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13 Reviews by femmemuscle

I was a member of Quora for about say 5-6 years. I would posts comments, etc, and even answer questions. And go on about my day for several months.

Whelp! After 6 or so years, one of the moderators woke up, and started doing their job. Reading posts. There must have been a post this mod didn't like, or some other mod didn't like, or they finally drank the right roast of coffee with extra caffeine in it, and BOOM..

I was hit with the "You can't post here anymore because we don't know you're real name."

Hell, after 6-7 years. You've had that policy in effect since probably 2016 or maybe even earlier, and in the year 2019 you finally realize, "Oh! Gee! We can't have this!".. BOOM! Heads will roll by gawd..

Well, by that time, i've already gave my answers, posted whatever it was that i wanted anyway - and moved on anyway..So BOOM back at ya..

Trust me, they'll read this post and they REALLY won't want me back..

so BOOM.. that's the sound of the door hittin' ya where the good Lord split ya' on the way out..
I, personally like to lurk there for the politics and current events. The headlines seem to roll out a lot quicker and with more details than conventional news, in most instances.

Other than that, it's not worth logging in and getting your hands dirty with some of the members - if they are truly "members" in many cases.

Lipstick alley has 40 employees, more or less. Most of them are paid immigrants and of course Russian trolls. If you read the "rules" of Lipstick Alley, you'll see something that should let you know that it is not "black owned".. It might have been, many moons ago. But not any more. It just has or supposedly looks as if it has a high percentage of african american members.

From what many people who have done their due diligence with this site? You might think you're doing a "back and forth" with several members, where it turns out, you're probably arguing with just one person. A paid member/moderator or just administrators - all under multiple accounts.

Other than their employees - you're probably wasting your time doing a "cat-fight" or an "e-fight" with someone with nothing but time on their hands, or as many have stated, mentally ill.

The more you click/debate? The more money in LSA's pockets. As for the nut jobs, you're just giving them time, they really don't deserve.

Why is it that many members are complaining about admin letting "members" or even "trolls" slide when it comes to certain responses/posts/topics? It could be those "members" are just one of their employees/moderators with multiple accounts keeping the inflammatory statements going to suck in the clicks, and keep money in their pockets.

So, of course, they get a "pass".. Makes sense as long as they make money. Those 40+ employees have to eat too, folks.

I was on there, for a while. Though it is a "celebrity gossip" forum. There were actually places there for member support or just general sub forums. There used to be some very nurturing souls regardless of culture who took pride in, or supported the black community. For a very short time? It was also a place of nurturing for women in general. Looks like the owner (who is rumored to be a caucasian/gay male owner of Data Lounge) didn't seem to like that - and put their minions/employees/trolls up to attack anyone who was "positive" "supportive" "respectful" "compassionate" "nurturing".. while implementing the old "you're not full black" "you're not one of us" excuses. Interesting.

Basically? We can all use a little "positive" or "support" these days.. regardless of cultural/gender background..

It doesn't take much research to see that Lipstick Alley is not black owned. Probably never was. And because of the new tactics being used there suppress/ban the real members that are minorities who could use a bit of support right now - Looks like they're trying to clean the site up to sell to the highest/caucasion bidder.
I was a member there, and was kind of put off by the moderators. One member claimed to be a black person. Her experiences, of course, would be very different than that of the average caucasion. Especially if they live in the U.S.

It was interesting to see that the member posted that she was told by two of the moderators, so far, to not mention race/culture on the forum because it made HER look like a racist.

She finally started using euphemisms to be politically correct? And the new moderator stated, that wasn't appropriate either. How can not mentioning race by using a "euphemism" make a statement inappropriate.

Apparently, this member was being bullied daily by hispanics, caucasions, african americans, and any other race she would encounter in her location. Makes sense when you're black. There's not a day in the US, there isn't someone in the headlines showing prejudice/bigotry toward her kind. Which is why she probably sought help on that forum. Bullying leads to anxiety, depression and in many cases suicide.

Apparently, it made the moderators who are apparently white in the UK/US, very uncomfortable. Looks like they didn't have the balls to do it in the past? But apparently, they put a new moderator named Cazcat up to do their dirty work.

That member truly made a difference on the forum. She didn't just talk about herself and her problems. She reached out to the others, and certainly made quite a few of us laugh.

She also posted about how other members PM'd her and assumed she was white, though she posted about her culture since the day she joined several months ago. Upon learning she was black, they either left the forum, or stopped posting. One in particular made a fool of himself (from Florida?) yes, thinking she was white, when she described her experiences in the gyms. I guess that member who made that assumption - also assumed black ladies don't go to the gym or are even looked at by white males.

I wouldn't doubt that the ones that she seemed to make uncomfortable - didn't report her themselves, or say something to the moderators about a black person being on the forum that obviously scared the living sh**t out of their white world.
I wrote in one of my reviews that there possibly could not be a way that review sites would get lower than, GlassDoor, and Well, Disqus topped them all.

If the troll is an employer? Oh, hell yeah.. Disqus will back that troll up 100% and delete your post for calling them out.

At, there was an male administrator who literally trolling under several names. Posing as 5 or 6 females, and about 2 or 3 other male personalities. How Indeed allowed that is beyond me. On that forum i had posted a link to another website stating that employees should be able to voice their opinions there.

Sure enough, here comes the radiology director of Harris Health Systems in Houston, TX. This time he used the pseudonym "Dimples".. If you go on Linked In to check him out, and if you can see past all that blubber - you'll see he has Dimples.

He went in on the attack on the OTHER website, and ripped into my post about what's it's really like to work as a sonography in the medical field.

"Negative A**" was one of the few choice words he used.

Just so people won't buy into the "dream job" of working in sonography? It's not "challenging and rewarding" - it's a business. The Hospital administrators are only after one thing. Their year-end bonuses. How they obtain those bonuses? Overworking personnel, low pay, day and night, long shifts, having them on call for $1.50 an hour while on pager, etc. Having them called in for non-emergencies because the ER physician doesn't have the balls to tell a patient and their family: "No you can't call the tech out in the middle of the night because you didn't get baby pics while you were getting your ultrasound at the doctor's office." Yes, folks.. there are people that do this constantly.. and sonographers do not get paid that well on call to begin with.

All of a sudden here comes that director name calling, and belittling.. I didn't have a problem with that but i ID'd him, and called him on his crap.. and sure enough, him being an employer? He hit that report button.. and Disqus deleted my post.

I found it so interesting, that when i researched Disqus.. Since Donald Trump has been running for president, the racist trolls have gone crazy on that website. They use the "N" word, making racial threats to members, calling people monkeys, gorillas, anything that comes to their small minds. Anyone hits that report button - Disqus doesn't do anything.

But say something to an employer that gets butt-hurt? Disqus will delete that post faster than Donald Trump can say "Grab her by the p***y"!
BHM used to be a force to be reckoned with when it came to hair growth, and topics of discussion. The owner, Russ, left years ago, and sold it to gawd knows.

It used to have hundreds of members, online, but due to YouTube, spammers, and other educational websites it lost it's followers. But the main reason? The last 12 die-hards that are left.

I hate to say this about the members in the Talk forum, but what's happened to it is sad. If you are open minded to dating other races other than black? Watch out. The 12 members will flame you off that TTT (Talk Talk Talk) forum faster than a horse can trot. They've been known to call black women that date other races - other than black: "bed wenches".. seriously?

If you state that education, working out, dieting (1 thread on that with several food threads), healthy lifestyle having cultural impact on the community, thinking of what we do today will impact the culture in the future, interacting/dating other cultures, learning from other cultures/languages, socioeconomic strategies, having class, self respect, and giving back to the black community should be tantamount? Well, you've come to the wrong place. They especially feel the "N" word is okay to use quite openly on that forum. But let a non-black person say it? Then of course, it's racist.

I was flamed off because the 12 members tend to believe that "twerking" is okay to do in public, television, etc. I countered them by saying: "Hey, how about showing off, your linguistic skills, your intelligence, showing off your college degrees, getting an education - and showing that off instead your butts?"

It was disheartening to see that these 12 members began loosing their minds. Especially when someone started the "gang up" with: "I'm sick of black folks talking about "getting an education" or "higher learning", etc. We can't we be us?"

Well, to be honest, sticking your butt in the air, shaking your a** while wearing tight shorts, might not get you as far as owning your own business, a degree, showing other cultures that we are just as competitive not only in dance, and sports, but in intelligence, as well as respect for your culture.

Of course, people of the same mind as the 12 members, joined the forum just to "give their 2 cents" - in favor of twerking, using the "N" word, stick to your own race, holy rolling, being fat, pigging out at fast food restaurants and letting it be alright to be a single mother - which most of them are.

They take amazing pride in their ability to flame in a group. To the point, they sit around posting about "Back in the good ole' days" where they had far more members that would flame people off the forum. And making people cry, or leave BHM because their feelings were hurt. Really?

Well, it looks like it paid off. You had over several hundred members. And now, just twelve. Maybe 13 on a good day. Otherwise, vendors just visit the site, spam, and move on.

One in particular named "Afro-kock" yes ladies.. is a huge attacker on those who choose not only to date other races? But because they aren't interested in him. And he is the most spiteful and childish of those members (not surprising at all). He used to post pics of himself, and to be honest ladies? I wouldn't take this guy out on a leash. But he claims he's "gorge".. (short for gorgeous) at first i thought it was because he was overweight and had a tendency to "gorge" (food) a lot. At least that was my take on the pictures. The gym is not his place of residency. Not by a long shot, and he's just average - if that.

I love to see black people with a mind to move forward working together. Communicating in a positive way. Who believe their actions today will impact their culture tomorrow.

Sorry, but you certainly won't find it on that forum. They are stereotypical - and proud of it.
I worked at a hospital as a full-time allied health employee. It's the only hospital in town. Christus St. Vincents. I live only 10 minutes away from that hell-hole. Anyone with brains wouldn't work there - which it's called Christus St. Victims. The locals also call it "The Asylum". Why? because you have to be crazy or on medication to work there. And trust me, on this one? There isn't an employee that i know of that works there that isn't on some kind of anti-depressant, a drunk after hours, smokes the "devil's salad leaves", or off their damn rocker.

I and other employees who have ran from that place have tried to place honest, balanced reviews on and Indeed. We were pretty cool with our ratings. Straight forward, professional, the whole nine yards. Not one of those reviews made it. Then someone came up with a bright idea. "Let's see what happens if i post a five star review"! It didn't take less than 24 hours when that fake, made up, glitzy, gushy 5 star review made it on the both websites! There's something one of us noticed. She had posted a negative review about a hospital she worked in a year ago on Guess what? That review has VANISHED. Yes, friends and mammals. And what's even more ironic? It has been replaced by at least 10-15 glowing positive, loving reviews! Each, one no more than 24 hours apart! Really?

Now, how can that happen? 15 people working in different areas of that hospital - which is pure bull because the place is working over budget already?

We, nurses were trying to warn others whom, like ourselves have packed up their families, left homes, traveled across the damn country for employment. Once we made it there, we found out we were given empty promises. Over there in New Mexico, the locals drive over 100 miles one-way for a decent place to work in Albuquerque. That says a lot. We were suckered. Don't believe me? Try contacting the CEO. You won't get him.. why? Because he just high-tailed it out that dump 6 months ago.

Will they post that on Glass Door? Nope. Will they post that on Indeed? Hell, no! They're too busy driving up their revenue trying to be employer based - and probably start charging a fee - just like to keep those negative reviews out of sight - and posting these fakey, made-up, template, money driven, honey dripping, exciting, stinky smelly, nasty, down right lying in your face reviews.

The contempt that i have for these millennial extortionists knows no bounds, people. How can parents raise status/money grubbers with absolutely no conscience whatsoever? And not only do the CEO's of these companies sleep at night? But those low-down, dirty lint sucking scuzz bucket employees that work for them sleep well at night, come to work with lattes in their grubby paws, and a smile on their capped teeth, as well.

Can businesses get any lower than Yelp, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Get the shovel, another scumbag will find a way.

I work in the medical field, and thanks to Allied Health Schools "SELLING THE DREAM", there's a high influx and over-saturation of x-ray techs, sonographers, Physical/Speech therapist Dental Assistants, phlebotomist, etc. in the field.

Because of this? there are parasites out there who are quitting their "sales" jobs, with no experience in the medical field or have no traveling experience - that have become recruiters.

They are weird. Some of them have heavy accents, or even worse, have never lived/vacationed anywhere other than their home town. These are the ones that don't have a clue about the real world in general. Let alone, the medical field.

Example: One guy called me last week who sounded like he had a salivary problem. I told i just came from a business vacation, and he asked, "Where did you go?" I said, New Jersey. He obviously hadn't been there and said: "Oh, yeah (slurp), uh, ummm.. okay, yeah, sounds like a nice place to relax. (slurp).. REALLY?

You don't go to New Jersey to RELAX... (ummm.. slurp)...

I checked out his profile? yep.. another L.A. Fitness reject - and he also looked drunk in his profile pic.

Then there have been quite a few, that truly don't read the whole resume, and hone in on the qualifications. I am traveling contractor, and live in the southern region of the state - but have been trained and worked in NYC. Thus, i receive calls from recruiters who don't read my permanent address on the resume, asking if they can call me.

Once they find out where i live? Many of them hang up. Or even worse, ask for my email address - which is on the resume - telling me they will send me the jobs they have posted, and I never hear from them again. No follow up, or anything.

I went on LInkedin and decided to peruse the names of these recruiters, and found out that many of them are rejects from D. Barton's Gym, Equinox, L.A. Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Bally's, Insurance companies, or fly-by-night "boiler room" stock market agencies.

What's even worse, i've had recruiters from HR depts. in Texas. A recruiter called from El Paso, TX. which is basically a big border town. The way she handled me as a potential candidate? Sad. The manager of the radiology department emailed asking if i was interested in their facility. I asked for more information, and if they were willing to pay relocation fee? He turned it over to his "H.R. Dept."

The H.R. "manager" called and left a message. Heavy accent, etc. She called again on a Saturday. I was on the treadmill at the time, and my boyfriend answers the phone. The H.R. "manager" told my boyfriend: "Tell her, if she's going to move here permanent - to call me, but if she wants a relocation bonus, don't bother to call me back" - and hung up.

I received an email from the radiology manager, asking if i had talked to H.R.? I told him that their people in that facility left a lot to be desired with their level of professionalism. And i wouldn't work there even if Jesus Christ was running the damn place.
I've just read the reviews regarding Trust Pilot. At first i was taking this personally, and now i realize by reading other people's reviews - that Trust Pilot is not trust worthy.

I posted a review regarding an employee review forum, If i was doing something wrong should have let me know. They would not post my employee reviews.

I found Trust Pilot, and decided to post my experience about Trust Pilot posted that review - AT FIRST - and then took it down. Why? Because instead of PM'ing or sending me an email as to why they wouldn't post my review? They tracked me down on Trust Pilot and HIT THE REPORT BUTTON.

Trust Pilot immediately went into CYA (Cover Your Assets) mode - and asked me to send them a "Proof of Purchase" from Does anyone with a brain know how stupid that sounds? That's like asking for a receipt from your local heroine dealer.

I read this, and thought, okay.. let me play along with this silliness and tell them why i could not obtain a receipt.

Then the QA Compliance person sent back an email asking for any documentation that i might have between and myself - explaining why they would not post the review. (Even though i had been posting there for years). Of course, would not waste their precious time explaining anything to the "unwashed masses" - especially if we are employees - not the employer.

I explained this to them in a very nice way. What happened? They sent an email asking AGAIN for "Proof of Purchase" from And if i couldn't produce receipts - they wouldn't post the review.

I sat there thinking to myself: "Oh, the Force is STRONG in these idiots".. And just sent them an email that basically stated that not only was covering their butts, looks like Trust Pilot is not above doing the same thing.

I'm so glad i found SiteJabber (Jeezus, that sounds like an informercial). Many of these review sites - are not made for the consumer. It's an extortion operation for paying employers, or conglomerates to BUY reviews. Fake Reviews. Some of the "employee reviews" are about as authentic as a rubber chicken.

I have noticed that employees who truly WANT to post their honest reviews on are not allowed to do so. They are only able to "vote" if the review was "useful" or not.

And now look? and has commercials! and are great examples that sites of that nature was the best that money can buy. And several "review" sites are following suit.

"Trust Pilot", really?

TRUST my as***..
I was literally banned on a few years ago - before they had to go to court and clean up their act.

There's a gym in Santa Fe, NM called Santa Fe Spa. I had heard that at one time that was charging clients $299.00 a month to make "bad reviews go away". I always wondered how this over priced gym for such a small town had the ability to do what they did when i posted a very detailed negative review.

The lack of professionalism in that place was appalling. At the time i had written my review, the whole family - plus the extended family, plus the chick one of owners sons was banging on the side was hanging out at the front desk like the Brady Bunch - laughing and cracking jokes when people passed by. Needless to say, if you come in there and you're already pissed off, or having a "low" or "ugly" day - that's really not the time or place.

It never failed that every damn time, certain people - including myself would walk past that desk and that hell-hag was up there with J. - They'd burst out laughing. Now, i found it strange that someone that had a face and body like her - would have the nerve to laugh at anyone - period. Let alone J.

When i confronted them on it one day? Well the hell hag took off and ran out the front door.

J. later started crying.. unbelievable. Then guess what? The following week? He put on a big show of "attitude" in front of the her AGAIN. It was interesting. After that I'd had enough left the gym - but decided to review it to warn others of this silliness.

It's "family owned and operated", so J. and his son, and the rest of the Brady Bunch are not going anywhere.

It put this detailed review on It was no different or no worse than others i had seen or posted in the past. posted that review? Then suddenly - BOOM! 72 hours later, They not only deleted my review - they BANNED my account from I had an older account, so they couldn't touch that - but they would not post that review - not even under the older account.

They claimed it was "guidelines" which was actual bull. Then someone was saying that if you posted under a new account - they could "delete" the post. But to BAN someone? That was something highly questionable.

After was taken to court, i noticed that people who have a new account are placed under "not recommended reviews". Even if the reviews are positive. But they certainly aren't BANNED..

Now according to the news article, can MANIPULATE the reviews. But before then? They could do far worse than that!!
I have to do a LOT of traveling. Believe it or not, there are some folks that still like the little red envelope showing up in the mail box.

Also, i noticed that watching movies on a CD? It just has better sound and visual quality than streaming.

Now that i have to travel quite a bit? I really miss Netflix. Also? whenever i would have a problem with a CD - sometimes it would wind up at my neighbors, or the streaming online movie? Netflix resolved it.

The customer service was always AWESOME!
I travel a lot, and i need products that they cannot sell in small towns. Especially ethnic products, like Shea Butter, hair moisturizers, shampoos/conditioners, etc.

I can travel all over the map, and Hairsisters always comes through for me.
The first time i responded to a member who had inquired about the hospital, Christus Saint Vincents. I was a patient there before? And later that year took a contract there to work. The weird part? When i posted my observations as an observer, The moderator Poncho M. deleted my posts after i was flamed off by forum members DagneyT63, and Greater Santa Fe. Poncho M. deleted their extremely aggressive remarks telling me to "go back to New York City", and personal attacking.

Poncho M. cleaned it up by deleting my posts. Then had Dagney leave a post for everyone to see that stated: "I hope you find happiness here".. Seriously? That was the weirdest crap i've ever seen in a forum.

I came back a year later to reply to a new member about Christus? And guess who immediately deleted that post? Poncho M, the moderator. I was pm'd that i had an infraction, and that i was trolling.

Well, basically, i'm banned from City Data, because i sent a PM back to "Poncho" letting him know where he could put that infraction. And other colorful language. I'm sure he probably broke a fingernail trying to get me banned right away.

Me being a traveling Native American - I don't have to "go back to NYC". hell, i only worked there any way.

stay away from that website. If you have to tell the truth about Santa Fe, NM? There's a guarantee it will be moderated, flamed, deleted, or you'll get banned.

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