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This is a real legitimate review of EntireWeb. If you want to actually advertise and get real traffic, stay way from EntireWeb. They steal people's money and give them nothing. I've personally been scammed by them. Once I paid them for advertising, for example, my ad stayed in "Waiting approval" status for several weeks, and they would not respond to any emails at any of their 3 email addresses. They only responded after I made a PayPal fraud claim. Then they acted like they were making improvements to their system, and that they would fix it and provide services. They even pretended to offer me 27 free additional clicks for the trouble. Then they showed my ad for a couple weeks or so, then took it down. During that period I received only 5 clicks (I was guaranteed 127 clicks). At that time my PayPal claim was closed, and they then and now will not respond to any emails I send to any of their email addresses. Now it's been about 4+ months. I paid $60 dollars and got 5 clicks after a ton of headaches and getting ignored again and again by them. Now after 4+ months, they still will not respond and have pulled my ad weeks ago without delivering the promised traffic. Don't be scammed by EntireWeb like I was. Take your hard-earned money elsewhere.
See the screenshot to see where my stats for my ad stands after 4+ months. Notice that the ad is blank. Also notice the Awaiting Approval message. And notice that after 4+ months, it's only received 5 clicks of the 127 total owed (122 Clicks remaining). Please save your money and spend it on legit advertising, not this EntireWeb scam.


I've ordered a few things for my cell phone and tablet a couple times from mobileigo.com. The product selection seems pretty good, and the prices on some items are great and some items are just okay. Of course most online stores are like this too. I ordered a charging cable, a Reiko phone case for my iPhone and a portable charger power bank. They shipped the items very quickly, and they all arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I received a tracking number as soon as the items were on the way as well. Overall I'm super happy with what I got and the service I was given. I would definitely recommend mobileigo.com for anyone looking for a good online shopping experience for phone accessories or other mobile accessories or device.


This is absolutely one of the very worst vendors I have ever worked with in my 18 year business career.
Save yourself a ton of money and time, and find an alternative. If you're selling on Amazon, and you really desire to get kicked off of selling on Amazon then go ahead and use Inventory Source (this is sarcasm - don't use Inventory Source).
Their software has a lot of potential and promise, but it is absolutely broken, and they refuse to fix it. Yes, they refuse. Just read all the other similar one star Inventory Source reviews. Also notice the company's responses to all of the one star reviews. Every Inventory Source review response consists of excuse after excuse after excuse, and they even blame the customers for why their Inventory Source products and services are non functional or are terrible. We've had this same horrible experience.
**Note to Inventory Source if you one day come around to make a change and start to give a crap***
One of the fixes for one of the inventory issues is very simple as I've explained on numerous occasions: When a product becomes "inactive" or "discontinued" on the supplier's side, simply set the Shopify (or other platform) inventory to zero. That's it. It's as simple as that.

I've worked at 3 SaaS software companies, and I dabble in coding, and I know for a fact this is a simple coding solution. But my suggestion has instead gone ignored now going on 17 months. And of course the inventory issue is still unresolved even today. Just yesterday I was again blamed for the broken inventory system, since I'm using one of their features as "enabled," Their claim is that if I "disable" the feature this will "fix" the issue. What? This is absurd. None of their features should cause inventory to be incorrect. They should not have a feature that when enabled causes inventory to be inconsistent with the supplier's inventory. But this is apparently the case. So it's been our fault that inventory quantities are wrong since we chose the "wrong" setting. Amazing. Just fix the broken logic in the software. Just set the inventory in the store to zero when a product is set to inactive by the supplier and stop blaming your customers for your broken system. It's that simple.
Our company has been using IS since 2016. First off, notice that the price previews you see on the Inventory Source website from suppliers is deceptive. IS often shows a range of wholesale prices for individual products, but when you sign up with the supplier. The supplier knows nothing about a range of prices. They only offer one price for each product, and it's more often than not the highest price in the Inventory Source's displayed false range of prices. So this was a bad start already. Don't trust the prices displayed for the suppliers' products. Plus if you do a comparison with what's generally available online, usually the supposed 'wholesale' prices listed on Inventory Source are much higher than or no better than the prices available to just anyone for the same items at say, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. So "wholesale" is deceptive as well. There are a few decent suppliers but most are just selling at retail or higher. Be careful!
Then we had a number of pricing issues after initial set up, but I was able to connect with a rep that helped out pretty decently with the pricing issues. I should clarify that he has been pretty responsive most of the time we've been a customer. There was a period of a couple months during which my requests were essentially ignored, but for the most part he has been responsive. But honestly responses are useless when they are always excuses, or even worse when those responses are accusations that the problem with the inventory synchronization is our fault. So if you wish to be blamed for Inventory Source's broken software system, go ahead and sign up (again sarcasm - I don't recommend signing up for Inventory Source. Period.).
The Inventory Source rep's responses were always the same as other one star reviewers here have said. "I reported it, and the dev team is working on it." "They almost have a fix." But in our experience and apparently many other companies' experiences are the same - nothing ever gets fixed. I just looked at our email communication history, and literally on "Wed, Nov 15,2017, 5:29 PM" I emailed my first notice that our inventory was not synchronizing correctly. That was over one year ago - literally 16 months ago, and fast forward to today - we are still having the exact same problems. Nothing has been fixed, nothing has changed. Actually it's gotten worse. Our inventory continues to be wrong just as other one start reviews about Inventory Source are reporting. So we unintentionally continue to sell items that are discontinued by the supplier causing tons of cancelled orders, thousands of dollars in sales, causing us to receive bad customer reviews, creating hours and hours of wasted time dealing with cancellations and angry customers and scrambling to find ad hoc alternative supplier sources for single items. Again, this has gone on for over one year. We even were kicked off of selling on Amazon because of the inventory inaccuracies and order cancellations. Additionally Inventory Source's system on a daily basis "hides" products from our Shopify store even though the supplier is showing hundreds of items in stock. But then it leaves products in our store showing inventory even through the items are discontinued by the supplier. What a cluster F**%#! Again, as other one star reviewers have said, these issues with Inventory Source have also cost our company thousands of dollars in sales. It's cost us a priceless amount of reputation with bad reviews and complaints. It's cost us our selling privileges on Amazon. And it's cost us weeks and weeks in valuable time reporting the same issues repeatedly, following up with the same issues repeatedly for literally 16 months.
This company at its core does not care about its customers. Their response has been repeatedly to tell us to change some settings in the system to "fix the problem." But the setting they want us to use does not fix the actual issue and will actually further hurt our business and flies against all the rules of customer experience and online marketing. This bandaid fix they propose is to set all pages that are no longer available to 404 error pages. Wow... So instead of actually fixing the problem, they want to blame their customers and force us to further hurt our business. Again, this is absolutely one of the very worst vendors I have ever worked with in my career. Please do yourself a favor and save yourself thousands of dollars and time in headaches and find an alternative. Some options we are looking into are Stock-Sync, EcomDash, Ordoro and SellerActive. Again, stay far far away from Inventory Source. The product is broken, and they do not care at all about fixing it. And they clearly do not care about their customers. And as others have stated, Inventory Source has sent an email to customers (I received one) offering to pay a $10 credit for a positive review. I would be very very skeptical of any positive reviews.

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