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I have used PureVPN for many years, having found them to always be ahead of their competitors... unfortunately, as of recently, that has changed. The claim that they do not keep logs is simply NOT true - if you read the fine print, you'll notice that they state they DO keep logs - of connection time and data used. Not logs of where you visit, agreed - but your usage IS logged.

Secondly, and becoming more of an issue is that I have found PureVPN to suffer DNS leaks; a test at doileak.com on more than one occasion showed that whilst I was connected to a VPN server and my IP address was masked, the DNS came from my home ISP. Not good.

Thirdly, whilst PureVPN updates frequently, I am finding that often they introduce more bugs with the updated software than they cure. The Windows App is quite buggy and on several occasions on two separate computers, I have had to disconnect the VPN and restart the software just to restore my internet connection.

Their pricing is absolutely fantastic - no two ways about it - but their customer service isn't so great. The "Live Chat" is not quite so "Live" as you may at first think, and I very strongly suspect, given the pattern answers that appear, that "Live Chat" is quite often a Chat Bot. Either that or their customer service people are some of the most robotic people in existence.

I have since switched to another VPN provider which is just as easy to set up, much MUCH more stable and with equally good pricing. Out of fairness I will not state which VPN provider I have gone with as this is a review of PureVPN, not an advert for their competitors.

PureVPN USED to be a very very good VPN provider, but their game has gone downhill fast and a swift search of the internet will show they are slipping in the VPN provider rankings for their overall poor service in general and abysmal customer service in particular


I have been with Hostica since registering my first domain with them in 2001. They consistently offer good value for money, excellent customer service and an almost unparralled "uptime". The very few times I have had queries or quetions, an email to Support or Billing bought forth a very swift resolution.

Excellent value for money, Excellent customer service and the ability to "add on" to your domain as needed.


GnuPG is a fabulous, easy to use file and email encryption program - and it's FREE!

It has one of the best written "How to's" for novices I have come across, which explains Public Key / Private Key encryption in easy to understand language and pictures. This is a wonderful tool if you have information you don't want prying eyes to see.

Remember - just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!


Readdle are the producers of the Spark email client for iOS / Mac. This app is SO GOOD I can't even mark them down for not doing a windows version!

Spark is a free email client and is I would say one of the best - if not the best - email client for iOS I have encountered. It is solid, reliable, stable and it's "smart inbox" that groups your unread emails in the fashion you dictate is trult marvellous.

For me, though, what makes this app so good is the support. Any times I have had issues - be it a small bug or just "dumb user finger trouble", a member of the Support Team has got back to me quickly, always answering my query.

Very impressed, highly recommended


I have come across viruses that are better supported and don't slow your computer as much!

I WAS an AVG Fanboy - using it from 2001, going to the paid version in about 2002 / 2003 and sticking with it ever since. It really used to be a good, reliable, sensible antivirus.

Then something went *snap*. Perhaps the techs smoked too much crack or drank anti-freeze - I really don't know - but AVG has now gone right to the bottom of the heap and I took the final step last night of actually DITCHING it in favour of another Anti-Virus... you see AVG likes to hog resources. Is your computer running a bit slow? A glance at Task Manager could well reveal that multiple AVG processes are the culprit. For me it was the AVG Identity Protection Module that slowed the computer to a crawl, with various other AVG services trotting along gaily for the ride.

Yes, it seems to do the job of protecting you... but at what cost? I use the paid version and it STILL nags me to use HMA! VPN. No thanks - I already use one that actually works... but still it continues to nag... "and would Sir like a dose of PC Tune-Up?" Hell No! Made that mistake once...

I agree with other reviews - it is a bit** to uninstall as well, constantly nagging you to ensure you ACTUALLY want to uninstall it. I have only ever had dealings with AVG "Tech Support" once when I had a problem and yes, despite the fact I had a paid and licenced version of AVG, they wanted MORE money to come into my computer and mess up god knows what else. No. Bulletin Boards are the greatest help.

Please, if you are considering the new version of AVG - the 2017 model with ZEN - for the love of god DON'T. Sorry AVG, I WAS a fanboy, but you've dropped the ball badly with this bloatware and I am moving on to better, less resource intensive and better performing antivirus packages.

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