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Southland Log Homes

Southland Log Homes

• Updated review

So, it's almost 2 years since we initially tried to do business with Southland Log Homes, and we have a written credit letter for $ 14,000, which we need to use by 8/23/2019. That is the only restriction on the credit letter, but the salespeople I've been attempting to work with since April 2019 have been moving the goalposts, adding non-existant conditions to how we may use the credit, we think in order to 'run the clock down' so we run out of time to use it..

Gordon Lewis, the salesman who didn't tell us we weren't qualified to buy the kit AND have it built, also failed to provide pricing on Log Home models under 1000 sq ft when I emailed to inquire. Danielle Whorton, the woman who procured us the credit two years ago, now says it must be used on a home of greater or equal value to the original one in the contract. But the credit letter says "cancellation of contract" in the subject line, so that restriction is bogus.

Also, she brought up a 'parts sale' in SC, probably near the Irmo, SC main branch - where they apparently had sheds/workshops - but said we couldn't buy them with the credit. Why would she bring that up if we couldn't have it? Discussions with her supervisor, Dorthy Richberg, led nowhere because she only wanted to debate the word "homes" in relation to the workshops/sheds that Danielle brought up.

Then I contacted Steve Colquitt in Greenville, SC, hoping he'd have better info on the part sale, but instead he forwarded 2 small log home models that suited our purposes and seemed to be in price range. He said we needed to use up all our credit (or more) on the models, which is possible with the 12' x 20' model with the flooring option.

But just this last week, he reversed himself and said I needed to talk to Dorthy, who now claims I need to use the credit for a total home package that is equal to/more than the original in the now-cancelled contract. But again, none of these restrictions are mentioned in the credit letter, and they cannot retroactively do this.

My lawyer reckons they've spent my deposit money on someone else's project, and so now there's nothing for them to use to pay their distributor for the materials. But that's not my problem; and if they won't sell me what I've already paid for, that's fraud. I may take this up with my bank; and/or file a financial police report, as it seems that's the only way they'll take me seriously. Possibly I'll have to take legal action now, too.

What a waste of time and money! If they would have just been honest with me, all this could have been avoided.

“BYOB-Bring Your Own Builder!”
• Previous review

We tried to do business with them a year ago, and in retrospect, they sure saw us coming! I didn't know the installation/building part was separate from the sales part - which is the only business activity at the Fredericksburg, VA site. We didn't know this; and the salesman didn't say so upfront, so our large deposit was only towards the building kit (logs, etc.) and nothing else. We were presented with a list of builders after the check cleared, and of about a dozen, only 4 were sort-of in our area. Of those four, no one could help us because they were out of our budget, despite what the salesman said after reviewing our finances. Dishonest is the very least you can say!

Some of those builders were actually upset at Southland, for *not* being more honest and upfront with customers, since they create unrealistic expectations that reflect poorly on those builders, too,. One of Southland's builders was abusive to me over email because of it. Nobody could help us; and the deposit for Southland's Log kit was non-refundable; arbitration mandatory in the sales contract, which said nothing about installation.

I contacted Corporate in Irmo, SC, and eventually they said we could apply the deposit to another kit within 2 years, but without a builder, that doesn't mean much. So the takeaway is BYOB- Bring Your Own Builder; and be sure you talk to both sales AND Builders before you put any money down or sign anything! Buyer Beware!

DMV Attic Insulation

DMV Attic Insulation


My next-door neighbor used this company today to vaccuum out her attic insulation There's no business name on the side of the pickup truck; and only a nondescript U-Haul is attached to the back - pretty sheisty! Still, other than telling them to move their equipment off my lawn, everything was ok until pink fiberglass insulation started spilling out of the cloth bag in front of my house. And into my front yard, down the sidewalk, out into the street, down the storm drain (where it says NO Dumping in big letters), etc. On confronting one of the workers, he said "sometimes this happens" and said he would clean it up.

Really? Fiberglass is toxic to the environment; and I only saw the workers wearing respirator and paper masks. Not to mention the fiberglass shards that are now washed into our public water, and in my front yard. No vaccuum hose is ever going to be able to get that up. I should probably report them to the EPA, if the EPA cared about the environment anymore.

What's more, is that I had to get the business name from the town police officer; there's no listing for them on the Better Business Bureau, and nothing in DPOR, who governs professional licenses. More sheistiness! I think these are just two guys in a pickup truck with no formal training, certifications, or licenses. Their website doesn't state any professional certifications, either.

Enjoy the pictures of environmental degradation below!!!!

Donegan's Tree Service

Donegan's Tree Service


In brief, the owner of this company, James, came to my house uninvited, unasked, unannounced to confront me over my negative Yelp review. He'd already asked me online, via Yelp, to take it down and I'd refused. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING gives a business owner the right to hassle a person at their own home. Especially as I have a NO SOLICITING sign clearly displayed in front of my house; and never gave him my address, phone number, etc. He would have had to have followed me to see where I lived - clearly a violation of my rights to privacy; obviously meant to harrass and silence me; and just creepy! Also potentially dangerous - he could have easily shot or wounded me!

All over a negative review I left on Yelp because I didn't think they should have cut down the obviously-healthy tree in my neighbor's yard that closely borders mine. He successfully pressured Yelp to take down my review, so I'm posting on every other site that's more reputable; plus looking into filing a report with Law Enforcement.

Highly unethical company - do not use!

#unethical #stalker @violatingprivacy #harrassment #intimidation #illegal

Tip for consumers: They bill themselves as a "tree service" in Leesburg, VA. Looking at their reviews on Yelp & Google, there's NO negatives, which is unrealistic for any business. Makes me think they've pressured reviewers before; or use internet-scrubbing services for any review they don't like.




I bought a (Jessica London) Winter coat from Full Beauty where the initial sale and shipping were without complications. I received the coat and true to the reviews, it was tight in the biceps and fit smaller than expected. So I attempted to exchange it for a larger size, via the paper exchange slip in the bag; and the prepaid shipping return label. It took over a week to return and process; and in that time, I received a refund (minus shipping) because the item size I needed was out of stock. I received the email explaining this the next day.

I wish there was a way to initiate the exchange online as it would have saved time and reserved a coat for me in the proper size. Right now, you can only return items online, which means I would have needed to buy the whole coat over again, and pay shipping again, too.

I saw a different brand of coat in the same style, but have elected to shop at that brand's website ( Roaman's) in the hopes that shipping will be faster, and will cost less. Perhaps it's the same sort of problem as with many online retailers (Amazon, etc.) - returning or exchanging a 3rd-party item is much more difficult due to differences in policies.

Addressing all the reviews about prices: most of these websites use 'cookies' to track your purchases and browsing history. So unless you need an item immediately, shop on a website, but wait a day or two to buy - often the prices are cheaper when you return; or you may see targeted advertising that offers the same item at a better price. It's annoying to "play the game" but that's how it's done now.

Tip for consumers: Wait for a day or so when you're shopping for an item if possible - prices change based on your browsing history.




I've used Yelp for a long time, and have seen some of my older reviews removed with little or no notice, the most recent being Southland Log Homes in Fredericksburg, VA. We got taken to the cleaners by an unscrupulous salesman there, and naturally I wanted to spread the word so no one else could be victimized, especially as there weren't a lot of reviews on the Internet about them - good OR bad. Which is why every true review is important - so other people can make good decisions about whether or not to do business with a company, forewarned being fore-armed.

I posted the review in 2017, and it stayed until earlier this year, when I got an email from Yelp, saying that it didn't appear I had done business with Southland! Well, I have a $16,000 check for a deposit that says otherwise!!!!! Plus loads of documents that prove a contract and ongoing communications.

What got me was, there was no way to contact Yelp to discuss the review's removal, no appeal process or opportunity to prove that yes, I *had* actually done business with Southland. The decision was already made by the time they notified me. And there was no way to respond to the notification email - it said it went to an unmonitored address; and there was no phone number or reach-out email, either. But I emailed the dead-end address anyway and predictably got nothing back.

So I can only conclude that, yes, Yelp *does* allow businesses to pay to remove negative reviews; or else they allow "scrubbers", employed by businesses, to interfere with reviews posted on their site. Or maybe it's something else entirely, but I wouldn't know what, since there was NO opportunity to contact them and discuss the problem.

For that reason, I've started to post every review of a business to SiteJabber, Google Reviews, Consumer Affairs, Ripoff Report, BBB, etc. So we forewarned folks, the integrity Yelp itself s compromised!




I've been a customer for several years, bringing several cats down for (mostly) dental cleanings, which have included pain meds, extractions, and pre-op bloodwork. It's been 225.00 until this year - now it's 260.00. The increase doesn't bother me, though - it's that, since moving buildings 2 years ago, they seem to be getting more exclusive about the sort of pets they want to help. I've seen this on a few bad reviews across multiple websites - if your pet has a condition they deem "chronic", they don't want to help.

That was true for Peter's colon surgery - though listed on their website - they weren't willing to do it. We had to pay 5 times what they would have charged for a surgery that had *none* of the complications they foresaw. Then when Ella allegedly bit someone under anesthesia (for a dental), they planned to turn her over to animal control for euthanasia unless I could produce a rabies vaccination certificate. But it was so early a.m. that her regular vet wasn't open for a few more hours. Fortunately I was able to get a hold of them so they'd release my cat. Their website *still* doesn't include suggestions for out-of-town owners to bring vaccination paperwork; or to submit it online ahead of the visit, which seems prudent at the very least. Many of their clients come from out-of-state and could find themselves in the same bad situation - what do they do then?

So I guess I should have connected the dots and not been surprised with this morning's fiasco over another cat's upcoming dental (Thursday), which they cancelled when *they* were the ones who called to confirm it!. Apparently it was a mistake to pass on the professional-courtesy request from my vet to obtain a urine sample while Miles was under anesthesia - they concluded he was too frail/had a condition - which made him ineligible for a dental procedure. This was ascertained from a brief supposed "consult" with a vet and the office manager, where I was not consulted at all!

They requested I have his vet records faxed over with a note from his vet ok'ing the dental; and then make a new appointment. Even though it takes months to get a new appointment; and my schedule isn't that flexible, in part due to the distance; and disability. Even though a simple phone call could've cleared it all up. Even though I have no assurances that looking at his records will allow him to be seen - they've pulled this stunt before with Peter's colon surgery. Even though they didn't ask ME, Miles' owner, what I wanted done - *before* cancelling the appointment. They took all my choices away before I could do or say anything.

Why would I trust that process now? Any part of it? Asking to speak to the Office Manager got me hung up on. Calling back and speaking to the Office Manager got me lectured about respect. Well, if you want respect, try showing your customer some, eh? And then lying to me and saying there's no one else I can talk to - you deserve to hung up on and called names at that point!

I can't help but think this is all-too-reminiscent of businesses that have reached their zenith - at a certain point most get too big and customer service goes to hell. Just look at Express Scripts for example: a huge pharmacy provider with at least 500 complaints on Consumer Affairs alone. Most businesses seem to follow a traditional Bell Curve over their lifetimes anyway - look at department store, for instance.

But more to the point, Helping Hands moved to a new building 2 years ago. Their prices have increased. You can now get an "emergency" appointment at $500.00 a visit, which gets you through the door faster. Staff size has increased with the new building. They seem to be increasingly picky about who they'll help and who they won't. Customer service is now in the toliet. Other pet owners across other advocacy/review websites have voiced similar complaints about them refusing to treat animals with "chronic" conditions. I expect this will increase if they continue to spiral downwards on customer service.

I'm angry, sad, confused, frustrated - and now can look forward to a large vet bill to get Miles' teeth fixed. Their slogan of " Helping Pet Owners Avoid Economic Suicide" is not true! They've let me down; burned their bridges with me; and now I'm writing a complaint when I'd previously praised them years ago (on Yelp), before they moved. Time to move on. Their "new" building was very hard to find anyway; and the waiting room/lobby cold as ice.

Later the same evening: Got an email from a supposed part-owner/manager Jackie who castigated me for my rudeness over the phone, threatened to "fire me" as a client unless I apologized in writing, and didn't take ANY responsibility for her staff's actions; or hers, basically casting me as the "bad guy." I responded defensively to her email attack- God knows why - and blocked them afterwards. Considering I recently found out several cats died in 2016 under Dr. Lori Pasternak's care (original owner/operator), we dodged a bullet. And now I don't have to make a long trip to Richmond ever again!

Clayton Homes Of Fredericksburg

Clayton Homes Of Fredericksburg

• Updated review

Well, after a wasted month spent on trying to get a General Contractor to take over for Clayton in installing our house - who the loan officer at Tidewater would have approved - the GM Dave Tetzlaff torpedoed the whole deal, refusing to sell the house to me unless I paid cash. He claimed Tidewater could structure a loan that way, which wasn't true. So I argued for our sales agreement to be voided out, since they weren't going to install our house; or allow anyone else to do it, either.

I just got the letter today that voids it all out. So while I'm relieved this ordeal is now (I hope) over, we've still lost over 7k in building permits, septic/well permits and design; and non-refundable deposit. And they've now got our custom-ordered home to sell to somebody else. Well, in Sarah's words, "It's Not Fair!" But that's how it is.

“"Things are not always what they seem in this place. So, you can't take anything for granted."”
• Previous review

That's a line from one of my favorite movies, "Labyrinth." In the last six months of attempting to deal with this Clayton Homes dealer, it's become a running mantra in my head. Meaning that while they seem like a home dealer and seller, you can't take it for granted that they'll actually sell you a home.

Even if your loan, county permits, deposit, engineering designs are all in order; plus the home you ordered delivered to their sales lot (for the last 8 months!) - you're not necessarily going to get your home. Even if you've been attempting to work with them for over A YEAR. Even with the best, most dedicated, honest salesman in the whole world - Carlton Brewer - whose only goal is to make the commission he's earned on selling you the home you want.

No, the problem isn't with the sales staff at all. It's not even with Tidewater Mortgage, who gave me two different assessments over the year, thus proving our ability to sustain the loan for the home. It's actually quite amazing they hung in there that long, since a prolonged closing usually means something's wrong, It's a miracle *I've* held on for so long, too, having needed to act as my own Project Manager, getting permits, talking to the county building folks, interfacing with the lender; and even at the end of things, calling around (for a month!) trying to find a General Contractor to take over when it was clear The General Sales Manager - David Tetzlaff - would do nothing to install our house!

He's the problem (and yet another Goblin King)! Promising the world, and delivering only broken dreams. And then threatening to sue me for slander when I post my experiences on Consumer Affairs, BBB, SiteJabber, Ripoff Report, Google, and Yelp reviews - you get the picture. Well, threaten away Goblin King, YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME! You're not going to install my house, reimburse me the 7k I've lost while dealing with you; or probably even face any real consequences, since unless I get a lawyer, nobody will advocate for me.

At this point, I have nothing to lose; and will continue to do my best to make sure nobody else has to go through the Hell you've put me through this last year. I don't understand why you keep making lame excuses and just continue to lie about why you won't help me. The initial sales experience was SO good; until our house was delivered to your lot in January. Then for some reason you didn't want to share with me, it all went to pieces, when I've done all you've asked and more than I should have had to, as a customer. I should have walked away long ago, but I was trying to be fair and understanding - my bad!

It's really awful of you, you know, to fob your problems off on your customers - not professional or even polite. This is the best you can do, is it? All I can say now is, "Such a pity....SUCH a pity..."



• Updated review

It's too much of a hassle to deal with them. The shirts I got were cheap polyester, not sized appropriately, and as I've already said, the returns process is a hot mess, not in a good way. Their returns process was *marginally* easier than Rosegal, who I suspect is just another shell company attempting to sell the same shoddy merchandise. Really, I think Rotitia, Rosegal, Modlily and Rosewe are all the same company, across different webpages - there's just too many similarities. I wouldn't knowingly shop with any of them.

“Ordering a larger size than usual didn't help; and returns a hot mess!”
• Previous review

I ordered a few shirts from Modlily, not wanting to do lot of business with an unknown, especially online. I knew Asian sizes run smaller than American equivalents, so I ordered one bigger than my usual. It still wasn't enough and I started the returns process. That's one of the reasons I picked Modlily - they have a return policy that other Asian companies do not. I even saw the same shirts for less on Amazon, but with no return policy - they are all obviously from the same manufacturer. I thought by comparison, I was safe paying more for a better company.

But I guess the buying/selling process is also different in Asian countries - maybe haggling on returns is normal. But I found it annoying; and it made the returns process overly complicated. If something as simple as clothing doesn't fit, then why do I want to keep it, especially if I'm *not* getting all my money back? It just seems cheap to me, though again, it could just be a cultural difference.

Either way, clothes are sent back., finally; and I am waiting on my refund, which they say could take 10-20 days (!) even with PayPal, which is not who I used to make payment originally. So, not a good experience and I will not be back. I'm going to delete my account (if possible) after my refund; and just stick to clothing companies I know.



• Updated review

I think their last reach-out to me via SiteJabber was a canned response - I've read this before from them, down to the letter. Having size charts posted online does nothing to alter the fact they're selling Asian sizes, which are smaller than American sizes. There is NO equivalency!

Plus, their Returns Warranty pages say nothing about haggling for a return, needing to photograph items returned, getting an RMA and prepaid shipping label - all things that would help them be a transparent business. Of course, if they said these things upfront, nobody would buy from them because it's crazy to make a customer go through all that! Who wants to bother after that?

I'm not giving them another star for returning my money because I'M THE ONE THAT DID ALL THE WORK! I felt like the return was a job I should have gotten paid to do! I wish I didn't need to put in an order number to do this update as it will just encourage them when I don't have anything left to say to them.

Rosegal attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

“Sizes are unequal and returns are a hassle!”
• Previous review

So I was initially attracted by beautiful shirt patterns in the same handkerchief style hem that is usually flattering on my figure. Knowing that Asian sizes usually run small, I ordered larger than what I usually wear, but it was not enough. It could be the polyester fabric adds to the smallness, also. One of the reasons I ordered from them (vs Amazon, who has similar styles for less) is they have a stated Return Warranty. So I thought I was safe, paying more; and from a more reputable-seeming company.

Despite my precautions. all shirts were too small, and I started a return through what they call a "ticket," where further communications apparently count as a 'review.' Weird but ok, it's their process and their company - they can run it as they see fit.

However, it has been the most grueling, unreasonable, horrible return process; though they have been perfectly polite in their communications. So polite I almost suspect a computer-generated response, but the grammar is sometimes poor, so it could go either way. There is NO phone communication possible that I saw.

There is no mention on their Retuns Warranty that you will be asked to take pictures of the merchandise, with tags showing; or of barcodes on bags; or size tags that don't actually display a size. I figure they've either been burned on unsaleable items that have been returned; or they really just don't want you to return items. It went far beyond the haggle for returns that is customary in some cultures, where they might give a partial refund and you keep the items. I think they ought to adapt to the American way of doing business if they hope to be successful and competitive in retail here - just an observation.

In all, I took 23 pictures of 8 items (and submitted them) because they made me so nervous with all their conditions for returns. I even took a picture of the item in the mail slot, being returned! So, yeah, either update your Return Warranty with relevant details; or just don't take returns anymore. They *did* eventually issue me an RMA and shipping label (for which they will deduct 5.99 from my refund), so I hope this is the end of it. Buying simple shirts shouldn't be this stressful; and because of this bad experience, I won't be back. I plan to delete my account after I receive a refund; and retain copies of all documentation/pictures, in case I need it later. I'll stick with stores I know from now on,.

Rosegal attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

Mike Fusco Builder

Mike Fusco Builder


Having nothing but problems with our current General Contractor for our modular home, we sought a new G.C., and Mr. Fusco was on Angie's List, so we thought we were safe. I sent him our building plans, septic/well info, etc., and right from the start, I could tell he had a more-than-healthy ego. He seems to be stuck on his business in North Carolina - talks about it nonstop- though he's supposedly moved back to VA and has a valid license through DPOR for Virginia. He talked so much, so fast, and off-topic that I couldn't get a word in edgewise; and wondered in earnest if he was off his meds!

But he said he wanted to see our land; and the mod home on the lot, so I took him seriously. After looking at our documentation, he called me back and proceeded to trash-talk our home, saying it was going to fall apart, that it was actually a trailer (it's not) - and that he could build me one much better from his Excel modular homes stock. So it was a sales tactic; and a very high-pressure, aggressive phone call that left me absolutely miserable; and still without a G.C.

I don't know if the quality of his work is good or not - I didn't get a chance to see because he turned me off completely with those high-pressure sales tactics and general lack of manners on the phone. I also note there's zero reviews out there for his business - good OR bad; in VA or NC- so I wonder how much business he actually does. Maybe if you want an Excel home, he's your guy. To me, his attitude doesn't inspire trust and I think it's dishonest and unprofessional for him to have trash-talked our home, sight unseen. If he couldn't/wouldn't help, he could have simply said so and without abusing his potential customer.

Tip for consumers: I'm going to look for more reputable builders in the National Association of Home Builders ( Sometimes a Certification means something.




I've gone back and forth a couple of times on SiteJabber, trying to make sure I gave this business a fair shot, but my conclusion is that they are not, in fact, a real business. I ordered some Pet Naturals Daily Best Multivitamins and a Tom's of Maine toothpaste from them because they had a good price on the multivitamins and I could buy them in quantity. Both items are readily available from many sellers online. The money came out of my bank account readily enough. But over a week later, the only communication was a badly-spelled email that indicated there had been - past tense - delays from the manufacturer but they were ready to ship. I was supposed to receive an email with tracking information when that happened.

But five days later, still nothing and I became suspicious when I couldn't find a phone number on their webpage to call. I got upset when a supposedly-live chat on their website went unanswered and the chat screen indicated it had been 'some time' since the company last responded. I got frantic when my email - a reply to the one they'd sent me the previous week - also went unanswered. Then I called my bank and flagged the transaction as being fraudulent as the company didn't seem to be real.

They suggested I call the police, but I hesitated as I'd been able to find a phone number on the website in the meantime - visible only once I logged in - and had spoken to a live person. The man indicted the same thing as the email -delays from the manufacturer; and that it would be 2 more business days before they could say if they would be able to ship the items or not. Then when I said I wanted a refund as I had no faith they would produce the items I ordered, he contradicted himself, saying he would call me back the next day after he talked to his shipping department.

I wanted to give them a chance to call me back, so I still didn't file a police report. But it's a week later - more than 3 weeks since I placed the original order for items that nobody else is saying are on backorder or delayed - and no one from that company has tried to contact me at all. The bank refunded my transaction; and I have a new bank card, for which I am profoundly grateful. God knows what might have happened had I let that charade play out any longer! And I'm going to file that police report now.

6/15/2016 Update:

I actually filed a complaint with Internet Crimes (IC) with the FBI. Since the consensus is that this is a fake business, anyone else who's had bad experiences with this company should do the same, too. is the website. I suggest printing off any documents you have to support the sale, chats online, emails, etc.

SACS Commission On Colleges

SACS Commission On Colleges


This is the accrediting body for ECPI and many other for-profit trade schools in the Southeastern part of the U.S. My experience with them came when it became necessary to call into question whether ECPI should continue to be accredited, after a problem where myself and my husband found out ECPI had done a bait-and-switch with my husband's college classes. Basically what they sold him weren't real college-level classes, despite being presented as such - but that is a separate issue and review on this site.

So, following the lengthy and complicated procedure for submitting a request for a review of ECPI's accreditation, I prepared a document that proved ECPI had violated SACSCOC's also-lengthy Principles of Accreditation handbook, pointing out specific subparagraphs, subheadings, etc. by number and paraphrasing or quoting content. I also included the written proof from a Transcript Analyzer at Frederick Community College (where we'd tried to transfer hubby's classes), who detailed why 7 of 10 classes taken there weren't actually college-level. I believe I even copied the letter we'd sent ECPI's President - which had gone unanswered - so SACSCOC could see we'd left no stone unturned in trying to solve the problem locally, which was also one of their requirements in asking for a review. It ended up being 7 pages long, with attachments.

So with all this effort and time to satisfy their very specific procedure to requesting an accreditation review for ECPI, I was really shocked when I got back a rebuttal letter from them a few weeks later. Nowhere in their procedures did it suggest I would have to debate with them! I still do not understand why they didn't take our concerns more seriously - after all, if the roles were reversed, I think I'd want to be sure the school or college I accredit would offer real college-level classes because otherwise the accrediting body could come in for some rather unpleasant scrutiny and/or legal challenges. I didn't respond at the time, because I shouldn't have to bandy words with a company or organization, just to get them to be fair to me as a consumer, follow the law; or in this case, their own written and published procedures.

So again, bearing in mind that ECPI is a for-profit school - and in the absence of any other communication - , SACSCOC's dismissive and inappropriate attitude and actions certainly suggest to me that the ECPI apple doesn't fall too far from their tree! If you must pursue higher education, make sure these loons aren't the accreditation board or company!




I say they are liars because the 'education' they sold my husband last year is bogus. His program of study was supposed to lead to an A.A.S. in Surgical Technology, but as we found out when we tried to transfer the courses (all well over the C grade necessary to transfer anywhere) to another accredited college, most of his courses were not actually college-level! Each was missing something crucial that would have made it a real college-level course - like a lab, research paper, or even college-level content. One or two courses were even Remedial

We found this out from a Transcript Analyst at the new school; and it's a serious enough problem that he'd have to start the whole A.A.S. program from scratch, which we now cannot afford.

And while yes, ECPI makes no representations that their classes will transfer anywhere, they're still responsible for the content of those classes, none of which were presented to us anything less than real college classes, in both the syllabus and course descriptions. Which we didn't have access to before he signed the Enrollment Contract, as there was no Program Director for that major. And since there's no way to change out classes in that major - it's a closed program of study - you're stuck with what they offer.

Nobody really seems to care that we've been defrauded - not the Ombudsman for Education, not the loan servicer, Navient; and certainly not the accrediting body, SACSCOC, who rebutted a letter I sent to them (and rather rudely, at that), requesting a review of ECPI;s accreditation due to the above problems. That was one of many long letters we've written because of this problem; and in it we cited examples from their own Principles of Accreditation; and provided written proof of ECPI violations - but to no avail.

. The Ombudsman referred us to Navient and SACSCOC; Navient referred us to the other two. And certainly ECPI doesn't care. Why should they, when they've already got my husband's Federal Stafford Loan, which we are now on the hook for;. We even wrote to ECPI's President and got not reply at all. Several days later, the webpage where we'd found the contact information for that person was offline permanently.

At this point, we have complained to the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau for the 3K in private payments we've already submitted to ECPI (leaving 10 k in Federal Loans) and we'll probably have to fight this out in Arbitration, as ECPI's Enrollment Contract has a clause that you can't sue.

So, really, yes, they are liars! Nobody should attempt to do so much as ask them for change for a dollar. And even if you did, you'd better count it afterwards to make sure they didn't defraud you and lie to you like they defrauded and lied to us!

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I've bought generic Zyrtec a few times from this website; and it has been without complication each time. Shipping was free or nearly free each time, as I remember; and arrived in the mail in a timely manner.




Sometimes it's when a business screws up that shows their character. After all, it's easy to be a good seller when everything goes right, but much harder in adversity. I ordered several packages of t-shirts for my hubby for Christmas, and when the order arrived, I found the bag had been shorted by 2 sets! I was able to get through the Customer Service right away; and was helped by a cheerful young woman who fixed the problem straightaway! And my husband got ALL his t-shirts for Christmas on time.... Very happy about that!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond


The title says it all - one or two online orders, both with shipping to home - and no problems! Items were as described; and shipping was reasonable, though it would have been nice to know ahead of time that one item was going to ship by itself at a later date. Maybe that's something they can work on with order confirmations sent to emails, etc.


I found this out when buying a Power Inverter for my car. In-store, the cheapest inverter was almost 30.00! Online, we found one (not the same brand) for 10.00. Obviously, they don't stock everything that's online in every store, but I was a little shocked that I would have overspent by 20.00 if I hadn't checked online. I haven't used the ship-to-store feature yet, but I think that will be another good option for keeping shipping costs low if we buy anything else online from them.




I've been buying from for several years now. You can find just about anything you want, and if you price-shop around a little, you'll get a fairly good buy. The one thing I really don't like though, is that if you have Prime - as we did for while_ the shipping cost is actually built into the price of the item, making it harder to know if you got a good deal on said item or not. We ascertained this by doing internet searches on the same item using several sellers - ebay, Froogle, overstock, etc. and comparing them to Prime items on Amazon. I was surprised at what I found - that shipping seemed to be included in the price on Amazon. So buying into Prime isn't always such a good idea - maybe it's better to price-shop a bit and be patient with longer shipping times.




Last year I bought a 20-ct of vaccines from Allivet - once in June, which was my first purchase; and another time in August. There was a problem with the purchase in June - the cold shipping charge for vaccines didn't process, due to software problems. I discussed this with Letitcia on the phone, who said since the charge had already gone through and it wasn't due to my error, they would let it go. I was impressed at that point and so I ordered again in August - the purchase went through smoothly that time, so obviously they'd fixed the software error. I thought that was the end of it; and looked forward to buying the vaccines again from Allivet in 2015, as the price was so good; and the quality just fine; and Allivet was a proven quantity.

Imagine my surprise when, in January of this year, I received a call from Allivet, saying that due to a year-end audit, they'd 'discovered' the problem with the shipping charge and were trying to collect 28.54 additional from me - 7 months later! I exchanged a phone call and several emails over the next two months, where I showed proof of what I had been charged last June via a shipping notice to my email - which didn't include the 28.54; and besides, I thought the issue had already been handled. I got an emailed invoice that had a print date of January 2015; which I hadn't seen before, but it also had a note at the bottom that said someone had called me last June, significant because Monika insisted they hadn't known about the problem until January, this year. Not that their feigned ignorance of that it makes it any more ethical to try to collect money more than six months later or anything. And a trumped-up, made-after-the-fact invoice, either.

Long story short and several emails later, Monika said she'd send me to a collections agency (over 28.54!) and I stated I didn't want to be contacted any further about the issue as I wasn't going to pay them one more dime and had proof to show I didn't owe anything more, besides. She contacted me again, which prompted me to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and a harassment complaint with my local sheriff's department.

Since then, I got a response from Leticia via the BBB portal, saying they'd decided to take no further action; and offering an apology, which I accepted.. She said my name had been put on a list of folks who they were trying to recover monies from, due to those software errors last June; and that I was one of several. But that doesn't explain why they thought it was ok to do that in the first place! It isn't; and if they expected to keep me as a customer, they should have been willing to just take the (small) hit, as I spent 100.00 each transaction; and would have again, but for this outrage.

Also, my suggestions (to Monika) that they try to recover the lost revenue from either the software developers or just take it as a business loss/expense on their taxes - was ignored. In fact, most of my communications were ignored, until I made a big stink and got Federal/National authorities involved. And most of all, isn't it predatory to try to collect money from customers when it's YOUR software that caused the problem? It's not like I made the software not charge me for shipping or was trying to 'get away' with anything. It's really disingenuous to chase me down after such a long period of time, for a small dollar amount that I didn't owe in the first place (because it was their software problem, not mine); when I was assured the problem had been handled in the first place.

And now that it's all over, I have to wonder at whether it was really worth it to Allivet to do this? Was it really a worthwhile way for me to spend my precious time (when it's at a premium because I'm disabled) to fight them off and get them to leave me alone for good? Was it a good use of local law enforcement, the BBB, or the FTC's time to run this down to completion? I don't think so. And because of all this, I'd say: stay away from I believe they have a storefront in Florida - maybe they're better in-person than online.

Tip for consumers: P.S. to SiteJabber et. al., this dispute has already been resolved through the Better Business Bureau, so no reply from Allivet is truly needed. Not sure what can be done about bad business ethics anyway - that's a problem internal to the company




Ok, I used Weddingwire 2 years ago to review vendors and create an online website. Just this week, WeddingWire let me know my venue, Rosemont, had disputed my review. This made no sense, as the review was 2 years old, so surely if there was a serious problem, they would have contacted me by now. Also I was so upset, as Weddingwire indicated I needed to submit a copy of my contract with Rosemont, to prove I'd done business with them at all. You can imagine how devastated & angry it made me feel, to have the whole venue-where I had all my family & friends out-called into question. Well, I sent Weddingwire the contract, left a nasty review of Rosemont on Yelp-which I have since deleted- and posted here regarding my opinion that Weddingwire should not allow their review process to be abused in such a way, as I suspected the dispute came from the venue's exclusive on-site caterer, who I'd left a bad review for. Trust me, the Caterer earned it. Today, I find out from the venue that it was all due to a computer glitch on their end & my review WAS NOT meant to be disputed. It also happened to one other person who left a five-star review. So, my concern with Weddingwire is -why aren't you verifying a dispute with the vendor first before contacting the customer? They've put me through the wringer this week & uneccesarily added stress to my life that I didn't need. Never do this to a customer again, ok!?

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