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I'm an extremely proud Mom, grandma, German and Libra! Very laid back and easy going, live life with a positive attitude and outlook towards everything. Life is too short for drama and negativity! I have instilled in me good, old fashioned morals that I strongly believe in and very strongly stand behind and live by. Naming just a couple are that I'm honest no matter what I'm speakiing about, I have respect towards others as well as common courtesy and manners in the way I treat and speak to othe

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I hope to help others who may read my reviews by assuring them that I give my honest and best knowledge about whatever I'm reviewing, therefore hopefully making them feel more at ease in their decision making. That they feel confident in their decision to purchase and not feel any regret or buyers remorse.


I'm very passionate about and a huge advocate for Mental health awareness and ending its stigma. And

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I've been on this app for roughly about a month or so now and I'm totally addicted to it, I completely lose track of time when I'm on it!
It's so entertaining and everybody on there is very nice and always so helpful.
If you haven't checked it out, I very highly recommend that you do!


So in love with this site! I'm huge into astrology, tarot cards and really anything pertaining to this world. I've tried different sites and this one by far is the best.
The best of for no other reason than the fact that they have a satisfied customer guarantee. I myself had an issue with funds and an accidental mischarge with the reading, all I had to do was go to the dissatisfied customer guarantee area and State that I was not satisfied I instantly was given a credit and the full amount no questions asked at all. So to say if you're not happy you will get your money back how can you go wrong with that?
Such interesting fun and you decide how much you spend! Will never go with any other site again.

Tip for consumers:
Don't hesitate, definitely no regret with this company and not getting what you pay for. They take care of you!

Products used:
Entire website

Keen K. – Rep

Hello Bianka! Thank you for sharing your positive feedback! We love hearing from our customers. Have a great day :)


I only found out about specifically their lotion recently because a friend have me a bottle as a gift. I was rather skeptical at first but since using it I think it's just awesome. They have several different types to choose from depending on your wants or needs but the base of the entire line is the same.
For being a lotion they can be a touch expensive but you absolutely get what you pay for in regards to quality! My skin is soft and hydrated as well as smells amazing. You can see how great my skin looks in the pic I uploaded. Definitely try if you already haven't.

Tip for consumers:
You'll love it!

Products used:
Herbal body moisturizer


I started my family ancestry tree just a couple months ago so I'm still a beginner but everything you learn is so incredibly interesting! is SO helpful with little leaves that pop up for you to review and ultimately decide if it pertains to your family or not.
Unfortunately, they are rather pricey which can be a little difficult especially with the economy what it is right now.
They also have a DNA kit you can purchase and do yourself at home and then send in, your results help with figuring out who your family is. It's definitely something I'm going to try in the future!
If you have any interest about your family history this is the place to go!

Tip for consumers:
Have fun, it's very interesting and time consuming.

Products used:
All the tools on their website with membership.


I have had nothing but problem after problem dealing with anything having to do with FedEx! They continually make mistakes and even after I prove the mistake is theirs, they refuse to take any sort of ownership and fix the mistake they made which in the end always costs me more money!
I most definitely do not recommend using FedEx for any kind of mailing what so ever!

Tip for consumers:
Don't waste your time or money!


I am fairly new to the world of fake eyelashes. The beginning of February a somehow stumbled across this company and was immediately in the fact that they offered you a free pair of eyelashes that you get to choose from our of several different styles that you would like to try and only have to pay shipping and handling that totaled only $4.95. I have always liked the way false eyelashes enhanced a woman's look and beauty but have never found any in the past that were easy to apply and not messy from the glue, were comfortable wearing and could be worn without other make-up of any kind on and they looked natural alone without any other make-up needed.
Well I was a touch skeptical at first thinking they would be the same as all other eyelashes I had ever tried in the past but I also came to the thought that what could the possible wrong in trying these and it only costing me $4.95. So I made the decision to try them and ordered my first pair. Well let me just say that I have fallen in love with these eyelashes and think that they are just so incredibly amazing that I have ordered several different pairs of eyelashes and now have myself a very nice collection and variety of eyelashes from them! I have also since purchased their eyelash applicator and scissors set that is so helpful with the ease it brings to applying and setting your eyelashes in the proper place, I just ordered yesterday their eyebrow liquid pencil that I'm anticipating will like everything else from Drama Lama will be awesome. And lastly they sent me their lip balm free as a gift in my last order and it's just very nice, it leaves your lips hydrated and smooth.
And finally just this morning I ordered one of their nail sets as a small just because gift for my daughter to try because she loves everything to do with nails. So I'll have to wait for her to recieve and try them first and after tell me what she thinks of them along with my receiving their eyebrow liner and trying before I can come back and give an honest opinion/review about those two products. As a woman that has always had negative experiences and results in wearing fake eye lashes and had pretty much completely given up on wearing them I can tell you with total honesty that Drama Lama eyelashes are absolutely amazing in every way possible, they are very affordable and made of such great quality that depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them they last for a very long time! My first pair ordered from the start of February have been used countless times and are just now beginning to look slightly used.
I most definitely with confidence, very strongly recommend at the very least trying Drama Lama eyelashes if you wear our are curious in trying to wear false eyelashes. These are nothing short of amazing and beautiful. A purchase I'd be willing to bet that you not only will not regret but will be happy that you did!

Tip for consumers:
Don't hesitate in choosing to purchase, they're eyelashes and other products I've tried have all been absolutely amazing. You will not have buyers remorse or have any regret in purchasing from this company!
You will feel happiness and enjoyment for the product you recieve and the enjoyment you get from it and satisfaction you'll feel in making the decision to do so!


I'm a huge fan of Ulta and I'm also slightly addicted. The variety of things is huge and the convenience is just awesome. I can browse online at all they have literally for hours. I've spent hundreds of dollars and have not a single complaint about them.
Cosmetics and perfume galore among so much more too. I know that I haven't even touched the surface of seeing all that they have but I definitely look forward to exploring and finding out.
Every woman should check out Ulta at least once! I've bought so much stuff from there that I can't take a picture of all of it so I'm paying just a couple of items I recently got such as eye masks, lip masks and moisturizing hand gloves.

Tip for consumers:
Get lost and have fun!

Products used:


You can find just about anything you could possibly want on Etsy. I had heard of them before but just never bothered to check them out until about a month ago and now I'm completely addicted!
The jewelry especially is just exquisite and the prices are very on par for what you're getting.
They can be a little expensive on other items but you really do get what you pay for. My only complaint is the crazy high cost of shipping through them.
Otherwise I definitely suggest checking them out, I'm certain you'll like Etsy too!

Tip for consumers:
Just pay attention to the shopping costs


Needed work shoes at the last minute and ended up on FamousFootwear and found some boots that I really liked but I needed them before shipping time would've gotten them to me so I had to go in to the store. Well they were the most helpful, I just showed them the ones I wanted from online and they got them right away.
They are very durable, warm, made with quality and just overall great. I even got a huge discount. Famous Footwear is where I'll be going to purchase shoes. Great place!


Their products are fabulous! My skin has never been softer.
And their face masks leave your face so refreshed, soft and following is almost unbelievable. I've purchased several items from them multiple times. I will continue purchasing from them because of what the results are to my skin from using their products.
Bottom line, it's a definite must have!


I was SO skeptical when I purchased this item, I thought that the only true way to get rid of unwanted hair growth was by seeing a professional and paying a ton of money! I was WRONG!
This gadget really, truly, honestly works and it works amazingly at that! I've been using mine for roughly about a month now and the change is noticably substantial. On my legs specifically, I've always had very thick, dark hair that I had to shave every other day, I hated it and was my reason for trying this product. Guess what!?! Now I only have to shave every other week and the hair that I need to shave is half the amount and the hairs are so thin it's crazy. I now use it everywhere, lol. I am amazed with this product!
I have even started using it on my boyfriend's face so that he'll no longer grow a beard and have to shave everyday.
I so greatly advise anyone and everyone that's wants permanent hair removal to most definitely purchase this product because it works! I promise you that you will not regret it!

Products used:
Hair removal product


Crest toothpaste has always been the brand I've used my entire life! A believe it's only been about 2-3 years since they came out with the Detoxify brands. Which one day I decided for no particular reason to try and turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I've made!
Crest Gum Detoxify~Deep clean is the one I've used the most and I can honestly tell you that the change in my gums and teeth has been greatly noticable for the better! My gums are much healthier and stronger than what they were before using which surprised me because I'm a fanatic when it comes to brushing and taking care of my teeth. I'm 44 and have never once had a cavity.
You can feel and see a difference with this toothpaste when brushing that it works better than just your regular toothpaste!
I'm SO addicted to this specific kind now that using others doesn't feel as good therefore I refuse to! I've even gotten 2 friends and a couple family members using it now also.
I definitely very very highly recommend using Crest detoxify toothpaste to everyone!

Tip for consumers:
DON'T hesitate on trying, just do it! I guarantee you that you will not regret it!!

Products used:
I've used the Gum detoxify and the one for stronger tooth enamel a well.


I am very very new to Twitter! Only been using it for a couple of weeks now so I'm new in the band wagon. Honestly, due to the negative things I had always heard about Twitter I was never interested in even giving it a chance.
But I gotta say that so far I'm rather enjoying quite a bit to my surprise. I still have a lot to learn about it but as far as what I know right now I would recommend twitter to others for sure!

Tip for consumers:
Check it out for yourself and take your time learning about it and how to use it properly.


I have always been a huge cable tv person until COVID put me out of work and I could no longer afford cable. That's when my roommate introduced me to Tubi! It's not cable but it's an excellent choice to use rather than cable. They have a huge variety of movies to watch and choose from as well as different categories to choose from as well.
Not gonna lie, when I'm able to afford cable again I'll be right on top of getting it again but until that time happens I definitely recommend at least checking out Tubi if you've never done so. I can definitely assure you it's worth it and you'll like it.


This product is nothing short of amazing! It honestly works. It truly works your inner muscles so much so you can physically feel it. The games are fun and entertaining as well.
It shows you your progress in graphs and you can set yourself reminders so you don't forget to use it. I very very very much recommend this to all ladies!


I think this app is just the absolute greatest. My boyfriend introduced me to it.
The app literally teaches you ways to rethink and feel in positive ways. Great for your soul and mental as well as spiritual health.


This company has some of the most gorgeous birthstone jewelry I've ever come across! Definitely must check them out! I've purchased from them multiple times and will continue doing so. They have gained a life long customer with me. The quality and beauty their jewelry has is the very best of the best hands down!


Afterpay is such an amazing app! I purchase so many things online and to have an app that allows you to make payments on your purchases without even a credit check, is just so amazingly helpful!

Tip for consumers:
Make all your payments on time and they continuously extend the total loan amount they allow you to use.

Products used:

Verified purchase

I don't know where to begin because their are so many great things to say about They have got the biggest selection and variety of perfumes and colognes to choose from it's crazy, I'm pretty sure whatever you're looking for, they've got it!
They are always less expensive than anywhere else I've ever compared them to on, everything. It's amazing. And I'm a perfume collector so finding was a blessing with all the money I now save.
They are also insanely fast with fulfilling your order and getting it shipped out to you, it amazes me every time I purchase from them that within only hours of placing my order I get notification that my order has already been shipped! And I receive 2-3 days later.
They have the most awesome boxes that they ship your order in, very sturdy, strong and ensures your purchase from breaking.
If you go anywhere else to buy your perfume or cologne, you're just not using your noggin.
Very highly, definitely recommend!
They've got a lifelong customer in me.

Reason I chose this business:

I just happened to stumble upon them one day and after I did some compare pricing, I was so impressed it really wasn't a choice anymore, lol.


Quality of clothing is decent and looks just like they show it. Sizing isn't totally accurate though. Shipping took quite a while also.

rosegal r. – Rosegal Rep

Dear Bianka,
Thank you for your friendly review.
We are so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing sizing issues.
ROSEGAL provides a size chart on all our item pages to help our customers choose the correct size.
Please check our warranty policy here:
We offer standard or express shipping, which vary in shipping times. We will always do our best to meet the customers shipping needs.
Please refer to our terms and conditions about shipping here for more details:
If you have any further queries, please contact us via our Support Center: and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Many thanks,
ROSEGAL Customer Service

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