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I've used this site on a number of occasions and have never had any issues. It is very user friendly, there are no additional fees to book flights, and they provide you with your bottom line price to include tax and fees upfront. You can choose from multiple airlines, and can easily see the difference in price between non-stop flights and those with stops to see if the savings are really worth the extra time. I like that you can also sort the flights by departure time or shortest flight so that you can chose the flight that best suits your needs.

Upon placing an order you can select which seats you want on the plane and then notate any special needs/requests you may have. Immediately upon placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. I've used them for booking flights, car rentals as well as hotels and I've never had any issues with my reservations, etc.

You will find their pricing to be better than most sites specifically on flights, so I would highly recommend checking out their site anytime you are looking to book an airline ticket. Though I had a great recent experience with www.lastminutetravel.com (feel free to read my review), ultimately when booking my ticket to Florida, www.cheaptickets.com was about $50 cheaper for the same exact flight, so obviously I booked my flight with them. :)


How do you know an online company is really awesome? It is only when you have an issue that you have the opportunity to see what they are really made of. This was the case with my experience today with www.lastminutetravel.com. I had booked a ticket to Florida and then found that I needed to change my departure time after the fact. According to their policy they had the right to charge me a $30 change fee, and then whatever the difference was in the new ticket price, and then whatever fees the airline itself would charge for the change. I gave them a call shortly after booking the ticket and a pleasant woman took my call. She told me that because my ticket hadn't yet been officially booked, that my credit card wasn't charged yet, and thus she can completely cancel my order so that no fees would apply. I would simply have to place a new order. She said she would provide a follow-up email indicating my previous order was cancelled. I'm very pleased with my experience in dealing with this company and definitely plan on giving them my business in the future.

On a side note I found their pricing to be very competitive when compared to other travel websites, and their site was a lot easier to navigate and offered more flexibility than most.


Dear Lord what have I done?

So I just heard about this new free dating website called "Zoosk.Com" and figured I would give it a try. Even before my profile was fully created I was having doubts. The first thing that bothered me about it is that if you say you have children you have to either say that "they live at home" or that "they don't live at home". In my case I have my daughter 50% of the time which leaves plenty of time for dating without having to bring her into the equation. This is actually a pretty big deal that they essentially are forcing people with kids to say they either live with or without them 100% of the time because not only does it paint an inaccurate picture, but it can significantly reduce a person's marketability by giving the impression that their kid is connected to their hip at all times.

So I finish my profile and on the main home page what do I see? Status updates of unattractive men and then... OMG! I kid you not... on the home page I see a pic of a big hard... umm you can use your imagination. Real classy huh?

The good news? I have had 7 men email/wink at me in the 35 minutes I have been signed up. The bad news? If me and any one of these guys were the last ones on earth and the survival of the species depended on my having to have procreate with them, let's just say "Sorry human kind".

Oh and another thing, this is one of those "free sites" that limits you in terms of the interaction you can have with people unless you spend money. If I wanted to be hit on by unattractive men I would just go to a bar and at least there I'd get my drinks paid for. Ha ha!

I'm going to leave my profile up and try to give this site a fair shot, but I can't say I'm getting my hopes up.


This website provides an opportunity for homeowners to upload pics of a room in their house to get feedback from random strangers. Hmmm, what can go wrong here? Lol

You can't take the site too seriously for a number of reasons;

1. The "featured room" has been the same room for at least a year now... a craft room. I would think time had stopped if it weren't for new rooms randomly being uploaded to this site.

2. You can't narrow down the results by the type of room you would like to rate (ex: home office) in the case that you would like to review some rooms for inspiration. You just have random rooms in all different kinds of styles thrown at you.

3. Most of the rooms are not very impressive unless they were clearly decorated by a professional and unfortunately those rooms scream "model home!" ughh!

4. Reckless use of greenery

If you want a website that is both more functional and inspirational go to http://www.roomzaar.com/rate-my-space/multigallery.esi

However if you;

1) Love reading catty reviews

2) Enjoy writing catty reviews

3) Want to feel like your own home belongs on "MTV cribs" after looking at crappy rooms

Then by all means visit this website! :)


I am a big fan of this site. I find the quality/quantity of men no different than on paid dating sites such as Match.com, but it is free! Why pay when you don't have to? I actually find the instant messenger feature to be easier to use and more reliable on OkCupid's site than on Match. I also love how interactive the site is in that you can participate in forum's and answer questions publically or privately to help determine your best match. This site is a lot of fun, go for it!

Oh I do want to provide some helpful hints for online dating to consider not just on this site but on any...

1) Make sure the person has multiple pictures of themselves
2) Make sure at least one or more pics show their entire body
3) Make sure you see their teeth in at least one of the pics (Trust me you don't want any surprises here, lol)
4) Pay attention to how the person presents themselves in their profile. Not just what they say, but how they say it. If they come across as negative, shallow, and/or they have a lot of typos and can't communicate their ideas clearly these are some serious red flags.

I hope you find my review and additional tips to be helpful!


This site is a total scam. I've been on other dating sites such as Match, Plentyoffish, and OkCupid, so I have a firm understanding of the kind of traffic I should come to expect in terms of winks, views, emails, etc. Even though this site has only a portion of the members of those other websites it just doesn't make sense that there is hardly any activity. Just to give you an example on OkCupid I would average about 113 views a week. In contrast in two weeks on this site I have been viewed 15 times and sent emails by only 3 men in which they came off as being very fake. I have a feeling that what they do is lure people in with their very attractive but phony "VIP' members and that the only real men on the site are the pathetic losers most women wouldn't be caught dead with. I can only hope that by writing this review that I can help prevent other people from wasting their money.

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