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37 Reviews by Danae

My area doesn't have the LET SOMEONE SHOP FOR YOU AND DELIVER IT BECAUSE YOU'RE LAZY feature, BUT it does populate coupons and deals specically matched to the stuff you buy.
It's easy to load your member card from the site and you can print out a shopping list.
The only thing I wish that it had was a way to organize the items/shopping list by AISLE in your chosen store. It's very mixed up and when shopping with two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, you want to get in and out as quickly as possible so CPS doesn't get called from a epic mother meltdown in the fruitsnack aisle.
The site is user friendly. Pricing is great, and their price match is a lovely feature.
We got our son's drumset from here and my midget's bass... both shipped UNBELIEVABLY fast. Seriously, we got the drumset in 2 days and the bass in 3 (it was ordered on a weekend). Their pay as you play plan was super easy to use and the best way to rock while on a budget.
The customer service was great. Their drum experts took the time to hold my hand, in essence, when it came to picking out our son's drum set (computers and electronics mom knows, drums not so much), and with their guidence Tynan got the perfect drumset (Gretsch five piece with cymbals) that will grow with him for nearly 50% off. When the guy at guitar center found out what set the 6 yr old was playing on, he thought we were kidding since it's such a nice, expensive set.
Since the drum experience was so great I got my husband's Bad Bad Girlfriend from there (Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Bass) with a case. They matched the price of the competition without question. We were able to get the matching case and bass for less than the bass alone was on sale at the other sites.
VERY happy with zzounds.com
Honestly, I don't have a problem with this site.
The layout is simplistic but a pain in the backside to narrow your search downin, the prices are good, customer service is surprisingly helpful and quick to resolve, but shipping lead times could use some work.
I've ordered two things from them (two orders) and both shipped within 14 days and were as described.
They tend to SPAM you a lot if you sign up for their newsletter (2 emails a day is a bit much), and spam the heck out of facebook on their feed as well.
Overall, no real complaints other than lead times and endlessly scrolling website.
I rate it three stars for a couple of reasons.
It has very little to do with the product or the customer service.
The website isn't all that FRIENDLY. What I mean by this is you narrow down your search and it pulls up matches, you click to look at it and then you have to go back out and research. It doesn't allow you to just STAY where you are and open in new tab or window.
The shipping time varies between 7 days and 21 days because they come from China then to go Cali then get shipped out.
That's a pain. Shipping/tracking isn't updated and you end up harassing the online chat people in order to get an update which is ALWAYS generic and WAY off the mark with ETA.
The glasses aren't exactly as described, in some cases, and the sizing if way off. What i thought would be blue leopard print aviator cop styled glasses (Yes, there's a mental picture for you) ended up looking like kid glasses on my big head. The prices are great, shipping cost is fine, and they are usually fast to confirm your perscription.
Mainly my biggest complaint is their site and how not very user friendly it is.
This is a Spokane, Washington, thing so most people will be like WTF IS WHITE BOX PIES?
It's a bakery and sandwich shop.
The site in't pretty, not very functional, but it has a menu on it and that's usually what I need. From the site you have to CALL the bakery in order to place and order so I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the site is other than a menu and to see some not great pictures of their food.
Now, their bakery items aren't that great. When you go all natural and glutten free, you typically go flavor free at three times the price.
Their sandwiches are pretty dang good though ($10 for sandwich and a salad of your choice). Pricey but good.
Website though, sucks.
Very user friendly site where you can order, print menus, sign up for email updates and frequent eater cards (like our country isn't obese enough as is), and file complaints about your visit to one of their resturants.
I have used it for all of the above mentioned.
The turn around time on emails to corp is VERY quick, which is nice. The site is very user friendly and everything is clearly and cleanly displayed and easy to navigate through.
For those of you that don't know, https://www.chilistogo.com is the Online ordering site for www.chilis.com/
With that said, I really like how the online ordering site is laid out and how you can customize your order to remove pesky demons like ONIONS from your bigmouth bites.
The downfall, there is a delay (anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins as we found out the hard way) from the time you hit SUBMIT to the time that it prints out in the manager's office so they can make the order.
That is irritating. I always have to call in to make sure they got the order and to reiterating NO DEMONIC ONIONS (highly allergic).

Overall, their site and the service is really great. When there's been an issue, it was quickly resolved by management.
I'm torn on this one.
I've used this site a few times with mixed feelings.
The shipping cost is high, in my opinion. You may say, "YOU GET FREE SHIPPING WITH PURCHASE OF $75!"
Okay, true, HOWEVER, if you use their site often and have points and get spammed by them with promos, that free shipping offer doesn't apply if you use a promo code to save 15% or whatnot so that's SUPER annoying.
If you don't need a promo code for the FREE SHIPPING then you shouldn't take it away because I used a promo code.
The return policy sucks. Plain and simple.
I got a UBS charge for the car. The charger was DOA (Dead On Arrival) and yet ThinkGeek.com was going to charge me for replacing it, even though it came from them dead! It would have cost me more to return it and then replace it or just return for a refund than the refund would have been after their fees.
Again, NOT cool.
Now, looking at the site from a funchionality aspect, it serves its purpose and does what it's supposed to- the Doctor Who tab to keep the Doctor in an easily accessible place is awesome- and the geektastic items featured at awesome.
The geek points accumulate quickly but the options, unless you dish out hundreds of dollars a month on geek crap, don't really get you much for the effort.

Overall, it's a three star because it offers amazing geek crap that you can't find anywhere else, at prices that no one living in their mother's basement can afford, in an enviroment that is clean, professional looking with a geek and nerd edge (their staff reviews are HILARIOUS).
Who doesn't love a sandwich that you click order on and you have it in front of you in less than five mins?
The site is easy to use. You can customize the sandwich without much effort (it's perfect for girls like me that don't do salads on their sandwiches and just want meat and cheese) which is great and helps to prevent the feeling of shame when ordering something from some skinny teenager giving you the look because you said NO to everything remotely healthy on your sandwich.
One complaint I have on the site is that, if you use it often like I do, it keeps readding your delivery address (if it doesn't change like mine; i get it at work) so I have 40 different computer generated variations of my delivery address, even though I have one marked as default. That extra step is an extra pain in the behind. Also, there's a section that says NOTES FOR DRIVER, yeah, you need that, BUT where's the note for the sandwich maker or packer? I am HIGHLY allergic to onions so I have to make sure there is no cross contaminated with the vile white beast of the vegtable world, the demon of the garnishment variety... Anyway, I have to call and tell them that. It'd be nice if there was a little box that says SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for the sandwich.
Because of that, I give it three stars.
Here's the skinny (gotta love a coffee joke this early in the morning) on Starbucks.com
I'm a Washington girl, love my iced coffee so sugary that it no longer resembles or tastes like coffee.
We use gold cards at Starbucks but reload them online through starbucks.com The process is super simple and user friendly (that's always a plus when hopped up on a $5.93 coffee). There is one thing that I DON'T like about the card site and that's the hunt and pluck method one must use in order to find the option to transfer from one card on your account to another card on your account (reload my gold card and transfer funds to my midget's green card). Once you find it, it's super easy and takes all of 10 seconds, BUT it takes a few minutes to find it.
The online customer support when you have an issue in store if usually quick and very helpful and understanding. I've had to utalize them a couple of times and each resolution was more than acceptable.
Overall, great customer service, informational website without too many bells and whistles, functional, and quick.
Oh lordy, where do I start with JustFab.com?!
It gets two stars because I DID use the site for over a year.
It was easy to use, bright and colorful, was accurate with the descriptions, products, sizing, and prices.
So why two stars?
Well, it goes beyond the website. The customer service via online chat is completely useless. One says one thing and another says something completely different, leaving the user scratching their head and asking WTF?!
I had a couple of returns, one took care of it in a way that was EXCELLENT (sent replacements and call tag for the old and I got the replacements the day FedEx/UPS picked up the old). The other person for the returns, totally screwed the pooch, in a matter of speaking, telling me that I didn't know what I was talking about and that they don't do returns like that and obviously I was confused.
Their customer service, as I said, is lacking. You can enroll on their site (read the fine print because they'll charge you every month unless you utalize the 5 day window to decline their questionable selections for you). BUT, here's the real kicker: you CAN'T CANCEL ONLINE! You ahve to call them, then you don't get a cancelation confirmation number. You get a chick on the phone that says IT'S CANCELED. Then, in my case, I was billed the following month and had to dispute it through my bank.
Honestly, I wouldn't NEVER recommend JustFab simply because their customer service is so lacking.
They make it so you cannot autopay on their credit account then they change the min due when you set up a payment in advance, causing them to charge you $40 late fee for a $2 difference because they changed it.
Horrible customer service. Would never recommend after this issue.
This is a hard one to review because shipping, pricing, items, are all the sellers doing, not the site.
So with that said, the site ETSY.COM itself is rather user friendly (until you get to paying). The shopping cart feature is nice to store stuff so you can keep shopping instead of doing 500 one-off purchases, you can come back and go through what you've added and remove what you don't need (or when your husband puts a limit to how many Doctor Who pillows or prints you need).
Four stars for the site because at checkout, if you are using paypal, it will not allow you to toggle between your payment menthods easily. It's an additional 10 steps which gets super annoying.

I wish they offered some type of etsy.com rewards program for buyers to get points or discounts, but they dont.
I've ordered from 6pm.com four or five times now and have had no problems in the least.
The only real complaint is if you call in, it sounds like you're talking to someone at home with their kids. That could have just been younger sounding people giggling in the background, but I don't know for sure.
The sizing at the site uses the manufacturers sizing guides which aren't always true to size so you have to check that.
The down side to this site is the prices change constantly. If something is purchased, that causes that same item to go up in price slightly because it's considered IN DEMAND. So if you bookmark it or put it in your cart at one price and come back the next day, it might be more expensive.
It's a crap shoot.
Overall, I'd use them again.
I've ordered A LOT from hottopic.com
When there was an issue, their customer serious fixed it right away.
The reason for 4 stars and not 5, their email customer service is non-existent. I emailed three times and got no response so I had to call. Thankfully they're West coast timezone like me so I was able to get a hold of someone.
Great shipping rates, quick shipping times, pricing is good, promos available online and in the store. Membership is linked to online and store.
I like that.
First, the positives: cheap, fast shipping, automated communication.
Now, the negatives: ordered my prints and they neglected to quality control them. If they would have looked at them, they would have seen that they were out of red ink because there was NO red on my prints when that was a VERY significant color on the prints i ordered. I called, no answer. I emailed, no response. Emailed again, I get a GO TO THE SITE AND LOOK AT THE RETURN POLICY.
Then, I have to pay over $20 to send them back. When I asked for a FedEx pre-paid label, since this was ROYALCANVAS fault, not mine, NO RESPONSE. Imagine that.
I sent them a copy of the tracking number so they couldn't say they didn't get them.
Their response, "Thanks. When they arrive we'll see what you want to do."
I already told them what I wanted, and yet it didn't register with them.
I will NEVER do business with them again, nor will I recommend them.
Ordered two pillows three weeks ago... still waiting for them.
Ponys could have delivered them faster.
They don't provide a tracking number, you are stuck using their LINK that doesn't show you anything.
The customer service is VERY lacking. Their HELP section isn't helpful in the least, and when you email them for help, they are short, as if responding in a clipped tone, and give you the link to their help site.

Will NEVER buy anything from them again.

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