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Resmed's webpage says "Once you see the changes in your life you will never look back" I have used one of their torture devices for over five years and my life is not one bit better. I sleep better without the cpap on my face.

Got my three from the VA, no way I would pay money for a cpap.


Recently ordered two items on separate orders from a company in Columbia, MO. Both items are trapped in Kansas City under UPS control. One order has been there for four days and should have been here today. Told the company I bought from as long as they ship by UPS I will not be doing any more business with them.


ON August 30,2021`I ordered a mobility aid for my wife from Walmart. Since that time Fedex has given me four different day for delivery. This morning, September7th I was told it would be arriving September 8th.The item is 31 miles away. Totally incompetent


Checked myself and the site said I have criminal record in New York. Not true. Called to cancel my account but the pushy person I spoke to refused to cancel the account. Finally got it canceled.


Claims to be center right and conservative. My first and only post was attacked by a couple of left wing sheep. My total time on the site lasted less that six hours before I left.


Have been trying all day on the fourth of July to create an account and have never gotten the verification code. Getting to be a real frustrating experience


This past weekend I searched the GNC website for a product I was interested in. The site said the product was in my local store. It was not. Strike one.

So I go on the site and start the order process. At the time it was noted the address on file was my old address from over five years ago. Address was updated and order placed.

Less that an hour later an email is received say it was shipped to my old address. Called and also on line chatted with customer no service and not one person would try to fix the problem. I will never shop GNC again.


In the past I have purchased a few items from this site and although they have some very interesting designs I will not be back. I am tired of clicking on something I am interested in, such as a face mask showing $8.00 as a price, then clicking on it to order and finding the price is in fact $15.00.

Verified site experience

On April 6,2021 I received a call from a claims adjuster at Farmers tell me a claim had been filed against an insurance policy I no longer have for an accident involving my 2018 pickup on April 1st.

I knew that was false because my truck was not driven on April1st.

Finally after a stressful week Farmers admitted the transposed two numbers and came up with wrong policy for the claim. Why did it take a week for me to find that out?


About two years ago Window World in Waco, TX was hired to replace the ancient single pane aluminum frame windows with vinyl double pane.

I am very pleased with the quality of their work. Up to the day of installation and a follow up the communication was constant. And the installers took the time to explain what they were doing at all times.

The new windows have made a huge difference in our energy costs. I would recommend the Waco location.

Products used:


I joined a group on MeWe and from then on all I could see was comment on the group and nothing else. As bad as Facebook is at least you can get more news I your feed than with MeWe. The search function is not very useful either. Finding people you may actually know to add as friends is almost impossible.

It would be nice to open the site and see something in my feed besides my posts. No new news or comments from other people and not apparent way to change it. No way shows to contact them either. MeWe may be going the way my Facebook account did but MeWe does not have 12 years.

Products used:


Ordered some items from this company on March 29,2021 and the next day received a FedEx tracking number in an email stating the items had been shipped.

Eleven day later and after a phone call to the company the items still show waiting for FedEx to pick them up. I should have had them by know. I will be cancelling the order today.


This site claims to allow a person to find out if their data was affected my Facebook's latest security breach. Problem is when you search a name it only shows six people. If you have a common name good luck and finding out if you data has been leaked by Facebook.


I signed up for Gab a few months and have been trying for weeks to confirm my email. Out of a dozen attempts on three time did the validation request reach my email and all three times there was a reponse "something is not right". After watch the CEO push his superstition and not seeing hard any posts I deleted my account today.

After finally getting in, I find there are several atheist pages on this site even though the owner claims to be a christrian. Many of the so called christians troll these sites and is normal for the they name call and insult because they cannot back up their comments with evidence or facts,\.

I quit the site yerterday.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away


One of my pet peeves on Facebook Marketplace is the fraudulent ads for a 990 mile television antenna. My background is in electronics and I can tell you were a television antenna to have a reception range of 990 miles it would have to be mounted 90,000 feet above the ground.

Such ad is fraud and Facebook should be held criminally responsible for allowing such ads.


Over priced dating site, then when you cancel the send an exit review in a language other then English. Stay away for this one because there better sites that are free.


In August of 2020 I attempted to post a review of the deceptive practices of Spectrum mobile and a sales person who lied to me. This is the review that was not published: Had their internet service only for just over two years. The internet was slow and the price were constantly climbing. After a while, went two new companies wired my area and I went to them.

Just be for canceling one of their employees at the Temple, Texas tried to convince me to sign up with Spectrum Mobile and bring the new phones we have. He told me they would work no problem. What I knew, and have had confirmed is since Spectrum Mobile is on Verizon, a CDMA network, our T-Mobile phones, GSM would not work. He would happily sold two new phones for a nice commission.

This is a statement of fact.


Entered my email wrong on the site. No way to change it so I tried to delete the old account and create a new one. Now I cannot sign in one the old account or create a new account.

And their so called customer service it totally useless. You have to explain your problem at least five times before you might get a reply.

Now after being down a few days for "upgrades" it is impossible to log in because you can't get past the "enter image page". What a joke of a site.


About three weeks ago both my wife and I had a new application pop up asking for permissions to access apps on or phones. Prior to three weeks ago we had never seen this application, called Briefing on either of our phones, both the same model of Samsung.

I complaining to Flipboard about the app they falsely stated it was preload by Samsung. We have had our phones long enough to know that statement is a falsehood..

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