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Thier product descriptions are false. If you view the Weatherproof LED Ribbon page there is a video where the spokesmodel says... "The ribbon is sold by the foot and you let us know how many feet you want and we send you one long ribbon to the exact size you request. Wether its 1 foot or 50, what ever you want. So I tried to order a ribbon of 18 feet which is between 1 and 50 right? I was told I have to order 100 minimum. WTF? The video clearly says we will send you ONE (1) Long strip in the size you want. It does not say you have to buy 100 pieces. When I confronted the company they said that if I want to order the one piece, they will have to make it custom in china and i will have to pay more for the item plus pay for express shipping from china to the tune of $200? WTF? This company is a rip-off.


What a waste of time. They get maybe 1 new member every week if that. Very little activity on the site. Dont waste your time. Go with one of the other more popular sites.


Ordered a sexy genie costume from them for a photo shoot. Arrived in about a weeks time with no issues. If you wait till the week or two before halloween, like every costume shop... expect there to be craziness, less then perfect customer service and shortage of items, so shop early.



One of many problems with this site is that it is built with the intentions to take JABS at legit websites. Many of the reviews are one sided and with less then accurate description of their expereinces. Then some of the haters on the site make reviews for other sites they have not even dealt with... but just based on reading someone elses reviews. How is that a fair review?

Anyone can log in as anyone... with free yahoo, hotmail or whatever email and post lies.

Like I can do it too:

After I signed up here on siteJabber.com I was presented with Porn Site Offers.

Does that make it true?

Site Jabber... You need to better your scripting and allow owners the chance to respond. If it is a legit complaint from a legit customer... there should be a way to show that the problem was corrected. And if it is a bogus complaint, then it should be pulled.

Most legit websites will do what they can to make customers happy. A site has been online for more then a year, selling products or services for money, then it probably is a real site and those sites should have the ability to defend themselves against wrong do-ers who post bull crap just to harm someone or a company.



I just finished ordering 2 inflatables from BuyInflatables.com. The prices are great because they are on clearance. Shipping seems to be a little higher then you would pay with normal retail pricing, but when you buy at retail pricing, there is padding in profit for things like packaging materials and time and effort to process an order. I guess when you sell below cost and at a clearance price, you have to add those additional fees into the shipping so thats ok. I know they are losing money because of how cheap the item is. I saw it earlier on a different website for a lot higher price. Glad I waited and got it from BuyInflatables.com. After placing the order I received a couple of emails. Order confirmation, Product Warranty Information and a personal thank you which invited me to post a review on this site. All emails were pleasant and professional. I also did a live chat with a girl named Olivia and then Donna today prior to making my purchase. They both were really nice. I would buy from them again and again.



Too much Fluff. Before you can even see what the site is about you have to sign up? I get too much spam mail as it is. No Thanks!


Im sitting here going through all these crazy reviews for different sites. Found this one and called my daughter over. Its a great site!


Never had a problem with toys are us. The person below with the bad review, all credit card transactions when made be it at a store or online are immediately processed with what is called an authorization. That Authorization is a block put on the amount of the sale. And it pending the closing of the sale. You can not go to the Gap, buy a pair a jeans and walk out without it. Do you really think the GAP gets your money in their account that instant? No. There is the Security Hold on it. Every credit card company has this and it is stated in your credit card terms and conditions.

Yes toys are us has had items on their site that state in stock and after i complete the order it stated out of stock. Do you realize how big and popular that website is? Do you realize how many websites have affiliations to that site and pull stock rom their inventory. Its possible for them to have it in stock and the next second be out of stock. What if the person before you bought the last one? No one not even manufacturers have an endless supply of stock. Every item at every business eventually is out of stock at one time or another.

People like you should not shop online if you can't understand you are not the only person shopping on a particular website. People like you should not have access to credit cards if you don't understand how they work.


I have been using paypal for the past 10 years or so. It is 100% safe and secure and customer service is great. The largest online banking system with millions of users, billions and transactions and because the few people on here who had a problem, (probably their own faults) Paypal is no good? LOL Paypal is great and the sheer fact that they are part of ebay and other multi-billion dollar companies prove that.


Do you really want to hire these people? On their website they say that the Department of Justice and the FBI both have scanned them and fingerprinted them, as if that is a endorsement. I know law enforcement agencies screen, fingerprint criminals. I did not know they would spend such resources to be used as a endorsement for a mom and pop business.


I searched google for local party supply stores in the Salem VA area. In town for a photo shoot. funtimesvirginia.com was one that was mentioned. Their site does not have much on there so I figured I would go to the store myself. HUGE MISTAKE. First of all when I walked in, the store smelled really bad. Okay you get over a bad smell maybe they had something smelly for lunch. I asked the person behind the counter for help regarding some stuff for Luau Party. They said they would be right with me. Wait, let me explain the person was busy TEXTING on their phone. A minute passes and their phone rings and they answer it. Then after the 3 minute phone call went to texting again. % minutes later I asked for assistance again, and I was pointed to an Isle and told to find it myself. And as I walked out I heard them say "Stuck up b*tch". Needless to say today I filed a complaint with the county commissioners office and the BBB and I warn everyone from going to that store. Its no wonder why the shelves are half full. With staff like that they will be out of business before year end.

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