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At one point I had over 277 reviews, but had a issue with threats from a member of a certain website I had reviewed. So out of necessity, I removed all my reviews. Guess what, I'm back and stronger than ever. Watch collector (1400 and counting) NOT A MYBULOVA,COM MEMBER or a fan of that site. When I post, good-bad-or indifferent, it's based purely on my own person experience with that site. Don't blame the messenger!

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Gerald had this "legal scam" site nailed perfectly! It's LEGALIZED LOAN SHARKING.


First thing you should look at is the APR! First example showed 72% and some reports show that it can go from 372% to 700%. My question is, is legalized Loansharking or what?
Unless you hit the LOTTERY forget trying to pay back the interest.


Cool website that celebrates that "Old West" feeling. Active membership, great pictures, a lot of history.


DEPLORABLE way to do business! Use this company as a case study in how to drive your company into the ground! Nothing good to say about them other than we can't give ZERO STARS!


I don't recommend restaurants.com period! Did you know that the "vouchers" you pay for aren't worth the paper you print them on? The merchant never see's one dime of your money, restaurants.com keeps it. They basically screw small merchants out of revenue by keeping the money under the guise of "advertising" which is also a falsehood. They don't actually advertise or promote these merchants.
Just a bunch of greedy ba$tards!


Sadly disappointed with not only this website but also their TV channel. I watched the Bill Cosby special "I'm not finished yet" and couldn't believe the HACK JOB they did to this "SPECIAL" by cutting into the special to insert their commercials. WORST JOB OF EDITING I'VE EVER SEEN. They would break into Cosby's monologue mid-sentence to do commercial breaks when there were obvious better breaks in his monologue to insert their crappy commercials!
To do this to a true "comedy legend" is absolutely shameful.


Here's a great example of a company who's reputation was in the "crapper", so after all the bad reviews the company had, they thought, "hey, lets just change the name (a little) and we'll start ripping people off all over again"!
Not recommended.


A new process to get your digital pics in a whole new way. Printed in reverse on the back side of glass, and sprayed with a opaque backing to protect the print then mounted on foam-board. The website is laid out nicely and pretty self explanatory. There are currently some limitations as to what they are able to process (size wise) but I read they are working on new ways to process more and even better/larger images including those from professional photographers.


They offer "more to the story" after their episodes air. I found this a useful option especially when the "story" has aired and questions remain. You can also look up other stories which you may have missed and are important or interesting.


As with the other users who have reviewed this site, I would recommend staying away! They have obviously ripped off enough people to be able to start flooding the TV with enticing ads. Hopefully, people will read these reviews before spending their money here!


Well, it's official. Yahoo.com has officially become "Home Base" to every "SCAMMER, SPAMMER, LOW LIFE" on the planet! Personally I believe that they encourage deviant behavior, give out email addresses like candy and encourage the Spammer, Scammer mentality. Which by the way is a average IQ equal to a box of rocks. As a company, they share the same responsibility as the low life's they hand out email address's to.
My perfect day would be hearing that the entire company "burned in hell"...
Out of 200 or so junk emails I receive weekly, at least 88% are yahoo.com.


For the money they charge, do yourself a favor and use either a local provider, or one of the satellite providers. These morons can't even get their own "Guide" or schedule right, but it's always good for a laugh, complete with misspelled words or when they refer to a "male" character as "her". They really need to clean up their ACT!


I give it a "one star" review just because the only other review was a "copy and paste" job done by what was obviously a Hormel employee! NOT COOL!


Really great CONCEPT, free internet. BUT, after seeing a report on the news this morning I decided to visit their website to have a look. Somehow I think they are doing a little data mining, because after browsing around and clicking off the site I noticed that my "junk folder" had messages by guess who? Yep, freedompop! I didn't give out any info when I viewed the site, so just how did they get my email address? NOT COOL.


Soooo sad, NBC and MSN apparently hire middle school kids to write articles. NO grammar, Poor spelling (I guess spell check has been disabled on their computers), and no proofreading prior to publication!


I second what Watchophilia said. Very, very, petty! The one good thing to come out of this is, it shows everyone that Jay Wilner is a small person who happens to sell watches (way overpriced) I might add, and has a crappy website!
Also Jay, are you a licensed psychologist or is your diagnostic evaluation based on your own current treatment? Calling someone obsessive/compulsive or a hoarder are probably grounds for a "slander suit"...
Also, aren't you the guy who thought he could copyright the words "vintage or antique Bulova"?


These idiots send out phishing emails from lists generated from spammer lists. No body is safe from these scammers! Sign up for any email generated newsletters from anyone such as Home Depot to your local Zoo, and this is what you'll get! These idiots need to be STOPPED.



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