual, I persisted and between her speaking to her management team (of which I was just informed didn't exist), they were able to circumvent the inability to refund the activation fee to my bank account by issuing a pre-loaded debit card for the activation amount that I could use anywhere as a debit card. This said card is "supposed" to be mailed to my home address — but "be advised it could take some time arriving". I am a bit hesitant to believe that said card will actually arrive considering that this same company told me their cell services covered my area, sold me a cellular package and took my money quickly in the process of doing so. Are they to be believed or not? That remains to be seen. This supervisor, like so many other sub-par businesses, was apologetic that I was sold such services but I grow weary of such glib apologies from such companies. They are not the ones spending countless hours having to rectify issues that have arisen solely due to their very own ineptness. It is far easier to give lip service than to get on the horn and have these issues resolved in just as quickly a manner as they were in quickly extorting good money from their customers. I told this supervisor that I would be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for Fraudulent Business Practices - for selling services to consumers that simply do not exist. Her reply was that it was not fraudulent. Pardon me ma'am, but this practice has fraud written all over it unless I am mistaken in the meaning of that word — which in this particular instance, I think not. There's also the issue of my spending even more of my good money in purchasing a T-Mobile compatible phone, but we won't go into that issue for fear of this company turning tail and hitting the road running. It would be highly unproductive for me to waste my time attempting to do so. At the beginning of this review I stated T-Mobile's customer service appeared to be a step up from Verizon Wireless customer service; however, Verizon never sold me cellular service they were incapable of providing. If you have to make a choice between these two I would suggest Verizon. At least you would have cell service while attempting to resolve your issues of which Verizon will inevitably drag out. If you can avoid these two companies altogether then I would highly recommend going elsewhere for your cellular services. There are many to choose from. Do not settle for sub-par services. You are not at their mercy and you are deserving of quality service.

Products used:
Cell Service Kind Of


I have been a customer of Verizon for many years and although I have no complaints with their cellular service, their customer service in regards to maintaining a viable website and/or app is beyond sub-standard. The customer continually has to endure recordings, wait times, and re-directing of phone calls in order to reach a live rep - and at the correct department, whoever Verizon decides that to be. I have had a need to use Verizon's website in order to maintain my account information. Invariably, whatever I am attempting to do is thwarted by Verizon's inability to maintain the functionality of their website. The most recent issue being attempting to change a payment method. Due solely to their own website design, after three attempts of doing so I am advised I have exceeded my maximum tries and must now wait 24 hours before re-attempting again. With a previous issue in which I had to contact a live rep via phone I was informed by that rep not to use the website - use their app. Yes, that was this rep's solution to all my issues with their website. I don't particularly like using apps to conduct my day to day business but due to Verizon's ineptness I was forced to do so with my present issue. After more than 24 hours I signed in to the Verizon app on my phone to attempt to change the payment method again. Now I am being told that I still need to wait 24 hours before re-attempting. In my primitive calculations - one complete day has only 24 hours in it, and it has been well over one day in which I am re-attempting to change my payment method. Now, I am once again placed in the position of having to hunt down and connect with a live rep at Verizon to have the very simple issue of changing a payment method addressed. It is interesting to note that Verizon has a page within their website for a customer to schedule a call back in order to prevent the customer from having to wait on the phone. Not so surprisingly - that feature does not function. Verizon is a multi-billion dollar company. A Leader in the communication field. Yet, Verizon does not have the technology or capability to maintain a basic functional website. Perhaps it is more convenient and less costly for Verizon to allow their customers to flounder needlessly about and waste their time in attempting to connect with a live rep than it is to simply spend a few dollars of their billion bucks to fix their website issues. That should tell one right there just what it is that Verizon values. I assure you - it is not the customer. (Verizon Wireless censures their Facebook Page. Unfavorable posts are not allowed and as such - are removed.)


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