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I tell it like it is. If your site/service/company is trash, I will say so. If it's the greatest thing ever, I will also say so.

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I have an extreme urge to tell the truth. If I don't like something, I'm gonna make sure everyone knows it. If I love something, I will make that known too. I'll tell you my experiences with certain websites. What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you. ;)


I love everything. Except raisins. I hate raisins.

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Tampons, perfume, nail polish, makeup, high heels, etc. Where's the stuff for guys? What about men's cologne, shoes, clothes, etc? I'm sorry to point out this stuff but someone has to. I know how to shop (surprising for a guy, I know), & your site has the most shallow catalog of stuff I ever seen. Keep up the amazing work. LOL


I can literally see the processing & GMOs. I would literally rather drink gasoline & swallow a few matches than eat McDonalds. They should call the next smoothie a McDiarrhea smoothie. Oh and the chicken, isn't chicken. It's genetically engineered trash. Why do you still eat here?
McDonalds, you're food is disgusting. Don't sugar coat it because you'll put GMOs in that, too.


Yeah that's not very convenient when I know most of the songs they're playing. I guess I just know too many songs for Pandora.


I switched from Microsoft to Apple in 2009. Nearly 8 years later, I am still a mac user & do not plan on going back to windows anytime soon. I have Mac Mini, and 3 Macbook Pros. Honestly one thing I love about macs is they are very sturdily built. I once had a Dell laptop... until my little infant niece threw a teething ring at it & shattered my Dell's screen. Let's just say the impact was very light, but apparently still too hard for that plastic piece of garbage some people tend to call a computer.
Apple Macs though? Why my goodness I've had my macbook pro for 3 years... it's been to college with me, it's traveled around the world with me.
Oh & if you want much more reliable speed, buy a mac. Yes, it's worth the money.
Apple's customer service? Well they seem to be a little too passive aggressive sometimes. But they get the job done & if they can't help you, then they can't help you. Sure, most of them don't speak english but they will help you if you need it.
I have a closet filled with computer parts. I call it "The PC Cemetery". These are from computers that broke or failed over the years. There are also whole laptops in there that at some point decided to just magically die on my desk one day. Do you know how many Apple products are in my PC Cemetery? Zero. ZERO! You know why? Because they were built to last, not magically croak on me during a project.

But I'm not letting Apple off the hook that easily...

Apple's business practices are super questionable. Since when do you get rid of the Headphone jack... in an iPhone? I mean it's bad enough I gotta listen to kids blasting their trashy hip hop music from their speakers. Now I can't tell them to put some headphones on... because they have an iPhone 7 or higher. What company... ditches a headphone jack? Apple is a company who, when making a newer version of a product, discretely removes more features than it adds. And most of the features they add are inessential to the casual user.
Also let's not forget about the new Operating systems every year. Hurray! Here is the most improved version of iOS & OSX! We added 5 "new" features & changed the default wallpaper! There it is, this is the future! With this technology, we will be able to colonize deep space & travel back in time to the Triassic era! Behold... macOS Sierra. Feast your sights.
Yes Apple that's nice. You spend more time developing these new operating systems. You could introduce many more features.
The way I see it, when Steve Jobs died, he took Apple with him. Sure, I still love their products (well some of them). But let's face it... If Tim Cook was the founder of Apple they wouldn't have squat worth selling.


These guys have some fantastic products! I have a fossil watch & a fossil pair of sunglasses, and bought some clothes there too. I get compliments on them all the time. People love them. I went to a job interview brandishing a fossil watch & a vest I bought there. My interviewer said "I like your watch, what brand is it?" I told him "Fossil... the same brand that makes this vest." He said "Wow that's cool I'll have to go there sometime". Yes, I did get the job.


I love this store. It is like the oasis in a land stricken by poverty. Their frozen food is super gross but they have some really nice things elsewhere in that store. Everything is $1, as you may or may not know. So how can you go wrong?


These guys are something else. Not only do they have competitive prices here & there but they assign you a personal sales engineer when you sign up. You don't have to talk to them when you wanna buy something... you can talk to them about music production, or you can just shoot the hay with them about anything at all (As long as it's appropriate, of course. Don't call them up & be like "Gee this hemorrhoid is really kicking my butt right now!")
Also they send you candy with every order. And my personal sales engineer actually emails me every month to see how everything is going. Honestly, my own family doesn't even do that. Nobody does that. Nuff said. Check these guys out.


Their payment plans are very flexible. When I was still trying to establish some credit history (because I had none), these guys still approved my pay as you play application for a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo. They are also very enthusiastic & understanding. When I couldn't make a payment in time for the deadline, I called them up to tell them what my problem was & they understood. No, there was no late fee. They just said "Ok thanks for telling us".
If you can't make a payment, just tell them. They will understand. But whatever you do, don't blow them off. If you're having a rough time getting the money for your payment, call them up & just let them know. The sooner you do so, the better it makes you look in their eyes, and the more likeliness you will have of getting approved for another payment plan with them.


If you wanna learn the chords to your favorite songs, this is a good place. But if you wanna correct some tabs & write a review, stay clear of a moderator named "NeoMvs". She is not the most respectful person with approving/disapproving corrections & if you make one little mistake she will talk down to you like a snob. There are a ton of people there who will talk down to you for making mistakes... accuse you of not being a guitarist or whatever. They are not very understanding.
If you wanna learn chords to your songs, just train your ear like they did in the olden days. It worked, & music was actually good back then.


If you buy a card, your monthly fee will go up after some time of using it. The monthly fees are ridiculous. $7.99 just to use these guys? I don't think so. And $4.95 to reload? I don't think so. And take a look at all the bad reviews here... they are true stories. You will not be satisfied. Just stay very far away from them.
I switched to Netspend.


It's good for getting in touch with your friends. But not for making new ones.
Oh & be careful of people who report your posts. If you say something that makes someone upset, whether it was intentional or not, they will side with the person who reports your post. Even if it's something harmless, you could very well get banned. A friend of mine was once called a racial slur by some racist white supremacist lady. She said it to him out of nowhere. She just messaged him saying "How do n**** like you still exist". So he told her where to go. But then she got angry, & reported his profile picture... which btw was just a picture of his face smiling innocently at the camera. There was nothing else in the picture other than the plain white wall behind him. Facebook decided to remove his profile picture & ban him for 60 days. 60 DAYS! For what? Nothing. They just decided to be jerks & listen to the "offended" lady. So there's Facebook for you.


But with the same questionable flow of things. You gotta pay to use it... you can't have a profile picture with sunglasses. If you wanna talk to anyone on there, you won't unless you pay them $$. Like most of the internet, there are also fake profiles on there... a significant amount of fake profiles. They are galore. They will eat you up & spit you out.
And like I said with zoosk... most of the people you will meet there will have some sort of emotional baggage that will rear it's ugly head somewhere down the road. Just stay away from that site.
Most people are flocking to Tinder lately, anyways.
One can argue, "Just go out & find your soulmate in person. They ain't gonna come knocking at your door. Ditch the couch for a little while & go make some friends." Well if you're an INFJ like me, then you should know this isn't always an easy task. But you can break these barriers & overcome your shyness. It's very hard to do, but it's very possible if you practice it enough. Just look for ways to believe in yourself. Look for things to love about yourself. If you can't do it, ask someone else (who you trust). If you trust no one, then being on an online dating website is the last thing you should be doing... because it's fishier than a McDonald's fillet-o-fish.


As a musician, I love ways to promote my music. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.
I am a multi instrumentalist & songwriter. I play about 13 different instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards/piano, ukulele, harmonica, cello, mandolin, didgeridoo, zither/harp, saxophone, percussion, sitar, & soon I will start to sing. I learned my first 2 instruments - guitar & keyboard - when I was 14. I have a back catalog of over 1,380+ original songs I made over the past 9 years. I have a degree in audio engineering & I used to work in a music shop. I currently go by the stage name "Everlasting Friday" although I have about 8 other musical side projects of I am the sole member of.
When I found out about soundcloud, I took advantage of it & it's reasonable pricing. Soundcloud allows me to connect my music with the world and that's why they are the first place I upload my songs when they are finished (and registered thru the federal copyright office). Reason why I have it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I've been using them since 2012 & I'm gonna be honest, there are flaws that have yet to be improved. In fact, some have worsened.
The most notable one is the overflow of spam. The minute I post a track onto soundcloud, I get at least 5 fake likes from fake promotion services & 3 fake comments saying "woooohaa Everlasting Friday! So we got your track & think it could do good in a music contest! Yada yada yada" They don't always say it like that. They have their little 4 week series where they say it in different ways. For a couple months they'll just comment saying "ubud?" like I'm supposed to understand. Other times they will just word the music contest thing differently for a little while. Concerned the next one will be them asking me to sniff their farts for followers. And the fact that is all happens in the first 3 minutes after posting a track concerns me & makes me think I'm being stalked. If I'm being stalked on Soundcloud then that kinda makes me wanna not use it anymore.
The other issues are minor & are not worth a mention. But I would like to suggest that maybe soundcloud allows for a backdrop option for pages. I don't mean like the cover photo. I mean the entire page, just have a backdrop - like Twitter used to have.
There should also be an built in option to watermark your tracks on there. Too many tracks get stolen nowadays on soundcloud. Maybe a reverse music search option on there can also help detect frauds.
All in all, I enjoy using soundcloud & will strive to make some huge gains to my fanbase 2017. Let's see what the future holds. :)

Tip for consumers:
Make sure you put tags in when you post a track! The more tags you have, the better. It will help other people find your music. Also if anyone asks you to join a music contest or "pay $ for X amount of followers" don't do it. It is a scam and there is little joy to it. Fans are supposed to pay for YOU. Also make sure you share your music around. Join music forums (KVR, AudioSex, etc) & share your stuff. You gotta be able to handle criticism cause some people are gonna tell you your music sucks.


Well I don't have any bad experiences here like the ones most of you have. I'm just here to roast the current business practices they are known for.
So you know that method where they only allow EFT payment method? Yeah about that. Did you know that less & less people are using bank accounts, and more are switching to things like Bluebird, GreenDot, etc? Well if you don't have a bank account, you are not welcome at planet fitness.
I had a membership there. And there are signs everywhere & every one of them says the same things "You belong!" "Judgement free zone!"
But since when does it become judgment free when you are called out by an alarm system for dropping weights? Since when are you tossed out for being in shape & just trying to better yourself? "Ma'am you have to leave. You're doing too well on that ab workout that you're intimidating the lady eating an XXL pizza on the bench press." That right there is judgment, just not in the same sense as most other gyms. It's a passive aggressive form of it, and directed to the opposite side of the coin.
And the drinks are wicked expensive. $5 for a muscle milk? I pay less than that for the same bottle of muscle milk at the gas station.
Oh and don't use the locker rooms if there is a senior citizens event. I found out the hard way that there was a senior citizens trip taking place... by walking into a bunch of naked old men getting out of the shower. My mind was scarred for life. Lol


First off, bad policies. A friend sent me some money via paypal that she owed me. But surprise! It would only take 5 business days for it to clear! Well the money was intended to be used for a bill that was due in 2 days. So I called them up & got a chinese dude who barely spoke any english, & he told me that was their new policy so to make sure it's not fraudulent. Ok so my bill was paid off late & I got a late fee thanks to paypal.
Paypal needs more american employees. I speak english I expect an english speaking customer service agent. Not some guy 9,000 miles away.
I question you sometimes, Paypal. -__-


These guys make you pay just to message people. Also 99% of the people on there are uglier than my dog's butt. If my dog looked like some of the people on my matches, I'd shave my dog's butt & train him to perpetually walk backwards. I tell ya, I used to have pleasant dreams until I saw some of the profiles Zoosk recommended for me. I had to look at the address bar a couple times to double check I wasn't watching the discovery channel looking at extraterrestrial life concepts. "The gooberumadon wraps it's giant thighs around it's prey & swallows it whole. The crooked teeth allow for convenient chewing in the case of large meals. The overwhelming amounts of acne & clown-like short green hair is for scaring off their predators. Tipping the scale at 280,300,000,000,000,000 pounds, the gooberumadon is a dangerous creature not to be messed with!"


I wouldn't buy from these guys if I were you. I once bought a dell laptop from them, & it came in a ripped up box, with no receipt or documentation of my purchase there. It was just a laptop... in a badly beaten box. I tell ya when I see a laptop in a badly beaten box I get so excited I scream & I gotta tell the world & run down the street naked yelling "Eureka!". I get so excited I can't sleep. I totally live for laptops in badly beaten boxes. It's the one thing that gets me up in the morning. I used to cry at work twice a day. But since I found laptops in badly beaten boxes, I only cry once per month. I never knew the meaning of true love... until I discovered the breathtaking innovation of laptops in badly beaten boxes. In fact, if I am ever choking & need CPR, don't give me CPR. Just give me a laptop in a badly beaten box & I will spring back into life. Seriously, Cowboom. You turned my world upside down.
*Sarcasm intended*


I once bought a Vienna Symphonic Library single instrument there a few months back & it took 2 business days to get my download link & serial number from them. It was a downloadable product not a shipping product. However when I left feedback they responded politely.
I wish they would include the pro tools mbox 2 with the upgrade to pro tools 12 again. It was a special bundle they had exclusively at BHphoto for $200.
***BHphoto, If you bring that bundle back & I am able to scoop on up, I will increase this review to a 5 stars.***


I asked for a Digidesign Mbox 2 mini with Pro Tools LE for Christmas. So my friend decided to buy it for me. Well, he chose guitar center and well... GC is officially my grinch. And here is why:
They ordered it, and then they got an email saying it was backordered. So they waited. Then they got an email saying their order was cancelled. Why not just shop somewhere else, you may ask? Well guitar center won't give them their refund until 30 days. So now my christmas is ruined because of these guys. I asked for one thing for christmas - and these guys blew it. I am infuriated. GC is officially a grinch. I do not recommend buying from these guys. If I were you, I'd take your business to Sweetwater. They may not have the best prices, but at least you'll get your damn product.
I hope you're proud of yourselves for ruining my christmas, Guitar Center!

Tip for consumers:
Stay away. Go to Sweetwater or Reverb or JRRshop. Especially JRR shop & sweetwater. Those 2 will not let you down. Guitar Center will eat you up & spit you out. They do not care about you or your musical goals. Matter of fact I'd be surprised if they are even musicians. Just stay away.
Also, ZZounds is a place worth looking too. Their payments plans are amazing & if you have bad credit or no credit, that is not a problem. You will still get in.


EBay closed my seller account today and said they thought my account "was a risk to the community". Before they decided to do that, they asked me to provide documents stating who I was & proof of the products purchased because I had a spike in sales.
Just to clear some things up - here's a few things you should know:
-I had no negative ratings on my account.
-I was selling some of my music software that I no longer use.
-They asked me the other day for my photo ID, my bank statements, & receipts for my purchases. Everything went smoothly & I proved to them I am legit.
My customer satisfaction ratings were just about perfect. Only one neutral rating and ZERO negative ratings. But *dozens* of positive reviews.
-A portion of my proceeds went to charity. If I was really a risk, I think I would be taking the money all to myself, no? My account was built on a good cause & my customers has nothing but good things to say about me & the service I provided to them.

Now they want me to pay them $145 in seller fees, even though I can no longer sell anything. Yet they want me to compensate them. The reason for this closing I think is out of fear because I was really successful even though I was just starting out. When a new guy comes along with a lot to offer, not everybody is okay with that.
I called them up & they said I cannot appeal my account removal. I also cannot get an english speaking person for the life of me. Literally every time I call them, it's a chinese 13 year old girl whose name I can never understand. But the company is based in San Jose, CA right? I literally never had a proper english speaking customer support representative answer my calls. I've been on the phone with them numerous times, too. I know very well what people their workplace consists of. In fact they're so asian oriented, I bet they eat dogs for breakfast & cats for dinner.
I highly recommend avoiding this company like the plague. If you have any form of success at an early stage, they will remove your selling benefits. I allege that these guys were committed to bringing me down for whatever reason.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use them. Go for something like eBid or something. Anything is better than them. It just doesn't get any more inconvenient for you as a customer to sell or buy thru them. Especially if you're just starting out. They have a "Funds availability" program where you have to sell at least 25 items before you can get your money. Which is understandable for them. But when you graduate from it, there's a lot more behind the curtain & they will stop at nothing to make your experience a hassle for yo


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