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26 Reviews by Chris

Heaven forbid you call customer service. They berate you, lie to you and even sometimes curse at you. Its crazy! All I wanted was to ask a question! Apparently is was literally too much to ask...

Tip for consumers: Put your money in a cross cut paper shredder, then try to peice it back together. Time well spent (in comparison to using Beezid or contacting the service reps)

If I was givin the option of 25% off from antonline, or to add 25% and buy from a different website- I would gladly pay 25% more. If you call customer service, the person answer will just tell you to "email customer service" because there is nothing he can do. Why have a support line if you cannot actually, well, support anybody? Ludicrous.
Antonline loves to file claims with Ups for damaged goods. I bought computer supplies from them. The box was in great condition, but some of the contents were missing. Ant filed a damaged goods claim with ups. How is it ups' fault they shipped it without all parts of the order? Sad thing is that ups paid their claim (and we wonder why shipping rates go up. If something goes wrong with an Antonline order- which presumably happens a lot due to these reviews- they just charge the shipper) to top it off the had the audacity to try to charge me 15% to return there products (both the ones I got and the ones I didnt.) The restocking fee is how they make there money. This happened within the span of 20 days. I suppose they were trying to hit 30 days so they could say the didn't have to let you return in because you we're past the 30 day return period.

In conclusion:
Customer support is a joke.
The file false damage claims with ups
They commit fraud
Nothing is ever antonlines fault
Waste time and money

Setting your money on fire would be a more worthy investment than giving it to these frauds. Avoid antonline like the plague- I didn't, and I regret it.
EA could do so much better. Compatibility issues and bugs plague most of what EA releases. The "customer support" is absolutely terrible. When I called customer support about some frequent in-game problems for both the BATTLEFIELD and MADDEN franchises, the best they could do was say "contact playstation network support". This puzzled me, because it is not sonys problem EA's game does not work correctly. Considering I purchased battlefield premium for the added $49.00 and was not receiving any of the added perks for this service I was very dissatisfied with the "contact psn" solution. The same thing happend when i purchased Madden 25 card packs for Ultimate Team and the cards from those packs werent playable because something happened in game that caused the game to freeze. This is absolutely not acceptable.

Tip for consumers: If you dont mind the "vindaloop" (south park reference) of customer service calls, EA just may be for you.

I cant say im a fan of Costco. Costco's online site is not very polished and is sort of clunky. The website still doesnt acknowledge the store in my area even though it has been there for about one year. The Costco in my area is super small and at best carries half the selection of some of the costco stores in other areas. I would rather shop the competition. Compared to my local store, the competitions selection is so much better and the prices are competitive.
Groupon is yesterdays fad in my opinion. I rarely find anything worth buying. It seems as if the majority of the buisnesses who used to run groupon deals just run the deals themselves. I used to be a big "grouponer", now even browsing the site seems like a waste of my time.
I have found that the prices are usually incorrect. I have purchased a few games from this site and about 1/3 of my purchases were cancelled by GameSeek. The reasoning is usually that the product was supposedly not in stock. I found it funny and somewhat insulting that when i checked back, the game was almost always relisted at a higher price.

I understand mistakes in pricing happen, but it just drives me insane when the business wont even acknowledge their mistakes. Instead of owning up, they just cancel the order because it is "not in stock".

Tip for consumers: The money saved on a few games is not worth the hassle of the cancellations and price changes by GameSeek.

This is a decent service. I find it easier to just do a youtube search for a band that i like and then look at the recommended videos.
I have had a few very good experiences with Warmoth. Usually the products are shipped in a timely manner and are of a high build quality.

The prices are very high for the product you are receiving. While the product is of high quality, i am unsure if it worth the price you are paying.

Tip for consumers: Shop around.

Books A Million is a good bookseller. The books they sell seem to be more on the "used" side for being sold as "New". The stores allow customers to handle the books and even start reading them before purchasing, which i presume is the cause of some of the books looking a bit tattered.
The selections in store is good, but not great. The store is heavy on fiction, sci-fi and biographys. The store is not very balanced. Having one shelf labeled "religion" and 2 or three rows of shelves for christian reading. Being from an are with a large "free thinking" population, you would think they would tailor the selection based on what the majority of customers want (Or at least even out the selection).

Books a million has a very odd returns policy. Considering they sell books that are not always pristine, they have a strict return policy. Sometimes they wont accept a return because of the books condition. I find this funny because they didnt have a problem selling it to me like that.

Considering there are no other book sellers within 50 miles of my home, i dont have much choice unless i want to solely buy books online. Before the e-reader craze started and booksellers started to go under, Borders books also occupied the same shopping center. How BAM survived and Borders didnt dumbfounds me. I would rather have Borders, but books a million is fine too.
These controllers are some of the best i have ever used. The price may seem a tad steep, but they are far better than the stock controllers shipped by the console manufacturers. The addition of the paddles on the reverse side of the controller really help to improve my response times for certain games. Having the option to also re-program these buttons is a big plus. Some games have wonky button mapping, so this has now become a must have for me because i play many games from all different publishers.The one thing i am not a fan of is that they dont offer "FPS" type options like rapidfire, dropshot etc.

Tip for consumers: I would suggest you give scuf a try! They offer many different customization options so you will probably find one to suit your needs. Although there is no "FPS"type mods, the re mappable paddles are a big plus.

I love SouthParkStudios. It is so easy to view south park episodes from your computer. My family has parental controls on our televisions because of the many small children in our home. Instead of having to unblock and then remember to reblock TV-MA programs each time I want to watch South Park, viewing the episodes online is so much easier. Viewing episodes online and listening through headphones also makes the possibility of a little one hearing the vulgar language almost non-existent.

I also like the merch you can purchase from the site. Some of the other little "mini game" type activities, like the create your own character option and the forum communities are a lot of fun to interact with.

Tip for consumers: Check out the site if you are a fan of South Park.

I have gotten some really cool merch from Ms. Jaclyn Glenn. The prices are a tad high, but the quality is actually pretty good. I have bought a few t-shirts from other youtube content creators that were absolute crap (at the same price). I watch alot of her videos, and dont mind buying a few shirts to show my support.
I have to admit, the quality of these mp3s is actually pretty decent. I dont know what the original source is for these files, or even if they were obtained by mp3fiesta legally. Mp3fiesta is not hosted in the United States, so I doubt there is any reason for them to abide by US copyright laws. Before purchasing, i did a bit of research on MP3fiesta, and found they are based in a former USSR country (i think it was Russia.) There is a $20.00 USD minimum and sometimes it is hard to find music amounting to that amount because the prices are so cheap. I often find myself just buying records just hoping they are decent so i can reach the $20.00 minimum.

Tip for consumers: Pretty decent. Just do your research and hope the quality is there.

This is a really good piece of software. It is free to rip DVDs and you get a 30 day trial for ripping bluray discs. To unlock the full features of this program, it is about $60.00 USD. It is well worth it to me. I have easily ripped my who dvd and bluray collection in mkv format. It took about 6 days to rip about 1000 discs. The program is a tad harsh on your components. While MakeMKV was in use, my processor was running at about 99% usage. MakeMKV is also limited by your dvd/bluray drive. My drive is on the lower end of the quality scale (8x), so ripping discs takes a little bit longer than my room mates 16x drive can usually rip faster.
The user interface is super easy to use. Literally click what you want and hit "save". Thats it! Kids could probably do this with their dvds.

I recommend this software. It is easy to use and at a good price. This, as far as i know, is download only and not available on discs.

Tip for consumers: Check your pc before buying. Your operating system or system drivers might need to be updated. From my experience, it is my components and not the software causing a problem.

I used to be an avid uploader. I usually uploaded a few videos a week. I mainly would use YouTube to chronicle my guitar and computer build for my friends, family, and everyone else who was interested. Then one day the service agreement changed, and all my videos were being flagged for copyright infringement. How somebody else owns the copyrights to me building a guitar (of my own design) is beyond me. You may be thinking "this reviewer is using copyrighted material." NOPE! Just me taking a video of my latest build and then narrating over it. What bugs me is how this can cripple your efforts. After a few strikes your channel will be deleted. Can you easily contact YouTube to resolve this? NOPE! You would think that because we, the youtube uploaders, help make Google money that they would try to help you. NOPE! My videos were not monetized, and I wasnt trying to make money by doing ads in video. This is really just a slap in the face, especial because false copyright strikes are illegal.

Tip for consumers: Have a good lawyer on retainer. False copyright strikes are illegal, and you might be able to cash in.

The concept behind Netflix dvd service is solid. Instead of renting 1 dvd/bluray disc for $1.50, you rent as many as you can watch for about $15.00 (with bluray) but the price is dependent on what service you select. The problem with this is not the discs themselves, but the way they arrive. It was not uncommon for me to wait 4 days for a disc to arrive and 3 days for the disc to be returned. With approximately 1 week between the time the dvd was sent and the time Netflix got the dvd back, i was averaging about 4-5 discs per month. For the price, i would rather buy the disc outright for the retail price and be able to keep it than pay about $3.00 for what is usually a one time viewing.

In summary, if the price was cheaper and with a more prompt delivery time i would recommend it. But as it sits i cannot. Do yourself a favor and just buy the movies on an e-retail site used. Then you can at least keep the disc
The forums on this site are overflowing with advice. So many users on the site form a tight community. With many minds come an equal number of options, but I personally like how many different opinions and pieces of advice that are out there because it helps to form my own opinion by testing others ideas and coming to my own conclusions. There are a bunch of great guides on the site concerning water cooling, over clocking, parts selection and more.
Troll and Toad
I was the fool who sold his original Pokemon at garage sales for literally pennies. Now that I have kids, trading cards games have become a big part of our family. I find myself looking to re purchase all the rare cards I used to have, and to purchase new boosters from troll and toad. Generally, they are pretty competitive price wise, but other sites sometimes beat them out. But hey, would you rather spend a dollar less and have practically no customer support? Or a dollar more and have a dedicated support team who cares? I prefer the latter. My favorite place for MTG and Pokemon.
I havent had many transactions on g2a.com. I have purchased 2 games on the site; Black ops 3 (34.95 USD) and CoD Ghosts (7.93 USD). I have had a 100 percent success rate.

You can, however, believe some of the horror stories online about invalid keys and the terrible refund process. I have had close friends use the site and receive those invalid keys only to be told by G2A that the key was legitimate and unused. Even purchasing g2a shield will not guarantee a refund. Luckily, my friends used paypal who quickly refunded their money after confirming with Steam that the code had previously been used or is not valid.
One thing I can suggest is taking screenshots of you transaction. When your key first comes onto the screen, take a screenshot. When you are entering the key into the gaming platform (steam/origin/psn etc) and before confirming, take a screenshot. After confirming, take a screenshot of whether or not the key was accepted or rejected. This will help you to confirm that you entered the key exactly as it was given to you. If something does go wrong, you can submit these screenshots as evidence.

Overall I have had a good experience with g2a. Unfortunately your mileage may vary.

Tip for consumers: Watch for hidden fees! And confirm with your credit card company or paypal that you can get your money back. TAKE SCREENSHOTS and keep them if something was to go wrong. Uplay and other platforms revoked keys in the past. You should keep the screenshots to confirm purchase of the game.

I like the selection that OfficeDepot has, but i dislike the prices. More often than not, the same exact product is available at another store for less money. I dont use OfficeDepot much any more. I usually just use the store locations to try office furniture before I purchase it.

Tip for consumers: Check other stores before purchasing.

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