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Once put on bonus plan, you will never withdraw any money again. They will keep demanding deposits and fees for ever.
I invested 1000$ with Finacleinvest on 12th September 2020 in what they call Stable plan promising 10% returns per day. Then they put me on a monthly plan where I wound earn 20% of all funds deposited but would not withdraw for 30 days. After 30 days, they demanded for what they called reservation fee amounting to 1200$ before I could be paid. After paying that they demanded a mining fee of 600$. Then they demanded a hashing fee of 200$. In the meantime, I had referred my niece to the program so they demanded she pays the same amount for the same purpose. Then they demanded 500$ KYC registration. Then they demanded 1000$ because the names in KYC did not match the names on my account. Then they attempted to con me cheating me that they had sent me money but I hadn't received because Blockchain said I hadn't paid 600$ transaction fee. When I refused to pay that they demanded brokerage fee of 500$. Then they demanded that I deposit 500$ because I had an open deposit request. Then they told me my downlines had inactive accounts I must make sure all of them activate their accounts before I could be paid. I found this to be an impossible demand so I realized they were just scammers. When I contacted them in April this year demand a refund of my money, they said they had removed all conditions about down lines and they were ready to pay me if I deposited 500$ in my account. I refused. So I sent Finacleinvest 8477$ and received ZERO in return.

Tip for consumers:
Once you are put on a one month bonus plan, you can never make a withdrawal again. They will keep making deposit demands forever! They even demand that you ensure accounts of all your uplines and downlines are active for you to wishdraw! How possible is that


I am writing this story to warn my fellow investors and save their money. I lost mine but nobody else should lose again. I started my investment with on 23rd August 2020 with 25$ deposit. I earned and withdrew 30$ after one days. I invested 50$ and earned 60$ after one day. Seeing all was going well I invested 165$ in the 150% plan2. My troubles started when my earnings reached 350$. I made a withdrawal request of 348$ that was processed and sent but never reached me. On enquiring I was told it was because I had made investment from the account and not from outside. To recover my money, I was told I had to deposit 350$. This I did willingly because I knew it was under 150% plan so no problem. I made another withdrawal request that was processed but never reached me. On enquiring I was told my mining speed was low and I had to deposit 272$ to increase it. I deposited 272$ in plan 2, I tried another withdrawal of 933$ and failed. I was told I had to move to plan 3 to be able to withdraw the money. Live support agent Jenny O. Who is still on the website till today convinced me that I had to deposit 500$ in plan 2 and she would immediately upgrade me to plan 3 so that I withdraw my money. I deposited 500$. I was upgraded to plan 3 but could not withdraw once again. Live chat agent Jenny O. Told me she had tried her best and failed to secure my withdrawal. So she referred me to the CEO, Mr. Hudson J. Anthony, on whatsapp number *******499 and asked me to follow his instructions. Mr. Anthony told me I have no option but to deposit 625$, of which 500$ was to go to my account and 125$ to company account. I refused, and he said until I do that I will not withdraw my money which was now at 3083$. We differed and stopped chatting on whatsapp on 3rd November 2020 when I refused to pay 625$.

On 10th January 2021, Mr. Hudson J. Anthony reached me on whatsapp and said it was new year and he wanted to give his customers a good experience. He asked me to just state what I was ready to pay and he could allow me to withdraw my funds. "This is new year and I will help you, just mention the amount you will afford and consider it done". I said I could manage 100$ but he insisted I send 250$. When I said I didn't have he said I could send the 100$ and follow up with the balance later. I sent 100$ and followed up with 150$ to a wallet address he gave me.

Now we are reaching the climax of the story. Read along to know what kind of scammer Hudson J. Anthony himself is.

Once I had sent him 250$ Mr. Hudson J. Anthony asked me to make a withdrawal request of the 3083$ from my account at the company. That I did obediently and got a message that my withdrawal had been sent to bitcoin account #N/A. I never received the money. That is when Mr. Anthony asked me to open a new blockchain wallet. "I want to credit you using manual process. And I need the wallet ID and password to do it that's why I need an empty wallet so that you will not think I want to steal your money". I did exactly that and handed over the ID and password. After some time he asked me to check the wallet. He said he had credited all my money including the profits and interests. After several attempts I reached the account on android phone and the total balance was 12,000$. I told him I want to transfer some money to another wallet before I come back to thank him. When I tried to transfer some amount to another wallet, I was told my wallets were empty. Got back to Mr. Anthony and he said, "I forgot to tell you, it's a new wallet and the limit is still very low. You have to activate it first. So, you have to credit that wallet with at least $1000 and start enjoying your money. The money is in your wallet". I got really suspicious. I wrote to blockchain to enquire. I went back to Live chat on the website and asked Jenny O whether the number she gave me still belonged to her boss Mr. Hudson J. Anthony or was I dealing with a scammer. She confirmed that it was still her CEO's phone number. I asked her about the amount withdrawn from my account and she told me it is part of the process of paying me manually that her boss was doing.

I again refused to deposit $1000. Mr. Anthony said because I could verify my personal information I should only deposit 500$. I refused and deposited 276 into the wallet. It immediately disappeared. I asked Mr. Anthony why the money had disappeared and he said it will appear together with my balance once the account was activated. He said I only had $224 between me and my long-earned money. Finally, he said he had got someone to support me deposit through my account so I should send him $100 and he will activate my account. I sent him $100. After three hours he blocked me from his whatsapp number. I reached him using an alternative number and he immediately blocked. I went back to live chat on the website and any time I started the chat it was immediately closed. I went to Jenny O. On Telegram but she never answered. Their scam mission had been accomplished. is a scam company, the CEO Hudson J. Anthony is the lead scammer and he has strategically placed two agents called Jenny O. And Randy J. On live support to advance his schemes. But most interestingly, Mr. Hudson J. Anthony is such a desperate CEO that he can spend time to scam as little as $100 from an investor. Don't risk your money! You will initially be paid but once your money goes beyond 500$ your predicaments begin. Read through the attached file for all my conversation with Hudson J. Anthony, the lead scammer. The whatsapp number is still live and conning other people. Help save your friends by sharing this story widely!

Tip for consumers:
The CEO is the lead scammer. Don't believe him from the beginning.

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