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1 Review by Cindy


Do not go here under any circumstances. I went here four times for skin cancer treatment, seeing Dr. Emmet. Before I began a skin cancer protocol I ensured with my insurance company that my appointments were covered, and re-checked with Coastal that my insurance was accepted.
At my first appointment they insisted, as they do of all patients, for my credit card information. I refused and was told by Janine ( she is a real winner, real personality-plus, would have done well employed by Auschwitz) that if I did not give my credit card info, I would not get to see fhe doctor.
Meanwhile I'm standing there with cancer, but hey, no worries. Not important, eh?
So I give over my credit card for their file. Not concerned, as my insurance is providing ample coverage.

Four appointments and two months later, after an astronomical dollar cost has been attained, Janine puts down her instagram long enough to advise that: Whoops, she made a mistake, and my insurance is not accepted now and has never been accepted. Oh, but no problem, she has my credit card, she will just charge the four appointments of work/tests/procedures to my credit card! It's an astronomical number. She is very blase, stating that this is how Coastal "prefers to do business anyway".

While I pay a boatload of insurance per month?
So of course I call my insurer and discover that yes, Janine managed to input everything wrong. Plus, Coastal never updated their address when they moved, which apparently caused another problem with my insurer. And, my insurer sent four letters to Coastal advising them of their error, all unanswered. Plus, Coastal is, according to my insurer, 90 days in arrears in paperwork. This is something Janine actually admitted to me today, she said as explanation that they are "very busy".

So now I have lots of fun projects, since I have nothing else better to do.
First thing I did is ensure Amex pays these clowns nothing. I have been a customer of theirs since 1984. And have never contested a charge before today. So Coastal is getting $#*! from me. I have to start over with a new doctor, new topical chemo, revised surgery plan, etc. This time I didn't waste time with a clinic like Coastal, I went straight to UC Medical and not a moment too soon.

I am actually hoping Coastal turns this over to a collection agency as I am sure they will. A lawsuit will be even better! I relish any cross-examination of Janine. Let's talk about how busy she is.
With the information faxed to me by my insurer United today (I actually had to buy a cheap fax machine, to receive it), I had enough info to report Coastal to the California Department of Insurance and the AG. This will take months though, so I am turning to social media to help others avoid my fate.

People are quick to assume that insurance companies make errors, but my scenario is 100% the fault of Coastal.
From my perspective, intentional. They sit on insurance workflow, don't process it, ring up a huge tab and then slap it in your credit card, which they require upfront. How is it exactly that everyone in the waiting room with me had the same experience? Coincidence?

And I spent the afternoon at an emergency second opinion. Turns out not only is the billing screwed up, but the care is not up to par. Luckily I was only four weeks into this mess, so it can be remediated without metastatic concerns. But yes, time was wasted. Which is never good in re: cancer.


1) Do not go here. For even a paper cut. For even a boo-boo. As Janine is Snapchatting today, two other patients in the waiting room are affirming they have had unknown charges on their credit bill. So, it's not just me.

2) if for some reason you must go here, in advance buy a 10.00 prepaid credit card and give that to them. They will charge your card, they will defraud you, so keep a low ceiling on your exposure.

These people need to be audited.

Really disgusting. Had they filed their paperwork correctly, this never would have happened. Had they filed it in a timely manner, the damages would have been vastly minimized. They do not correct their "mistakes", they simply charge your credit card. For patients using a debit card, or a Visa or Mastercard with less than 10K on it, they will wipe you out, since you will have already been to their clinic four or five times before they advise you of their "mistake". A disgraceful practice. Careless and inept at best (90 days out, really?), fraud at worst.

I do hope to see these clowns in court, particularly Miss Personality, who even my United Health insurance advisor referred to as "surprisingly uncaring".

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