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23 Reviews by cc


I found myself in a bad situation recently when my 3yr old washer and dryer both needed repair and I was expecting a house full of company. I figured I would first seek help from the manufacturer, but as luck would have it they brushed me off as I was out of warranty.

So, I called my local Wickford Appliance store where I purchased these machines and the service department supervisor, recognizing my situation, was very helpful in arranging for a technician to come out to quickly and honestly diagnose and repair both machines for a fair price.

Getting a good deal initially, is always a good thing, but it is the service and treatment one receives after a company has made the sale that speaks volumes and it is what makes me decide whether to continue to do business with a company or not.

I believe Wickford Appliance went above and beyond in resolving my issues.
I am grateful for the rapid response and quality of the service I received and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a new appliance.


Any company that makes no mention upfront of cost and lets a person believe that the process they are going through is free, is not one I want to get involved with... very wrong... very deceitful... plain "no good" in my book. Funny how. It was only when I hit the back button that they offered me $1 unlimited trial. Ha... no thanks. I can go to town hall and get most of this info for free,

I will be sure tell others of your questionable tactics.

Tip for consumers:
It would be helpful to know.... upfront.... that there is a cost to this service. They wasted my time.


I have made several purchases from this small company which seems very environmentally and ethically conscious. I have been pleased with the quality of their products and found that If you spend over $75 they ship for free. They have historically been very customer friendly and helpful.
I was very excited about shopping during their recent warehouse sale, but unfortunately that experience changed all that for me. At this sale, one had to be quick to place items in their cart and get to checkout before the items disappeared. I actually lost a few things for being too slow... oh, well. I never shopped so fast. During checkout, I discovered there was tiered shipping which means the more you spend, the higher the shipping, which I think might cap at $15.95... Anyway, I was ok w/that, as the sale was decent enough, even w/ the higher shipping charges... so, I checked out. Then, I foolishly went back that same night to shop for more things that I know I missed in my hurry to check out before. I found a $20 scarf and the shipping was $7.95. Yikes, I thought... that's going to be nearly $24 in shipping charges for these 2 orders, placed on the same evening. I figured that if I quickly sent an email, the company would not want to waste more resources... boxes, labor and gas on 2 separate orders/deliveries. Especially for a company that is so environmentally and ethically aware. So, I asked if they would combine the orders... same address... same credit card... Just put it all in one box and ship it for $15.95.
Well, the answer was "no". I received an email the next day and, in summary, it explained that due to the limited staff and the fact that they already started working on the orders (really?)... it would not be possible.

OK... it didn't turn out to be such a great sale after all... I'll pay the $24 in shipping, on 2 orders that totaled $100.89, but, I can guarantee that this will be my last order.


I have to agree with all the other reviews regarding the help I received from the person that called me back.
Adam was very knowledgeable and and answered all my questions.
If I can find a competent local person to do the job, I will buy from this company.


I wanted to order some counter stools from Houzz. They had to contact the vendor and create a post for me to purchase the items as the vendor had to send them to Houzz.
At the time of my initial contact they quoted me a price.
I was told to wait a few days so they could create the order.
A few days later the woman from Houzz called and I gave her my credit card info and it was only when I asked her to verify the total, that she admitted the price had increased by $119 x 2 for a total of $238 more. So, when was she going to tell me this? I was shocked and questioned why the increase.
She blamed the vendor and when I asked if I could at least apply the Groupon code of $100 for new Houzz customers, she said she didn't think it would be a valid code. I told her that, according to the Groupon site, 39 people had successfully used it that day. So, she reluctantly said she'd try. Mind you I had added additional items to my cart so I was spending well over $1,000.
She then reported that the code had expired in Nov. 2018. Not true, if you believe Groupon (which I use a lot and have no reason to doubt).
The best she could do was to use a $50 code.
I didn't believe her. So, I asked to speak w/ a supervisor but she said she would. She returned to the call to report that the supervisor (whom I never got to speak with... a bad sign when the supervisor won't speak with a customer) said there was nothing that could be done.
So I told the sales rep.not to put the order through and I would take my business elsewhere.

All I can say is that if a company does this sort of thing, even before a sale, I shudder to think what their after sales support is like.
Oh, think I know... there would be none.
Needless to say, I will not be purchasing a single thing from them... ever.

Tip for consumers:
tread carefully.
terrible customer service

Products used:
did not purchase anything in the end...thank goodness

Houzz T. – Houzz Rep

Hello there,
Thank you for reaching out! We're sorry to hear about this. Would you be able to provide your support ticket number so that we may reach out to help?
Houzz Outreach Team


I repeatedly tried to purchase an item through Barnes and Noble website but, each time I got to the checkout, it cleared the cart before I could make the purchase and it would force me to sign in repeatedly.

I closed out and tried again and again... until out of frustration, I gave up and called the local B/N, to see if I could buy it over the phone. The woman there tried to help but cautioned me that the item would cost more this way as they could not match their own online price... bad.
So I then called the toll free number and after waiting for over 15 min. The person there was able to complete the transaction.
I did ask to speak to a supervisor about the experience on the site but he put me on hold for over 10 mi. Before coming back to give me the bad news that I would have to wait an additional 30 minutes before speaking with a supervisor. Are there that many complaints that a supervisor can't be found for that long? Really.
I am on hold as I write this... now more than 40min... and am very unhappy with the way B/N treats their customers.
I want to hang in there to at least give them my feedback but it is now nearly an hour on hold so I'm giving up.

As soon as I spend the last of this gift card I will be done shopping at B/N for good.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother if you value your time.


Worst online experience.
Bought a bike online at walmart.
It showed there were 2 in stock.
When I proceeded to check out the number dropped to 1 left, as I figured it would.
It remained at that number for 5 more days, then went to out of stock.
Curiously, I received a notice the next day (7 days after my purchase) stating there may be a delay getting (my) item. It went on to state "we're locating more of these item(s) and will send them to your store for pick up". There was further info stating "if we can't deliver the item(s) by Thu., August 30, we'll cancel the order and process a refund.' The 30th was 2 days later. This was not a good sign.
This sounded like such a canned, generic message as it never even mentioned my "item" by name.
Well, on the 30th came the bad news that the bike was out of stock.
It surely wasn't, when I bought it, and as I said, another one remained in stock for over 5 additional days. Something didn't smell right, here.
No, I'm convinced, they sold my bike to someone else.
According to one of the online supervisors I spoke with, this happens when a distribution center somewhere else has the item and it's too far away to ship to a closer center.
This means that someone who orders after you can get the item that you thought was coming to your house if they are fortunate enough to live near the center with the goods.
Really bad and unfair practice.

The worst part of all this?
They still have my credit card money in "pending status" and claim that they are not the ones to release the funds but it's up to my credit card company to do so. Really?
Not according to my credit card co.
I want my money to be taken out of limbo.
As long as it remains pending, I have less available credit.

So, I'm left with no bike and Walmart continues to keep my money in pending status and won't release it.

Never, ever, again... this whole experience has been a nightmare. Be warned.
I'm sticking with Amazon from now on...

• Updated review

Snagshout has listened to its subscribers. The number of snags one can accumulate has increased and the amount of time one has to wait to receive more snags has decreased allowing more opportunities to get good deals.
Now I'd like to see more quality items offered as it can be a hit or miss more often than not.

This site is worth it!
• Previous review

I joined several months ago and have had a chance to really try out this site.
Although I've run into a few "snags" along the way, the response from the company, and their effort to resolve issues, has been good.
The deals they post are varied and if you check back often you will be sure to grab a great deal. I do wish they would allow you to increase your snag limit over time, though. The max I have at any given time is 3 and each timeI redeem one, I have to wait 5 days for it to replenish.
I've been amazed at some of the discounts their sellers offer for products I can use. Sometimes as much as 80% off what they sell the item for on Amazon.
I do recommend this site, unlike another I recently reviewed.

• Updated review

Well, I decided to come back to Vipon and give it another chance.
In fairness, they did make some changes... for the better.
In theory... the instant deals are a much better idea than having to wait for the never happening approval from the seller.
I, do however, have a huge issue w/the way the count down works on those deals before they become active.
I missed several deals despite the fact I was on the site, signed into my account, ready to go, the moment a deal became active.
Each time I've been forced to go through hoops before confirming a newly active deal. They make you check off pictures that contain whatever scene they ask you to ID. This step delays the actual confirmation enough to cause you to miss out on a popular item.
Why isn't it enough to be just signed in?
Well, because of this I've missed out every time it's something I really wanted and kept watching.
I think I'll just sign out... permanently this time.
It's still a bad, bad site and not worth the effort.

Horrible, frustrating, site... Stay Away!
• Previous review

I am not new to discount websites. One of my favorites is Snagshout.
I recently decided to join another site called Vipon.
What a mistake! The site is riddled with lots of nonfunctioning sections/links and there is no way to contact them from the site... red flag!
When I realized that I still had the original email (*******@vipon.com) from when I signed up, I sent out 2 emails and received no response.

This is how the site "apparently" works:
You look at items on their site that are available from sellers on Amazon.
You "request" the code and wait for the seller to approve you.
So far, I have placed 20 different requests for products to various sellers and after over 1 week of waiting, I have not heard from one of these sellers.
The idea is that, within 2 days the seller either declines or approves you and, if approved, gives you a code to go to Amazon to complete the purchase.
Vipon tells you to "contact" them should the seller not respond... Hah!, Really? How?
I am an Amazon Prime member with tons of reviews and a good Amazon ranking.
I've wasted too much time on this site and am starting to wonder if it's for real. No customer support, non functioning parts of site... just plain bad! I'm sticking with Snagshout but I wanted to let others know of my experience. Don't waste your valuable time with this lemon.

Tip for consumers:
All I can say is don't bother...there are far better options out there.


I've visited this restaurant several times with friends to enjoy the varied and delicious buffet that, until recently, was served daily.
I was a bit disappointed, however, when I visited on a recent weekday to learn the the buffet was not currently being offered daily.
After speaking with the owner I learned that this may change in the future.
Hopefully it will... as the buffet is a good way to get a chance to explore some exotic and tasty dishes.


I've been on Groupon for over a year and while I don't visit the site on a regular basis, when I do go, I find some good deals.
I once had a groupon for a restaurant that closed or went out of business, unexpectedly.
At first I figured I just lost the value of the groupon but then decided to contact the company. I received an immediate response and the value of the unused groupon was returned to my account to be used in the future. I recommend this website for the value and the good customer support they offer.


I have been a Chase card holder for several years. I currently have 2 credit cards with them.
Each year I call to speak with their non existent retention department, or so called "Loyalty Department".
And each year I am read a script that informs me just how fortunate I am to have their benefit rich cards.
Speaking to a supervisor this last time was an exercise in frustration. This man was none too happy to close my accounts explaining that this is a business and he couldn't waive or credit the $190 in fees these 2 cards carry.
I explained that Citi is very accommodating and creative when it comes to keeping its customers satisfied.
I am very happy w/ the way I am treated as a consumer at Citi and I've been with them for far less time.
Chase is not consumer friendly.It clearly comes down to $$$ with them. Too bad they can't understand that people share their experiences and if enough people walk then it will have an affect on their precious bottom line.
I'll be leaving Chase because of this.


I've used many of the online print and photo book sites and must say that Adoramapix is by far the best.
They listen, they are helpful, their work is good,(and if there is a problem... they'll address it) they package securely and ship fast!
Their site is fairly easy to use and they save my projects and photos.
If you decide to give them a try do look for coupon codes that can be found at the various coupon sites.


Ordered greeting cards and was quite pleased w/the way they turned out.
Better quality than some of the other online sites.
The site is difficult and quirky to navigate, however.
They need to work on that.
Not too keen on having their logo plastered on the back of cards that have my photos on them. Another site I use doesn't do this.
My biggest problem w/Snapfish, however, is their customer service chat line.
I waited in a long line and watched the numbers go down and up. Finally as I neared the finish line... a message appeared and said that "chat" was offline. I couldn't believe my eyes.
This happened more than once and I finally gave up. I think that's their plan.
Good luck trying to find their phone number. They apparently don't want to talk to their customers. I did finally find it... *******500.


I am a frequent online shopper and like most, don't care to pay for shipping. While some retailers do charge if under a certain amt. The best ones simply offer free shipping, period.
Well, then there's J. Jill... which has an interesting and punitive concept...
I've discovered that the more you spend at J. Jill the more you are charged for shipping.
I called them to express my opinion but was told nothing could be done except bring my concerns to the marketing department.
So, I promptly emptied my cart of over $250 worth of merchandise and asked to be removed from their mailing list.
I'll stick w/Bloomingdales, RL, LLBean, and Nordstroms from now on. Each one of these merchants really understands customer service.
JJill just isn't worth it.

Tip for consumers:
If you like their clothing, voice your opinion about their shipping policies.
If enough of us speak out, they'll change it.


Love getting their catalog and going online to find even more items.
Great customer service and fast free shipping.
What's not to like.


This company really understands customer service.
They are quick to respond if there is an issue and do everything possible to satisfy their customers.
I love shopping there.


Ordered boots online and the next day they went on sale. When I called to ask for an adjustment, I was not even done asking when the rep. Was already giving me the credit.
Now, that's good customer service.
They are in my "favorites".
Good job, Ralph Lauren.


When I had a small issue with a defective item, the rep I spoke with at Carter's was quick to rectify the problem. I would not hesitate to shop there again and can easily award them 5* for being so consumer friendly. One of the best online retailers.


Amazon is a trustworthy and reliable site.
I have shopped at this site for years and whenever I've had an issue, it is quickly and courteously addressed. Their customer service is top notch! Wish more were like it.
This is often the first place I look for good prices and customer product reviews.

Tip for consumers:
Sign up for their free 30 day prime membership trial.
Easy to cancel at the end of the trial.


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