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20 Reviews by bulstrongvicing

The car is similar to a sports car. This model is very comfortable, flawlessly executed. She has a beveled rear rack, handsome and muscular before, sidewalls are executed in the form of convex waves. Model perfectly showed itself in all road conditions, shows adequately behaviour on the road. Further model remained the safest machine of Europe. It installed the latest security know-how-City Safety. It allows you to prevent collisions, to recognize pedestrians and automatically slow down. Cruise control the car works and at low speeds that gives a big plus in the city. Electronics machines so clever that even knows how to evaluate the correctness of the fatigue of the driver. Design: in terms of design, the machine turned out to be excellent: beautiful silhouette, flowing line perfectly harmonize with sharper front headlamp stands out forked stylish grille beautiful form. Profile machine with the same beautiful-tidy drawing a feast for the eyes, a raised shoulder line gives the appearance of sportiness. At the rear we can see branded lights volvovskie beautiful shape, something like boomerangs. They emphasised by strips of LEDs and night look very good. Getting inside we see a beautiful ' floating ' center console, a soft plastic, wood and aluminium-chic! The graphics screen, crowning the console just very pleasant and doesn't cut eye. Appliances finished aluminum inside them round displays, as in the older model S80, and they are as informative and useful. The central console, by the way, is slightly turned to the driver, which brings sport and makes it more convenient in circulation. Now in the back seat. Here not that roomy-not the big dimensions of the car still affected, expanse back is at the level of the competitors models. Feet You can hide under the front seats, and overhead space is enough. Engine and gearbox: Machine is offered in Russia with two options: 1.6-litre T3 (one hundred and fifty horsepower) and T4 2.0-liter (180 horsepower) motor both are quite good, but that's up to 100 still a bit long, and from the box it just depends: with T3 on "mechanics" car accelerates to 100 for nine point five-tenths of a second, and the slot machine up to seven-tenths longer! Disorder. Pleases at least that stovosmidesâtisilnaâ version accelerates to 100 for attributable to nine seconds. Let the car with a gun and slower, but write off from the accounts of its not worth it, because the machine works very pleasantly: smoothly without jerky movement, no noise, switches the speed at the time. Mechanics just pleases crisp and enjoyable switching mechanism. Personally I would have chosen a version with T4 and machine-best for Moscow traffic jams (and not only of Moscow), motor tâgovit and pleasant. Salon: traditional reigns Inside the Swedish brand Volvo Scandinavian design: everything strictly, concisely, but still feel the comfort. Developers have not forgottenthe car and the brand "man" on the console, regulating air flow airflow. The console is very ergonomic: buttons are located within the visible area, and the console itself is slightly turned to the driver, which makes it even easier to use. Graphics on display a pleasant and legible even on Sun-screen flashes. Inside the machine can be overlaid with two colors: white or black. It seems to me that here more perfect black version-looks richer and more pleasant than white, but it's too bad that visually increases the volume of the cabin. The console can be decorated with different materials-wood, dark plastic or aluminum. Most looks attractive wood finish-solid and very high quality tree itself was. The rear seat meets us not particularly, I think, an extensive amount of legroom, but still you can hide under the feet of the front seat and sit comfortably will turn out quite well. Threesome here, certainly not pomestišsâ (prevents high central tunnel), but together quite convenient: you can still fold the armrest from the Central seat and enjoy the ride. Suspension: Volvo S60 is equipped with a very good suspension-rulitsâ nice car, sports car strives to fight when cornering! In the American versions have a small tendency to understeer, but here's all-wheel drive no car goes flat, tight and surely swallow the bumps in the road. But still a few suspension harsh-maybe, I believe not, but compared to the older Volvo cars it seems harder, but it is not as noticeable. Performance: as I said, our machine is equipped with excellent suspension allowing vehicle perfectly obey the helm. Especial excitement is felt on four-wheel-drive vehicles-steering car obeys bezprikoslovno, turns exactly where the driver wants. Let the front-drive cars still have a certain tendency to demolish the front axle, this tendency is not much visible in the background nicely tuned chassis. So excellent suspension complements and ASC (Advanced Stability Control-Advanced stabilization system). It works while respecting the driver intervenes only in extreme cases that even very happy. It is now updated to podtormaživaûŝej, inner wheel when turning and sending bigger moment on external, allowing even more confident to enter the rotation. The same car is equipped with a sea of electronic systems that simplify the life of the driver. Trunk: The trunk of this excellent machine-lid opens, along with a segment of security: it is clear that such a brand like Volvo safety is always at the highest level. S60 is no exception. The car received 5 stars from Euro-NCAP.
This palette has it all: 20 types of shadows, 10 types of lip gloss, blush, and yet a beautiful mirror. Button is pressed very gently, offering capsule without labour. Bulbs burn immediately after opening within how many minutes. The backlight is very comfortable, bright, does not distort, there are good brushes for eyeshadow and a separate easy-brush for applying the gloss. The set is decomposed into three tiers and very compact, takes up very little space. Color of shadows is very diverse, you can easily find any color your liking.
This German caring cosmetics for hair. In packages with paints a very detailed instructions on the use and one-time signets for hair coloring. This professional series for care-shampoo to restore hair growth and hair conditioner. This cosmetics has a reasonable price. The second is suitable for all skin types, without causing allergies. After washing hair, Schwarzkopf means docile, easy to comb, never no effect nepromytyh hair. Plus, the hair stop falling out on their hairbrush left much less and the hair gets live-view.
CATRICE cosmetics brand launched in 2004 year in Germany. It includes a huge variety of decorative cosmetics for face, lips, eyes and nails. Colours are very diverse. Is perfect for women of all ages and styles. You can pick your own cosmetics for everyday life and special occasions. Lipstick with a delicate creamy texture, varnishes and shadows fall smoothly and are not afraid of the water, very original shades. Brush wide enough, it is very easy to use, durability, about five days. Powder passed dermatological study and it is suitable for any type of skin.
A set of very compact. The small size will allow it to take on the road, vacation, or business trip. It consists of a motor and module six nozzles 3 which for manicure and pedicure 3, the unit with the motor and plastic case-storage box set ... Motor module has a convenient form. It is very easy, convenient form, is powered by two AA batteries, has two modes. The bulb lights up automatically, which helps make manicures even under poor lighting conditions. Nozzles are made of good metal nozzles-pilkah good spraying, which will keep for a long time.
The kit includes 7 pieces. Scissors, nail file, tweezers and nippers, tweezers are very convenient, do not compare with others. Case fairly hard, leather-embossed Croc different colors with metallic trim, compact size slightly larger than the Palm of your hand. It can be placed anywhere, even on the shelf, at least in the bag. Zinger set conveniently take with you on a trip, because all it is complete it is quite light and will not cause any inconvenience. It is easy to open and it securely snaps to the lattice-itself does not open even if you fall. Inside with sleek mounts are placed six essential for manicure items.
This gorgeous, manicure set, the German firm. All Manicure Accessories packaged that provides secure their placement in mind. Manicure set GD Solingen in black leather case on the buckle. Clasp prevents items from falling out of the sack and the possibility to obtain cuts from sharp edges of the set. Case is made of high-strength natural skin. The set includes five items: scissors for cutting nails; metal file 12 cm; nail klipser 6 cm.; comb; tweezers with bevelled edges. Looks like a set of stylish and durable, all items are made of high quality steel special process cold hardening. All items are perfectly smooth, that ensures painless job. Suitable for use at home, as well as for travel or business trips.
This global brand Donna Karan was established in the year 1984 Donna Karan in the place with her husband. The quality of the fragrance takes a worthy place in the ranking of designer brands, exquisite feeling that attaches to the pleasing does not render its smell. In its application, direct hits and bergamot citrus aroma. Then vested in light floral notes and cardamom. After the first application, the scent of it impresses with its exquisite aroma, a pleasant wood trail. Stylish, masculine aroma, lively and sensual, energetic and subtle. Man this an unforgettable scent, not when it will not leave indifferent and lost.
Beautiful, stylish, packaging, which has a barcode France. The company's products BIOSEA contains not less than 90% natural ingredients! When you use the tools in the complex result of not forcing myself to expect! Already after 2-3 months the small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are not noticeable, complexion, improves skin relief becomes immediately noticeable. Shampoos, hair mask, toothpaste, body care products are all has a nice, lightweight, unobtrusive aroma. There are also men's and children's series. Baby Shampoo Emerveil Natural Baby Care even in case of contact with eyes, isn't it stings them elicits tears. Every day, when applying cosmetics BIOSEA skin will become better and better.
This cosmetics unusual pleasant smell, absolutely not obtrusive, but memorable. Lush natural cosmetics, organic, at 90%. All cosmetics are made manually, on their official website has video from their factory, there you can see everything. Massage tiles for athletes with nuts and cinnamon smell quite particular spicy, heavy, heats well, balls green Scrubs and white-very high quality otskrebaût, Vanilla-scented perfumes, shampoos, liquid honey, masks for face and hair.
An interesting modern design, a large set of tools: nail clippers, manicure scissors, Blade, tweezers for eyebrows, everything you need, zgotovleny stainless steel. Very good price and madly like quality, best friend in any unexpected situations. Generally convenient, it's easy to open by clicking on the button on the side
Sophisticated, unique and memorable flavor. Refers to elite perfume. 30.50 and produced 75 ml. Year of release 2009. Packaging design, luxurious and comfortable. If you have a shelf's worth of this bottle, it immediately notice. If you this fragrance, you immediately notice! In a basis of compositions based on Bulgarian rose. Just as there are notes of pink grapefruit, black currant, Peony, Lily, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. Belongs to floral-fruit group. Aroma envelops and bathe you in a unique tenderness. Very resistant, but unobtrusive, and easy. Durability-license is enough for the day. Tester-two-three days. No marks on clothing leaves no. If you are a business, luxurious and feminine, this fragrance is for you!
Just recently, I learned about the fragrance company Essens. Perfumes are the equivalent of a brand of perfume, chanel, known to all of us (d) @ (g), etc. To begin with, I bought a small bottle of 15 ml. his girlfriend I guess let him try, and the quality of said good and arranged price. They have no titles, all by numbers. I bought her a room 114. She was pleasantly surprised by the quality. A couple of the spray and the fragrance lasts a few hours. Especially good is kept on the cloth and hair. Even after washing, there is flavor. In the Czech Republic produced perfume cosmetics ESSENS. This factory produced yet and some medicine, it seems, so their products meet sanitary standards. At least I have not found any allergic reactions.
This Czech factory produce many spirits that contain 20% of aromatic essences. The Foundation produced spirits similar to the fragrances of many well-known brands and spot the difference can only specialist. Bottles do not differ form, graceful, but similar, just behind each brand has a defined number. You can choose-someone like that. Totally crazy fragrance! It is sweet, but not cloying, delicious smells. He's bright, eye-catching, but at the same time, gentle, powdery. It's warm with. He charms and entices the most, that is, feminine fragrance. Their durability is impressive, the fragrance lasts all day, even for another day saved his "echoes". Just cause must be dosed, literally, a little splash up and become this drop-down, down, fragrant "cloud", otherwise it would be overkill.www.rusryor.ru | *******@rusryor.ru | skype: rusryor
Than useful this shop? He has a website on which you select the desired thing and see its remains at this store. Prices are a little lower than in ordinary shops of home appliances and electronics. We were treated when we ordered a game console. It was not in stock, privoz waited 5 days. It seemed to us-fast) Needed a memory card Manager checking availability, called himself five minutes later, explained why take this and suggested that a little cheaper, but with better characteristics, I consulted with friends who were surprised by the choice of the seller) always nice when the seller is not indifferent, so Manager, thanks for this! Delivery of formalized the next day courier called this morning clarified a convenient time (which is rare) and after a couple of hours I had a card! I advise everyone to this store, they have a free pickup, there are many things in the Office, but still if you dare take anything-better first make a reserve not to proezdit just so. So that buy in this store and not find better!
Fragrance refers to wood-East. Notes are strong alcohol, mint, lime, wood, etc. Myself fragrance was released in year 2011 CAROLINA HERRERA. Really this scent gives the image an inhabitant of New York. Fragrance for charismatic people living a hectic life, especially this fragrance is suitable for parties and meetings. The aroma is very stable, with strong train, a man who knows what he wants from life, fits this fragrance, and girls are just crazy about him, very attractive and attracted attention. Bottle's pixels, which gives you the option to preserve the original for a long time the scent of this perfume without loss of quality. Pulvizator plain, made of steel. spray fragrance fine dust. A bottle of mirror and therefore very soiled should be cleaned constantly, because they fingers and lâpki. At the bottom of the bottle is stamped info on the manufacturer and miles of cubic capacity. Very good, perfect for the young, energetic people.
From the date of issue and date of Lancome Hypnose is one of the most popular scents in the perfume market. Initially there was a lot of noise and loud enough high-quality advertising. Now advertising almost subsided, but the popularity of Hypnosis from this. Ah, this Hypnosis-it really hypnotically affects many indifferent noses))). Mystique and alluring enveloping vanilla softness, razlivaûŝaâsâ warm waves-here are his main characteristics. A delicate plume of anyone yet hypnotic surrounding did not leave indifferent. Some members of the male sex-generally flow from him in a trance))) Very attractive aroma! It seems it is just the most perfect perfume for clear frosty days! Taste flavor if you can recognize itself, similar to Oriental sweets, Turkish delight, stringy, slightly creamy. And yet he reminds me sometimes sweet lollipops with the lightest touch of Minty, sometimes even a little mellifluous out of an abundance of sweets. As for me, so the fragrance in principle simple and most ephemeral designs-light. I think it is lacking a bit in base q, more expressive weight that ... It is lightweight but fairly stable-can suddenly remind about himself, when suddenly it seemed that he did give. In the start when applied smartly blooming passion flower, in the heart of jasmine and gardenia more are added. And, finally, the base becomes a bit rude-spicy and tasty at the same time attractive thanks to vanilla. Generic it. Not all he happens to love, because skin chemistry has not been canceled. For some, it šlejfit, sparkles, beckons and really hypnotically draws on other sounds from the beginning to the end of sweet candy without overfilling music ...
Pal Zileri This fragrance perfume Eau de toilette very resistant, odor remains until things are not postiraeš. Very good perfume of Italian production, long stay on the skin, even a little excited) top Note: bergamot, pet igren mate, grapefruit, melon, Green Apple, mint, lavender, sea breeze. «Heart»: rose, Lily, violet leaves.
Final note: oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver, the powder from a root fialkovogo, rosewood, skin, peach, amber, musk. At the expense of packing in them nothing special, seemingly ordinary perfume. But when you start using immediately understand that this is not the case. This scent is just not possible to pass. Men's perfume fragrance Pal Zileri are ideal as a gift, because the smell they simply gorgeous. I recommend this toilet water all guys.
Chanel No. 5 for women, dream and joy for men. Manufactured these perfumes famous perfumer Jacques Polge is not without its participation and Coco Chanel in one thousand nine hundred and twenty first year. To begin with, that the fragrance Chanel No. 5 was selected the Coco Chanel between 10 different flavors when perfumers asked her what she likes the smell, the legend of style and fashion named probe No. 5, it happened in 1921, but on this day, the best selling perfumes from Chanel have this very ordinary and plain name. Chanel herself claimed that the spirits have the scent of a woman, that is elegant, glamorous woman, confident in itself to itself. The aroma of these spirits and today is a leader among women's perfume, men stirring. The composition of the perfume consists of extracts of bergamot, Iris, lemon, jasmine, rose, Lily of the Valley. There are also composed of root of aldehydes and violet, musk, patchouli, vanilla, and a number of other ingredients. The sprayer is almost the same as many other spirits. They are sold in a gift box and therefore can be bought for a gift to his girlfriend, the second half.
It happened that my good friend is a big fan of fresh aromas, and once bought a sampler spirits opened for us magnificent aroma SADA'A from Syed Junaid Alam. Honestly, that the composition of toilet water produced no impression. From the description of the impression that it is citrus-Woody perfume and not fresh marine fragrance. But beautiful saturated blue-green bottle with a picture under the ocean waves, a form similar to a smooth glass and dangled for purchase. Here is what is written on the store site on violin: Kind of fragrance: floral, Fruity Top Note: orange blossom Middle notes: Rose Base Note: musk, Cedar
As a result, the aroma fully met our expectations. I can't classify this fragrance to fruit, the more floral. To me it rather fresh green scent. Citrus is present but barely perceptible. Disclosed this fragrance sharp smell of wet wood and resin, after sudden fade music clearly emerges sea freshness of flavor, which gives a sense of cheerfulness. This fragrance is like a stormy wind, which drives the waves and splits the rock. And in raging waves floating wreckage of a century-old Cedars. In General, I'm ecstatic, I really like how he falls on a man's skin and smells like. So definitely recommend fans of fresh sea flavors.
Duhahi Merci, jar of very beautiful and comfortable, a jar with them written "Mersi Mersi" in the hands of very nice keep it as mâgenkaâ felt themselves simply exquisite perfume smell they cannot pass it such as freshness, pleasant, and have enough pretty for a long time. Beautiful design, jars, beautiful packaging, different scents and colors. Recommend them for lovely ladies!

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