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REPEAT OFFENSE/EBAY FRAUD BY EBAY: Ebay has removed 30+ non-policying negatives feedback I have left


Repeatedly, which I can prove with screenshots, recorded conversations, lies by customer service, ebay has removed every single negative feedback I have left on request of any seller bothering to call in and complain and ask for it to be removed.


I have also contacted the actual office of Wendy Jones in recent years with a complaint towards this, with the response from the secretary that ebay "will remove negative feedback AS A COURTESY TOWARDS SELLER."

In the scenarios of negative left feedback,:

- feedback was left sans return and with absolutely no infringement against stated ebay policy nor demand for money/other upon seller

- i have even recorded phone calls with ebay "supervisors" and reps in a few scenarios where they verbally review and acknowledge the issue, after explicitly stating exact feedback i would then leave after phone, received their verbal verification and approval. And then come back to find it removed.

- these above scenarios persistent and continual EVERY SINGLE TIME a seller calls.

- in many of these scenarios, i had attached 100% legal photographic proofs; aside clear mis-listings with plain evidence and deception, lies or even textual acknowledgement from the sellers themselves in their own ebay messages, etc. these were also pointed out an acknowledged by ebay staff. In no case were sellers penalized and in all cases in which a seller called, my negative, non-policy-infringing (no further communication to seller + as previously verified verbally on recorded call by ebay) was removed.

- many cases included explicit and obvious mis-listing and fraud, bootleg and counterfeit goods!

- i have even once been been sent, illegally, an item deadly toxic black mold, spend 14+ hours cumulatively on the phone with customer support who took absolutely no action. Complained to the seller off with no profanity or demands at all, threw item away, ceased communication, left negative feedback, came back later to find it removed on request as a "courtesy" to seller.

- All feedback left was strictly factual in regard to item properties, packaging, listing in accordance to ebay rules.

- I have also screen-capped and noted others negative feedback I have come across similarly removed that was obviously factual and similar. I have noted that negative feedback that was pre-existent on sellers, took a chance on same seller, suffered same fate, left feedback, in which the seller obviously called in and call ALL negative feedback removed. These incidents all happened 2018-2019.


On the other hand in the past 16 months, I have had two false positive on my own feedback left in retaliation by 2 fraud sellers (positive feedback entry with severe threats or negative), in these 2 two scenarios:

1) First time, actual entry left on my own feedback removed - deleted

2) More recently, upon 3 phone calls, one with "supervisor" was told that they could not remove it. One agent edited it to the placeholder "--" characters.

So they can and will remove any feedback placed on sellers [actually delete the database entry] and without investigation or 100% concretely against all evidence, text, photographic proofs and their own recorded, verbalized acknowledgement on phone review. But they cannot actually delete the db entry when blatant false positive feedback is left on buyers, give runaround excuses, and if edited contained more a negative placeholder text.

Further, the seller who may have perpetuated legal fraud or the willful selling of counterfeit goods and abuse/mis-listing on ebay, with absolute hard proofs attached to complaints, is (a) rewarded and protected by ebay, with instant removal of their undesirable feedback); (b) no penalty at all for their mis-listing and fraud. While the buyer suffers loss of mental anguish, time, potential money and insult by both the seller and ebay.




Ebay protects, aids, hides and harbors fraud and lies to their customer. *2020 Their new implementation of a "sales tax" regardless of inter-state or inter-country! Is technically illegal (attention lawyers) and what they are really doing is charging their own revenue tax onto buyers! Unethical, technically illegal in United States and you can see how they treat their buyers - deception and exploitation.

Ebay Feedback Extortion policy:


- Forcing a seller to provide goods and services that weren't included in the original item's description.
- Demanding a return or refund."

In none of these case did I demand money, refund, or even a return in association with leaving actual feedback!

Full-proof platform fraud towards buyers and in total contradiction to the default nature and expression of both feedback and their own stated public policies regarding its acceptable use.

Ridiculous. I have been an ebayer since the 1990s. And I am done. I hope ebay gets taken to court and ruined. Exploitation and deception. I have filed too many reports to ebay inc and also customer service with absolutely pure verbal lies --- all in order to protect their profits at any cost.

Boycott ebay. Anyone who defend or counter my statements, in which I have concrete proof is a false "community" fraud or a seller who is likely a knowing participant in either fraud themselves or who have social/emotional attaches to ebay community forum, which should be about business, legal conerns and upholding integrity of polict FIRST not defensive, emotional states.


Ebay itself acts illegally and is a knowing accessory to criminal fraud as an active online marketplace. Additionally many site design elements are structures to hide, deprioritize or bury such things as disputes or returns --- in order to attempt to exploit users forgetfulness or time ("out-of-sight, out-of-mind") and in orde to retain commission. One can see returns or disputes filed on a seperate page below a potentially long manifest of orders, while ' best offers' or recent order are file on 'My Ebay' priority first landing page at top. Pending returns with an extremely limited (against buyer! As opposed to time seller has by a longshot) lifespan of fulfillment are just as crucial, if not more and are relegated to a different webpage via a hyperlink on sidebar and THEN "hidden" out of plain sight at bottom. This is design, exploitive design, and another major offense to buyers and protective of sellers who may have commited fraud/other!

Ebay also does not have the right to try to prevent users VIA PAYPAL (a supposedly separate company that hides email info AND ONLY for Ebay!) to fulfill contractual obligations---ebay claims safety but at same time personal details, shipping/residential addresses and even phone with option for business sellers are all available, so an email address absolutely poses no 'saftey' issues in comparsion. It is a method to retain profit again at all costs and keep everything on platform regardless of potential extenuating circumstance.

By logical, ebay new "sales" tax that does not correlate to any federal legal obligation regarding state business presence, but is applied inter-state and inter-country! Is almost certainly illegal and would be deemed so un evaluation of its integration. Ebay "relationship" with Paypal might also should upon inspection and evaluation by process and design to be incorrect and one designed to oppose faciliation of resolving matters or legal fraud or counterfeit items.

Example, since 2 years, you can no longer open a dispute on paypal for an ebay transaction, like you can for every single other marketplace or transation online for a payment for goods! You are forced without option to "ebay's resolution center." In my own experience, which i can again prove with concrete evidence, I opened a case via this method. Was redirected to ebay resolution center, open a return, returned item successfully and never got a refund. Upno calling I was refused and told it was paypal's obligation. It was opened via ebay, returned with their own label and refused. I still have never received that refund.

Illegal. Unethical. No integrity. Accessory to rampant fraud. Customer Service is trainedand outsourced from Non-Western countries and who do not possess the same cultural values, nor live under the same legal system as North American ebay marketplaces. Ebay inc knows this and intentionally hires such a customer service workforce to exploit for these ends. They will obey and follow any directive, no matter how unethical or illegal. This workforce does not comprehend, live under or have any reference to US law.

Lawyers looking for a class-action lawsuit against Ebay? - go investigate, exercise and compile your own results. It's time for a massive class-action lawsuit against ebay. I would love to be reimbursed for about 2-3 of torture, abuse and loss by Ebay inc and its placeholder customer service non-workforce.

Everything I said here was 100% fact, substantiated.


1) Ebay / Paypal crooked relationship. Supposedly ebay and paypal technically, legally separated several years ago as a unified operating company.

But come 2020, and from our investigation and use of both sites, from c2015-2020, this is not true for several reasons:
A) partnership with unified transactional processing. If you have a complaint or issue from from, as of c2018-2019, all transactions must be handled, without option paypal to appeal otherwise, via ebay resolution center. This is an exclusive arrangement and only afforded to ebBy unlike the handling towards any other transation or similar marketplace on the web.

I opened a dispute in this manner, was forced without option to open the case via hyperlink to ebay resolution center. Opened case, received return label from eBay itself and successfully returned item, fulfilling all aspects of return and transaction. Come day of refund, I was denied. I called eBay and was bluntly denied, with excuse I opened it up via paypal. This was obviously untrue as the option to open any claim for an ebay transaction was not available anymore with paypal forcing and forwarding via hyperlink all claims for ebay to ebay's own resolution center.

I called both ebay and paypal who at the time shared same customer service (as well as. Clue same background call music and geographically placed phone support). I was refused refund by ebay "supervisors" saying it was paypal's responsibility. I was able to get a "North American supervisor" and bluntly insulted, denied and hung up upon. And simultaneously I was denied by multiple paypal "supervisors" saying it was ebay and not their handling.

This was intentional by design to steal, harass and rob both ebay shoppers and paypal customers. Synchronous in their actions regarding ebay transactions.

B) Mulitple ebay and paypal design elements regarding this relationship are wrong-headed and even potentially illegal.

Unlike any other marketplace or transaction of paypal, 2019-2020 at time of this review, hides and does not currently disclose seller/buyer email addresses anymore, exclusively. EBay cites "safety" although they of course do disclose buyer/seller residential addresses. In truth and by all logic, *******@gmail.com does not pose any safety issue, especially if already disclosed physical addresses.

In one instance I was harassed and stalked by a psychopathic seller for months who received a negative feedback for a vintage magazine I received that had a obscured hidden knife gouge on its glossy orange cover with "target design" photo in middle, knife puncture in middle, ebay did nothing about it. I opened the magazine found it violently slashed, had video unboxing, photos, etc. Returned, left negative feedback. After months of periodic messaging with threats and admittance of stalking (I digress on details substantiating this), eBay refused to place any penalty, restriction or notice to seller in the face of continual violent expressions and on my request to stop them from further contact via ebay messaging and to hope discourage/prevent further incident. EBay in February/March 2020, preceding this review, has done absolutely nothing regardless of mutliple calls, such as place restriction, issue a simple cease-and-desit, cutoff their messaging ability (like they do towards buyers quickly even for non-offending or policy infringing communication!), nor in light of extreme circumstance perhaps warn that given collective evidence and statement that a criminal legal complaint "could potentially" be filed by the offended party.

But you see, when you an geographically Asian or otherwise UK customer service workforce working North Amercian marketplace for a billion-dollar US (Californian) company, a workforce that that in particular to Eastern Hemisphere customer service does not remotely comprehend the laws North American countries, nor is familiar largely with many of its goods or culture, there is a problem. And eBay inc. knows this and exploits "robots" to technically, if challenged in a court of law, would be in violation of many laws in at least the United States.

This is all by design and damning. "Trust and Safety" Non-existence. Ebay does not enforce, promote, or aid legal transaction fulfullminet. They work against it knowngly and by design - many elements of design, procedure and via a workforce not under the scrutiny of actual law, the individual "hired foreign employees," not the platform. Big tech has been under scrutiny in US and Europe for violation of Anti-Trust. Ebay and online fraud is a whole other ballpark. Throw in Paypal, audit their own policies, procedures and action over the past several years that do not constitute by action a separate operating company (contrary to their legal status and correlated earnings/ unique privileged relationship) and well, yea, there's a problem and something not right. Come future days ebay/paypal will take further superficial actions to "break apart" only if to cloak and hide 2015-2020 and obfuscate it even further from the eyes (or audit and challenge towards them) of the law.


EBay potentially and technically illegally prohibit (stating as service policy infringement) disclosure in messaging of business emails of buyers/sellers. This is technically illegal and wrong-headed since (i) they refuse to resolve and have beyond proven their inability and unwillingly by design and action to resolve errors or various problematic elements of transactions and fostering of legal obligations between buyers and sellers (ii) there is no safety issue (iii) this is implemented solely as a measure to prevent buyers and sellers communicating, doing business outside of eBay, and applicable in some cases to prevent fulfill of contractual agreements pertaining to elements of verbalized legal contract had in messaging --- all for one purpose only to retain their own commission and profit.



The argument/accusation (iii) above is also supported by additional design elements such as
- hiding pending and open buyer returns under a separate page via obscured sidebar hyperlink to a secondary page for of "purchase history" and then filed way at bottom "out-of-sight, out-of-mind"-
- alloting mere days for buyer to then return and have itmem delivered to seller as compared to seller getting weeks.
- instant removal and ability for customer service to remove seller negative feedback [actual database entry] minus any investigation and irregardless whether feedback complies with and does not infringe and stated policy! While on the other hand "false positive" revenge feedback from seller (marking positive then leaving negative) cannot be removed [actual database entry] but only edited and replaced with eBay's current placeholder " --" a negative symbol!

The above underr #1 examples are just the tip of the iceberg.


Recent seller example, for typical low-end collectible secondhand goods vended on ebay:


Repeatedly sold and willfully mis-listed bootleg, counterfeit, damaged software, games and media.

Multiple times in 2018 to the most current instance being February 2020, ebay seller UID tonysvideogames, with ebay store, A PLUS MINT AND NEW VIDEO GAMES, had mostly sold bad software media on floppy diskettes with major defects undisclosed and mis-listed on ebay.

Considering the merchandise, old media, the seller was initially given benefit-of-doubt towards intentional fraud. However also, according to notes from 2017, after such defective media was returned with some replacement, the seller "forgot" to send multiple items in shipment.

February 2020. Most recent scenario, predating report.

They have also sold multiple times games and diskette media as "working and tested," which included either bad on non-NTSC compatible media, and untested, after being confronted due to the fact that they neither had European PAL ssystems to test and that they entirely failed to disclose such factors.

The final straw was encountered in the aforementioned scenario with undisclosed foreign media in incompatible format. A discount replacement was accomodated on buyer request, in which either defect, physically damaged diskettes (entirely again without disclosure of any sort) was delivered, in addition to original media diskettes that had been overwritten with "cracked" pirated copies of completely different software on front and back sides.

The final offense was by platform eBay itself that regardless of valid, non-policy infringing feedback with verification and approval with customer service representatives and supervisors in three instances without notice had been removed, perpetually on request of fraud seller.

Per eBay policy, in this last final test scenario, no demands for either refund, money or return were pressed upon seller. Finally no discount other than for goods that resulted in counterfeit, bootleg software were met.

Everything was recorded from feedback with concrete photographic proof of items, pro-offered to eBay for investigation and eBay representatives (whom largely and commonly a geopgraphically were an Asian customer workforce uninformed and distanced from North America law, culture or familiarity with goods) were totally unconcerned and robotic --- the design and exploitation of eBay to ensure deflection of legal issues and promote/protect rampant online fraud for their commission in the face of hard evidence and efforts to report. In this last scenario, two phone complaints were also put into eBay customer service, one fielded by a British supervisor who ended up disconnecting the phone call. Another from a repesentative from Ireland who was seemingly receptive, reviewed and acknowledged, supposedly forwarding to their supervisor and valdiating final feedback left and placing notation on seller's account to prevent future removal.

However, words did not translate to any real action in 3 back-to-back reports, as well as for the record over 35+ similar incidents regardless fraud sellers and eBay's willfull protection of them, irregardless of proofs or absolute strict compliance with the marketplace's policies.

Two days later this feedback was silently again removed by eBay.

Ebay platform is fraudulent. Seller UID tonysvideogames has proven a repeat offender and seller of either defective or bootleg software on eBay. EBay knowingly abetting and protecting such criminal behavior dating back to 2017.

The returned defective diskette is still even being sold on their ebay store. This has also been reported to ebay twice with total inaction towards its removal.

These examples do not represent a standalone incident nor an isolated one, but do represent status quo procedure on eBay. One successfully sent and fielded by the office and scretary of eBay SVP of Global Operations Wendy Jones, was responded to, paraphrasing "eBay will remove any negative feedback as a courtesy to a seller."

* The software and game media in these incidents were Commodore 64 original commercial labelled diskettes and cassettes.

3) In another case in 2019, we all evidence, proofs, video, photos, hard evidence in messaging of blatant fraud for another seller that sent empty boxes, ebay totally ignored and even removed all negative feedback left (including previous negatives from others).

From another test transaction they sent completely melted damaged media, lied and contradicted themself, which was retained as evidence and relisted and sold good for example across website that contradicted their own statements. No return. No policy infringment. Feedback removed. The seller was "wolfsbigbadgarage" [https://wolfsbigbadgarage.com/] (if the direct branding allusion was not bad enough to Little Red Riding Hood) operated on eBay store as well as website, with clear and hard evidence, verbally "acknowledged" by eBay staff but disregarded and ignored.

There is a laundry such instances ranging from minor to major with blatant mis-listings, abusing the stated policies of ebay by sellers, status quo, incredible cases of outright criminal online fraud. And never only in perhaps 1 or 2 instances of over 30 such cases was feedback noted as retained.

No account restrictions or penalties towards sellers, and this includes a violent stalker committing irrefutable electronic harassment qualifying or pointing to violent expression.

In fact, buyer's communication can be quickly cut off towards a seller, after X attempts at utilizing the contact form options/questions or otherwise. However, multiple months later, a psychopathic stalking seller reported numerous time is not restricted, penalized in any shape or form, with eBay refusing to take any action!



Thieves on ebay + via their webshop. Registered business entity: Jett Racing & Sales Inc. Online Scam Front-end/associative Shop: Wolf's Big Bad Garage (wolfsbigbadgarage.com). They have a website and seller ID Wolf's Big Bad Garage. They sell automotive audio plus a variety of goods from watches and pens to computer equipment, etc through this identity. They may fulfill and take a legit first order, but on subsequent instances have sent bogus or severely damaged items, with false replacement. Approximately 5-6 instances in 2019 on ebay (and surely many more other unreported or expunged due to ebay's 12-month period of negative feedback retention).

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