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I called yesterday (2/28/2021) to complain about the code, as I had to sign off the app in order to look at my mail on my cell phone. They said they'd email me the code. So today, I have had to sign on again and looked up my email, typed in the code and it doesn't work! I spent an hour yesterday trying to get this on my cell. Now I am using my laptop and cell phone app! I can't get it to work. Why? Why do they require I keep signing on MY PHONE? Stupid company! USELESS! Can't view the cameras due to this! I would not recommend buying this!

Tip for consumers:
Buy a security system. I have had nothing but trouble with these!

Products used:
I bought 2 one for the front door, one for the back door


My wallet had been stolen and I put a freeze on all my Credit Bureaus. We needed to obtain credit at Home Depot and they used Experian. I received a email telling me that they could not check my credit. I called Experian in order to temporarily remove the freeze so that Home Depot could check my credit but when I called (as this is a urgent problem and needs immediate attention) I got hold of a computer answering service
With LImited Responses which did not apply and therefore I could not remove the freeze temporarily. In order to do this I would have to WRITE them and after it arrived wait two weeks for a reply, by that time we would have the money to buy the laundry center we need with CASH and would not need credit. So my experience with Experian is that they are USELESS! I know people do not have a choice in the matter, these credit bureaus are used by many stores. It is sad that they refuse to hire PEOPLE to answer their phones, PEOPLE who could resolve problems like this! I would give Experian a rating of one half a star if I could!


Our laundry center stopped working and after contacting several repair people we decided to look into buying a new one. We support my handicapped adult son, and recently assisted him with buying a used car which depleted our savings. I applied for Credit with Home Depot and received a email stating that they could not verify my credit due to a credit freeze I put on all the credit bureaus due to having had my wallet stolen. I attempted to call Experian to temporarily cancel the freeze but could not get thru as they now use a computer answering service with limited responses. I then tried calling the Home Depot Credit Manager and they too use a computer answering service with limited responses. So I could not get through to a person to explain my plight. It appears that this store does not have people answering phones and their customer service is therefore deplorable. We are desperate but will survive till we can save up enough cash to buy a laundry center from a different store, and I will make sure that store has people answering the phone!


"The Last Of US" the first one, cost me $19.00 plus tax. This game was supposed to be a 1st person shooter but it isn't. Also the controls are very foreign to me and I do not know how to use them. Yes. I downloaded the game and I would be happy to delete it and get my money back but PSN will not refund if the game is downloaded. Well how TF can someone know if the game is what they want if they do not download it and play it? So I bought this POS and I am very unhappy with it. I am unhappy that the reviewer said it was a 1st person shooter. I do not like the game it is very stressful for me to play it. I do not like losing over $20.00 for something that I would not have purchased had I known what a POS it was!


I wrote the question "Was Mr. Bill Cosby Railroaded?", my conjecture was that due to his age and his having been a adult during the 'Free Sex & Drugs" 60's that his mindset, though wrong today would explain why he does not and did not believe he raped anyone! Thus began abusive language from many commentators and many of my posting being flagged as being against Quora policy. They have refused to delete abusive and offensive posts aimed at me personally and my view that Mr. Cosby should be set free as he is very old and disabled. It would appear a moderator and a 'so called' police detective have made me their "special case' to harass! It is unfair and biased. I am being accused of vile things and have no recourse as I can not contact management to complain. In no way is it to be understood that I promote or condone rape. I have simply stated that historically, in the 1960's asking a woman up to your room, offering her alcohol and drugs meant that they would have sex. I did not say I agreed with this behavior, I said it was accepted in the 1960's and Mr. Cosby would not know better! That somehow makes me a terrible person I suppose? Though I do not feel so!


Ebay somehow re-posted the item. I rec'd many emails from a lady who wished to purchase the item that was no longer for sale and she paid. I did not take payment. I was contacted by her and EBAY I thought I got thru to Ebay CSR and cancelled the transaction but no, the woman is now emailing me about her refund, MONEY WHICH WE DID NOT TAKE OR ACCEPT! I tried to get hold of EBAY CSR but can't due to COVID I just get the run around and lots of emails regarding a item I cancelled and requests for refunds of money that I did not take. Ebay can't be reached due to COVID and all they do is put this thru their stupid computer which tosses it back to me. Very annoying and stupid! I give them MINUS 5 stars!


Like many I bought Fallout 76 to play along with the Fallout theme, I wasn't to happy about it being a mmo or the fact that they would be charging for extras etc. I even signed up for the $12.99 a month Fallout 1st private world. Well after complaining I have been unable to logon to the game at all and unable to make comments "Error Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com" trying to logon gets the message "time out" and "unable to logon" yet I guess all the money i have spent over the years plus the money I paid for the game WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. I will of course try to log on again. What irritate me is that I could not contact support and complain. I play solo, that is what I liked about Fallout before but '76 requires I revive a ally, they force people to find someone to play with! They never say this before you purchase the game. Now I am angry and frustrated with something they could have resolved had their support been willing. The reason for this bad review is due to this and the fact that I paid good money for this game and other features on this game and now am unable to use it, and my money is LOST! As I doubt who ever has 'banned me' for my bad opinion will REFUND IT! I should not have to file a bad review here! I should not have to use this forum to complain. If one of Bethesda's moderators can screw me out of using a game I paid for, then they should refund my money since I can not complain to Bethesda, I am complaining here!


I am 65 years old and must use reading glasses to read small print. I also am a disabled US Veteran and am unable to deal well with complicated things. I bought two computers, one is at my home in the USA when I am there I use it and one is at my home in the Philippines for me use there. I use my computers (laptops) in order to buy things, check my accounts, communicate with my son and to check my email.
Microsoft decided that I need to be protected from someone coming into my house and using one of my computers and made it mandatory that I sign in with a password. I do not have a good memory and forget things often. So this has been a inconvenience to me and now today on my deciding to use the computer at my home in the Philippines I find that I could not sign on. I attempted to go into the Control panel and remove the password but could not and finally I was able to get on due to the 'assistant' they had which once again required me to change my password for all my Microsoft accounts including my email which was something that I did not and do not want to do. Now I am waiting for a "Live Agent" to assist me to somehow recover all the passwords that have somehow divided my laptop up so that different sign on's and passwords are used. I have lost a book that I spent quite a while writing thanks to their deep desire to protect me and ensure how secure I am. A book that took me days and hours to write that may still be on this computer but which I may never be able to find and may have to spend more time rewriting it from memory, thanks to Microsoft security.
If I ever find a program similar to Windows that does not require a mandatory sign on I will use it. For now due to this software being forced on me with the sale of my computer, the fact that I had to buy WORD in order to use it on this computer and the fact that I can not now access it! Well, it causes me to feel I have been robbed by Microsoft and not protected. I have purchased many computers in the past and each time I have had to BUY WORD/OFFICE again and again. I understood the scam. I understood that this is how they continue to make their Billions and I understood that there is nothing I can do about it. To me it is theft of my money but it is LEGAL THEFT of my money and there is nothing I can do about it.
This is to let you all know what I am complaining about and to relieve some of the frustration that I am now having due to the loss of a book that I was writing and my heartbreak over that. IF EVER YOU CAN BUY A COMPUTER WITHOUT MICROSOFT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THAT!
Two technicians worked on my computer the first one was somehow cut off and I had to call again. The second one was able to fix the problems I had. Between the two of these Microsoft technicians it took a few hours to fix things. Even though the outcome was that I can now access all my files on this computer, I do not like the security features on Windows 10. My advice still stands. I am grateful to the technicians of course but all this stress that I went through should not have been necessary in the first place.


Today 9/1/2017 My wife and I went online to this site to find a ticket to go from Cleveland Ohio to Manila Philippines; we could not get assigned seats so we called their toll free number and got a agent who assured us we would be sitting next to each other on each connecting flight and we were assured the seats would be the ones we asked for; that is why I paid for the ticket! When we received the email ticket the seats were unassigned. Cheapoair said they wanted to charge us a $50.00 cancellation fee for each ticket total of $100.00. I asked for a supervisor who offered to charge us $50.00 only but I complained that I was lied to so he said we would not have to pay the cancellation fee at all. Then I received a email from Cheapoair for the refund which they say will take up to two weeks! It does not guarantee me the total refund. I am calling at the moment with their password. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! This is more than just a inconvenience to me. The risk of losing my money, the fact that they lied to me and the DELAY that we will have to wait for our money in order to buy a ticket at a reputable agent... Here is a transcript of the email I was sent:

"This is not a confirmation that your ticket is refundable or will be refunded. After we've received your One Time Password (OTP), our team will review the policies of the airline and make a refund determination.

Dear David Ambrose,

We've received your cancellation request for booking (#44718217) for passenger(s):

Name: Liezel Gervacio
Name: David Ambrose

Your cancellation is NOT COMPLETE. Before your cancellation can be processed, you must either:

Visit Our Website: Our self-help tool will guide you through the cancellation process by using the link and one-time password provided below.

Call Customer Care: A representative will ask you for a one-time password in order to complete your cancellation. Your one-time password is provided below. Call us at:

Within U.S. *******088 toll free 24/7

Outside U.S. *******335

Once you've completed your cancellation, you will be eligible for a potential refund of $2696. 62, subject to validation and approval from the airline(s). You will receive a confirmation of the final amount within 24 hours. Please note, the original service fee remains non-refundable.

A $0.00 cancellation fee will be charged on the account you provided, once the cancellation is confirmed.

While we make every attempt to credit your refund to you as quickly as possible, in some cases it may take up to two billing cycles to reflect on your bank statement.

Thank you,
CheapOair.com Customer Service

Customer Service
One Time Password (OTP):######.
Please provide the agent with your OTP to cancel your booking.
Your OTP will expire in 3 hours
You can click here to complete the cancellation online."

As you can see, there is no guarantee I will get all my money back! This agency lies and I have no trust for them, I suggest you never use these people! They tell you that they give you their word and then when you get their response it is DIFFERENT than what they have said. In this instance I was told I would get ALL MY MONEY BACK! As you can see from what I was sent, this may not be true!


A few years ago Sirius offered a lifetime membership to their service, they needed money. I paid the lifetime fee and thought all would be well. I had them use the radio in my new car. Lifetime to them does not mean lifetime as defined in the dictionary. To them it is the lifetime of the radio. I wanted to buy a new car and transfer my membership to the radio in the new car but Sirius tells me that I would lose my lifetime membership and have to go on a monthly plan as it is a different radio! I feel they could cancel the OLD RADIO in the OLD CAR and put my lifetime membership on the NEW RADIO in a NEW CAR! But these people are greedy and want to force me to give up my LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! Well I will keep the car and the old radio and if by some act of God I can take the radio out of the car, I will! Though Ford seems to have some type of kill switch to prevent that. However; who knows, that may change. I can only hope!


I paid for their anti virus software. I ran it. I then checked and saw that it had indicated issues but did not CLEAR them! I tried to contact them but couldn't. I left two messages on their FORUM in the ANTIVIRUS section and got two emails telling me to read the fine print at the bottom! WTF use is that? I bought this software to protect my laptop and to rid it of any viruses, malware and trojans! I expected that it would do that! I did not expect that I would be forced to become a programming specialist! I did not expect that I had to read volumes of information. What I expected was that I could plug this software in WHICH I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR and that it would remove any threats. So far, I still have a TROJAN or TWO and these people won't help me! So I suggest you not buy them. I am going back to NORTON because of the lack of customer support and the stupid emails telling me to read the f'ing fine print!


I am currently on a extended stay in the Philippines and wanted to buy some things in the USA (Amazon) and have them sent here that is how I first learned of this company. My first experience was terrible, they took three weeks to process my items; though Amazon showed they were delivered my packages were in limbo as they were not recognized by this company. It took three weeks for them to process the items and another almost 40 days to deliver them. Though I was not happy with them, they wrote me and gave me excuses.
I trusted them again most recently 2 spin brush toothbrushes, 2 packages of herb seeds, a plastic green house container (total cost to me around $50.00) was delivered to my Shippingcart address in Hayward California. It is now 12 December 2016 and I still have not received a email from this company stating they have recevied and processed these. I have emailed their CSR's. I have tried calling. I can't get in touch with them. Amazon's policy is once you use a freight forwarder that they do not take any liability; therefore, my packages are lost or stolen and I will not receive reimbursement.
Do not trust this freight forwarder LBCShippingcart/Shippingcart or you will find as I have that you have lost your money. I can't afford many losses like this. This review is a warning to others.
I finally received a email from LBCShippingcart they have supposedly processed my order but due to their text (email) I don't know if all of it is accounted for, they only show a picture of the plastic greenhouse and they mention toothbrush (I bought two spin brushes and a package of spin brush heads). As to the herbal seeds they say these were prohibited, I wrote them and told them to send them back refused. I am having them aircargo the remaining shipment but as I say, I don't know if it has the two spin brushes and spin brush heads...
I received the items and the company that I bought the seeds from refunded the money though I did not expect it to. LBCShippingcart makes lots of promises but their customer service is non-existent and trying to resolve problems is impossible. They do not immediately acknowledge receipt of your packages, they can delay this for MONTHS and you will not be able to return these as the time limit to do so will have expired. LBCShippingcart still sends me advertisements in my emails which make promises and are alluring but I have tried and trusted this company with negative results. This is a warning to let you know that this company falsely claims to expedite your packages! It took a very long time for them to acknowledge my items and though the price to aircargo/ship them was good the fact is even this took weeks longer than it should have!


This review is replacing a former 1 star review as this one is current. I purchased 3 items from Amazon which cost a bit over $294.00 and which Amazon shipped in one box. My experience with Amazon's delivery service is that they dump the packages in the front of my home in full view of the street, they do not call, text or ring my doorbell to inform me and this makes me nervous as anyone walking or driving down my street can see the large box and steal it; I just don't know if Amazon would refund or replace anything I buy in that event. Especially since the driver will say they delivered it! So I gave special instructions to leave the packages in the rear of my home. The delivery person ignores these instructions and continues to dump packages in the front, does not call, text or ring my doorbell to inform me of the delivery. Due to this I am constantly looking for other places to shop from. On those occasions when I do use Amazon I find that I must wait impatiently for the driver to come and to keep checking the site, to see if a package has been delivered in order to get the package before some thief does. I tried to contact Amazon's customer service to complain about this but was unable to, the site simply is so restricted and cumbersome as to prevent this. So I am placing my complaint here. I am in the process of using other sources for my shopping, as I said, and to keep the Prime membership for movies and digital things but I plan eventually to cut ties with Amazon. The only advantage they had was the easy ability to shop for several different items but the annoyance with the way these items are delivered no longer makes this convenient. I suggest strongly against buying from Amazon till they can assure people of a better delivery service!

Tip for consumers:
Do not buy anything expensive from Amazon and have the item(s) shipped to another country. I had been warned that historically Amazon will ship defective items in these instances. Buyer beware!


I signed up for a one time. 99 cent membership, after a series of annoying advertisement pop ups that I clicked no to I got to my desired result. Like many here I rarely check my credit card statements (a error I am now correcting). I have been billed for SIX MONTHS! I contacted the company and received their answer that I had signed on for permanent membership, which I did not but can not prove. These people do not send a RECIEPT when you 'sign on' to let you know like every other company I have done business with. If they had, I'd have cancelled sooner! The BBB gives these THIEVES a A+ rating! Imagine? Do not use this company, do not give them your credit card number, do not sign on; you will regret it. These are thieves who obviously have good lawyers who have directed them on how to scam people and skirt the law!

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