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6 Reviews by Cheryl

• Updated review
The last comment from StyleWe is a TOTAL lie! They never tried to help me as a matter of fact they emailed me privately and "offered" to process my refund but only if I would remove my review. I was not going to be bullied and I knew they had zero intentions of doing anything but stalling until the 30 days had expired for their fake return policy so I responded to their email and refused to delete my review and I allowed my bank to handle the situation. By doing so I received a full refund and I will NEVER order anything from this website again... EVER.
Lanny S. – StyleWe Rep
Sorry for all inconvenience.

You have mentioned that you had received refund.

If you have any other questions, u can chat with us online or drop us an email (services@stylewe.com) at any time and we will get back to you ASAP.

Have a nice day!
Update To My Previous Review of StyleWe
• Previous review
I previously gave them a (1) overall rating and that is only because I have to at least select the number (1) in order for the review to be posted. I would really like to give them a zero (0) since the latest email I received after my initial review.


If you do not read any further pay attention to the statement above. That is the only way I got my money back from this company.

After weeks of stringing me along regarding my refund it became obvious that StyleWe was not going to willingly refund my money so I decided to dispute the charge with my credit card company and let them take it up with the bank.

The bank immediately took the money back from StyleWe and notified them that I was disputing the charge and they had to respond. Miraculously, after putting me off (literally for weeks in what was obviously an effort to stall so that I would have no recourse and they could then keep my money) I received one email from StyleWe saying that my refund "is being processed" and SIMULTANEOUSLY I RECEIVED ANOTHER EMAIL TELLING ME THEY "WILL PROCESS MY REFUND AFTER YOU TAKE DOWN THE REVIEW".

My answer is NO! What nerve these people have to not only be disreputable but to threaten not to return my money if I don't take down the TRUTH because they cannot argue with the facts. Except I didn't fall for their stalling tactics and I got the bank involved.

This company was trying to take advantage of me as I see that they have done to others after reading their reviews on this site, however, they are unable to do this with the bank. Again, after doing nothing to return my funds for weeks within just a few hours after the bank notified me that they had already taken the money back all of a sudden StyleWe was able to get around to "processing" my refund minus the shipping cost which I originally had no problem with. Since I got the bank involved it was either get the shipping cost or nothing at all. I also filed complaints with the FTC and Consumer Affairs both of which will require a response from the company as to why they did not immediately return my money despite numerous emails responding to my inquiries and following up on those inquiries where they SAID they would do it in a week, or in a few more days and then it became "when we get a chance".

Since I have no intentions of communicating with this company again, I will wait to hear from my bank regarding what is next and I will only continue to supply the public with THE TRUTH!

I will not be taking their word for anything and I am no longer asking this company to do the right thing because it is crystal clear that they had no intentions of doing so and to now tell me that you will only refund my money if I take the review down will also be reported to the proper parties.

At this point they have nothing at all not even the shipping fee which after the latest email will also be disputed for making me have to go through all of this to get my money back which is rightfully mine.

You will not have the unused product back and keep my money as well.
***Buyers Be Warned***

StyleWe attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

Lanny S. – StyleWe Rep
We cannot locate the order number.

Pls send us order number so that we can handle it.

If you have any other questions, you can drop us an email (services@stylewe.com) at any time and we will get back to you ASAP.
• Previous review
I am writing this review to help someone else avoid losing any money as I have in believing that this is a reputable company that stands by their return/refund policies. READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASES!
I purchased a pair of boots on March 20,2019 at approximately 8:00 p.m. (online). Funds were taken from my account in less than 24 hours.
The boots arrived on March 22,2019. I tried them on sitting down. I did not like the way they fit nor did I like the quality of the material so the next day I went online and sent an email to one of the two email addresses listed to request an address for returns.
It took a day and a half to receive a reply and at that time I was informed that I sent the email to the incorrect email address and I would have to send another email to another email address to ask for the return address. My response to that email was that they provide TWO email addresses stating that they are specifically for requesting the return address. I believe this is done on purpose in an effort to delay providing the address. They state several times if you send the item(s) back to the address on the package they will not be considered "returned".
After several email exchanges to the correct email address requesting the return address I packaged the boots along with all of the paperwork that arrived with them. I placed them in the same package they came in. I took the package to UPS and shipped it. I then went online and provided them with the tracking number as they require. To make a long story short, the boots were confirmed delivered the next day (March 28,2019) at 12:35 p.m. I have an email from the company after many attempts to get someone to refund my money stating that they received the item but it had not yet been placed on their "return list" and they needed time to do so. That was over three weeks ago and I still have not received my money. IT TOOK LESS THAN 24 HRS. TO TAKE MY MONEY BUT ALMOST THIRTY DAYS LATER THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED MY MONEY.
I have photos of the unused item in the package with the paperwork and in front of a screen with the date as well as the UPS confirmation of delivery and the emails from the StyleWe rep stating that they received the boots. I did this because I became keenly aware after they gave me such a difficult time when I asked for a return address that this was not going to be easy. Again, BUYERS BEWARE!
Lanny S. – StyleWe Rep
We have re-checked with the return center. We have received the item. E will process the refund in one week.
FYI: It will take longer time (maybe 1 to 2 weeks depending on which CC company is) to process the refund for the bank if your original payment method is credit card. If you have any other questions, u can message me or drop us an email (services@stylewe.com) at any time.
Approximately six months ago I purchased an entire Home 8 alarm system (X2). Each system costs approximately $200 each. Eleven (11) days ago the system started acting up and STOPPED WORKING. I contacted customer service by telephone as well as via email. Immediately, I received a pre-generated email/statement that said the office is closed and someone will contact me on the next business day. Again, that was eleven days ago and no one has contacted me yet and they do not intend to.

On the next business day which was a Monday I received an email telling me to take "screen shots of the alarm system being set from your phone" as if to insinuate that I had either not set it or I had done something wrong. I did the same thing the days it did not work that I have done for the previous six months that the system appeared to be working. Nonetheless, I did that and I also updated the ticket status online. For several more days I updated the ticket and provided additional information. I also informed them that I have video and photos of me still in my residence walking around, opening and closing windows, doors and going through my closet and still not one of the alarms either went off or sent me an alert that someone (me) was in my home. There was just no option on the ticket update form to allow attachments.

After multiple emails to them with no reply, I received an email stating that my issue had been sent to the management team and someone would contact me. Once again, that was eleven days ago and not only has no one contacted me. A few moments before writing this review (which I will also send to the BBB, Consumer Affairs and any other agencies that monitor business practices), I checked and the ticket status is "closed". Well, I see how much they value their customers who spend hundreds if not thousands on their system which only worked for me for approximately six months. So much for the "Support Center" for Home8systems.com.

I am not only disappointed in the system, I feel it is my duty to inform others who might even consider purchasing this product to BEWARE that they do not stand by their product nor do their care about their customers. So much for a security system that is NOT secure!

I will be telling everyone who will listen about the shoddy NON service that I received from this company including but not limited to Fry's Electronics which is where I purchased the "product". I hope this helps others so that they will not endure the cost of either this system or heaven forbid having this system and having it NOT WORK when you need it.
I ordered a pedometer online. It was supposed to be able to check your blood pressure, monitor your sleep and check your heart rate. The brand is Diggro Men Women Waterproof Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Bracelet Smart Wrist Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Band for Iphone Android Touch Screen. (I AM PUTTING THE ENTIRE NAME SO THAT THE NEXT BUYER CAN BEWARE AND BE AWARE THAT IF YOU ORDER THIS ITEM YOU MAY BE STUCK WITH IT).

The item arrived in the mail. I was so excited to start using it. I tried to turn it on and "pair" it with the app they tell you to download. The tracker would NEVER pair. The app would recognize it for a few seconds and then it would disappear. After trying multiple times to do EXACTLY what the directions say to do I googled what to do. I also watched YouTube videos about the product to see if anyone else had similar issues or had any advice. I got zero help so I decided to contact Walmart to return the item THAT NEVER WORKED.

I went to the store and the woman in customer service was absolutely no help. Someone else walked over and explained to me that I need to contact the "third party seller" in order to return the item. I attempted to contact Samonline.com and the phone number is DISCONNECTED! I tried to email the company with the information given to me by Walmart (both in the store and via online customer service) and the emails would not go through. I kept getting a message that said there is an "error with the website or it is no longer there".


The item arrived at my home two days ago. I did not have it for weeks and change my mind and then try to return it.

Since attempting to get my money back all I have been told by Walmart is "there is nothing they can do" for me. I WANT MY MONEY BACK and there is NO REASON that I should have to chase down someone Walmart is doing business with and does not hold themselves in any way accountable for this vendors actions.
On two occasions I scheduled this service to have someone clean my apartment. This company encourages customers to use their app (Handy.com) and as soon as you schedule an appointment your credit card as charged! On both occasions I was NOT satisfied with the service I received. However, after the first appointment I was offered a discount on my second service which was supposed to be some compensation for the bad first appt. That is the only reason I scheduled another appointment. The second time (just like the first appt.), I set aside and paid for in advance 3 hours of time to have someone clean a one bedroom, one bath apartment which I have been told on many occasions is meticulous already. The woman came with a helper. She was supposed to be there three hours, however her cell phone never stopped ringing and she didnt even bother to set it to vibrate or turn it off while at work and she left after one hour and 15 minutes. When she informed me that she was done and about to leave I showed her that the floor had never been swept or mopped. I showed her that the shower was still completely dry and has not been cleaned. I showed her that most of the furniture was only dusted around the items on it and still she claimed to be finished. I immediately went online well over one hour before she was supposed to be finished with my place and emailed the company to inform them not only did she not stay the entire time she didnt even clean my place and I insisted that they either send someone else out to do the job right since they already charged my credit card or refund my money. I received three emails saying that they would give me a 10 percent discount on my next booking which was not going to happen AGAIN. Afterwards I received several other emails asking me to book another appt and the only way I was able to get them to stop emailing me about a stupid 10 percent discount on my next booking was to say that if they email me one more time with that stupidity I will dispute the entire charge with my credit card company because I did not get what I paid for in the first place and again you are offering me 10 percent off another appointment so that I can pay you again to have someone not clean my home? I informed them in advance that because of their horrible customer service and deceptive guarantee I was going to write a review and warn people about their deceptive practices, the fact that there is no customer service guarantee as stated all over their entire website and people should beware of companies (especially Handy housekeeping services) who will charge you in advance for services! Horrible Service and HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!
Below is the hidden return policy for Beston Shoes. This company sells shoes at Sears.com but pretty much will not take anything back and neither will Sears once you have made your purchase. This is extremely deceptive behavior. None of these return policies or the fact that they are (according to Sears) a third-party vendor is mentioned when placing the order.

I went into a Sears store to return some shoes that I ordered from Sears.com and neither the cashier nor the manager would refund my money. The shoes had just arrived and I changed my mind. The manager at the Sears store in the Del Amo mall was extremely short with me and never even made eye contact. She informed me that the shoes were shipped from a third party vendor and Sears had nothing to do with them. I told her Sears had something to do with them because I placed the Order on Sears.com. She just repeated herself (i. E., this is a third party vendor) and she stood there as if I was not even present. Bottom line is that I am stuck with shoes I tried to return within days of receipt and Sears nor the other company EVER intended to allow an exchange or a return.

Beston Shoes Return Policy
Bestonfire/Beston Shoes Return Policy Before returning any item, you must email us at *******@bestonshoes.com to request for an RA#(return authorization), Any item returned to us with no RA# is non-refundable, RA# is strictly given via email only, when you email us please put your ORDER ID# / SO# Please be inform that ANY FORM (expedite/international/regualr) of shipping cost is non-refundable. Any items that are not in their original condition, show signs of wear (scuffs, scratches, stains, used, etc.), or are not in the original box/packaging are non-refundable. Opened lingerie is non-refundable. Please include the four key elements: 1. Your order ID# or the S/O number printed on the top of the packing slip; 2. The reason for the return; 3. Your contact information, such as Phone number and email. 4. On the items with defects, please provide the proof, such as photos. For Exchange/Return we have 30 days return policy, but it would be better to contact us to acquire your RA# within 15 days (* form the day you received the item) to avoid late return. For Exchange *If you want to exchange to different size, color or style, just ship the package back to us at your own cost, by any carrier at your convenience, we will ship the exchanged item to you for free *After first exchange any exchange you wish will be charged shipping cost + re-stocking fee re-stocking fee cost $15.00 for shoes and $10.00(Lingerie/Swimsuit) *Cost difference may apply when exchanging an item. *Expedite Exchange. If you want the replacement to be ship immediately rather than waiting, please contact us to order the correct size, color, style you would like to exchange, and we will issue you a complete refund on the item you have in hand once we receive it. This way it will shorten your exchange time to 7-10 days. For Item you don't like/changed mind * The item should be shipped back to us at your own cost. We will issue a refund once item is receive in our facility * Any expedited shipping cost is non-refundable. Any shipping charge for non-free shipping items is non-refundable. For Wrong Item or Defective item * Please email us to acquire an RA# and please take a photo of any item that's wrong or defective. * If you receive a wrong order (color, style, and/or size) at our fault, we will issue you the return label to ship the item back to us at our cost * We will issue you a full refund upon receiving the returns. International Returns: (Outside of the United States) * The buyer has to ship the item back at his/her own cost. * Beston Shoes reserves the right to reject any packages with high duty. * The international shipping fee is nonrefundable. For Refused or Undeliverable Packages * We do not take responsibility for any returned packages with a failed delivery, multiple delivery attempts, insufficient address information, or package refusal. * We are not responsible for the shipping and return shipping cost if applicable. * We will collect the return to sender shipping cost before we send the package back or deduct the cost on your item price if you decided to do a refund. * Packages refused by customers may be submitted to additional shipping cost charges by the postal carrier. Return Shipping Labels Are Issued: * On the event of customer received broken item like broken zipper, missing parts, broken heels. * Also when customer received incorrect item, not what you ordered.
I ordered from Kohl's online for the first time yesterday. I inadvertently put the incorrect ZIP Code for my shipping address. I called customer service within 30 seconds of placing the order. Someone answered however he told me that I needed to speak with someone else. He transferred me to another department and I wound up waiting on hold for over one hour. By the time someone finally got on the line I was told that they were unable to make any changes to an order after 30 minutes. Since then I have spent the last two days emailing Kohl's speaking with reps as well as attempting to get them to correct the shipping ZIP Code with Ontrack their shipping carrier. Their standard answer is we cannot modify any orders after 30 minutes. My response to that is I cannot be the first person to inadvertently put information on an order and I cannot believe that there can be absolutely no modifications including to an address beyond 30 minutes. Also if that is their policy then then they should make sure that they answer all calls with in a 30 minute time frame. I am beyond frustrated! I will never order from Kohls.com again. And I am certain that I cannot be the first person to experience this. Supervisor was rude and of no help AT ALL! BUYERS BEWARE BECAUSE I AM CERTAIN THAT HAD THE BILLING ADDRESS BEEN INCORRECTLY INPUT AND THE CHARGE HAD NOT GONE THROUGH THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MODIFY THE ADDRESS!

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