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Love this company. Had some bad experiences with Norton, AVG and Mcafee but these guys hit the target with perfection. Anti Virus, anti malware, anti spyware you name it they have it all in one economical reliable package. Aghast there are no reviews here for them YET... that will change. In my opinion they beat AVG, Mcafee, Avast and all the other so called giants of expensive faulty software. Customer Services 24hr 5 stars. Give them a go and you'll wonder why yu ever bothered wasting your time, safety and well earned cash on the other Crap 'providers'.


Wow wish I'd found this company earlier. Simply perfect service. Say all those things that the 'norm' boring run of the mill cards don't, won't or can't be bothered too. Amazing and the prices knocked me out with the privilege of editing them yourself. Highest quality, Dispatch lightening speed or you have the option of collecting them from a store near you. I am so impressed they deserve more than five stars!


Reminds me a bit of the Titanic. All the hype and propaganda but launched like six months prematurely and grave over sights just scream at you reminding you that the ground beneath your feet is not solid. Spent the first three days with my new laptop on the phone to Dell Techs over Sooo many compatibility issues. Nearly lost her (the laptop) but good old Chris retrieved her not like poor jack on that floating piece of kindling., Hours literally we spent. It's disgusting that I hear Microsoft are now enforcing upgrades to the unwary through what always seemed like that cozy secure snug windows update. It's update or else NO more support for you oldies on your Vistas and 7's etc. Win 10 is also allegedly and it wouldn't be surprising the most efficient spy in your life now. So please cut the naive CRAP, yes you have cars now but can you still fix them yourselves. No. Get the drift?. I doubt it.


What is the point in offering a 'free' antivirus program that isn't 'free', AVG also recently added 'ZEN' to their 'free' package. It's compulsory if you want the latest 'free' anti virus software and bombards you with even more price hiking lures/blackmail, literally every time you'd check your dashboard or anything come to think about it. A trial should be just that, a trial. When the 30 day period of using their merchandise is up that should be it finito. However they are like those annoying guests that won't leave house even though the party finished 3 hours previously. Boxes spring up "do you really want us to leave?" Er Yes that's why i clicked uninstall and as for ZEN this additional pat of the program takes it up to a whole knew level of 'single white female' refusing all the polite hints and shoves to vacate your computer and constantly reminds you that you actually don't know your own mind and it has to stay, since when did meditation become 'bunny boiling'? Perhaps I'm the only one it liked so much because I haven't read much else about ZEN but it could also be that people just paid the ransom demands for peace and quiet and are living happily ever after, all they say ignorance is bliss. It's a bit** to remove. Firstly it told me to uninstall the 'PC Tune up' so I did (well I was convinced I did in my madness) yet then every time I tried to finish the uninstall this box would pop up telling me it could not leave my system until I had removed PC tune up. That is when I really lost the plot and invited the madhatters Guruaid to the party. Aah s*** what an apocalypse (but that is another review you'll find listed somewhere among all the fake one's they've added to this site to give themselves such a high score). On the AVG site itself it admits there is no process to uninstall Zen and GuruAIDS confirmed the very same thing. My Dell desk top was f*****and I mean literally, perhaps by the mad hatter? The white rabbit kindly dug a deeper burrow come mortuary for the desk top. Thanks AVG, it's really sensible to create a program that cannot be uninstalled and there is a name for it, think it begins with T and has something to do with horses. They shoot horses don't they and this one needs it!.


Someone else in my family bought one three months ago and no complaints!. He's really difficult to please as well. So I don't think any company should be judged on just one bad experience. For one person.if there are several bad experiences for same person than I feel they're game for a kick up the ****


A couple of years ago I'd have probably awarded them 5 stars. But tis all engulfing service has become complacent. The prices for one have sky rocketed to literal stupidity and they seem to find it an impossible task to make fair rules (God there's so many now) for both buyers and sellers. It's not a job a NASA scientist needs to calculate. The feedback scoring is dreadful. For example you can have one complaint as a seller (whether fiction or not) and lose something like 6% of your 100% score from all those hundreds of 'happy' shoppers that did business with you. To retrieve your original score hell you have to work for it! Etc Etc. the list goes on and I don't have the time to list all their accrued faults. SHAME though because the foundation was good and is a good idea, what do they say "if it's not broke, don't fix it". My opinion comes from being both buyer and a seller by the way


I love Dell. Their support systems are brilliant and their Customer services excel. My first laptop lasted six years with no problems whatsoever. I let someone else use it and unfortunately they messed it up. Otherwise I think I'd still be using it today.


Trustworthy and reliable site and never had to return an item or open a dispute.


I was happy with Comodo, everything seemed really good. I wasn't sure about the GeekBuddy support but at the same time figured that support is handy if that's what it is. I had a problem with my browser the first 'tech' vanished after I explained my problem, the second Geekbuddy guy also rapidly exited the coversation the third Geek spent roughly 20 mins AAAh remotely addressing my issue he then mumbled that I need Tech support and vanished leaving me with a dead computer as in nothing and I mean nothing worked. My desk top is now smashed up and awaiting recycling. So yet again sorry to be boring why is an apparently reputable company such as Comodo merging itself with these Geek ****holes?. All over the net people seem to asking should I keep GeekBuddy? Or should I disinstall it?. Don't worry they'll decide for you.


Spent half an hour with one of their 'techs'. Stupid me gave him access to remotely solve problem with my AVG ZEN (which was a problem in and of itself. Don't know what this tech did but my desktop became unstable and virus ridden!. He said he'd sort it out if I paid £80 or if I couldn't afford that what could I afford?. I put the phone down. What confuses me is why AVG allow themselves to be associated with Malware snipers!. One can only wonder.

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