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25 Reviews by Darrel

Entered my email wrong on the site. No way to change it so I tried to delete the old account and create a new one. Now I cannot sign in one the old account or create a new account.

And their so called customer service it totally useless. You have to explain your problem at least five times before you might get a reply.
About three weeks ago both my wife and I had a new application pop up asking for permissions to access apps on or phones. Prior to three weeks ago we had never seen this application, called Briefing on either of our phones, both the same model of Samsung.

I complaining to Flipboard about the app they falsely stated it was preload by Samsung. We have had our phones long enough to know that statement is a falsehood..
Thus is a very poor site. The news mostly has a left leaning view point. In addition this site offers a classified section. I posted an item there and is this is written there are two inquires which the site does not permit me to reply to. Same goes with the mobile app for Android. It is not possible to reply to the inquiries or set my home location. The app says I am in California when I live in Texas. And the strangest think is both the web page are using the exact same sign in but shows one with the correct city and the other where ever.
This used to be a fun site. However the moderates have started targeting and banning people who disagree with them. Abd the new Eclipse change to the site makes is almost totally useable
Opened an account this more and posted an item for sale. One response interested and then no response. The second wanted to try the old "I will send you a cashiers check and you ship me the item" scam.

Of course I rejected his offer. And no way exists to report a scam attempt.

I am deleting my account there. Yet almost a month after deleting my account my listing still shows on the site, yet I can't log in now to remove it nor respond to inquiries about the listing.
I don't post on Reddit because it takes an act of Congress to do so. Reddit is at best a porno site pretending to a social platform.
Being interested in my family history I signed up for a premium version of this site. Big mistake. It is almost impossible to clearly search for an ancestor. Even when you set for an exact search, most of the time nothing shows up even though if you broaden the search suddenly your ancestor shows up.

Or, as in one case I traced an ancestor to central Indiana in 1936. It is known she was in California in 1967, but cannot be found.

And other cases, two great uncles, brothers, an entry by someone not in the family failed to include their youngest sister, who happened to be my grand mother. And a first cousin once removed was listed as have only one daughter, born in 1947. The other, born in 1951 and a high school classmate fails to show. And the original poster do not correct the date when pointed out the them.

If the annual fee was $25.00 this site might be worth the price. However $198.00 a year it robbery.

I did cancel my account before being charged.
I have used this program in one way or another for almost 10 years, first using it to repair my daughter's totally messed up laptop. I have found it worked reasonably for a free program.

After my Windows 7 computer when down, I purchased a new Window 10 computer and transferred files.

For some reason Windows 10 likes to duplicate folders. Since Glary utilities as a duplicate file delete function I attempted to delete over 140,000 duplicate files made my windows 10.

In the past Glary utilities would allow a user to click a key called "Check Intelligent" and bulk delete all the duplicates in two clicks. But not now.

And if you contact the company, they are quick to response in will imply the user does not know how to use the program, but will offer no solution to the problem.
In August I was notified of several fraudulent transactions on my Mastercard account and a new account was issued.

On August 6,2019 I was notified of a new charge on my Mastercard.

Investigation I carried found it was a charge from a company with whom I had done business in the past, cancelled the account with them and chose not to give them and as a result was they did not have the new account number and admitted they got the new account number from the "bank"

Mastercard and other credit card companies have what is called an "Account updater service" by which, without your permission, they will update your account information without your approval, giving new expiration dates or new account numbers to merchants without your permission.

In effect, Mastercard and your bank aide in credit card fraud without your approval.
I have been on Facebook for 10 years and have posted many, many comments on issues from a conservative point of view.

Lately how ever I have had two posts removed and had posting restricted for period. The first post was about Facebook's favorite criminal activity, one that has been frequently in the news for the last three year.
I am deleting my Facebook account. Not worth the hassle to put up with their crap
The other had to do with Facebook censorship of conservative points of view. Never mind certain left wing group and other of liberal view point can post threats of violence and brag about acts of terrorism they have commented without being shut down.

All of these reprisals from Facebook began after I won a dispute over a fraudulent charge on my credit card.

Planning on deleting my profile later today.

Facebook has a very loose definition of hate speech. Mainly anything with a left view is permitted. One star is too many for this site. In fact I was suspended for saying my wife is Asian, not American and fakebook called it hate speech. My wife is from the Philippines there for Asian.,
In 2018 my home was appraised for new windows by this firm. The cost, based on my last experience over $13,000, was outrageous.

Since that time, until recently I was receiving mailings and emails pushing their windows.

A few months ago, I received another quote from Window World and purchased their window or a third of the Andersen cost.

Now I am getting mails every week. And sometimes two or three emails a day. And every time I block one email address, another address is used.

I have called the Austin, Texas location and emailed to stop with the junk mail with no resolution.
Ordered a device called Heart-Strong fitness tracker. Looked promising when it was received.

It worked exactly 21 hours before failing.

What a waste of mone.
I was a member for over a year. Too much group think on the site. Persons who may disagree with the majority opinion are insulted and ridiculed.

They also take your data and share on another site without your permission.

The site is over run with wanta be socialists
In May I paid for a premium version of their System Mechanic software. In early July an upgrade was issued. When first installed, the program could only be found in the remove programs setting in the control panel.

Reinstalled, same problem. Now I won't install at all. Waste of money. And on their webpage they admit they have problems with the installation of the software and will fix it some.

Since I have paid for the program and now can't use it, I will not renew.

Stay away from this one, folks.
On April 26,2019 I purchased a four channel wireless security system for my home. One of the selling points was being able to monitor the camera on line. After mounting the cameras and connecting the receiver to the everything work fine. Other that setting the date and time no others settings had to be made. Unit worked fine until June 20th. Then it became impossible to monitor the camera on line. The receiver shows it is not connected to the web. Swapped cables and port and no luck. Called Harbor Freight technical support and the person with whom I spoke told me "we have never had one of these unit fail. The problem is with your ISP". Bull. One device does not connect, regardless of setting and it the Harbor Freight product. I was also told to tinker with the router settings. But I don't own the router.
Saw a notice about a concert I was interested in and tried all four browsers on my computer, completed the captcha and was told each time I was a bot trying to access the site.

Thanks Ticketmaster. Your site has save me a great deal of money.
Saw and signed one petition with which I agreed with. Then the spam began. Nothing but petitions for leftist and anti American causes.

Like others who have reviewed this site today I received a request to sign a pro impeachment petition for removal of President Trump. There are a lot of people in Washington D. C. who need to go, and the president is not one of those.

I removed my email from their site.
Don't come here if you want real science news. Any site that promotes the agenda of the climate alarmists is not to be trusted. Yes they support the climate change scam.
Movoto.com is another website listing properties for sale on the Multi Listing Service. Today while checking to see the status of a neighbor's house up for sale. I google the address and go to the listing and wow, the photo the house for sale is not the neighbors, rather mine, which is not for sale.

Funny thing is another search on this site for the neighbors address shows the correct house in one of two photos on the site, but the other, a Google Earth picture is of my house.

So far two telephone calls have not solved the problem

Sloppy work
The search function on this site is the worst I have ever seen. Enter a search term and as much as 95% of the returns products are not related at all to the product entered for a search. Example I searched for night lights and the first page of returned item for sale was feminine napkins. Not even close to a night light.

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