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I still see men are getting scammed here. Please learn from our experiences. Anastasiadate is not going to help you. They are just going to keep taking your money and blaming you for being scammed. Leave the site and never use a pay by letter site again. Me and my lady have been together five years. I met her at a site where I paid 30 bucks a month. Anastasiadate will make pay $3000. And you won't even get a phone number, a kiss... or even a handshake. I tried to use the site so many times. Every time a woman sends me a letter, I have her investigated. This woman has been at the site for years and has been married for years. I don't think her husband knows she does this stuff. Because while her social media accounts are blocked from the public. His is not. And in his profiles you can see wedding photos, pictures of them hugging and kissing. Why is SiteJabber allowing this site to continue to victimize people?

Tip for consumers:
You will be ripped off thousands of dollars. You will talk to women who are paid to talk to you. And Anastasiadate will not refund a single dime.

Anastasiadate, lies, cheats, and steals
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Hello everyone. I was told to come here and post a review. Apparently, Anastasiadate staff have been posting at review sites like sitejabber to claim they are a legitimate. Well, they are not. My story;

I had used AnastasiaDate before in the past, several years ago, I came to Kharkov to see a lady. After months of love letters, chatting, and phone calls, I came to Ukraine to see what I thought was a lady who was interested in me. I came and met a complete stranger. Nataliya was cold, distant, and seemed like a totally different person. I was frustrated and I told her so. She said that maybe after a few visits, she could learn to like me. That of course, was not enough for me. I left the site for awhile and used other services. I came back after several months with a different strategy. I would try to talk to several different women. Maybe if I talked to three or so, I could find out which one really liked me and then find love. So after a few months, I came back to Ukraine again. I met one lady in Kharkov and two in Odessa. It was just a bigger disaster. The lady in Kharkov was nice enough, I guess. But she wanted an iPad. I left Kharkov disappointed of course. I took my hopeful expectations to Odessa, I spent a wonderful day with one lady. But she wanted me to buy her some really expensive shoes. I refused of course. We parted on good terms, but the next day the interpreter informed me that she has decided to back to her old boyfriend. Now, I am sure she never left him. I met the third lady on the last day, we had a nice brief meeting. And she did not ask me to buy anything. So we decided that we would try again on the next trip.

I should add that the ladies never really asked me for anything. She just shops and picks up different items. The interpreter asks for her. I came to Ukraine with such high hopes after spending thousands at this website. I arrived at Ukraine only to be greeted by women who seemed to be complete strangers and outrageous rates for cabs, interpretation, and other services. It was horrible.

Still not having learned my lesson, I returned again. This time I met one lady in Kharkov and returned to Odessa to see the lady from my previous meeting. But of course, I ran into the same thing. It was as if the person writing me the letters and the person I met were two different people. There was no warmth, nothing familiar. They were just professionals handling me.

A couple of months ago. I met a ballerina who lived in Kharkov. I know. I was stupid. But I sent her information to a friend of mine, I wanted to see if this was a real person. He gave me her vk profile. So I contacted her. To my surprise, I received no response at all. Her name is Nataliya Kostetskaya, profile 1696464. Her vk is

Her twitter is

Her model account;


Her facebook;

The facebook account is important. She admits to being in an "open" relationship. I was given the photos of her with her guy. I uploaded them to this review for Anastasiadate. I think you have to scroll to the end to see them. I don't know what to say. I feel so stupid for wasting so much money on an organization that was never even a dating site.

AnastasiaDate is the same as every other expensive Ukrainian dating site in this industry. You will get dozens of beautiful women wanting to talk to you every day. But it so expensive and nothing is guaranteed. I don't think the women are very honest. I have evidence that many women there have boyfriends or are married already. AnastasiaDate claims that they have exclusive women. I asked about this policy. Of course, they do not. You can find many women at their website at other places. When I tried to show the customer service agent this, he pretended not to understand me.

Well, there is a happy ending. I did find a Ukrainian woman. We will be married next year. After recovering from the lies and deception at Anastasiadate, I used a few other sites that were very cheap. I found a group on vk that helped me. They made recommendations and I found someone special.

I hope all of you men find a way around the scam industry. It is huge. You can write me messages here if you want. I don't know much, but I can point you in the right direction.

I have hope that I can find someone again. Anastasiadate is such a bad place. They should ashamed of themselves misleading men and charging so much money. Their customer service is so bad and they services are questionable at best. I have downloaded ads from the internet that show they are paying women in Ukraine to talk to men. None of the women I dated were attracted to me in person. They only seemed attracted to me in chat or in email.

Is my review visible?

Tip for consumers:
Please do not use it. Find a better, cheaper site. One that is a safe.


I went to TrustPilot to review dating sites. I had some bad experiences with pay per letter sites. I had information on women who worked at these sites and were paid by agencies to be there. I wanted to warn other men before they spent thousands of dollars without getting any contact with women who actually wanted to date them. And after losing so much money, they would never get any refund or adequate response from customer service. I reviewed a couple of sites. At TrustPilot, you can't even post the evidence proving your claims. You can only write about your experiences. Of course, the scam sites challenged my experiences. And trustpilot on the say so of scammers and liars alone, removed my reviews. I have documentation on what I purchased. I have documentation on my discussions with technical support. They don't care. So if you are looking to use an online site to review services, that is the last place to look. They even removed the positive reviews of the sites that were honest.

That isn't just backwards, that is actively trying to get your clients scammed or hurt.

Products used:
SiteJabber is a better review. It isn't perfect. But it is better than trustpilot.



I was scammed in the international dating industry at a site called Anastasiadate. I came here to post about my experience to warn men about using this horrible website. But now I have been told my review of Anastasiadate is not public. No one can see what I have written about my experience. They have hidden the review without telling me. When you click on this link nothing is displayed,

And my friends from vk have come here and they can't see my review either. So sitejabber appears to be in collusion with Anastasiadate to hide negative reviews of the site. My experience is legitimate. Anastasiadate took thousands of dollars from me only to give me the experience of dating women who were paid to be at the site. I have complained to Sitejabber support twice. And I have received no response. They refuse to post the very damaging information that I have on this service. I am not the kind of man who complains easily. But this is a situation that could become dangerous for men who try to date overseas. I am going to post reviews of sitejabber in as many places as I can. This review service cannot be trusted.

Thank you.


Of course Elena's Models is a legit site. I am African-American. I met a very young, sexy, beautiful blonde in Moscow through the site. We went on a real date. Not the fake ones you get schooled on at AnastasiaDate, UaDreams, HotRussianBrides, Veronikalove, etc. I have been to about four of the big scam sites. I have spent a few thousand and basically got ripped off. I am lucky though. I have heard of men losing much more than at these sites. The women at the site are real. But of course, there are scammers there. You just have to ignore them. Elenasmodels does not pay them, so sooner or later they ask for money. As for the negative reviews, use common sense. Some men don't like the mail order bride industry at all, so they make reviews of all the sites. But if you see a guy giving AnastasiaDate and UaDreams good reviews while giving Elena's Models bad reviews, it is bogus. The scam sites really hate Elena's Models because it is the most famous of the good sites. I stopped paying for Elena's Models long ago. But I can go back and check my account, email women I have talked to in the past and try to date women who are still looking... without paying a dime more.

So it is your choice. Spend 100 bucks or so at this site, or spend 4K at UaDreams or AnastasiaDate.


You cannot do better than finding a site that lets you talk to and date women for free. If you are lucky enough, all you have to do is go to the site and create a standard profile. Some women who pay to be there will send you invites to talk. I met several women at this site. I don't have anything serious to report. But I love this so much more than throwing away thousands of dollars and being treated like an idiot. I have been to so many dating sites, UaDreams, NatashaClub, AnastasiaDate, Veronikalove, all of them do the same thing. They take your money, give you nothing, and blame you for coming there. It is so refreshing to actually know women for real now. No more agency girls. You talk to women who are in their homes. You see them with their children or talking on the phone, like real people. Before, I would only be talking to professional letters writers and translators.


This site is so bad. Can't really call it a dating site. It could be called a sex cam site or something like that. But there is no dating or marriage happening here. I foolishly went to see a lady in Nikolaev. Viola, she was really beautiful, but I found out she had a boyfriend. She never cared about me. All she wanted was the money she received from me chatting with her. I remember on day I blew over $100.00 just talking to her in chat. Then I found out she was dating a buy named Anatoly Maestrenko.

You can see them together here.

HotRussianBrides stated policy is that they do not give refund and they do not guarantee anything at the website. They also do not provide you any information to check the ladies on your own.

So basically know that 98% of the women there are there because of the money. If you chat or write letters, they get paid. Other than that, they want nothing to do with you.

I probably paid 2k to the site since I was there. I can't tell you how embarrassed I am over this.

Tip for consumers:

The pic is Viola and her guy. . .


Garbage. Fake. Total BS.

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