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I wanted to give a shout out to Vegas.com purchasing tickets was very simple and their customer service was wonderful. They are a trustworthy company. I recently purchased tickets from them and due to extenuating circumstances I had to cancel my purchase. I was very disappointed as I wanted to see the event but due to the Pandemic and the resurfacing of the COVID variants my Doctor said not to take the chance of going to a large event that will have many people attending regardless of me already having received the vaccination due to the new COVID variants surfacing (which I was not aware of at the time I purchased the tickets because the city was reopened to the public and I didn't know about the variants). Vegas.com was concerned about me and tried to make my experience with them easy. I will now go to them 1st when wanting to go to Las Vegas and looking to purchase tickets for shows or tours the pandemic is over and it is safe to travel again. Thank you Vegas.com for your compassion and great customer service!

Tip for consumers:
Very trustworthy.

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Purchasing event tickets


I purchased tickets earlier this month for a concert in Las Vegas. I have tried to contact Ticketmasters and there is no way to speak to a "LIVE PERSON". I used the app as they suggested to contact them and after sending the email to contact them they declined my refund with in seconds of my email to them on the basis that the time limit was passed. I have no idea what they meant by that as the date of my tickets was at the end of August and it is now only July 28th. They did say I could sell them online but don't offer that for this event and transfering is not an option as I live out of state of the venue. I have proof that indeed my canceling was not of my own doing as I have recently been diagnosed with a condition that gives me extenuating circumstances and would have loved to see the concert but it seems like the pandemic has resurfaced like the beginning of last year and my Doctor said it's too risky to travel right now with the new variants and my medical condition regardless of me already being vaccinated. I was able to cancel my tickets at all other venues with no problem. I would like to give a shout out to Vegas.com they were truly a pleasure to work with and I trust them totally as they understood and it was no problem to request a refund given the circumstances so I recommend Vegas.Com for tickets to tours or shows 100%. They are trustworthy TICKETMASTERS on the other hand were a disappointment. I purchased the insurance from them due to the $380 price tag of my tickets to be safe for other tickets as they suggested and there are so many stipulations I found out after purchasing that I do not reccommend buying insurance for events or tours as it seems to be a waste of money through TICKETMASTERS. Shame on them for being so inconsiderate. No customer service. Buyers Beware. No human contact is strictly automated unlike others who have offered either live service or automated for help.

Tip for consumers:
Don't take the chance on buying tickets if you have to cancel no refund guarnteed under "ANY" circumstances and insurance has lot's of stipulations read before buying.


I was not able to even get the opportunity to see the show as I purchase tickets that were to be for when I planned on being in Las Vegas (there show there) and they emailed me after my purchase that the dates were changed to 2 months (Producer of the show Corey Ross) saying there sorry but due to unfortunate circumstances) later when I was not going to be in Las Vegas. I was told I could get a refund (via email) which I tried to get and they never sent me the refund but instead sent me tickets for a new date I never approved nor will I be in Vegas at that time. I paid close to $200 for these tickets (requested a refund) and I sent them numerous emails and tried to call the number listed on their website to no available You don't get a person to speak to only "they are not able to answer your call " email them which I did 4 times to send me a refund.
Be very careful if you buy tickets because if THEY/COMPANY change the dates you will not get a refund and right now I am down almost $200 and it looks like I am not going to get my refund for their change of dates! That in my eyes is called stealing and I don't thing it is legal to buy tickets for an event and when the company cancels the event they keep your money!
UPDATE 7/28/21 I finally got through after trying for days to get through to their customer service and they said I should receive a refund within 10 days and I have yet to see that refund. Fingers crossed I will get that refund!


I decided to purchase the Dodger World Series Bobblehead after the Dodgers won the World Series. I was very excited to receive this as it was going to be a Christmas gift for my son a big fan. I ordered a Mookie Betts Bobblehead and was told there is a 2 month lead time and that it was going to be received on or before the 2nd week of December. When I finally received it I opened the box and I saw that Mookie Betts was not the bobblehead they sent me which I ordered... instead I received Cory Seager how they could make a mistake like that when they do not resemble each other is besides me. I sent their Customer Service 3 emails telling them to please help me and send the correct bobblehead. I called them left messages however it doesn't seem like anyone works at their corporate office in New Jersey as it took days to get a response and when I did all they said is I am sorry and I will send you a label and please bring this one to the Post Office so we can receive that and will we then send you the one you ordered. Not likely. On top of all this inconvenience they expect me to go to the USPS office in the middle of the pandemic at the height of this virus and the Christmas holidays an stand in a line with numerous people. I don't think so! I lost all faith in their ability to send me what I ordered and said when I receive the correct one I ordered (cost $60) I will send it back after they have UPS or FedEx pick up the incorrect one they sent me. FOCO has no concern for their customers and has terrible customer service and I suggest not to order from them if you want to be disappointed. Very sad excuse for a company.


POD YOU BLIND not worth the convenience/ inconvenience.
My husband and I thought it would have been
A better idea to use Pods because we were moving from one county to another in Southern CA in-between we were forced to leave it in their Storage for 3 months due to job transfers in the end I ended up transferring again to a different county still within Southern CA and had to pay an addition transfer fee
The POD was 8ft x 16ft so it cost $564 to drop off container and pick up then another $264.59 each month we kept it in their Storage (location undisclosed) we believe Riverside and then requested them to drop it off when we had a residence to live.
They then Charge us $646.00 for transfer fees too the new County within Southern CA then an additional $268 for incidentals Charge's which they never explained plus another $264.59 for entire monthly fee when it was only 5 days into the month
They do not PRO RATE monthly fees if they drop off the pod on the 5th of the month and pick up 1 day later of that same month they still charge you for a full 30 days rental fee
All in all for 4 months over $2500 just to pick up drop off within 70 miles of our original location and Storage.
PODing us BLIND.,
Do not use PODs they are a rip-off
I might add their customer service is very rude
And they tell you if you don't like it they will keep your belongings...


Derma Genetix a. K. a. Epica Serum a. K. a. Tiki Face Cream a. K. a. Voxi.

I really wish I could write more good reviews verses ones of unpleasant experiences. However it seems like customer service and phony products run rampant through social media websites. I normally don't fall for their gimmicks but this time I thought for $4.95 I would try a sample of this product.

First I never received the product even though they say they sent it to me. Second about 3 weeks after I ordered the test sample my credit card was charged $94.77. I ordered this off of a social media website. I am not blaming them as I should have known better but I have ordered items I saw on this website in the past and never had any problems. You can imagine seeing this type of charge on my bank credit card statement was upsetting and the bank told me when I called to dispute it that I should have read the small print signing me up for a subscription (it was a billing dispute and they couldn't/wouldn't help me) They gave me a number to call for the company (Chase bank)and said call them. They also told me that the writing said if I didn't contact the company within 14 days I was responsible for the entire price of the item. They have had this happen to many customers (so shouldn't as a reputable bank they report this company)? I didn't see that listed or it was so small no one could actually see it to read it. My mistake for not having a magnify glass to read the entire small print.

Anyway I called the company they said it was shipped and I agreed to the tiny fine print. They cancel my membership and gave me a 35% refund. I told them first of all I never received it they said basically too bad we sent it and it was delivered. Buyer Beware! Its a SCAM and they refused to refund me any money back originally but after talking to them for 20 minutes they refunded me 35% and told me I was not to contact my bank as I am accepting their refund... Releases them of being held liability for any misdoings. SCAM. SCAM... SCAM


I just wanted to take the time to write a quick review of this shopping website. I am 100% satisfied shopping on Amazon. They stand behind their products and when you have a problem and call their Customer Service department they truly try to help and resolve your problem. So go shop on Amazon! It has been a wonderful experience for me shopping there.


. This is the second time I am facing an issue when using my Plenti Rewards card. I have been using this program and the businesses associated with it for over 1 year due to their program. The 1st issue I had is when I went to use some of the rewards points I had accumulated over the last year that was declined and I was told my account was block by Plenti (at Macy) so I couldn't use the points I had. They didn't provide a reason so I called Plenti later that day and Plenti told me they blocked my account as they though the last purchase I made where I used the Plenti rewards card was not validated by vendor. (Exxon Mobil where I had my car repaired total $310.00) was being challenged due to the cost. I told Plenti I just had my car repaired as they could see and had the receipt from Exxon which showed my charge on my credit card and also detailed the transaction and repairs done on my car. They said they needed to unblock my account first which would take 7 to 10 days. (why on earth would they block an account without contacting the holder of that account first with their questions! Plus I couldn't redeem my previous points till all this was resolved. So I waited 7 days like they asked and called back to get an update and find out if all was resolved and a representative of Plenti said I needed to file a claim (same issue from week before) I had to then repeat the issue and give them all the information they already had (I even told them I would fax them everything to insure proof they said that wasn't necessary). I then waited 7 more days as they needed Exxon Mobil's approval to move forward. Called back 7 days later to ask for an update and they told me although they had documentation I need to file the same claim over again and... guess what... I had to wait another 7 to 10 days from when my account was unblocked I then asked to speak to a manager who proved to be worthless. So now I am waiting over 3 weeks to have something that should have been corrected weeks ago. Why would anyone want to go through this when other rewards programs are out there. Just awful! So I say to others looking to see if Plenti Rewards program is a good one I say to all of you "don't waste your time and efforts if possible use another rewards program!


Restaurant Managers, Nicole and Debra were wonderful! Nicole made sure our table was ready and cake prepared for our graduation event. It was lovely and a job well done!

We had our wedding rehearsal there 10 years ago this week and it was wonderful.

The food was excellent and the atmosphere very nice as well. We had 2 very good servers that made our lunch very enjoyable. Great personalities and delicious recommendations. Wonderful service!

We will definitely come back and also recommend Ponte's Winery to anyone who is looking for a great place to celebrate. Our thanks to their Chef for preparing a wonderful menu.


This is one of the worse experiences I have had with an auction house. It is not what it appears to be so beware when they tell you something, make sure you read their contract carefully. It is 6 weeks after the auction and I am still waiting to be paid from them for the items I consigned with them. Although the contract said you will get paid 30 days from when the Buyer makes payment it is actually calculated as 30 "business days". Be aware that a buyer can pay them 3 weeks after auction so technically it can take 2 to 3 months to get paid from them from when the Buyer paid and auction was held. Plus you will probably only get 40% of what they sold it for after they deduct all the fee's and extra charges. They also estimate high when they want you to list with them and sell it nowhere near what they estimate. It may sell for only 50% of what they estimate on your contract. Very sad that this was such an unpleasant experience.


My son's flight was delayed at Miami International Airport going to Dallas, Texas to catch a connector flight to his final destination Ontario, CA. He missed that flight as his flight was delayed for 3 hours in Miami he finally landed He assumed he would be given a hotel voucher as he was told he would have to take another flight tomorrow. They also said he was to use his own charge card to make reservation for a hotel for overnight as they ran out of vouchers and didn't direct him to hotel to stay at. They told him he would get reimbursed by AA if he submitted the receipts. Who dropped the ball? Not a good way to build customer satisfaction. He will think twice before flying with American Airlines next time (so will I) American Airlines certainly isn't "GOING FOR GREAT" when they treat their customers like this.


This is my second review as the first one wasn't so favorable but this one I am happy to say is from a satisfied customer. In the last couple of years they have gone out of their way to make their customers feel appreciated far from the days when they didn't feel that everyone had a voice. I recommend them highly as this is a wonderful opportunity for others to be able to see plays or go to events at half the cost. 5 Thumbs up Goldstar.

Amy G. – Goldstar Rep

Hi Darlene! I'm sorry to hear you've had some negative seating experiences. When you purchase tickets through our site, the actual seat assignments are made by the ticket supplier. You are always guaranteed to be seated within the section that you purchase. If you are seated outside of the allotted section, we are happy to investigate with the box office or ticket supplier partner to find a resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact us at help@goldstar.com. Those types of occurrences are quite rare, but it is important to us that our members are compensated in some way if it does happen.
Goldstar Customer Service

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