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Gigabyte makes a good motherboard. I like them... They can be a bit expensive though. I looked around on E-bay, couldn't find what I wanted. Searching the internet, I found SPCP Computer Accessories. I thought, GREAT PRICES! Man, a Gigabyte GA-B85 4th generation board, refurbished for about 50 bucks! Oh, okay, it's in China. No wonder. Now we all know it can take a spell to have something shipped from China. I mean, it can take so long you'd think they have to pull the damn boat into a gas station every hundred miles or something... Maybe stop and pick up some snacks on the way... Don't be in a hurry. I looked at the shipping. For about an extra 20 bucks you can have it express shipped, and should get it in 6 to 10 days. I didn't expect it to get here in 6 days, but for express 10 days sounded feasible. And, I could order it through PayPal... I ordered it on the 18th of October last year. I'm thinking it should be here by the 1st of November at the latest. So for the next week I went about buying my other components. SPCP is run by some guy named Bogie. The website give me this tracking number that was supposed to have been generated in China. Normally if you drop a tracking number into Google, it will take you to the website for it. On this one, it took me to the YanWen website, but it kept telling me no information found. I gave it a few days and tried again. Same thing, no tracking information found. After a week, I started to get suspicious. On the 1st of November, when it should have been here... No Tracking Information Found... WHAT!. Now, I had been going to the website to see if there was any kind of update on the purchase page. None. But on the 1st of November I put in the web address and guess what. The page said. " My friend, we have already said goodbye, there is no reason to come here. The website is closed down "... No kidding. And just when in the hell did you tell me goodbye? Oh, I'm sorry, it was right after you RIPPED ME OFF! Well let's just see about that! I immediately went to my PayPal account, and filed a claim against them. PayPal informed me they would investigate, and let me know they're decision in about 20 days. I was PISSED!. So, since I had his email, I shot off an email to him calling him every kind of low-life this side of the International Date Line. I knew when PayPal finished they're investigation, something would happen in my favor, and it did. BEFORE PayPal could get back to me with they're decision, HELLO!, here's a box at the front door from DHL Express. It was the motherboard. Then, this AzzWipe had the nerve to send me an e-mail saying, " Calm down, if you want a refund, send it back to me and I will issue you a refund... REALLY? Send it BACK to you? Are you SERIOUS? I shot an e-mail off to him letting him know he is a stain on the honor of all the Chinese merchants doing business in America, and HELL NO I'm not sending it back and it BETTER WORK! Wish I coulda' got my hands on his Azz... Well, turns out that the motherboard works great, and I've had it since about the end of November... The 1 star rating has nothing to do with the Gigabyte board, THAT comes from the fact this guy will rip you off if given the opportunity... Here's a quick FYI. He does business on EBAY, as well as run the SPCP website. So watch out for any seller with the name Bogie in it. Not long after that fiasco, I noticed the website is up again, so beware of making purchases from SPCP Computer Accessories at https://spcpshop.com. This guy is one of the scurrilous type... Don't trust him any further than you can see him... AND YOU CAN'T SEE HIM!

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So, I decided to try a few of the detox agents to see which one would work best in the event I needed one. I figured I would start with DETOXIFY instantclean first. On the front, it says NT... No time? No problem!. I'm not so sure about that. If I had no time, this one could cause a big problem! So after a little indulging in a toxin it's suppose to be a remedy for, I waited 4 days, no toxin to see how it works. In the box, you get 3 capsules. Clear, yellow, blue. Lets get started. I followed the directions to the T. Did exactly as instructed to. Took the clear, waited 15 minutes. Same with the yellow and blue capsule. After taking the last capsule, (blue) I waited 2 hours. Now these detox agents are supposed to be good for an average of 5 or 6 hours. They're supposed to become effective in about 60 to 90 minutes I waited 2 hours to give it plenty of time. Pissed like a race horse 5 times. The first problem I found, is the urine is crystal clear. It's like I filled the cup from the faucet. Looks nothing like urine. You give that stuff to someone doing an analysis, and they won't even test it, they'll just fail you on the spot for submitting an adulterated specimen. If you're on probation, or parole, you're GOING TO JAIL!. If it's for a pre-employment screen, KEEP LOOKING FOR A JOB, YOU AIN'T GETTING THAT ONE!. Not once, did the urine have any color to it. Of course, you could take a couple of vitamin B12 caps to give it some yellow, but that sometimes doesn't work with really experienced analyzers, depending on how much attention they're paying to you sample, and if they had a fight with the old lady last night, and ain't in no good mood today. At about 3 hours, I did a test strip for the tokeable toxin. Keeping in mind I had not indulged in 4 days, this should have masked it just fine. Well, I did get the required 2 lines, but the important one on the bottom was very faint. Keeping in mind that although faint, for all practical purposes, your test is still negative, although it's a suspicious negative. Here's a tip. If the bottom line is too faint, they can still fail you, because it can be assumed there is just a tad under 50 nanograms of toxin in the sample, or ask you to retest in an hour or so. Most likely, they'll pass you if they can see it as a line holding the test strip at a distance of about 18 inches without having to squint. If they squint, you fail. On my test strip, I may have passed, and then again, maybe not. Here's another tip. Don't overdo it on the water. Don't consume any more water than suggested. If you do, you're actually diluting and weakening the product to the extent that while you'll be pissing like the output of the Hoover Dam, it will look like the output of the Hoover Dam, and will probably be less effective... Of course, this is just my experience, but I'm a slender guy, low body fat content, so I don't have a lot of toxin being emitted from my body fat at any given time ( body fat is where this toxin hangs out once it leaves your blood stream). Your experience may be somewhat difference, but I do suggest you take some B12 30 minutes before starting your "cleanse" just to make sure you have some "yellow" in your urine. I have found something that works much much better. That coming up next... Personally, I wouldn't use this in a critical situation.

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Too bad I can't give Goodwill a MINUS 5 stars. Shopgoodwillonline is an untrustworthy site to buy from! They have inside bidders that drive up the price, and then they cheat you on shipping! They put they're junk online mostly. The crap that just sits in they're store and take pics to make it look like it's worth buying! I bought an amplifier from a goodwill in Virginia, Piece of crap is what I paid for. They knew the thing was no good when they put it on line. Call it a donation, or CALL IT A RIPOFF!. They overcharge you on shipping, and give you some paltry excuse blaming it on FedEx. I went to the site and looked at my watch list, and there was a ruby ring, and it said I had bid 1000 dollars for it. A 1000 dollars for a ring? Me? I don't think so! SO one of they're ghost bidders drove the price up to 1000 dollars! I sent them a message (you can't talk to anyone in customer service, you have to use they're message service is how you know the place is a scam) letting them know I hadn't bid on a ring, and by the time I did, someone had bid 1001 dollars, which means THAT person just got ripped off by one of they're inside bidders driving the price up using my account! Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, trying to survive as best we can, needing to save money where we can, and Goodwill finds reason to cheat everyone anyway they can with they're unnecessary handling charge, overpriced shipping, ghost bidders, inside bidders and that's beside the fact they're mixing in they're junk and trying to make it look worth purchasing! And then you're just stuck with it. If you need to shop goodwill, shop the one you can walk into and look at what's crap and what's not. Because if you make purchases from that shopgoodwillonline site, you will eventually get RIPPED OFF! I never believed in ghosts, but they sure are circling around on shopgoodwillonline website! They should rename it shopBADwillonline.

Tip for consumers:
It's helpful to know if a product actually works or not. If an item says NOT TESTED, it's junk. They tested it, and know it does'nt work. If you ask them you may get the answer, "We don't have time to test items"

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