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Grammarly has let me down enough times. Cost me some good grades. Use with caution


I'm wondering if there's some competition between this site and the Caroline-Mutoko-fueled Anyway, this site offers probably exactly what you'd expect it to offer, only the latest hottest gossip making the rounds in Nairobi. But still, cliche gimmicks abound


If you're a businessman on your way up, Forbes is not just a necessity, it is almost a requirement and prerequisite for your success.


This is by far the utmost best business, personal development, information, and news site since the invention of the WorldWideWeb. I don't know where I'd be if I never stumbled upon BusinessInsider


Filled with the usual pathetic gimmicks just meant to get you to click a link. Also has thousands of clearly fake stories with cliche 'scandals' involving public figures and politicians. They are also clearly biased against a certain political outfit, and are almost bragging about it. There's no professionalism here. I'm sure they are not even trying to have it. This is a joke of a news site. I'd recommend it, just so you can see for yourself how pathetic a site can get


This site is basically a joke


You will love the way they break down vacancies in categories: Accounting Jobs, NGO Vacancies, IT Tenders, Customer Care Slots etc. There's also plenty of insightful and helpful job-search advice and pointers (interview advice, cover letter format, etc)


We have always known Tuko to be an Entertainment site. I don't understand why they now want to shift to make it a news website similar to the others offered by Nation and Standard Media.


This site subtly acknowledges that their Number 1. Priority is delivering entertainment news. If you need to get political and financial news, this might not be the best place to visit first. It even relegates non-entertainment news to the lower half of its home page.
But what it does, it does it well.


Higher Education Loans Board helps students from financially struggling backgrounds secure government loans for university education. Great service it provides. A true solid piece of the foundation on which the nation is built


Those who come to know what they are coming for, and do not need the flashy marketing and glossy advertising that normally characterizes a site selling a service of its kind. Because of this, the website design is not very 'elite'.
These players have not had the level of public exposure as their competitors like SportPesa and BetIn, but they have a very loyal client base.
One thing for sure, they have nowhere else to go but up


It has served me good over the years. You might not always find what you're looking for (they have a somewhat limited collection), but whatever it is you find will be of good quality and easier to download. Plus the speeds are usually terrific


To be honest, I was shocked by how efficient is in relating news and local content, and overall as a Kenyan site. The news articles and stories are clearly grouped in individual columns that way you can find Africa reports in a specific location away from Kenyan news. And the now famous #AskKirubi has its own slot on the webpage. Lifestyle articles have been isolated in a clearly marked column, and there's a section secluded strictly for opinions (named 'Our2Cents'). This site is amazing


This site has some news stories you won't find anywhere else. It is also free of advertisements and pop=ups that normally clutter news sites of its kind. That aside, the site design is a little too dull and boring.


Helpful in filing of tax returns to the Kenya Revenue Authority


The site is very helpful in relation to the services that Safaricom offers. But Safaricom on its own still has a long way to go in terms of providing even satisfactory service to its customers. Perhaps the decades of market dominance that it has enjoyed are what allows it to abuse the pubic the way it does, but I feel there should be a serious competitor allowed to come in to save the consumers from Safaricom's dominance. Maybe Equity might just be Safaricom's match


This is like a very bad copy-cat of eBay. There are no guarantees at all. All this is is a platform for buyers to meet 'sellers'. That's it. You can't even be sure that what you're buying actually exists, leave alone its condition and functionality. Both parties are potential victims. There have even been cases of people being violently robbed during planned encounters for exchange of cash and goods. Very risky business this is


It got overtaken by the leading sports betting site in Kenya, SportPesa, but it is equally as good, if not even better


This is the best source of business and financial news in East Africa. Perhaps this is because of all the support and boost it gets from its affiliate and parent owner Nation Media Group.
Top recommended.


The quality of their reporting is fine. But their judgement in regards to which news story is superior and requiring of the top spot in the site is still wanting.
As expected, there is also a bias in reporting stories that are connected with Standard as a media house. For example, there is an entire section giving every minute detail regarding former TV anchor Louis Otieno's trial, yet national news like the resignation of ICC commissioners is given a small footnote.
News articles are also duplicated all over the home page. For example, there are 4 links to the Otieno trial all visible in the same screen frame, yet the content is identical.
In a way, StandardMedia will always play second-fiddle to Nation Media

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