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Guys these are all scams, look at all law suites pertaining to Ocwen, Altisource, RealServicing, Wells Fargo, Deustche "national" trust, now they are hiding under Hubzu, owners.com, and all realty sites. They have dear friends of ours, home listed for a "CASH AUCTION", note the " Do Not Disturb Tenants" this family has been in a fight of they're life for over a decade, on a predatory "federally deemed" loan that they didn't default on, they paid unbelievable amounts of money, reg. Monthly, they thought mortgage payments and after 2 years trying to get it worked out with the "servicing company", that company bankrupted along with the supposed bank, again both were in bankruptcy at the time this family was in closing, buying the house from the parents to their children and retired south. Too, note this whole time as each entity has been Federally and Nationwide, cease and desisted, fined, or they settled out of court ( please be encouraged to search the cases, there are thousands of settlements to homeowners after the fact, all Nationwide and several Nationally by states and the Feds with the whom by the way, after admitting their fraudulent activities, ( Great Example: u tube, 60 mins on robosigning) they just keep switching attorney's, who buy the forged fake paper pennies on the dollar and begin illegal foreclosures, each time they are caught they roll out to a new name, now they are calling themselves "OWNERS.COM ", still Altisource ( they have main office now in Luxenbourg, Luxenbourg City, Germany) they will tell you yes, Atlanta, GA ( where too Ocwen started there illegal activities, each time they are caught they just forge fix the issue but yet continue with illegal documents, unforutnately certain states like Delaware, Georgia have lax business laws and in here lies SOME of the problems, the D/B/A is going to make harder for the legit beginner, starting a business) each entity, all parented by the main company, has changed hands (meaning they just switch the name and address) so many times, they have only been temporarily shut down after making a settlement to the national treasury, or just paying a fine. At one point hope seemed reachable as a NATIONAL Settlement ( no monies to homeowners in MD, other then a letter to SOME already evicted homeowners with "whoops, it was a computer glitch, we should have modified you, sorry. Mind you their lives are still in ruins, credit is held hostage unless you pay for bankruptcy). Again this family has received nothing to date, and all they have done is fill mounds of paperwork, paid and spent tons of money to find out the company couldn't have ( nor ever had the intention to) modified, or restructured their loan as per FEDERAL guidelines because of a national cease n desist with 49 states) Why when the Nation, by 49 states, shut down in the form of a cease n desist order, to illegally forge documents, lie to the courts and illegally foreclose on homes that have been in this crisis since 2007, even allow this parent company, remember out of originally Uraguay, South America, officed in Atlanta, Ga and FLA, to continue? Oh by the way they now are also called PHH, I saw on the news and when I asked this family they continue like loyal soldiers " No Comment", "we just want to get this fixed and keep our land and home"... again just follow the money. Non of these companies and so called banks have any standing in their notes, deed of trusts, what so ever, have in any form of legal possession, or court ordered possession and why they are trying to dump the house on a third innocent party!?!?! Because they are GUILTY of FRAUD at MANY levels. Shame on you CFPB! ( our friends actually do have a court date Nov 11th, set by 3 judges on the (illegal deed, the illegal so called "sub Trustee's" filed in their name? In court) possession that 4 attorney's are NOT the legal "Sub Trustees", and a they DO have a second court date ( I went looked myself) that was set back in August for Nov 20th), note everything for the past DECADE can be seen on the court docket in Anne Arundle Co., MD. This family and their land has been established since the 1800's in the "First Families of Annapolis", their kin from the 1800's are buried right in the center of West Street/Riva Rd. The family has asked all us ( whom they have done nothing but GOOD for our community, church, hospitals, neighbors) for our prayers, and to NOT GET INVOLVED, they want to continue to do the right thing & believe JUSTICE and our great JUDGES will prevail on the right side of this. The mental anguish I/we our family and the community can't imagine, yet, we've seen what this family, their children and now grandchildren has and have continued to be and been put through for over a decade! And to now watch them come to a neighbor family's funeral ( the elders were all farmers, to engineers, road work, building bottom line a good, hard working family that does nothing but give, can't we as a community, shouldn't we pulled together and at least all show up at these hearings? They have been more then patient, the monies they have spent ( which should be rembuirsed towards their mortgage), a hard working local blue collar family, who chooses to continue to work hard, dirty hands but CLEAN money, and they believe in our courts system here in AA Co, they themselves won't speak to reporters or the news, believe me you I know fact they have been asked. This state has done nothing, but to take the word and paperwork of liars and to do but throw people illegally out of their homes? This past Sunday, they came to pay respects to family and friends, whom they constantly look after, to hear someone say "why is your house on Hubzu for a public "CASH ONLY" auction? I thought you guys have court dates up and coming?", They had NO idea, once again the family, slapped in the face, only asked that today be about our friend we lost, too, let's remember our family of neighbors who have grown up together generation after generation, the family who just lost 2 brothers this year and another who is fighting hard still for his life, it's not about us, it's about remembering the good, remember to count blessings, we all have them if you stop and look, that they were brought into our lives by and with them, we do thank you all for the steadfast loyality and continued prayers & support." Then only asked this past Sunday, for continued prayers and that justice finds it way to our hard working Judges & court clerks, attorney's that are doing right, too continueing too take the time, look at the ALL facts ( I have heard from reliable sources that the wife has over 10 years of paperwork, in black and white proof to show the courts, to all of us that have been harmed, the people that have already gave up because the court costs, attorney fee's will and have bankrupted the Nation, had no choice but to walked away or have been thrown illegally out of their homes. And this past Sunday SHE still won't blame the courts and the past attorney's that did wrong, she explained "Know the devil, the devil is in the details" in which she has to show each and every payment (that only a minimum payment sometimes was credited, which then was reflected with outlandish fee's, i. E. just one example in a "late payment", they were prompt every month making their payments, has forced placed insurance and the list goes on and on, forged documents, (they have their originals closing docs), she continued to explain it is a very LONG process, we've been and will continue each step asked of us, and "God willing and the creek don't rise (bringing a chuckle to the congregation) we will FINALLY have a day in front of 3 amazing senior judges, on Nov 12th, concerning the illegal possession at hand now", she didn't understand how someone could be so evil, neither could we, to add now another innocent third party, and have had a date of Nov 20th set back a few months ago. Note to everyone she stated: "we as a family are asking of you, go high, with your words and pray for these enemies, pray for these companies and people working to only steal from the hard working people that have for generations, for our family, since the 1800's..." Speaking down upon them,... down is to only be at their LOW level of hatred, non of these companies originated from or out of the USA, one is from Uraguay, South America, others are hiding in the Phillaphines, to the out sourcing of all our personal information to India that led to our identity theft, straight out of our bank account in 2008 and again I ask go High, remember there's too much of that hate already and we refuse to be a part of that! " How this family has maintained their love for our community, Anne Arundel Co., and our state of MD when so much harm has been brought to them and note to all of us there's is a fine example to follow. This family. So note to people in the USA the MD home up for a "CASH" auction, reading it screams scam, it's these people realizing they won't win and trying to get what cash they can and run with it to the Virgin, Camen Islands. What she would say is " do your research and follow the money, I should, I've been told, to write a book, you just can't make this $#*! up"


WARNING! SCAM ALERT! LISTINGS ON THIS SITE, read the warnings "do not disturb tenents ( they have proof of fraud and with an upcoming court date of Nov 12th) "CASH ONLY", NON OF THE PARTIES ARE LEGALLY POSTING THIS AUCTION! THE 1160 ST Stephens Church Rd posting is a FRAUD, companies have been contacted and politely asked to call this family's attorney and remove the home from auction, no instead they rather involve an innocent 3rd party who's going to loose their CASH MONEY! See ANNE ARUNDEL CO COURT DOCK: We know this family, this has been an ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE FOR OVER A DECADE! THE COURTS HAVE NOT GRANTED POSSESSION OF PROPERTY, ( the family is greatful and hopeful that the Judges are finally going to hear and see all their evidence, the person who did this got fined and shut down by N. Y. SEC ( charged with fraud, had to settle with org. Investors, and paid a huge fine and accepted a FEDERAL CEASE N DESIST, yet this person is in our government today) COURTS are having a hearing on NOV 12th, and NOV 20th, courts too, are aware of years and scams of all these companies! No BANK REP ever showed at the 1 hearing this family has ever had! The family has all their payments, bank documents, the fraud papers that have been presented to court (note without having the family in court to show all the factual evidenced of the fraud that has been done to them from day one on a FEDERALLY DEEMED PREDATORY LOAN, and fake "sub Trustees" of these to show on top of a decade of legal fees, not to mention the mental anguish they have been put on this family. Their land (and home) that's part of the first families of Annapolis! This family from the 1800's to current day has been hard blue collar workers, community, church involved, without them many of us wouldn't have the great county and community we live in. How many of have been plowed out, taken to the hospital? Paved roads, trees cut and hauled for us, a doctor carried out of Penderbrook thru a snow storm to get to a child sugery, and so much more? Any and everything we ever need this family is always there AND THE FACT they NEVER defaulted and made many additional payments to a fake company that never had title or authority to do so from day one! They can prove in black and white, everything these companies ( which by the way have settled BILLIONS of dollars and fined from every state nation wide to the CFPB, the National Tres., and so much more, all these so called banks have been on the news, in front of congress ECT. The story goes on and on! Look it up! They have had NATIONWIDE CEASE n DESIST! This family has diligently done everything, they have filled out every document, even when one of their attorney's had a stroke in the middle of this, they kept doing what was right. This new attorney firm ( by the way I believe it's the 3rd attorney firm, falsifing documents as if they have a clear clean title and they don't) title is fake, forged, stamped, some call it robosigning, this family can show and provide ( our courts system favors the banks ( that's fine if there's a true default, this family DID NOT!), We pray the Judges are finally catching on since the 2007-2008 home crisis which could have been stopped, yet today after a decade of proof, and these companies settled, continue to pay fines, CEO's step down to be replaced with another crook. All of them ( not counting they were bailed out by the goverment) they have been allowed to throw people out of their homes illegally, without looking at the true facts!) are evil crooks. This family believes in our courts, they continue to believe in the system ( why, they are better then me) and they repeatedly have only asked for our prayers and to let the justice system work, they say from experience it takes time. They are however perplexed that these companies would illegally put their home up for a cash auction, knowing court is on Nov 11th on this matter, and again on Nov 20th? They hope an innocent third party too doesn't get ripped off of their cash. Beware!

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