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Thankfully, my wife has the patience of a saint and speaks Español fluently after a four year college experience with a major in the language and having spent over five years in Spanish-speaking countries. Frankly, my Spanish is imperfect and my stress levels while traveling tend to be higher than normal. I can't guarantee I wouldn't have tried to choke someone if they pulled all the garbage on me that she was forced to deal with over six hours of conversations and hassle with this company. Facebook messenger support? Can't help you. I've gotten better answers from an AI chatbot and experienced more initiative from a volunteer worker at a lemonade stand. Website won't allow a reservation modification? Call us and we'll charge you more to book over the phone because we simply cannot be responsible for our own website. Call center can't help you? Sorry, but you'll need to come to the airport the day before your flight. Visiting the airport at the time you're told to arrive? Sorry, you're here too early and need to pay a fee to be helped. Brought a stroller less than 30kg allowable as it says on our website. Sorry, that was changed to 25kg or less, you'll need to pay. Already paid for seat assignments? There was a mistake, and that receipt is not valid so you'll need to sit separately from your four year old or pay again for the seats you already bought.

I don't know about you but six hours of hassle to get what was already paid for is way more costly to me than the $30 we saved choosing this airline.

That said, we did come across one employee who was intelligent, empathetic, honorable and genuinely ashamed we had such awful customer service experiences with his peers and subordinates. It's truly too bad Viva Aerobús has such a company culture that does not celebrate helpful staff members but seems instead to attract and employ people I wouldn't trust to water a plant.

Tip for consumers:
They won’t want to honor online prices if you need to call— and since the website is crappy, you probably will need to call.


I wanted to congratulate American Airlines for hiring and training such an awesome flight crew on both AA flight 4772 Merida to Miami and flight 2039 Miami to Orlando.

Both of our American Airlines flights on 11/9 could have sucked if the company gave any less obvious attention to the type of flight crew employee the company hires, and how they are trained.

Seriously, when we left Merida to go to Miami we were the last people to board the flight even though we arrived at the airport 2.5 hours early. That's because my 6 month old daughter was flying for the first time-- dual U.S. & Mexican citizen, born in Mexico to American parents -- and was held in customs for lack of an "entry stamp" in her passport. Explaining for 60 minutes that a baby born in Mexico wouldn't have a passport entry stamp to Mexico, and then being forced to pay for a Mexican tourist card we didn't need might have ruined our day.

But the two American Airlines ladies taking care of us on the flight instantly made us laugh, competently and quickly explained the safety procedures for our area of the plane, complimented our baby's behavior, offered water for our service dog, and even provided Mom a much-appreciated blanket without our having asked. Needless to say, we were soon laughing ourselves over the absurdity of what up-to-then had actually been an anxiety-filled day with the customs issues.

Fast forward to Miami and an expected 4 hour layover that paused unexpectedly and turned into well more than 6 hours before wheels-up to go to Orlando... and again, our day could have been less than stellar.

Yet through a situation that involved deplaning after boarding (because of the van that hit the plane!) and multiple gate changes plus uncertainty of whether American Airlines could supply another plane for the same day or not... the AA flight crew again shone. We were provided snacks and drinks for everyone on the flight as we waited. Even with the free snacks and drinks, the group of travelers that reboarded the second plane were pretty irritated and some openly angry. Of course, many may have been like us and come from abroad what with the zoo of Miami un-check-and-re-checking of bags plus customs... so that plays a factor on people's moods.

However, when we reboarded the next plane, the whole AA crew was superb and supportive. One flight crew member (Steven/Stephen) really stands out in my memory. He was every inch the Marine Corps retiree: striding with purpose after any small request from a customer, offering assistance with bags, directing traffic without being overbearing, and making tired and irritated travelers laugh... plus explaining to anyone who would listen that he hoped the listener would judge American Airlines based on their overcoming of the obstacle and not the obstacle itself (which, rightly said, could have happened to any airline).

It is my opinion that this talented and caring gentleman and the rest of the staff together turned an entire planeload of irritated -- some genuinely upset to angry -- customers around before takeoff and with service and humor and honesty shaped them into a group that actually clapped in applause when the plane was given permission to close the doors.

I won't be booking our next flight where American Airlines is a possible option based on a price-only comparison with competing carrier options. The company has certainly earned first right to get our business for a while with a great experience even amidst the bad.

Thanks from the team at CubicZirconia.com for making our travel day better, American Airlines!

Tip for consumers:
Woohoo! Ask them in person for a free blanket, they rock


The business is good, service is good, support is great. Pricing is okay, but worth paying a few hundred per year for what we get as a business. The apps they offer are kind of buggy, but they do communicate and say that updates are coming. I'd recommend the company and service for sure.


I love the idea of ExactSeek. Our website manager is pretty sure the visits we get from the ExactSeek program (JaydeOnline) are fake, however. Though if you look at Google Analytics the visitors come in, and they stay for above our site average time on site, the raw server logs of our website show some seriously strange stuff (for example, users that come back every day for 6 straight months and search the website for "_" using the built in search bar, over and over again refreshing the page. Many of those. Plus, Google Analytics seems like it doesn't show a single transaction from these visitors. Tens of thousands of visitors in around 2 years of paying for keyword placement with Jaye / ISEDN / Exact Seek. So maybe I got snookered, and our business can't use this service. Which stinks, because if they did what they say they do it seems like a viable alternative to PPC at major search engines. Still, zero converted sales in tens of thousands of visitors for a website and business that converts every other traffic source at 1/150 to 1/400 is just not believable. Also known as Jayde Online or ISEDN.


Don't have much else to say, we built a livelihood on top of the Shopift platform. It's expensive but a cost of doing business. I do think they should do away with the monthly fee when you are paying way more than that in transaction costs if you also use the Shopify payments processor. Love the app store ecosystem! Thanks for all the hard work, guys and gals at shopify. We at CubicZirconia.com love ya!


Well done Trevor and crew! It's really great the company culture you all have created where customers' successes are celebrated as your own successes. And selling a B2B product and services designed to do exactly that, I think that's the way it SHOULD BE!


Not as e-commerce friendly as you would think


Well put together website, with frequent updates. Plus advance sample book chapters!


Pretty cool concept, get a betetr email address without needing a new inbox. I decided *******@Wildcats.com for like 25 bucks.


Like when traveling to places never been before


Love it, best 100 bucks I spend every year


I was the guy who used to buy toilet paper 2 rolls at a time. My fiancee taught me better. Buy staples n bulk and save a bundle


Great service, helpful employees but they pimp $#*!ty Toshiba computer products that break down within months of purchase. Laptops ought to last more than months!


LOL, that was really fun to do, too. I mean, to keep it a secret that she was designing her own future engagement ring. Anyway, just found SiteJabber today and thought I'd share that.


Good service

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