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About Me

Hiya! My name is Carly and I'm 18 years old. I've always been the type of person to speak exactly what's on my mind and I am proud to be the person I am.

How I Can Help

I can help bust scam websites and steer people away from places that will end up emptying out your wallet.


Makeup, swimming, my relationship, and music!

10 Reviews by Carly


So, I followed their page on Facebook and they messaged me that I had won something for "free".
So I checked out the site, I picked out which item it was that I wanted for "free" and then I proceeded to check out.
Shipping alone was $9.00 for the shirt I wanted, so it wasn't "free" to begin with.
I wait a month and I finally receive my shirt.
I open it and I'm very disappointed.
The shirt is made out of a thin, cheap material and the strings for the sides are like those cheap $1 ribbons you get from Walmart.
Now, to top it off, I ordered this shirt in a size 1x but it fits like a small.
I looked up the brand and It's from a seller on EBay that makes Chinese knock offs.
So, I could have just bought this shirt straight from eBay with the money I paid for shipping.
Do NOT shop from here, at lease not the clothes.
I've heard the rings are good, but I'm really not sure.
Just keep in mind that they are all cheap, chinese knock offs.

Do not buy anything that they charge for more than $10!


I do not like the idea that all somebody needs is a picture of me, or my email address and $1 and they could get my exact location.
This is how people get stalked or even killed.

Dana C. – BeenVerified Rep

Hi Carly,

We take your privacy concerns seriously, and we would like to quickly address your request. We offer an opt out tool so that you can remove your information from our search results. Please use the link below to opt your name out of BeenVerified's people search results:


To get started, click the link and use the search to locate and select your record. You will then receive an email asking you to click to verify your request. After you verify, we will send you an email confirming that the record you selected has been opted out and will instruct our data partners not to return the record in future People Search results.

Further, please be aware that we obtain and regularly update the BeenVerified people search results from various public and private databases. Although we and our data partners do our best to suppress the records that you opt out from appearing in our people search results, there may be times when our data partners provide us with new data about you that is different enough from the data you previously opted out – such as different spellings, initials, combinations of information, and/or addresses – that it is not possible to conclusively opt out that new record. Accordingly, if you have previously opted out and see a new record about you appear in our people search results, please contact us with this opt-out request and we will remove this record as well.

For more detailed information about the opt-out process, please visit our Opt-Out FAQ: http://www.beenverified.com/opt-out-faq.

If you need any more assistance or have any further questions, please let us know at support@beenverified.com or 1-888-579-5910.


I loved playing this game once upon a time.
One of my biggest pet peeves - which still exists on the site - is that they tell you to "express yourself" but yet they limit the amount of makeup you can put on.
I personally prefer heavy makeup and this "feature" is really frustrating.
I made several purchases on this game on memberships, stardollars, etc.
My account got hacked two years back (yes - actually hacked, I never handed out my password to ANYONE)!
I had contacted support SEVERAL times to receive NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER, and this was very FRUSTRATING!
So I went back today in attempt - yet again - to regain my account.
I went to the help center with my temporary account and the link they provided to page was LOCKED because I'm not the right level.
What the actual f-?
You literally have to be a certain level to access the "account recovery page?" Is this a freaking joke?
So instead I sent in a help ticket and whether or not I get a response I am NOT changing my review being that I was literally IGNORED by staff for 2 YEARS!
They don't care about their members (even paying ones) and the "community" is full of disgusting people.

UPDATE: (9/26/2017) I FINALLY got in contact with the support staff a few days ago - HOWEVER - It's taken me 8 help ticket requests for them to FINALLY understand my situation. For some reason I believe their support is run by the Three Stooges.
I told them specifically that MY email address was NO LONGER registered under my account because it was stolen and they came back to me saying that I could just use the "forgot password" tool.
But, as of today they FINALLY understand my situation (7 help tickets later, I finally got a smart one) and I'm hoping they will help me but I am very unsure of that right now. I'll keep updating this review as I get more information.

UPDATE: (10/11/2017) So, they could verify that my information is correct, but I clearly told them that the original email address on my account is no longer active and they are refusing to put any other email address on the account.
I sent in another ticket 5 DAYS AGO (after they said they'd get back to you within 72 hours - hahaha, what hogwash) explaining it to them AGAIN and I have not gotten a reply, nor do I think I will.
They've tried to accuse me of giving out my account to others (which was their bogus explanation as to why I got locked out of my account) and they're saying that it's a bannable offence against my NEW account (what?)
I guess it's safe to say that the Support system at Stardoll is beyond useless and good luck if you lose your account, because they won't help you, not even if you're a paying customer. If you're not a paying customer then you might as well just forget about it.

Tip for consumers:


I have ordered 2 lipsticks from this site - P*ssywhipped and Candyas*!
Both are very good quality.
They have very good quality and a lot of pigment.
They're definitely worth the $18 you pay!


As a user since 2013 to present, there are some aspects of the game that I like and some I do not.
I like the idea of being able to make friends online, but with this comes bullies too.
Not to mention that this website is in no way child-friendly.
There are people always talking about sex, looking for ways to get around the chat filter.
The trading system is very flawed, being that recently there have been an increasing number of scams, people are literally losing all of their items and ourWorld's response to this could not be anything less than completely useless.
They tell their users that there's nothing that they can do if you get scammed and pretty much blame it all on the user who loses all their items because they agreed to make the trade.
You know, nothing can be their fault, even if you are a PAYING customer!
It couldn't be the fact that they make it way too easy for people to scam and some of the never members are not aware of scam epidemic and are falling for it - oh no, not at all, ourWorld could never do any wrong (can you hear the sarcasm?)
The least they could do is return the lost items, but they refuse to help in the least, so if you get scammed, you're screwed.
Which is the main reason why so many scam victims leave the site never to be seen again.
I cannot stress how many valuable friendships I have lost for this very reason.
They don't ban the scammers, allowing them to run free to scam many people after them.
The game is full of a bunch of greedy pigs who try to get twice the value of their "rares".
The site literally cheats you out of gems which you pay for.
You can go to some of their partner sites and get more gems for the same price that they charge.
The site lags - A LOT, and they refuse to do anything about it so they just blame it on our WiFi providers, saying that our connections are too slow, I guess there is no internet service provider fast enough for your website then? Because EVERYBODY lags.
There are people on there "duplicating items" and while they fixed this bug, it has thrown the Marketplace out of whack A LOT.
Ex: An item that used to be worth 150,000,000 is now worth 50,000,000 because the dupers would duplicate the items and then sell them for an outrageously low price.
The people on there are very rude!
They will bully you and if you report the person, they won't do anything about it.
The moderators on the Forums are also very rude.
They make these people moderators because these people are "recommended" to be moderators by other users and then the new mods abuse their power; locking topics when it's not necessary, blocking people from logging into their accounts because they posted on their topics twice in one hour, for telling somebody their artwork is garbage (because a lot of it really is - people will try to charge you for junk art that my 7 year old sister could have drawn better with a black crayon) and for so many other stupid little reasons.
Their customer service takes 3 days AT LEAST to respond to you, if you ever get a response.
They will make charges to your account for a membership you never purchased without consent - and the only way to undo this is to contact customer support, which as we all know is very unreliable.
The ads you load for non-membership members before they go into a room sometimes causes the game to freeze, or the room to never load at all.
If you're above 18 years old, you often times get called a "creep" for being on a "children's" game - even though it's more like an adult website.
Newsflash ourWorld: There is a reason people are moving to IMVU!
They can still get their sexually explicit content without having to worry about a chat filter and the game also has significantly better graphics - being that every female on ourWorld looks like an anorexic nightmare.
The game is very flawed, and I've had my good and bad experiences, but there are significantly more cons then pros.
OurWorld and VegasWorld go hand-in-hand which explains why both of them are equally bad.
FlowPlay inc. itself is just a joke and is out to get your money.

Tip for consumers:
For any parents - I do not recommend allowing your child to use this website if they are under the age of 16 unless you want your child to have an extremely polluted mind.


This game was a major part of my childhood as I slowly moved away from Webkinz onto it.
I enjoyed personalizing my toon, talking to friends, playing games and completing quests.
I had a lot of meaningful friendships on there and I remember crying my eyes out when I found out this game was being shut off.
It's very disheartening to know that Disney got rid of this game in favor of Club Penguin which is complete rubbish - a very bad decision on Disney's part.
I was willing to pay for a membership for this game without batting an eye.
A lot of people resent Club Penguin for the very reason that this game got taken down because of Club Penguin.
I resent Club Penguin also for this reason, but there are several other reasons aswell.
You will be forever missed toontown, R. I. P.:'(
I'm really hoping I will get to see you again sometime in the future.


Joined only to find out that pretty much everything requires you to have a membership.
You can't even complete the tutorial without a membership.
The amount of word sensory on there is absolutely ridiculous, they censor words that aren't even inappropriate.
I joined and played for 30 minutes and I am never returning.
I honestly can't believe Disney shut down ToonTown for this pathetic excuse for a game.


I joined in 2006 when I adopted my first pet, and played until 2011 when I pretty much outgrew it and moved onto other games.
I even had a deluxe membership when I had a little bit of allowance left over.
I recently visited the website and I was very disappointed in just how much it has changed.
Before, a deluxe membership would only ADD things to your account such as skins for your phone, special chat bubble boarders and awesome backgrounds for where your pet was displayed.
But now it seems that you have to be a deluxe member just to trade and chat and adopting a pet that you purchased seems to do little to nothing anymore.
All of the good clothes are off limits unless you have a deluxe membership and the game is just completely loaded with ads.
The fashion shows have always been rigged.
I had to turn on my adBlocker just to be able to enter the site.
The game definitely isn't nearly as fun as it used to be.


I have played for over a year and never once have I won a real "jackpot" from playing slots, while I am always seeing the same people winning the 50,000,000 coin+ jackpots.
You lose all of your money in BlackJack.
It's always the same people winning in pretty much every game.
This site treats you like trash unless you are a regularly paying customer.
I had my username on there as "Erica", I come back after a month and they altered my name to Erica675 or something stupid like that.
I guess they decided that I didn't deserve an exclusive name since I don't pay.
Yeah well, f- you.
Not to mention that there are married men AND women alike on there that are cheating on their husbands/wives through this game.
And some of the players are gold diggers that will say they love you until they bleed you dry and you can no longer afford to buy them things.
Stay away from these con-artists.
It's the users and site owners that make this game a miserable place to be.


I was a regular user of the site for 4 years.
But one day in early June, they disabled the option to log into our accounts with no prior warning, making it so you could only vote on polls created by the owners of SodaHead.
They were using the user's accounts that could no longer log in to also vote on their own polls.
They WOULD NOT delete anyone's personal user data (pictures, information, etc), and this led to several lawsuits - there's no doubt in my mind.
They decided to play the hard way.
On top of that, so many friendships I had on there are now forever lost.
People got bullied, harassed, attacked, and stalked.
Not to mention that there were so many old pedophiles on there trying to get "nasty" with the younger (and even) under aged females on that website.
The moderators were very useless.
After 4 years all I have to say is: Thank you for absolutely nothing!

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