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1st off I ordered my replacement phone on a Sat and since it says you'll receive it in 1 business day, so I expected I'd get it on Tues. But nope that wasn't the case at all. Finally Thursday I contact them (& of course I probably talk to the 1 person who should not do phone customer service rep as a job at all). She didn't even attempt to even try not even just a tad bit be nice or helpful to me. She says to me we never tell a customer they'd get their replacement phone the next business day we are required to say 3-5 business days. So we did argue quite a bit back n fourth for a few minutes cuz my husband. Also uses these guys for insurance on his boost mobile phone and he ordered a replacement phone two separate times in 2 weeks and both times they arrived the very next day & in the morning nine the jess! Then as I read the 1st review on this page that person was happy with their service cuz he sent off for his replacement phone and recurved it that next day just like my husband.! The funny thing about that I got my replacement phone the next morning!
2nd: When I ordered my replacacement phone from "Phone Guardian" it says right their in the Terms and Consideration that I will receive a brand new phone just like the one I had that broke or a new phone of equal value(lol) I would have been better off with the very first phone I had that had a cracked screen everywhere and I huge white line that covered hal the phone but at least I could answer incoming calls, the replacement phone was the exact same phone I bought almost a year ago but it was definitely not new(not even close, and even if it was a refurbished phone then they should have actually tried the phone before they sent it off to me who was already irritated with this company for lying to me about when I would receive my phone, Athen call to talk to a customer service rep who I could hardly even understand treat me like I didn't know anything I was talking about and not even in a nice way pretty much accused me of lying. I'll cut this short from hee, the 2nd phone was the exact phone I had but as soon as I take it out of the replacement phone box and I go to insert my SIM CARD & SD Card the craziest thing I've ever seen happened... The phone just fell apart. The way it fell apart was insane & I am clueless as to how it was even possible to break the way it did, but it fell apart from the top of my phone as I was attempting to pu my cards in it just fell open from the very top of the screen and the whole entire screen landed in my lap & I was sitting there like wtf just happened as I'm looking at my supposedly brand new phone and all I can see is complete silver phone and the screen (I mean the entire screen in whole was lying in my lap and still half connected from my phone to my screen was like a gold strip & soni pulled the screen back up praying it would just snap back into place but I already knew it wouldn't be possible but it wouldn't hurt to try. So I tried and of course there was nothing to snap it in and that would hold the screen in place and even if it did I have a feeling it wouldn't have ever worked anyways. So imagine the anger and frustration then overcome me instantly. They lied about everything all of it. Even a refurbished phone that had a few problems would've been fine but to have one that falls completely in half the second I take it out the box. I am hoping Boost Mobile has another phone insurance company cuz I refuse to pay almost $8/no for POS replacement phones that don't even work from the second you take it out the box. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB as soon as I'm done with this review as well. I had just paid $50 for a broken phone when I was promised a brand new and exact model phone that I had before and or a different brand new phone of the same value by the next business day. Everything that was in their terms and conditions was a complete lie and there was no way I was going to pay $50 more dollars for another Pos Replacement Phone cuz they sent me a defective phone as my 1st replacement phone and I wasn't about to pay $50 more and recurved another busted phone again. It's very unprofessional, they lied from the beginning and I couldn't even stand the thought of speaking to another very, very rude, judgemental non English Speaking ignorant customer service rep who lied to me many times to make her sound like she knew what she was talking about. I ended up having to go buy my own brand new Boost Mobile Phone from Walmart which cost me $149.00 but at least it works and I didn't have to wait another week for the 2nd(& last replacement phone I wouldn't be able to use because they send you $50 replacement phones that are defective from the beginning)! If you ask me I think it's about the money to them they could care less about their customers they only care about making money by giving out non-working replacement phones so the customer would have to pay another $50 phone the day you get it. This company has been reported to the BBB many times and I am reporting them next but if Boost wants to continue to use a crappy insurance çompanybthen I am going to find a new phone company that uses professionals not unprofessional fake businesses who have the poorest ratings not only in her but also on BBB's website too! The picture I submitted is of the brand new replacement phone that as soon as I opened it up to input my old SIM & SD Card as soon as I ejected the thing you put them in the whole front of the phone fell apart by the weirdest way I ever seen, the top part of the screen fell over completely exposing the inside of the phone which was hanging on by maybe an inch to a ½ inch gold strip but as it fell opened unexpectedly it fell out of my hands and hit my lap then the step that steps up to my bed and then the floor leaving me with yet not just a phone that wouldn't power on after charging forever but a phone that fell apart from the top of the screen to hang there by the gold strip which flipped the phone onto the step and the ground which ended up causing it to crack in several places, not as bad as my first phone that broke but it wouldn't have mattered anyways this phone was in operable from the get go it would never power on and it was defective as bad as you could get.

Tip for consumers:
As I have seen most all the reviews are negative, not going into detail near as much as I did but imagine being in my shoes and dealing with a non English speaking customer service rep who practically accused me of lying about how long before I filed my report for the replacement phone by two days and after being told on this sight I would receive it in 1 business day which would of been 2 days since I ordered it on Sat but I was told by the representative that I filed it Mon and got it on Fri

Products used:
I did end up using any products I was sent a defective replacement phone in place of my phone that had a shattered screen after paying the $50 replacement fee to brighstar


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