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10 Reviews by Brandon

`I am not sure what the site is about but it looks very sketchy and might give you viruses, please be careful you cannot play switch games on the pc. Do not let it download anything on your pc. Be careful and good luck! (:
Guro Billy Brown is a scam artist.
He is not actually trained nor has he learned any martial art style, he just makes lies and fake techniques up as he goes and runs with it.
There are many good schools around where you live, find one of them. Many schools have payment plans for people that have money issues, money is normally not an issue when attending a martial art school.
If you are determined to watch videos online and want a source you can learn real stuff from global ming chun academy is a great channel.
They are actually an official school and they can teach you something you can actually learn and use to defend yourself in a fight with.
Stay safe, do your research when taking info from people when it comes to anything but especially regarding fighting and martial arts.

(P.S. The screenshot is him cursing me out for calling him out when he tried to scam/mislead someone)
Thanks for reading my review, stay safe and stay happy!^_^

Tip for consumers:

Just like their other scam Istorenow
Theapplereseller is a scam.
They started ISTORENOW because people were finding out that theapplereseller is a scam site and they switched to ISTORENOW.
They are the same people. The same scammers!
Do not trust them!
Just like I did with ISTORENOW I informed the FBI and they are looking into these people. Hopefully to press charges and get some of their victims a portion of the money they stole/scammed from them.
Do not be another victim. These people will steam your money.
Good luck and stay smart!
Do not buy into their lies!
This website is a scam, they have only had the website (www.ISTOREnow.com) up since jan 26 of 2020 (You can check on the way back machine)
Theapplereseller and Istorenow are the same people, same scammers!
If you reverse image search their photo with the kid and the older guy on their home page you will see it is a stock photo!
The address that is in cali (They claim it is the shop location) is for a house with 8 bed and 2 bath it is not a real business!
Karma is a beautiful thing, I let the FBI Know about them and they are already looking into them!
Stay safe and stay smart!
Thanks! (:

Tip for consumers:
Do not attempt to get anything from them! They are scammers!

These people are scammers, they illegally charged my credit card 19.94$ 4 months after the fact, never provided the services they promised to provide. Do not trust them!
All they care about is money at no cost, even if it ruins an entier game franchise they will be willing to do it if it will bring them the smallest profit, that normally ends up making less money than had they put the experience first and not micro transactions or money the first priority. SMH, I us to love this business but now it is not what it was in the past, it is a disgusting money hungry corporation now. I highly recommend shopping elsewhere, Their customer support is even a horrible process as they hire cheap people to save money at the expense of a customer's experience.:(
Thanks for taking the time to read my and many other people's experiences and I wish you the best of luck!

Tip for consumers:
Avoid using anything that would give this company any of your money, you will just get stress, disappointment and wasted time in return, there are other companies out there that care about their consumers and the experiences they have, you do not deserve the headache that is EA and it's disappointing experiences as a customer.

Products used:
Battlefield 5, Mirror's edge, need for speed, need for speed payback, EA origin premium, and many others in the past 10+ years!

I saw an ad for this company online, long story short I was given a game key and the game downloaded incorrectly. I contacted the customer support and said this is something that people can sue for as they are literally stealing money from people this was their response...

Allie (Customer Service)

Feb 4,3:26 PM PST

Hello there,

My name is Allie and I'm the Customer Support Manager here at Humble Bundle. I am very sorry for the frustration that you have experienced during this time. As you have threatened legal action however, we will no longer be able to assist you on this matter. Any further responses to this ticket or any other ticket you file on this matter will be closed without a response going forward. Have a good day.

-Allie (Customer Service)
Feb 4,3:26 PM PST

Hello there,

My name is Allie and I'm the Customer Support Manager here at Humble Bundle. I am very sorry for the frustration that you have experienced during this time. As you have threatened legal action however, we will no longer be able to assist you on this matter. Any further responses to this ticket or any other ticket you file on this matter will be closed without a response going forward. Have a good day.
Humble Bundle

It was disgusting and disappointing to see not only did they refuse to help but they threatened to silence someone who had a clear issue. I did say I was taking legal action either they just tried to get out of owning up to their mistake and ended up keeping the money they stole from me. I have no doubt they have done this to others and I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, PLEASE TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE so you DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you nothing but the best and good luck and have a wonderful rest of your day and an even better tomorrow! (:

Tip for consumers:
Just avoid the site and use G2A or another site that won't waste your time and steal your money, I do not wanna see these scammers take anyone else's money! For those who want even more accurate reviews read the reviews on yelp (and post there to help others from getting scammed by these money hungry people) https://bit.ly/2SmYwmS

Products used:
I was not able to use any as they did nothing but scam me for my information!

This site makes me sick to my stomach! We (My father and I) attended this seminar and where promised for attending the seminar we would receive a 250$ redemption card to buy coffee at Starbucks with, some DVDs about making money in real estate, a decent dinner and a chance at winning a laptop.
As far as the seminar goes: it was a waste of time and just a poor spokesman trying to sell us a $1000+ a membership for a real estate event.
About the dinner: It was a very small and cheap sandwich in a cardboard box with some off brand chips and a cup to get water from a drinking fountain nearby.
When it comes to the DVDs: Only a few people got them and they said they where out of stock for the rest of the people who attended.
About the computer: At the end a drawing was done for the laptop, the person that got it opened it for everyone to see and the laptop was a cheap off brand notebook laptop not even worth 40$.
And last but absolutely worst of all was the 250$ Coffee redemption cards: Which we where given a code and where told to go online, to the website to redeem it.
In which I did a day or so afterwards, according to the rules on the official Starbucks website I would receive a redemption card within 30 days that has a limit of 20$ per month with a limit of 250$ total.
2 months went by and I still had not received the redemption card. So
I called Starbucks to notify them that I did not receive my redemption card they began telling me how they do not give out redemption cards anymore and that I would have to buy the product (coffee) with MY MONEY and send them the receipt to get reimbursed. I am really not sure if Starbucks cut ties with Woobox (The owners of MyCoffeeRedemption) because (Scott and Amy) Yancey's enterprise stopped paying Starbucks what they where suppose to or what the deal was but I was not given what I (and I am sure many other people) were promised.
So to Recap: To everyone who gets anything from Woobox or Scott and Amy Yancey (from their TV show) in their mailbox or anywhere else I would highly recommend to not attend any of their seminars or buy any products from them.
I hope no one else was scammed by this and I wish you all the best of luck!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great 2019!

Tip for consumers:
I highly recomend you steer clear of ANYTHING from Woobox.com/MyCoffeeRedemption.com or Scott and Amy Yancey along with anything offiliated with them as chances are you will lose money, time and patience.
Good luck and have a great day!

I have posted my first review on this site and it seems like a great site, I had a good experience! Their spell checker could use some work but otherwise I had no issues!
I am disgusted by this website's actions.
I had spent 4+ hours making my account and after answering hundreds of question in detail I finish the account add pictures and such and find out that they ask for payment. No such thing was mentioned about paying to use on the commercial, main page or anywhere in the sign up. They do this disgusting scummy trick of making the person signing up, spend hours on their profile and once done spring 15+$ a month mandatory and the reason they don't mention payment until you are done with your profile is because they pray on the user getting attached to their profile and the time they spent on it and not wanting to lose it. I tried the "free" version which was horrible, almost no matches within 50 miles and all their pictures where blurred out until I pay money for a paid membership. SMH. I really wanted to give them a good try and after putting my credit card on the payment details I got the 15$ per month option ( 12 month membership) and they charged the card all 12 months at once instead of doing one month at a time, I then contacted the support requesting a refund and they said NO. They did something illegal and refuse to undo their actions. I now have filed a dispute with my credit card company and am waiting to get my money back. I would rate them less than 1 star but there is no lower value to rate. I was going to delete tinder for this app and was looking forward to it very much but after this I feel violated inside as I was looking forward to using this site very much. I highly recommend you DO NOT use this site or anyone they are connected to, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find true love with a company that is honest and true to their word.

Suggestion for other alternative dating sites:

(Here are some suggestions: Pure is a hook up app that may be an interest to some of you and tinder is the best dating app thus far, I would give it a try if you have not. Good luck) Pure is paid for membership (they state that before signing up) (tinder is free and usable without spending ANY MONEY but they do have a paid option if you want to pay for additional higher quality options)

Tip for consumers:
Get a new credit card if you gave them any of your card's information. You may see charges down the line when you cancled your membership over a yeah ago. I highly suggest you do not give any of your information to them as if you do not pay they will sell your personal information so either way they will make money off you in one way or another.


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