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About Me

Except for the two years at Umass, Amherst, I've lived my life in Maryland. My career was spent in higher ed teaching figurative sculpture and ceramics. Two grown sons and two cute dogs (the one pictured is named Popcorn), plus some exes. I'm very generous with panhandlers and I pick up stray dogs. I am extremely worried about the disparity of wealth and the danger it poses to Democracy and freedom in the US.i.e. our current President. I'm extremely curious.

How I Can Help

I know a great deal about art and ceramics. I'm a trained mediator. I know a fair amount about plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and cooking.


, reading and making things, I'm a sculptor. I really like to travel

53 Reviews by Daniel

This was a first for me. I recently received an inquiry from Rockler asking if I would be willing to help a customer who was considering purchasing an item that I had previously purchased. While I was unable to answer their question I was able to make a suggestion. Recognizing that to a certain extant I was doing Rockler's job I thought that by putting one person in contact with another it gave us the opportunity to feel better about our fellow man/woman. I would feel better for helping someone and they would feel better knowing that someone cared enough to try and help. Win win.
I like the spirit of the company.
The owner, Michael Route, is an extremely talented metal worker who produces very high quality work at very reasonable prices. The things he produces do not go out of fashion and will likely be passed down through successive generations. Because most of his work is custom made he is very willing to work with the customer to produce something that pleases them. I have purchased a number of pieces from him and have found him to be a pleasure to work with. Enjoy the process.
I originally wrote a lengthy review and have decided to revise it. Pros: Convenient, ingredients are well prepared and packaged, portion sizes are good, a good introduction to cooking for the novice. Cons: The food is at least twice as expensive as store purchased, way too much packaging, you still have to cook it, the recipes are a bit bland and the process for cancelling your subscription is I believe intentionally a bit vague. How to decide: Do you have enough money to pay for the convenience. Remember, you will still have to go to the store.

Tip for consumers:
Take some time to understand just what you are receiving and how much it costs.

Signed up for Skype and used it for a few months and it worked well. The nightmare began when I tried to cancel my subscription. You may find this hard to believe but first I had to create an account to close an account. HUH? Anyway, after several attempts over several days I was finally able to chat with customer service. I explained that I wanted to cancel my subscription and guess what... SHE COULDN'T DO IT! She was however, able to direct me to a previously unknown page. I completed the process and now the coup de grace. On a virtually instantaneous internet service with electronic account maintenance it will take 30 DAYS! I guess they just want to get one more monthly payment? UPDATE: I waited the required month and would you believe I was still unable to figure out how to cancel the service. Solution: Cancelled auto-pay with my bank. To Skype I say "Nanny, Nanny Noo Noo!
Can you really believe a company which connects the review of a product to a site for purchase. Clearly this company is paid by the number of customers it recommends. How many buyers would purchase a product with a truly negative review. Think about Moody and Poors stock, bond and company ratings. From experience (see review), their number 10 rated Juul is unacceptable. The ONLY site for honest reviews, and I've used them for more than 45 years, is "Consumer Reports". You may not agree with their reviews but their primary goal is to protect the consumer. They accept no ads and also initiate consumer protection legislation.
They say they have 25k rugs to choose from; needless to say, I didn't count. I can say that the selection was terrific, I was looking for a Persian style and found more than I was looking for. The carpet I found was marked Shiraz-Lori but was actually a very, very unusual design, similar to the Morrocan style abstract patterned type. For the price I paid, I thought it was a bargain. They show lots of pictures of each carpet advertised and the shipping was very efficient and free. The carpet that arrived looked exactly like the one pictured on their site. One caution: I have great doubt about the validity of the 60% price reduction advertised.
I purchased the product not for the cost saving but because of the number of flavors offered. Instead I got a time consuming process with awful tasting and often expensive flavors. Being somewhat resourceful, I soon made my own flavors using Crystal Lite powders and mixing them with water; these were actually pretty good. But here's the rub. If you don't turn in your used co2 cylindar when you purchase a replacement the full cost would be prohibitive; think propane cylindars. Unfortunately, I had to purchase my replacements from Office Depot which is not near me, thus requiring a special trip. If you want a cold beverage when you want/need it, you must plan ahead. One, be sure to have a working gas cylindar on hand. Two, keep the refillable bottles full and in your refrigrator thus they are immediately cold when you make the drink. This of course takes up a lot of refrigerator space. Three, don't forget the crystal lite. Now imagine you've finished mowing the lawn you're hot and want a cold drink. Assuming you have done the first three steps, you can either get out the equipment and supplies and make some (10-15 min for three bottles) or you gan grab a Coke. Which do you think you're going to do? I rest my case(of Coke)
I use this system. Having used other home security systems, I can say with confidence that a little research on your part will show you that Simplisafe is by far the least expensive to purchase and operate and it's a very easy DIY project if you READ THE DIRECTIONS. The no contract monthly charge greatly reduces future agravation when trying to cancel such as the company requiring a written, snail mail deliverd request. FYI, I refused and just stopped payment. There are however two features that are not readily apparent. First, because Simplisafe uses a dedicated cell phone as compared to the typical use of a land-line connection, would be burglars can't disable the system by simply cutting the phone line. In contrast, even unplugging Simplisafe, without the pass code, alerts the company. Second, by carrying the activation fob on your person when at home, you have, at no extra cost, the benefit of the expensive Lifealert, "i've fallen and I can't get up!" system. Simply hit the panic button and they send help. What's not to like?
I recenty purchased/won a set of antique glassware and all went smoothly until I was informed by Sotheby's that one of the glasses was broken and a damaged one could be repaired. Their offer was to repair the damaged item and reduce the buying price on a pro-rated basis. There was no consideration for my need of a specific number 0f glasses or the fact that I might not find the repair to be acceptable. This resulted in numerous back and forth emails in which I countered with a request a full refund. For a while it appeared as though their offer would be one of take-it-or-leave-it. It was only through my insistence and and the help of an understanding employee that I prevailed and was given a full refund. The lesson is, be persistent and make a good and reasonable argument.
I believe in buying good shoes, particularly those made in Italy. No more breaking-in shoes and they look great. This company carries a wide range of well-made shoes and some also come in wide. No need to jump around from site to site comparing manufacturers and syles. Shipping is included in price. These shoes aren't cheap but if you wear shoes as long as I do (I'm a man) the quality is well worth the price (cost per year). FYI: If you are like me and have feet of two different sizes or your feet are between sizes, a shoe stetcher is inexpensive and will solve the problem.
While I haven't tried many vaping products, actually only two, the eSTICK is great! It's very well-made, easy and rather inexpensive to use while providing a very satisfying vapor volume. The refill liquid comes in a variety of strengths and flavors but I was advised by customer service to use the medium strength and it has proven to be perfect. There may be better products out there but this one needs no improvements.
This electronic cigarette is very poorly designed and annoying to use. It is rectangular in shape; apparently designed to feel comfortable in an alien's mouth. The electrical contacts for both the charging and vaping are poorly designed and therefore require constant attention for both cleanliness and position. As a result the vapor flow is very eratic ranging from no or little vapor to adequate vapor to a mouthfull of liquid caused by drawing a little too forcefully... YUK. Adding insult to injury their phone customer service is terrible. By using Filipino operators the customer is assisted by someone who has good basic english skills but is totally unable to understand anything but simple concepts and sentences. Take a look at eSTICK.
The comice pears they sell are usually delicious. Once you eat a ripened Comice pear (peeled) you will never go back for any other. We eat them with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, a splash of brandy and whipped cream. That said, at $5-$10 a pound plus shipping they should be fabulous! Should your pears prove to be less than perfect, a quick call to Harry and David and they will send a replacement to your door free of charge! The price is high; but you know the recipient will receive a quality gift.
Before you get started be aware that regular shipping is apparently by horse drawn wagon, 10-12 business days! Translation 2-3 weeks!
• Updated review
I had done this before, but when I attempted to trade-in my car, I found that their "competitiveness" had left the barn. Briefly, I was offered almost $5k less than their asking price for the same model with more miles and in no better condition; mine was virtually flawless. I sold it privately one day later for $3k more than their offer.

Tip for consumers:
Check the bluebook prices before you trade or sell.

Takes the pain out of car shopping.
• Previous review
Over the years, I have bargained hard when purchasing a new car. So when I discovered CarMax I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Since then I have purchased five cars from them and sold two. Their prices are competitive, the cars are well inspected (they won't sell a car that has been in an accident), they have a wide selection and there is no pressure. And best of all, no haggling! I've found that there are great opportunities when buying up-scale cars that are one or two years old. All of them had mileage under 10k and because of early, high depreciation were much cheaper than new; they even had their original warranty. Because I tend to sell before the warranty expires, other than regular maintenance I've had no repair expense. What's not to like.
When I first started shaving I used a double-edged disposable razor blade. By that I mean one on each side. With the advent of the of the the double edged razors with the two blades on the same side I though, "what took 'em so long" I continued using them until the model I was using had four blades. It was a great shave, with only an occasional nick. The only down-side was their cost, at almost $4 each! Then I tried Dorco with six blades... WOW. Now, I know you're thinking how much better can six be than four Trust me when I tell you it is the closest shave I've ever had; and my wife agrees when she uses them. It may be an illusion, but when using this blade I find that my close-shave feeling lasts about 4-6 hours longer. And if that wasn't good enough I recently purchased them on sale for $1.20 each. If it were possible I'd give this razor 6... no ten stars.
Some good: Dvd selection
Some bad: Streaming selection
Some ugly: New rating system that uses an algorithm to rate movies by which it
Determines my preference
Solution: Rate using customer evaluations; then I can select with confidence.
A $17 shipping charge on an $80 a product that came in its own shipping package is ridiculous! But the item is guaranteed forever. I've used their return policy and they do support their warranty.
A battery listed at $2.95 each cost $1.25 when ordering six! Unlike some online retailers the hipping cost of $2.95 seemed very reasonable. Site was easy to navigate and payment coordinated with Paypal was simple and quick
Their customer service is truly remarkable! I purchased a teak bench that had some problems that could not be corrected. I called customer service and explained my problem. Did they ask me to take a picture of it? NO. Did they ask me to pay for return shipping? NO. Did they ask me to package it back up and ship it to them. NO What did they do? They said "no problem, our products have a lifetime warranty; so we'll just send you a new one". That made my day! Integrity is alive and well at Signature Hardware. And Jacob who assisted me could not have been more helpful and polite.

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