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Purchased a induction air pipe for my Ford Focus ST MK3. The picture of the coupling is with the original
OEM pipe back on, as the Steeda pipe coverage meant I could not get a decent picture and I wanted to show Steeda the coupling I was referring to.

The pipe did not fit my vehicle. I contacted the UK agent and was asked if my car was a facelift model (as that is the option I had purchased), I replied that my car was built in 2018 and was it not the case that all ST MK3's built in 2017 and onwards were facelift?

They also pointed out that the induction pipe is only guaranteed to work with the Steeda air box. Meaning they had not actually read my email.

I had explained that when fitting the induction pipe I had removed the air box. That the issue was the securing brackets sharp corner was sitting against delicate plastic electrical connectors, so any movement would break them. Also it was pushing against a hydraulic coupling and causing a vibration when the vehicle is running. This is time would also likely lead to the failure of the hydraulic coupling, when again there is any movement.

I emailed the distributor in response to their response and now eight days later, still no response. I am just glad I purchased the induction pipe first as instead of over £170 out of pocket, I would have spent nearly £500 for the pipe and airbox together. And not been able to use either with the pipe not fitting.

In case they respond, I wish to make it clear that fitting with their air box and fitting with the standard air box removed would make not difference. To get a flush seal where the induction pipe meets the engine intake (as stated on their online instruction sheet), it is not possible to move the pipe and get the securing bracket in alignment to get the bolt in. Once you put the bolt in (even loosely) trying to move the pipe to try and get near to flush fit on the induction ( and it is about 4mm gap on one side) means the securing bracket is actually pushing against the electrical connection and against the engine head, also it is pushing against the hydraulic coupling. Very expensive to rectify if damaged.

Basically the pipe is 1.5 centimetres to short and the securing bracket is the wrong shape. In fact it looks nothing like the bracket shown in Steeda's online fitting instruction sheet.

Tip for consumers:
Find someone with decent customer feedback. As they obviously apply as much effort in their design and manufacturing as they do in customer services.


We have eaten at the Crabshack Worthing numerous times. Whilst disappointed the first couple of times we tried to eat there as they were full. We have since pre-booked a table to avoid being disappointment. It is of course not the Crab Shack's fault they are so popular.

The food is outstanding and the service matches the quality of the food.

As an example, having been discharged unexpectedly from Worthing Hospital on a midweek afternoon. Having been in the Hospital for several days and not allowed to have food for the previous 16 hours. I decided to walk down to the crab Whilst waiting for my ride home, I decided to walk down to the Crab Shack and have a Crab Sandwich.

When I arrived, I was told that the Crab Sandwich was part of the lunch menu and at this time of day only the dinner menu was available. Looking rather forlorn and I expect hungry, the waitress asked if I would like a menu to order something else. I explained I was waiting for my ride home, as had been in Hospital and needed something I could take with me.

She said hold on and disappeared, returning a few minutes later she said as the kitchen is very quite the chef said he can whip you up a crab sandwich "on this occasion". I am confident that few restaurants would have accommodated my request. Instead adopting the jobsworth, postion of rules are rules.

Leaving a generous tip, since this visit, I recommend the CrabShack Worthing at every opportunity I get.

Tip for consumers:
Book in advance, as they do get really busy.


We purchased a wool duvet from Thewoolroom.com. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of packing. Plain plastic outer packaging, containing a box, inside the box was a material bag with the duvet inside. Unlike the major brand hollow fibre duvet, ordered at the same time from a major retailer that arrived plastic plain outer packaging, with the inner branded thin plastic wrap. Both of which had been punctured and the duvet was damp and dirty at the point of the holes.

Removing the duvet from the bag I was concerned at how light and thin the duvet was. I was blown away on the first night I slept under the duvet, just how warm it was. In the past I have had goose, duck and hollow fibre duvets. The Wool duvet from thewoolroom.com outshines them all. As mentioned it is thin, light but oh so very, very warm. Even getting in to a cold bed, you warm up so much faster than with hollowfibre and duck down and slightly faster than the Hungarian goose down duvet I owned.

The Wool duvet is more expensive than the hollowfibre duvets but it is worth every penny.

Their customer service is also great, I received emails confirming my order, then its dispatch and then one advising upon expected delivery day. They also followed up with an email a few days after receipt asking if I was satisfied with my purchase and inviting me to contact them if I was not.

Tip for consumers:
Keep visiting, as they often have great deals come up. I saved over 35% on my purchase.

Products used:


I have purchased from Zalando twice now. My initial purchase was slow taking seven working days to reach me.

My second order, really show the quality of the online retailer. Whilst their prices are competitive and based on my first order the merchandise is of reasonable quality The same can not be said for their service and customer service.

In relation to my second order I believe that I have been told lies. To what end, I do not know as I would have been more understanding if I had been told the truth.

I placed my order on the 26th January. I received an email from Zalando on the 28th advising my order had been shipped and would arrive between 2 - 4 working days. When had still not arrive on the 3rd February. I contacted Zalando customer service by their chat help. As it was 17:20 they had a fair point that the working day had not yet concluded, although I have never received a USP parcel after 16:00.

They provided me a link as the tracking button on my order page was broken and brought up an error message. Following the link to UPS's tracking site, it showed a label had been created on the 29th Jan. I used text help again on the 4th and with UPS tracking still showing label printed in Germany and shipped - delivery both blank, I was concerned.

The customer advisor on text chat told me that the delay was due to Brexit and she would contact UPS and email me. Midday on the 5th with no change to the UPS tracking and no email from Zalando. I called customer service, a rather curt woman with a Dutch accent, told me that her colleague had emailed UPS but had not received a response. Having contacted UPS UK earlier that day, they were not able to give me specifics about the package, as I am not their customer. They did tell me that the term label printed usually means that they are still waiting to receive the parcel from their customer.

I challenged the customer advisor with the information from UPS and why would Brexit stop you giving or having UPS collect the my order? She got quite aggressive, probably being found out in the lie. She said I would have to wait for the email, which would update me on the situation.

Over three hours later on the 5th, I did receive an email. I responded that as the item had not yet left, please cancel my order and provide full refund (in truth I still wanted my order but willing to cut off my nose to spite my face, as I object to being lied to). Late on the 5th my refund request was rejected, the reason given was another lie. I will copy the email texts below.

The UPS tracking page still shows that my parcel has not been shipped so will likely not arrive within the few days stated on the email (working days or not). Also if UPS have still not received it (and I checked with UPS again they do update their systems on Saturdays, if there has been a change). The response to my refund, as they have not yet passed the package to UPS, why do I have to wait for UPS to deliver it? As they still have the item, surely they can cancel the order!

Of course there maybe a reasonable explanation why the information they are giving me does not tally with the info from UPS. In which case I apologise for branding them liars. However as the emails show they have not provided any detail other than to blame Brexit. I am very curious why Brexit would delay a German warehouse/stock centre from giving UPS Germany the parcel.

Hi Daren,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Due to Brexit your order has been dispatched with delay; we apologize for the inconvenience. We are shipping all the order as soon as possible and will be out for deliver in few working days.

The tracking will show movements once scanned by the courier.

If there are any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We apologize for the delay.

If there is anything else I can help you with then just let me know.

Have a great week!

User-added image

Marcelo Rodrigues

Hi Daren,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, I am not able to cancel the order and refund you. We need to wait for UPS to deliver it.

If there is anything else I can help you with then just let me know.

Have a great evening!

Angelica Urban

Tip for consumers:
Go elsewhere. Dispatch of items is very slow and they are not honest over the reasons for the delays.

Products used:
Mens shorts


I purchased a set of Decibullz custom NRR31 earplugs. They were not cheap, so I was expecting something of high quality.

The reviews for the Decibullz earplugs were pretty positive, none however mentioned that they arrive as a kit you have to construct and the piece that holds the earplugs in to the ear, is a piece of solid plastic that has to be heated to mould to shape.

Being very cautious I followed the instruction and put one in a cup of hot water (70 degrees, our kettle has four temp settings) for five minutes. This made only the very outer skin slightly soft, I waited quarter of an hour and tried again with water at 80 degreed, still roughly the same result. The large piece of plastic still did not fit in my ear.

Again being cautious I contacted Decibullz customer. I received an email telling me to use boiling hot water. I did but I still being concerned I did not leave it in the boiling water for five minutes. I checked after 3 minutes and the plastic was a small squidgy ball at the bottom of the container. I tired to mould the very hot plastic in to a shape and then in to my ear. It solidified with load of sharp edges, that are really not comfortable.

Thinking that I had possible caused the issue by trying three times, I had a go on the second earplug. This time with boiling water (as per customer services email) and I stood over the container gently prodding the plastic with a spoon. After two minutes the outer potion of the plastic started to come away from the main body, so I took it out the outer 1mm was soft and mailable but underneath the plastic was still hard and it was not possible to mould it.

I wrote to Decibullz again this time sending pictures or the dreadful results of using boiling hot water. This time they did not respond. Maybe there is a trick to getting them soft throughout with out the outer or all of the plastic turning to a blob and also once it has been heated, event the 2nd earplugs I did that I only softened the outer, the plastic becomes stringy and brittle (like hard candyfloss), no matter how gently I tried to form it the flaky nature the plastic strings means I could not stop it forming it to sharp edges. So a very expensive set of earplugs that are useless and non existent customer service, once you ask for some form of resolution.


I have purchased a couple of Asus tablets and a couple of expensive Asus ROG gaming laptops.

The kit itself is pretty good, until that is you have an issue. Because once you have to try and contact ASUS UK customer service, you realise that you would be better ringing your 90 year old Nan of tech help.

The first time (admittedly 2015) I contacted then it was because the keyboard for my tablet had stopped communication with the tablet when connected. They basically after initially sending me the steps for a factory software reset. They said you are able to use the tablet without the keyboard. It is not economically viable to repair the it.

Second time it took five attempts to get them to register my new laptop (purchased March 2020). I would not have bothered but when trying to use several ASUS utilities required to set up the laptop sound, keyboard and power setting, it keeps prompting you to register the device. Then just three weeks ago after a windows update, every time I start the laptop I receive a pop up for the UBS port charging app. Whilst not vital it is annoying and for a laptop costing nearly £4k, you expect some sort of help. Oh no, even though it is an ASUS app (not Microsoft), I was told that as a Windows update had caused the issue it was nothing to do with ASUS and I needed to contact Microsoft. Of course Microsoft just say it is an ASUS utility programme, as the software was not written by Microsoft they are not able to assist.

Way to go ASUS, just wash your hand of any issues. Your UK customer services is as much use as a chocolate teapot or a set of Decibullz earplugs.

Never purchasing ASUS products again.


Whilst I appreciate due to Corona virus that businesses are having difficulties not previously encountered. However we are now in August and whilst other supermarket chains seem to have overcome stock shortages a several months ago, ASDA (Lancing store) still seems to struggle with stock issues for online deliveries.

We have been in strict self isolation since the beginning of March 2020. Taking all measures to try and avoid Convid19, we started using supermarket online grocery delivery services. Initially we were only able to obtain slots from Tesco and ASDA. At first both chains suffered stock issues with bread, rice, pasta ect, due to some people bulk buying. We opted for ASDA deliveries when possible, as initially we preferred the service and the extra care (safety wise) taken by the ASDA drivers when delivering.

As time went on, we became more and more frustrated, as to obtain a slot with ASDA you have to book two weeks in advance and then not having the items we wanted on the delivery date. Our second and third shop with ASDA, having secured a slot and placing your grocery order two weeks prior to delivery. Initially we did not log back in to check the order and only received a fraction of the items we wanted, this included eggs, bread, meat and other basic essentials. There were several substitutions, for example frozen butternut squash instead of fresh carrots and peas instead of broccoli and they did refund the butternut squash, when emailed that these were no acceptable substitutions.

From that point onward, we logged in one or two days before the delivery date and each time we would receive a message saying these items are not available. In some instances 50% of our shop. Many of the items we wanted are still not available, such as; Pitta bread (white or wholemeal) bake at home baguettes, some rice and pasta.

Other items you would expect a super market not to run short of ASDA (Lancing store) frequently come up as not available when trying to order. For example steak and mince, pork, lamb, broccoli, carrots, a range of pies, burgers, soya milk, pasta, own brand curry sauce, strawberries, Ribenea, lemon squash, orange squash, freshly squeezed orange, Walkers chicken-salt and vinegar and cheese and onion crisps, Smith; s salt and shake crisps, Frozen peas (except then as a substitute for broccoli), lemons, cabbage, kale, rice, many types of cereal, fresh burgers and frozen burgers, various breads, The list goes on. Although we have always been able to get plenty of bananas and avocados, one can only surmise that the stock controller for ASDA Lancing like bananas and avocados, not presumably together.

Mid July we moved house (tricky whilst still self isolating) I placed an order to have groceries delivered in a few days after the move. Being concerned that I could not add to delivery addressed in my ASDA account I called ASDA customer services and was told that because my debit card was still registered at the then current address, I could not have the groceries delivered to another address. Explaining that having to order the shop two weeks in advance and still having to purchase things for the move, I was not changing my details with the bank until the last minute. I was told that if I secured a slot and placed an order I would be able to switch the address once the billing address for my debit card was updated.

I actually did this four days after the conversation with customer services, after the payment to the moving company had been processed. Once conformation the address had been changed arrived from my bank, I logged on to ASDA and tried to change the delivery address, I tired everything I could think of. I called customer services and was told as after 7:00pm on a Friday, I would need to call back Monday when the relevant team would be there. I called and was told it was not possible to change the address, that I would have to book another slot. Which would mean having a week without groceries and we had run most things down not to have to move loads of food. I explained this and received apathy and total nonchalance, I was told that is no other option, even though the advise I receive from ASDA had led to the issue.

Now facing a week without groceries, I tried Sainsburys. We do miss some of the ASDA own brand products (when they are actually available that is). With Tesco slots also now more readily available we have alternated our grocery shops between the two and thus far have had no instances of items not being available at time of order and only three items being substituted, all with an alternative band but the same article example a pack of two broccoli heads for two individually lose broccoli heads.


I recently purchased a new laptop, having scrapped the old one. I downloaded the AVS software suite and tried to input the licence code I had purchased only a few years before.

A message popped up saying that the software was on another computer so i could not use it.

I wrote to AVS customer support pointing out that I had purchased the highest licence option at the time and please could they assist me. I have pasted their answer below.

The long and short of it is the plus £50 I paid at the time for what was advertised as an unlimited licence. Was in fact limited to the life span of the machine you are installing it to. In this case three years.

Having wiped and scrapped the old machine, I only intend to use one copy of the software suite on one machine. But am told I will have to pay between £20 and plus £50 to do so.

No matter how good their software is, this is a total RIP OFF. If you pay for unlimited, is is unreasonable to expect to be able to use it on your laptops going forward. With AVS unlimited is very much limited to the life span of one computer.

Below is the message I received from AVS customer support.

"Hello Daren,
Please note according to our License Agreement AVS4YOU Software is licensed on a per-computer basis, you'll need to purchase a separate Unlimited or One-Year license for every new computer you want to install the programs on. If you install and use or reinstall AVS4YOU Software on any other computers you will have to purchase an additional license for each computer. If you change a computer, you will have to purchase an additional license.

However, as our subscriber, you can buy an Unlimited Subscription with the 20 USD reduction. Please follow this link to AVS4YOU registration page to receive the discount.

Should you need any further information please let us know".

Best regards

Products used:
To match the suite of AVS tools I used, I switched to Fotosizer, Gimp and Handbreak.


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