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Crucial is a company that sells ram, they have a good reputation for their RAM and the prices are competitive, perhaps a little on the high side.
Why I use their site is they have a small utility called "system scanner" it is a useful tool if you are thinking about upgrading your computer. You agree to the terms download it and then it scans your machine without you having to open it up physically and reports back what upgrades are available, adding RAM and SSD hard drives is the best and cheapest way to make your computer much faster.
RAM and hard drives
They of course want you to buy the upgrades from them as that is the purpose, however you are under no obligation to.
I work in IT, I use the tool and then once I have the information I shop around for the best price. The system scanner is why I give them 4 stars I seldom buy from them but I get the information I need very quickly so that is why I recommend their site.


The software is called DriveClone, it takes your hard drive and makes an exact mirrored image of it onto another drive even a large USB thumb drive or external HD. It is free for personal use and right now with so many people upgrading or thinking about upgrading to Win 10.
It is especially useful, as if you are not happy with Win 10 or you do not think it is quite ready for public release, which it is not yet IMO then for a small investment in another drive you do not have to worry about reverting back to your previous version of windows and whether or not all your programs, settings and personal data will be saved.
You just por your other drive back in and try again once they have worked the bugs out.
It is quite easy to use, free you can not beat that and I have worked with a lot of similar paid programs that DriveClone is far better than.So really what do you have to lose? If you like Win 10 then you have a good back up of all your data stored on a different drive which you can keep in a different location so you do not have to worry about theft, fire etc. I highly recommend them based on one very nice free for personal use software, I expect they have a bright future if they code this well.


If you are reading this then there is not much point in this review as you unless you are new already know how valuable a tool sitejabber is.
If you are new, the internet is a dark and scary place filled with its share of good and bad businesses, however the cloak of the internet allows for more bad unfortunately. I have been using it heavily as an IT professional for 17 years my first email address I got in 1999, back when the consensus was that the internet should and would never be used for commerce. That did not work out so well, you may have noticed ;).
Before I do any business transaction I check sitejabber. It is a great community of people sharing their experiences with thousands of sites.
They have saved me definitely and you probably a lot of money have avoided a lot of stress due to this site, on the few occasion that I have gone against what i have read here I have paid for it.
I hope the continue to grow and if you are reading this and you have reviewed then I want to thank you also for your contribution. I will give you personally 5 Stars to do with what you will, in one of my reviews I gave myself 3 stars because I am not always right, lots of grammar and spelling errors, I could do better... I know. Thanks and 5 stars to the good people of Sitejabber.com you are valued and appreciated.


I deleted it in less than an hour, slowed my connection down by 90 percent. But what do I know just an IT professional for 17 years.
They asked for a review so this is what they got, I doubt they will leave it up but sitejabber will. Thank goodness for sitejabber I use it all the time and although I only have a few reviews, probably most of them negative as that is human nature, most of us are more likely to go to the effort of writing a review when we have been treated poorly, I try not to fall into that category as by nature I am positive but I am human and have faults, If I were to review me I would get a 3 out of 5 I am also a little biased so you should factor that into my review of me ;). Also it is the nature of internet businesses in general as for the most part you have no idea who you are dealing with, it is always a gamble until businesses have proven themselves to be reliable. That is why Sitejabber.com is a must before you do any internet transactions This one was for a free trial of a VPN where nothing but my fake (burner) email was required, if you do not have one, you need one putting your real email out to companies on the internet is just asking for identity theft. Never underestimate the power of databases. I digress back to the review of cactusVPN
Junk software I deleted it in less than an hour, slowed my connection down by 90 percent. But what do I know just an IT professional for 17 years.
Just a thought if you have a ranking system from 1-5 you might mention somewhere if 1 is good and 5 is bad or it is the opposite, That alone should tell people the quality of your coding, I doubt you will leave this review up so I will put it on Sitejabber.com they will.
Regarding CactusVPN's response this is how I responded "I mentioned 17 years of IT experience, I did not mention that I have lived in China and got past the great firewall of China and used multiple different paid services with good success and you want me to read a "beginners-guide-to-vpn" thanks anyways." My review stands your service is cheap granted but you get what you pay for.

Sergiu C. – CactusVPN Rep

Thank you for the review. We are so sorry the service did not work well for you. In most cases trying different servers and protocols solves your problem. For most of our clients the speed loss is less than 30%, but this really depends on a lot of factors. When you have some time please read this article: https://www.cactusvpn.com/beginners-guide-to-vpn/does-vpn-affect-internet-speed/. If you want, we can prolong your trial and our technical team will try to help you. Just let me know if you want to give it another try.


I have been in IT for 17 years, when I need software or freeware or my clients ask about software this is where I point them, They have a great site very user friendly and after using them for years I trust the information they have. If you are not sure about software you can even download a lot of good software directly from them and avoid the risk of getting malware tagged along in the package.
Over the years they have evolved and they also review anything technical be it hardware, software phones almost anything after using them as long as I have they have never steered me wrong and it is about time I thanked them.
They are knowledgeable trustworthy and I have never seen any bias on their part. An easy 5 stars!
*****Since writing this review I have read people including people here saying that CNET is now including malware with their downloads and going to great lengths to show the proof. I am not saying these people are wrong I am just curious why I have never had the similar experience, my first thought was that they have fake sites cloning them borrowing on their good reputation just as has happened with many other sites AVG being the first to pop into my head I have looked into the issue a bit and I can not dismiss the possibility that they have sold out but it is late and I am on a slow connection in Central America so for tonight, I will leave my 5 stars from personal experience in tact and hope until I learn more that they have not gone to the dark side as implied,*****


I have used Pidelo Rapido in the past and found them to be a little expensive, so I switched to their competition. Their competition is so bad that I have switched back and given them a 4 star review. They are honest, prompt, courteous, deliver right to your door. None of these things can be said of their competition. Although their competition will deliver to your door for a surcharge and the surcharge is steep enough that the price difference tilts is Pidelo rapidos favour.
I do find them to be a little expensive so if anybody has ideas BESIDES AEROCASILLLAS, I would be interested in trying another option,
I stand by this 4 stars as they have earned it but I am willing to try other options, I just do not know of any.


I admit I have strayed from the herd and tried to get deals from some Chinese companies, Aliexpress and DHGate. Lured by very low prices, well it is all a mirage, I am back shopping with Amazon.com, where you may experience some small problems that are legitimate and annoying but you really appreciate how small they are after you have been robbed by the Chinese versions of Amazon who advertize such low prices. How do they do it? Well they either never have any intention of shipping anything to you in the first place, that cuts down on over head and significantly improves their profit margin. Or if they do ship something it is absolute garbage, this cost them nothing but postage and helps take some stress off China's already overburdened garbage facilities also referred to as factories Then their already a joke of customer service completely disappears.
Unlike over 99 percent of Aliexpresses and DHGates client base who have never been to China I have, A couple of years ago I spent two months there in the cesspool they like to call China, where the quality of the air is slightly better than the quality of what they produce and the air today in Beijing was Chunky style! What was I thinking? That in two years a country in the world with the worst quality control has all of a sudden in 2 years straightened all their problems out?
So I appreciate Amazon.com again this is partly review of the service excellence we have gotten spoiled by and come to expect over the years but the majority of it is just trashing the Chinese upstarts that have tried but failed to mimic what Amazon does.
BTW I am a Canadian shopper but we tend to use Amazon.com for the better selection and much better prices and shipping so quick! How do they do it? Sometimes if I purchase something on Amazon.ca and I know that the Canadian Postal System is going to get it's grubby little paws on it I just go ahead and put it in my will, I know although i am still young I will never see it so I hope a niece or a nephew might enjoy it someday it would be nice if Amazon.com sent a team to Amazon.ca and showed them just a little, not everything, but just a little of how online shopping and shipping works... please.


Yes that is a big BUT, The similarities end at the name, Amazon.ca is Amazon.com without the huge and varied inventory, the low prices the quick shipping the great customer service the ease of returns, I could go on but I think you get the point. Besides Amazon.ca is just really for Canadians that don't live close to the border, smoked a joint when they were a kid and the Americans still don't trust you, who knows what you could do now you may be a well respected Surgeon by day and family man by night, but deep down the Americans know that joint was not a onetime thing you have something evil brewing in what is left in that drug addled mind, or you have not figured out the shipping forwarders yet (the fact that they exist and how large and industry it is becoming speaks for itself) Or maybe some think that if you shop on Amazon.ca you are buying Chinese crap locally? I was joking here and really hope that phenomenon does not exist.
On a positive note if you do need cable or something from China and you are not in a hurry... at all. They have a pretty good handle on selling you Chinese goods that in a couple of months you will get a knock on the door, by this time you have forgotten what you ordered or the technology has already become obsolete. But you still do get to show your friends "look what I got all the way from Hong Kong. I forget what it is or does and the instructions are in Mandarin but look at the cool postage mark and how little the postage cost why we can't send a letter across the street for that" (plus it would take longer).
I bought a replacement Samsung phone battery that way, it was cheap and counterfeit of course it would not hold a charge long enough to turn my phone on. So then I had to try and guess where to dispose of it, It looks like a battery but act more like a piece of wood, pretty sure there was no lithium in it so I tossed it in the regular garbage. Gasp, Yep that is what I did and it haunts me to this day.


I have never dealt with this level of incompetence in my life. The customer service chat line is just agents sending templates about how they are sorry and understand your frustration.
I went as far as calling my bank to supply them with an "authorization #" then they wanted a photo of both sides of my credit card. In the end I refused and it cost me both sides of the foreign transaction fee, but their customer service "felt my pain" they are a joke and I was an idiot to deal with them.
I am stupid but not that stupid! Save yourself the aggravation, the adage if a deal sounds too good to be true applies here.
Also avoid Atco Company seller ID Suya80881 complete scam artist and liar. I have reported him/her but I very much doubt it will be followed up on.
I am back with Amazon but avoiding any Chinese shipped items. This is not prejudicial I have lived in China one of the most corrupt countries in the world and I have been to 44 so far.


Ordered an item came fairly quickly, Quality is awful, beyond awful as they are head phones Shop.ca tells me that there are no returns, It clearly states right beneath the item free 365 day returns! I just returned bluetooth in ear head set to Amazon with no issues, Total scam artist AVOID

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