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I went into the Bank of America branch on Boylston street, Boston location and got a rude awakening of what discrimination feels like. While I was there, the check that I deposited got stuck in the ATM. I saw one of the employees assisting a Latin American woman (on the white side), so I waited for her to finish with the customer and explained my situation. Then I asked if she could assist me. She said in a nasty voice; that she didn't know how to use the machine and that I would have to contact someone outside the branch. Not at any point did she walk over to evaluate the problem. Instead, she continued to be dismissive and cold.

I explained to the employee that it might be something that she could help me with since the ATM was prompting me to go back and put in the amount, but I could not find where to enter the transaction amount. She proceeded to ignore me and move on to an Asian customer that had just walked through the door. Talk about passive-aggressive. At this point, I knew that she wanted me to feel inferior, so I decided to speak up for myself, explained that I had a check worth thousands stuck in the branch's ATM, and to either assist me or call a manager. Again she argued that she did not know how to use the machine, but I held my ground.

Finally, she came over, pressed a few buttons, and it turned out that she ‘did know' how to use the machine.
Frustrated by the employees lack of professionalism, I asked to speak with the her manager. That's when I learned that the woman discriminating against me was the branch manager. I left in disbelief. I felt like I was being pitted against the other two customers because, in her mind, I did not fit the demographics of that area. The message that I got; is that my business is not as valuable because I am black.

After experiencing this level of disrespect and unfairness from this branch location, I hope Bank of America does something about this systematic racism amongst its employees.
I'm sharing my story publicly because I hope people will start speaking up. And finally, I don't want anyone else to go through what I went through.


I brought the Bellami silk steam in jet black 22 inches for $249 on sale and I have to say it was a complete waste of money. Customer service was quick but unfortunately that was the only real pro of my purchase. First the hair looked unrealistic. It was too thick and came down to my buttocks (which was an indication that it wasn't real hair. No company gives you that much hair, if it's real, for that amount).

Bellami hair felt like dolls hair. Sure it looked shiny and silky but when I compared it to my premium hair that lasted for a year, I could instantly feel the difference in quality.

Also, the hair lasted only three months before tangling at the nape. This would happen in a ponytail or when I wore the extensions straight, especially if it was humid out or I was playing tennis. It tangled so bad that it took me about an hour to untangle it. Eventually, I threw it away.

Note: if this is real hair I shouldn't need special shampoos or conditioners. And I should be able to wash hair once a week. Unlike real premium hair you can use any shampoo and it doesn't tangle. I'm not sure why this company advertises their clip in hair extensions as being real hair when it's clearly synthetic.

I think the biggest take away was the negative reviews this company received on youtube. I should have listened. Instead, I thought I'd try it out because the company is well marketed and an established brand. Well, now I know better. If you're willing to throw $300-$400 down the toilet for hair that's not even quality just to say that you're wearing Bellami hair than go ahead. But if you're looking for quality hair I would say there are much better brands out there that aren't as well marketed as Bellami hair, which are far more superior and honest about their hair.

I would not recommend this brand.


I purchased Pro-Gut probiotic powder online 6 months ago when I was having issues with my bowl movement. I was irregular and everything I ate caused sever bloating that was extremely painful. When I was diagnosed with IBS I tried subscriptions from my doctor that didn't work, and some on Amazon that were highly rated but failed to produce any change in my symptoms, it actually made it worse. They contained prebiotic and probiotic that didn't work well with my system and were filled with fillers. I decided to do some more research and came across Gut-Pro one of the top brands in Probiotic. Here are the Pro's and cons.

Pros- Does not bloat, no fillers, organic, straight probiotic
Cons- Did nothing to help balance my digestive system. Cost $100: over priced. Has a fowl odor to it.

Here's the big take away: If your suffering from IBS the only way you can get a handle on it is if you change your diet. I recently started increasing my intake of water, especially in the morning. Then I would have a small breakfast, oatmeal, followed the food map religiously. Would only eat in small portions, got rid of fatty foods, no fried food or processed anything. I get on the treadmill or take a long walk after I eat, all of this takes time and work but it so worth it. Also, I'm regular with my bowl movements again, and the excruciating gas pains are gone.

You have to keep up with this, so think of it as a new lifestyle or the symptoms will come back.

If you like my reviews check out my blog at:


I purchased their 360 frontal from their website. I'd like to begin with the pros:
I like the density of the frontal and that its offered in twenty inches
Cons: I wore the hair for a month and it started to bald along the edges near the middle part. Once this happens the hair is useless, waste of $140.00. Also, the hair does not feel like premium hair. It has that fake silicone, once it wears off the hair texture changes the hair is dry and brittle. Will not be purchasing from this company again. Contacted customer service and they said they have better hair, then why advertise your 360 frontal as premium when it's far from it? I've been wearing indique hair for years and I'm sticking to it, still the best human hair company in the market.
FYI, gave the company a shot bc I saw celebs wearing it on their Instagram site, big mistake. What they give celebs is not what they will give you.


I've used hair la vie over the past two years there bottles started at $35 and then went up to $50. Three months worth of bottles you pay $126. I was suffering from excessive hair shedding and my hair wasn't growing past a certain length. The first year I purchased 6 bottles and took it religiously. It took three months for me to see 1.2 inches of hair growth. After the three months I didn't see anymore hair growth. But what it did do was control the hair shedding and I experienced no side effects due to the "no fillers." Not that impressed with the results I waited a year to give it another try. This time I only purchased three months worth and again by the second month it had minimized some of the shedding and it had grown only 1 inch this time with no side affects. However, after some research and before purchasing hair la vie for the second time I decided to buy "natures valley biotin pills" from Whole food for $10 and I saw the same results if not faster however the product had stated that it used vegan capsules but gave me headaches so I had to quit.
Pros: Does grow hair, no fillers, no breakouts or headaches, slows shedding or hair loss
Cons: Slow to grow hair, does not return hair to its natural texture, Does not thicken hair, stops working after 3 months, very pricey.

What I've learn: If you want to grow your hair buy alovera juice; drink one cup a day, collagen protein powder, biotin supplements, and rosary oil mixed with alovera jell massage into scalp. Your hair will return back to its health lustrous state with the length you want. No need for these over priced products. Hope this helped.


I brought two frontals and three extensions. Let's start with customer service. They're available for questions when you are purchasing the unit but once you have a problems they ignore your complaint. The frontals are silky at first because they have this silicone on them that last for two months after that the hair loses luster and becomes dry and course. Cap construction is poor. The frontal does not come down far enough to cover your edges which was a deal breaker. This was the case for both frontals. The hair does not shed or tangle. However, I would only buy this hair if it were on sale, the cap construction is made poorly so it's not worth the full price. By two months the frontals start to bald and by three you will need a new one. This is because the holes that they are looping the hair in are too big. Brought a frontal from "her imports" that lasted 8 months before balding because the cap construction was made well. This company had another name but due to bad reviews changed the name to luv me hair but it's still the same owners. I would not recommend. Indique and her imports have great frontals that last. They are pricey but you get what you pay for. Indiques hair last a full two years and her imports one year. I would go for either for quality hair.


I've purchased four units; two Brazilian silky straight, a silk top and now a remy lace front. I found the cap construction for the remy lace wig was the best out of all the units and had a more realistic look to it. Their Brazilian hair last about 6 months before you need a new unit. You'll start experiencing shedding around this time. Also the construction of the cap needs work. The remy hair which was my favorite tangled at the nape. It's a hit or miss with this company. Im in the process of looking for a new vendor or just making my own wig. Hope this helped.

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